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Sharp intros Aquos 104SH with 720p LCD, TI OMAP4460

09/29, 12:30pm

Android flagship to use TI next-gen mobile CPU

Sharp has announced its latest flagship Android smartphone, the Aquos 104SH. The 104SH is an extremely thin (8.7mm/0.34in.) handset and features a 4.5in., 720 x 1020 HD touchscreen. It will use the same Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 processor as the Google Nexus Prime, a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU that has been optimized for the next release of Android, version 3.2 "Ice Cream Sandwich." The main camera is a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor that can shoot full HD video at 30 FPS. The auxiliary camera has a 3 megapixel CMOS sensor. It will ship with a 2GB MicroSDHC memory card.


Viewsonic intros Android-based V430 smartphone

09/20, 9:20pm

Handset represents Viewsonic's third Android phone

Viewsonic has introduced its latest Android-based smartphone, the V430. The device appears to be a larger cousin to the company's V350; both devices share the same Android build, v2.2 Froyo, however the V430 jumps to a larger 4.3-inch display with WVGA resolution. Google's mobile OS is paired with Viewsonic's own ViewScene 3D UI overlay.


Archos makes Arnova 7 tablet official at just $99

06/22, 12:00pm

Bargain Android tablet has Wi-Fi, 4GB RAM

Archos has added another inexpensive Android tablet to its Arnova line. The Arnova 7 has the same seven inch, 800x480 touchscreen as the Archos 7c, but unlike the 7c it has 4 GB RAM and ships with Android 2.2 (Froyo). It supports video playback at up to 720p at 30 fps and most popular media formats, including .avi, .mp4, .flv, .mp3, and FLAC. The Arnova 7 has Wi-Fi b/g, a micro SDHC slot, and one USB port. The processor was not specified.


T-Mobile unwraps Exhibit 4G, Gravity Smart with Android 2.3

06/02, 7:45am

T-Mobile adds Samsung Exhibit 4G and Gravity Smart

T-Mobile on Thursday brought out a pair of Android phones raising the bar for its entry level. The Samsung Exhibit 4G should be one of the most affordable phones on its network to support its full 21Mbps HSPA+ data speeds. It shares the 1GHz processor of the Galaxy S line but is the only other phone on T-Mobile beyond the Nexus S to ship with Android 2.3, giving it most of the latest features, even including video chat from a front VGA camera.


Notion Ink updates Eden, opens up for new Adam sales

06/01, 7:35pm

Claims Eden 1.5 includes over 150 improvements

Notion Ink today announced that it is rolling out Eden 1.5, a UI update for its Adam tablet. The company is also prepping to accept a new round of customer orders for the tablet as well as unveiling new customer service and support capabilities. The Indian-based company had begun shipping its tablet in January, but had been faced with quality and performance issues.


Google kicks off Music Beta and Movies, scraps music store

05/10, 3:50pm

Google Music Beta and Movies go live

As part of the many launches at Google I/O day one, Google formally launched its first real steps into cloud media delivery. Music Beta lets users upload as many as 20,000 songs in their personal music collections that they can then stream from either a modern web browser or an Android phone or tablet. Offline music still plays a role despite rumors: recent tracks are automatically cached for later, and listeners can "pin" music to a mobile device to have a permanent copy for when an Internet connection isn't available.


Nook Color Android 2.2 update live with Flash, app store

04/25, 9:15am

Barnes & Noble pushes Nook Color Android 2.2

Barnes & Noble as promised on Monday pushed out its Android 2.2 update for the Nook Color. The upgrade transforms the device into more of a full tablet with a native e-mail app and an app store. A mix of 125 free and paid apps curated by the bookstore are available, including the obligatory Angry Birds as well as Epicurious, Uno HD and others optimized for the near-buttonless design.


Hulu teases Android app due soon, but just for some devices

03/12, 11:45pm

Hulu Plus gets ready for Android

Hulu gave a sign that its Hulu Plus for Android plans were getting closer with a new teaser in its device list. It now shows the Plus service "coming soon," but only for certain devices. Using the TV streaming will require "select Android OS 2.2 phones," Hulu said.


