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Samsung may bring Galaxy Note 10.1 pen tablet to MWC

02/15, 12:15pm

Samsung leaves odd signs of big Note tablet plans

Samsung in odd mentions may have confirmed that its follow-up for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 may revolve around pen input. Both a briefly available Developer Day guide (since pulled) and a Back Stage casting call have made references to a "Galaxy Note 10.1." While possibly an accident, the unlikelihood of making the same mistake twice in different sections suggests that Samsung was certain of the product name and had leaked it instead.


HTC to focus on 'hero' phones, downplay tablets in 2012

01/26, 2:00pm

HTC turns to halo devices to fight Apple, Samsung

HTC's UK head Phil Roberson in an interview Thursday made clear that HTC was scaling back its strategy of flooding the market with devices. The executive argued to Mobile Magazine that HTC had "tried to do too much" in 2011 and oversaturated the field with devices. This year would be about making "something special," or having fewer but more distinctive devices.


Samsung hints next Galaxy Tabs may use pens, 3D gestures

01/25, 8:20am

Samsung Galaxy Tab may get S Pen too

A conversation with Samsung product marketing manager Ryan Bidan late Tuesday has hinted that the next Galaxy Tab line may make interface a core selling point with a possible return to the early days of tablets. The division lead told Laptop that he expected the S Pen from the Galaxy Note to make its way to tablets. Slates and other devices would also get "3D gestures" using the front camera, face recognition, and voice in certain circumstances.


HTC Flyer could get Android 4.0 quickly

01/23, 6:55pm

HTC joins rush to upgrade Android devices to ICS

The HTC Flyer tablet could be in line for a relatively quick official update to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) according to a report from HTC-Hub. The tablet was recently updated to Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) from Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), but the new report suggests that the upgrade to ICS could come as soon as this quarter. It is expected that HTCís custom interface layers will remain intact in the next update, as it did when upgraded to Honeycomb.


HTC Flyer with Wi-Fi gets Android 3.2 update

01/03, 9:10am

HTC Flyer general version gets true tablet UI

Roughly a month after the 3G European update, those with the Wi-Fi version of the HTC Flyer have reported getting Android 3.2 on their devices as of Tuesday. The upgrade brings a genuine tablet-optimized version of Android and the same custom HTC interface layers that first came about with the Jetstream. Some have also reported overall performance boosts inside the interface and individual apps.


HTC Flyer's Android 3.2 upgrade starts arriving in Europe

12/05, 1:15pm

32GB, 3G Flyers get Android 3.2 update in Europe

The HTC Flyer is now getting its promised update to Android 3.2, HTC Hub has learned. The update has been rumored as far back as three months ago for the seven-inch device. The 210MB over-the-air update is now being delivered to French Wi-Fi and 3G models that have 32GB of storage.


iSuppli: Kindle Fire already 13.8% of tablets, iPad at 66%

12/02, 2:20pm

Estimate has Amazon poaching other Android devices

The Amazon Kindle Fire has already occupied much of the Android tablet market in just one season, IHS iSuppli estimated Friday. At 3.9 million of the mini Android tablets, it would have 13.8 percent of the entire tablet share for the fall. Researchers are modeling for Apple to ship 18.6 million iPads, which would be enough to get it 65.6 percent of the tablet space.


Kindle Fire beats other Android tablets for dev interest

11/14, 9:05pm

Kindle Fire tops in Android devs, iOS still ahead

Amazon's just-shipping Kindle Fire has already become the most desired target for Android apps, an Appcelerator study found. Of the Android developers it tracked on all platforms, 49 percent in North America wanted to target the reader tablet. It had already managed to become second worldwide, at 43 percent.


Study: tablet shipments up 35.5%, 215K Kindle Fires 1st week

10/14, 7:35am

WitsView points to seven-inch tablet boom

Tablet screen shipments spiked 35.5 percent in September in the wake of a seven-inch tablet boom, researchers at WitsView said in a new study. About 9.57 million of their panels shipped just in September, 1.82 million of which were for the smaller devices. The Amazon Kindle Fire, ASUS Eee Pad MeMo, the HTC Flyer, and possibly a new Nook Color were all adding to the tally.


HTC Flyer hits US Cellular October 7 with unique pricing

10/06, 8:20pm

HTC Flyer costs 399 to 599 based on data

US Cellular chose Thursday to committed to the launch for its version of the HTC Flyer, but with a unique price scheme. The seven-inch Android tablet will be rare in the US in having a European-style price based on the data plan. Buyers will pay as much as $600 if they get a lightweight $15, 200MB monthly plan, but stepping up to the $55 5GB plan drops the price down to $400.


One-time iPad cloners forced to cut prices after Kindle Fire

10/04, 10:05am

Maylong, Coby have to slash prices to fight Amazon

Tablet makers that have focused most of their time producing cheap alternatives to the iPad are themselves being squeezed by the Amazon Kindle Fire, the retail field acknowledged early Tuesday. Maylong, at times notorious for directly copying Apple, has pushed down the price of its Android 2.2-based M-250 tablet to just $97, Digitimes said. Coby's Kyros tablet has also had to drop to $148.


HTC Flyer drops to $300 at Best Buy in sign of shakeout

09/30, 1:45pm

HTC Flyer tablet gets permanent price cut to 300

The struggle for non-iPad tablets continued on Friday after Best Buy said it would permanently drop the price of the HTC Flyer down to $300. The cut is a steep $200 drop from its original price and will be permanent. Both online and retail stores should see the cut take effect October 1.


US Cellular will soon get HTC Wildfire S, Flyer

09/28, 4:40pm

US Cellular to bring out HTC Wildfire S, Flyer

In addition to the upcoming HTC Hero S, US Cellular announced on Wednesday that the HTC Wildfire S smartphone and Flyer tablet will be made available at its stores in October. The Wildfire S is an entry-level smartphone and sports a 3.2-inch touchscreen and a five-megapixel camera. It is powered by Android 2.3 and HTC's Sense user interface.


Droid Bionic, EVO 3D, Sensation now supported by Hulu app

09/20, 8:10pm

List of supported devices slowly expands

Hulu has continued to slowly expand the list of Android devices supported by the company's Hulu Plus app. The latest release adds support for a variety of smartphones, including HTC's Incredible 2, EVO 3D and Sensation; Motorola's Droid 3, Bionic and X2; and LG's Revolution and G2X. Aside from the handsets, the app can also be accessed from HTC's Flyer tablet.


T-Mobile offering HTC Flyer 3G to business users

09/13, 2:40pm

Memo shows T-Mobile selling HTC Flyer 3G

The upcoming HTC Flyer 3G is now available to business-to-business T-Mobile customers. A memo leaked to TMoNews revealed this, with the offer starting on September 12. Only Business Sales employees can sell the device over a special order system, however.


HTC: we're not out to kill the iPhone

09/12, 10:55pm

HTC exec says no need to clash with iPhone

HTC's American president Martin Fichter touched on his earlier interview with a rare follow-up elaborating on his position. He claimed that he not only didn't see HTC setting out to make an "iPhone killer" but that he actively discouraged the idea in the office. The goal was not to replace Apple but to target those people who didn't fit in Apple's world.


Android 3.2 spied early for the HTC Flyer

09/05, 6:05pm

HTC Flyer Android 3 upgrade leaks

HTC Flyer owners got a preview of what the Android 3.2 upgrade will look like on the tablet after a leaked build was given an unofficial preview. The OS resembles a smaller version of that from the Jetstream and mostly has the same light touch in terms of Sense widgets and skinning the interface to fit HTC's preferred look. The XDA-Developers forum goers testing it out have noted that the Scribe pen works, however, up to and including the hardware pen button.


Leaked photos show HTC's Omega Windows Phone handset

08/25, 7:55pm

Device resembles Flyer design

Corroborating recent rumors, leaked photos allegedly show HTC's unannounced Omega handset. The press renderings, which were posted by Pocketnow, suggest the Windows Phone 7 device will be built with a white and silver color scheme, offering a similar appearance to the company's Android-based Flyer tablet.


HTCdev portal goes up to help Android, WP7 developers

08/08, 12:20pm

HTCdev now active

HTC's promises of a developer program specific to its own phones was realized on Monday with the launch of HTCdev. The portal gives access to the OpenSense SDK to write apps tailored to HTC's Sense UI on Android as well as source code and the eventual option to unlock the bootloader. It should also enable hardware-specific tricks both on Android and Windows Phone, such as using the Evo 3D's cameras or pen input on the Evo View 4G and Flyer.