Adobe Flash 10.2 to reach Android phones, tablets March 18

03/11, 10:45am

Adobe sets Flash 10.2 for Android on March 18

Adobe on Friday morning said it would launch Flash 10.2 for Android devices on March 18. Both Android 3.0 tablets like the Xoom, as well as Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices, should get the release at the same time. The Android 3.0 version is a beta release but will also get special treatment.


AT&T set to release Froyo update for HTC Aria

02/24, 10:20pm

Update arriving on Friday

AT&T has announced that it is finally ready to release an Android 2.2 update for HTC's Aria handset. The carrier promises the update to arrive on Friday, after the company began releasing over-the-air Froyo updates for Samsung's Captivate handset earlier today.


INQ Cloud Touch official with Android, Facebook and Spotify

02/09, 6:05pm

INQ Cloud Touch, Cloud Q unveiled

INQ today confirmed plans for a jump into smartphone-level devices. The recently spotted Cloud Touch now uses Android underneath and is designed to put Facebook at the front of the OS. While it's not an official Facebook phone, it puts the social network's chat, contacts, events, notices, places and the news feed at the front through widgets and shortcuts.


Nexus One joins Nexus S in getting random SMS bug fix

01/22, 6:15pm

Nexus One gets Android 2.2.2 to fix random texts

Google in lock step with its Nexus S updateZIP) implements the same fix for random text message recipients as on the newer phone while keeping the existing OS version in place. A few other minor bug fixes are in place as well.


HTC and Verizon tops in speedy Android upgrades

01/13, 9:50pm

Comparison shows lack of effort by phone makers

As the Android OS has continued to receive updates from the team at Google, many manufacturers and carriers have been less than timely in their efforts to push the latest versions to various handsets. In a comparison of handset manufacturers and carriers, compiled by Computerworld, HTC and Verizon take top honors in the recent switch to Android 2.2 Froyo.


HTC PR hints at Incredible HD video chat, TV streaming

12/24, 9:40am

HTC sends Incredible HD tease with video chat clue

HTC late on Thursday sent out a physical teaser that gave strong hints as to features for the Incredible HD. Among the toys delivered from HTC's PR firm Waggener Edstrom is a mock image of a video chat from Las Vegas with the option of using a front or back camera, confirming the feature's existence and the inclusion of 4G. A foam TV was also in Mobile Burn's box and implied that video streaming would be a key ingredient.


LG Ally to get Android 2.2 in February, lose out on Flash

12/24, 9:05am

LG Ally promised Android 2.2 but without Flash

LG in an official comment on its own forums said the Ally would get Android 2.2 in February. The update should catch it up in speed, voice actions, Bluetooth and Exchange support. Flash isn't likely to reach the Verizon phone, however, as its performance might not be enough despite it being just half a year old.


Notion Ink Adam gets working demo, proves fast

12/19, 2:10am

Hints running Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Notion Ink has released a demo video of its Adam tablet in response to a request from Android Police who were keen to see the interface working live, rather than just in rendered demos. The video (included below) shows Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan putting the Eden UI and its multitasking panel engine through its paces. Up until now, it has also been thought that the Adam tablet will be running Android 2.2 (Froyo), although the clip hints at the possibility of the device shipping with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) as it refers to the utilization of the Android 2.3 framework.


Dell Streak receives custom Dell Stage Android 2.2 update

12/02, 4:25am

Locked Streaks join unlocked Streaks with update

As promised, Dell has released an over-the-air (OTA) update for its Dell Streak taking it to Android 2.2. The update features Dell's custom Stage skin and is available to users of the handset who have purchased it on a plan with a carrier. The update is already shipping pre-installed on the unlocked version of the handset.


New Samsung Android flagship: Stealth V name, 4.3in AMOLED

11/25, 10:10am

Samsung 2011 Android flagship leaked in DLNA cert

Samsung's mystery 2011 Android phone may have been given a name and some early confirmed specs through a DLNA certificate (PDF). A previously unknown device known as the SCH-i510 Stealth V has surfaced with DLNA's media sharing support and has received a handful of specifications in the process, such as 802.11n Wi-Fi. Searching for the phone has likewise validated some details, including a 4.3-inch AMOLED screen and an eight-megapixel camera.


Hannspree joins Android tablet rush with Hannspad

11/19, 5:10am

Hannspad loaded with Froyo and Tegra 2

Hannspree has given Electricpig a chance to play with pre-production version of its forthcoming 10.1-inch Android 2.2 (Froyo) tablet, the Hannspad. It includes a custom Hanspree UI, which is most noticeable on the ‘portlets’ page, which features three customizable widgets. The device is powered by the dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform. A video of the device in action is included below.


Dell begins rollout of Froyo for the Dell Streak

11/15, 5:45am

Android 2.2 OTA by end November in UK

The promised update for the Dell Streak from Android 1.6 straight to Android 2.2 (Froyo) will begin its worldwide roll out in the UK by the end of November. According to a post on Dell’s UK Facebook page the rollout will pushed to Streak devices over-the-air (OTA) and will be staggered by region.


Archos 70 internet tablet with Android 2.2 begins shipping

11/03, 5:30am

7.0-inch model joins 4.3-inch sibling

Archos has started shipping its second Android 2.2 (Froyo) internet tablet, the Archos 70. It joins its 4.3-inch sibling, the Archos 43, which began shipping yesterday. While the Archos 43 is aimed at the iPod touch and has no obvious Android competitors, the Archos 70 joins a slew of Android internet tablets that aim to challenge the iPad. The Archos 70 shares most of its major components with the Archos 43, other than its larger 7.0-inch 800x400 capacitive multi-touch display.


77% of Android devices using 2.x, most still on old versions

11/02, 11:40am

Android in October now 77pc Android 2, still lags

Over three quarters of all Android devices are now using at least 2.1 or 2.2, Google's latest version updated showed. As of the end of October, exactly 77 percent were using one of the two versions. Both 1.5 and 1.6 are still on a gentle decline but are now less than a quarter combined.


HTC "Bee" spotted, may be coming to Verizon

10/12, 8:25pm

Mid-range smartphone runs Android 2.2

Renders, photos and ROM sheets posted on Russian and Chinese blogs purport to show the HTC Bee, a new mid-range Android phone running "Froyo" v2.2, as well as its specifications. The Bee, which according to could be headed for Alltel or its parent company Verizon in the US, uses a 528Mhz Qualcomm processor with 384MB of RAM and a five-megapixel camera with flash, but has only a 3.2-inch, 240x320 resolution screen, according to the ROM report from the same blogs.


LG drops plans for Froyo-based tablet, pushes back launch

10/04, 5:25am

Android 2.2 not optimized, waiting for Honeycomb?

LG today stated that it has dropped it plans for an Android 2.2 Optimus-branded tablet. A company spokesperson stated that LG had been in discussions with Google about what was the most appropriate OS for a tablet moving forward, and it was decided that Froyo was not the best choice. Android 3.0, which is nicknamed Gingerbread is a possibility, but LG’s chief competitor Samsung has hinted in a slip that Android won’t be properly optimized for tablets until Honeycomb. With Gingerbread due this fall at the earliest, this news could push LG’s entry into the tablet market well into next year.


Samsung Galaxy S update to Android 2.2 due in October?

09/21, 9:55pm

Spanish Samsung Mobile fan site points to update

Samsung may be preparing to begin rolling out Android 2.2 updates for its Galaxy S handsets some time in October. The company's Spanish Facebook page claims the Froyo update has finally been confirmed for a late October introduction, although it is unclear if the announcement is limited to customers in the local market.


Android post-3.0 should be called Honeycomb

08/19, 10:40am

Next Android gets name, likely minor update

Android's next build after 3.0 has been given a tentative name in a leak on Thursday. More than one tip to TechRadar has it keeping with the dessert theme and referring to the new release as Honeycomb. Android 2.2 is currently referred to as Froyo where 3.0 should get the already confirmed Gingerbread badge.