HTC ships 12.1m phones, few tablets; lawsuits no big factor

07/29, 10:50am

HTC thrives in spring and says Apple effect small

HTC posted mostly positive results on Friday that cast doubt on its early tablet strategy even as it tried to reassure investors over Apple lawsuit concerns. It shipped a record 12.1 million smartphones in the spring, 124 percent more than it did a year earlier. The growth kept it out of the top five phone makers worldwide but was a brisk 25 percent improvement on 9.7 million devices from just this past winter.


Amazon may skimp by using two-finger touch on Android tablet

07/25, 9:40pm

Amazon tablet may be limited to two-point touch

Amazon's decision to cut costs on its tablet might include the sophistication of the touchscreen. An off-hand industry mention suggested the Android tablet would be using just two-finger multi-touch, not the 10-finger touch of devices like the iPad 2 and other more advanced models. Who the supplier was and the cost of the panel were left out by Digitimes' sources.


Google posts Android 3.2 SDK, sets seven-inch tablet limits

07/15, 7:45pm

Android 3.2 SDK goes live

Google quickly followed up on the launch of Android 3.2 by posting the software development kit. In addition to helping create native apps, it also helps explain the new tablet support. The release is very narrow on its new tablet requirements and explains that it will be focused only on seven-inch tablets with a 1024x600 display in addition to the nine- and ten-inch tablets it saw before.


HTC Flyer Wi-Fi finally gets free Scribe pen in US

07/04, 2:05pm

Best Buy now bundling free Scribe pen with Flyer

Best Buy has now begun bundling the HTC Scribe pen accessory for the HTC Flyer without a premium. Initially, the pen was sold separately for $80 and now it's included in the 16GB Wi-Fi tablet's $500 price tag. Other markets, such as Europe, included the pen with the tablet from the start, though the overall average price was higher.


OnLive Viewer reaches HTC Flyer in official update

06/26, 1:05pm

HTC Flyer users get OnLive viewer app

HTC Flyer owners are reporting getting the promised OnLive Viewer app as an official update. The app seen by early XDA adopters gives those with the Android tablet the option iPad users have already had to spectate games and view gamers' 10-second Brag Clips. Actual gameplay will have to wait until the OnLive Player app in the summer.


HTC Flyer shows at FCC with T-Mobile 3G

06/12, 2:55pm

HTC Flyer T-Mobile version gets FCC testing

Plans to bring the HTC Flyer to T-Mobile in the US grew more concrete this week after an FCC filing virtually confirmed its existence. The Android slate has gone through testing on the 1,700MHz band needed to get HSPA 3G and HSPA+ '4G' on the American carrier's network. Little else has changed in the seven-inch tablet, which runs on a 1.5GHz single-core Snapdragon and loads both five-megapixel rear and 1.3-megapixel front cameras.


US Cellular gets Photon 4G, tablets, and LTE this year

06/09, 6:20pm

US Cellular clues into 2011 smartphones, tablets

US Cellular gave out a roadmap for its device launches for the rest of 2011. It planned to launch both an Android-based LTE-based 4G device and its first Windows Phone 7 hardware before the end of the year. It also promised six more Android phones, LTE hardware in November, and an HTC tablet in the early fall that's likely to be the HTC Flyer.


OnLive Player for iPad, HTC Flyer hands-on

06/08, 11:00pm

We use OnLive's iPad app first-hand

Among the numerous things OnLive unveiled at E3 was a demo of an OnLive Player app for the iPad and the HTC Flyer. We gave it a turn at E3 and came back with a strong promise, although there were some bumps along the way. Read ahead for our early impressions.


HTC Flyer software update promises improved performance

06/06, 8:15pm

Tablet still not upgraded to Android 3.0

HTC has already released a software update for its Flyer tablets. The maintenance update is said to be arriving as an over-the-air download pushed to the device. The company has left the details vague, though the revision generally promises to "improve software performance." Many users may be waiting patiently for the Honeycomb release, however the current software remains an Android 2.3 build.


OnLive intros universal gamepad for Macs, PCs, and mobile

06/02, 8:00pm

OnLive gets Wireless Controller and Facebook

OnLive swung into action ahead of E3 on Thursday with the unveiling of a gamepad that should work on nearly every platform. Its Universal Wireless Controller can directly control the streaming game service from not just Macs or Windows PCs but also the MicroConsole, Android tablets like the HTC Flyer, the iPad, and some Vizio TVs. Bluetooth is available for those devices that can use it but is braced by a USB adapter that can plug directly into devices that normally want a wired link.


Best Buy starts selling HTC Flyer tablets early

05/20, 9:20pm

HTC Flyer already on sale at Best Buy

A company memo at Best Buy has let staff know that they can sell the HTC Flyer ahead of its previous May 22 release date. Stores have been told they can now "sell upon receiving" instead of waiting for Sunday. Although Engadget didn't get confirmations of the Android 2.3 tablet being sold, we have received early reports of a few buyers getting theirs.


HTC Flyer to reach Best Buy May 22

05/19, 7:10pm

Best Buy pledges itself to HTC Flyer ship date

Best Buy on Thursday committed itself to a date for the Wi-Fi HTC Flyer. The Android 2.3 tablet will reach stores on May 22, two months after it was first promised. Just one model will be available with 16GB of storage and should cost $500.


HTC sees good early Flyer sales, tablets replacing textbooks

05/18, 12:35pm

HTC exec talks tablet line and NFC in a year

HTC's European leader Florian Seiche in a presentation at a Reuters summit on Wednesday was optimistic about the future of tablets both for his own company and the future. The company felt "very good" about early sales of the Flyer and that the current market was "just the start" of something bigger. He imagined that schools could replace their paper textbooks with tablets within five years and could create a deeper social impact as a whole.


HTC Puccini to get 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, Android 3.0

05/17, 10:50am

HTC Puccini to sport 1.5GHz CPU, 1280x800 screen

More details of the upcoming HTC Puccini tablet have been revealed, thanks to 911Sniper. The company's second Android-powered tablet after the Flyer, it has Android 3.0 onboard rather than 2.4 of the Flyer. The Puccini also gets a 10-inch, 1280x800 touchscreen and a dual-core Snapdragon 1.5GHz processor.


HTC Flyer goes on sale in Europe

05/13, 9:00am

HTC Flyer now shipping in Europe

The 7-inch HTC Flyer Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) tablet is now on sale in Europe. The device is shipping in two models, one a 16GB Wi-Fi only and a 32GB Wi-Fi plus 3G version. The tablet is shipping with the Magic Pen, unlike Best Buy in the US, which will be selling the stylus as an $80 extra.


HTC Flyer with Wi-Fi hits FCC

04/28, 1:15pm

HTC Flyer nears release thanks to FCC approval

The upcoming 7-inch HTC Flyer tablet has just shown up undergoing testing by the FCC. The device is due to arrive in Best Buy in the same Wi-Fi configuration as is being tested here. It also appears to have Bluetooth onboard, but as expected lacks a 3G radio.


Developer interest stays high for iOS, declines for Android

04/26, 9:40am

Windows Phone, RIM take minority stakes

Interest in iOS development remains high, while Android has lost some ground, according to a survey on the mobile app industry by IDC and Appcelerator. 91 percent of developers say they're "very interested" in iPhone/iPod development; 86 percent say they're very interested in the iPad. The attraction to Android smartphone development has meanwhile dropped two points to 85 percent. Android tablet interest is down three points, sitting at 71 percent.


Best Buy to take HTC Flyer pre-orders April 25

04/22, 9:20pm

HTC Flyer up for Best Buy orders April 25

Best Buy wrapped up Friday by detailing more of its launch plans for the HTC Flyer with Wi-Fi. Pre-orders will start on April 25 and will see the 16GB tablet cost $499. The release date was kept vague and only promised a release in the spring.


Android 3.0 tablets allegedly delayed due to low hopes

04/15, 8:45am

Android 3 tablet designers said delaying launches

Companies building Android 3.0 tablets are supposedly holding back on launches based on concerns of low sales and support from Google. Results for the Motorola Xoom were "lower than expected," according to rumors. Combined with Google's inability to help some partners, many have simply decided to wait before getting into tablets, Digitimes said.


HTC: older phones will miss some of Sense 3.0

04/14, 1:35pm

HTC warns only newest phones get full Sense 3.0

HTC in a pair of updates on Twitter said that only some of its new Sense 3.0 interface would work on older phones. Only its newest and fastest devices, like the Evo 3D, Evo View 4G, Flyer, and Sensation, will get the fully customized home and lock screens. HTC was planning on including those features in the new version of Sense that would work on the older devices.