Clarified Android 3 leak says specs are just recommendations

07/02, 11:05am

Next Android may not have fixed hardware spec

A clarification of possible Android 3.0 info suggests Google may not be enforcing as strict a hardware and software split as thought. Following claims by Google's Android Open Source lead Dan Morrill that the info was made up, Eldar Murtazin has explained that the 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 3.5-inch display are simply recommended, rather than necessary. Separately, Unwired View also corrected its translation and said Android 2.1 and 2.2 were just more likely to be used for lower-end phones than before.


All Galaxy S phones to receive Android 2.2

06/29, 11:00pm

Handsets will still launch with Android 2.1

Samsung is preparing to bring Android 2.2 to the full range of Galaxy S handsets that will soon be available through different carriers, according to the company's recent Twitter post. Each of the devices will still ship with Android 2.1, with v2.2 to arrive at a later date alongside Adobe Flash 10.1.


Moto Shadow may be called Droid Xtreme, gets clear shots

06/02, 5:35pm

Moto Shadow or Droid Xtreme gets yet more detail

Motorola's Droid Shadow has received new details that also hint at a naming change. It may be called the Droid Xtreme and could ship with Android 2.2 out of the box with up to nine home screens. The handler for Droid-Life claims the phone body is mostly made of metal phone and would be a tough as the original Droid despite a much thinner, touch-only build.


Android 2.2 reaches some Nexus Ones early

05/22, 11:00am

Froyo already hitting Nexus One units

Google gave some Nexus One owners an early treat overnight by rolling out Android 2.2. Although promised only in the next few weeks, a handful of reports show it's reaching some devices. Google has already confirmed to TechCrunch that a gradual rollout is starting and implied that all Nexus Ones should have 2.2 in a few weeks.


Adobe offers Flash 10.1 beta for Android 2.2 devices

05/20, 3:25pm

Nexus One first in line for OS update

Adobe has finally released a public beta of Flash 10.1 for handsets running Android 2.2, the latest version of Google's mobile OS that was formally unveiled this week at the company's I/O conference. The mobile release is said to be optimized for minimal power consumption, with Flash content only loaded after it comes into view on a web page. Content is also automatically paused when the browser is hidden from view or the respective tab is in not in the foreground.


Live: Google I/O day 2 keynote [ended]

05/20, 11:35am

Google to unveil new Android, devices on day 2

Google held its second I/O conference keynote today, and focused on Android with 2.2, Google TV and hints at Gingerbread (3.0) as part of the unveilings. Electronista followed along and had coverage as it happened. Please visit our live coverage page for the details.


Adobe shows Flash running on Android 2.2

05/11, 7:50am

Adobe teases Froyo and smooth Flash playback

Adobe in a new video demo (see below) has shown not only Flash 10.1 for mobile but a teaser of the next version of Android. The plugin now appears to run smoothly on a Nexus One and can handle most common use cases for Flash, including 3D, gaming, video and simply dynamic web content. Adobe's Ryan Stewart also explained some of how certain elements work: users tap-and-hold on an interactive Flash component to switch away from manipulating the browser.


Android to end app fragmentation by 3.0?

03/29, 1:20pm

Android to detach core apps from OS updates

Google will finally tackle the problem of a fragmented Android environment through fundamental changes in the OS in the near future, a slip from the CTIA expo. Rather than insist that all of the preloaded apps and core content receive updates with the OS itself, Google will push updates such as the browser or input methods through the Android Market instead. Phone builders with custom interfaces, such as HTC and its Sense UI or Samsung's TouchWiz, would have the option of updating at least some elements without waiting months for a possible upgrade.


HTC planning 1.5GHz ultimate phone with Android 2.2?

02/09, 6:10pm

HTC Scorpion would pack fast CPU, 4G, Froyo

HTC may be in the earlier stages of developing an extremely high-end Android smartphone, says a code string reportedly leaked on Tuesday. Possibly to launch as the Scorpion, it would use the dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor teased at CES and would use Android 2.2, which is likely to be the final name for the update Google has so far codenamed Froyo. One line of code also makes reference to WiMAX and suggests it might head to Sprint's 4G network.



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