HTC Flyer due to ship in Europe on May 9

04/12, 10:35am

HTC Flyer ships in Europe on May 9

The HTC Flyer tablet will arrive in European stores on May 9, finally narrowing down the May release in pre-orders in the UK. What isn't yet known, however, is when the seven-inch Android device will be upgraded from Android 2.4 to the tablet-optimized Android 3.0 that competing devices are running on. As for pricing, earlier leaks for the UK had the unlocked 3G, 32GB version priced at a tax-inclusive £600, or the equivalent of $982.


HTC Flyer up for UK preorder at steep £600 price

04/11, 8:15am

HTC Flyer hits UK preorder at high price

British mobile retailer Carphone Warehouse on Monday started pre-orders for the HTC Flyer. Its version of the Android 2.3 tablet carries unlocked 3G and 32GB of built-in storage, but also carries a steep price. The seven-inch slate is listed as costing £600 with tax included, or the equivalent of $982.


Sprint flips Evo View 4G page back to Android 2.3

04/07, 12:40pm

Evo View 4G back to Android 2.3 on Sprint page

Sprint's upcoming Evo View 4G tablet won't ship with Android 3.0 after all, as it posted yesterday. The carrier corrected its page to reflect that the device will ship with Android 2.3 rather than 3.0, though why the change of heart came about isn't clear. HTC had said that it hadn't received Android 3.0 code in time enough to implement the more tablet-ready OS.


Sprint teaser hints Evo View 4G shipping with Android 3.0

04/06, 9:20am

HTC Evo View 4G may ship with Android 3.0

A Sprint teaser page has hinted that the HTC Evo View 4G might ship with Android 3.0. Although the version unveiled and which we tried was using Android 2.3, a blurb shows it using "Android 3.0 just for tablets." The same teaser shows the Evo 3D with Android 2.3 and suggested Sprint was well aware of what its OS plans would be.


HTC backs Flyer getting Android 3.0 upgrade

04/01, 11:20pm

HTC Flyer to get Android 3.0 upgrade eventually

HTC in a brief Twitter update confirmed that it would upgrade the Flyer to Android 3.0. It would only say that the upgrade would come "when itís made available." Until now, it had only said the Flyer would ship with Android 2.3.


Google pushes 'non-fragmentation' on Android, hits Verizon

03/31, 10:20am

Google adding Android non-fragment clauses

Google's attempts to tighten control of Android got significantly more detail Monday with leaks from executives at its partners. The company has reportedly been putting tougher conditions on the "non-fragmentation clauses" it has to limit what OEMs can do to change the OS. Facebook, which is reportedly still working on its own version of Android despite denials, was reportedly upset that its arch-rival Google had to oversee its code, Bloomberg said.


Promo materials hint HTC Flyer coming to T-Mobile USA

03/27, 8:35pm

HTC Flyer leak points to T-Mobile US

A detailed leak on Sunday has given clues that the HTC Flyer should come to T-Mobile, and possibly the US. Detailed marketing materials, including in-store stands, have clearly attached the Android 2.3 tablet to the carrier. PocketNow's copies don't explicitly name the US, but one shot shows a T-Mobile YouTube channel; only the US has a presence on the video page.


HTC Flyer set to arrive in US market by end of March?

03/22, 11:30pm

Production process said to be delayed

HTC's Flyer tablet is allegedly set to arrive in small volumes for US customers as early as late March or early April, sources have told DigiTimes. Taiwan-based touchscreen suppliers suggest limited numbers of displays will start to be produced in March, while larger volumes are expected to begin production in May.


Best Buy to carry stock HTC Flyer Wi-Fi in iPad challenge

03/22, 10:25pm

Best Buy to carry HTC Flyer Wi-Fi in spring

Best Buy on Tuesday night said it would carry a Wi-Fi version of the HTC Flyer, now better known in the US as the template for the Evo View 4G. The big-box chain's online and retail stores will both have the lower cost version when it ships in the spring. Prices weren't given out but should be inexpensive for the seven-inch, 16GB tablet.


3 UK leaks Samsung Galaxy S II Mini, June tablet launch

03/20, 4:45pm

Samsung Galaxy S II Mini leaked by 3 UK

Samsung's plans for a smaller high-end phone were outed Sunday in a leak from 3 UK. The Galaxy S II Mini will shrink down the Galaxy S II and slow it down, but still carry most of its features. The design will use a 3.7-inch screen and switch out from a dual-core chip to a 1.4GHz single-core chip, Engadget heard.


HTC Evo 3D, Evo View 4G get hard specs pre-CTIA

03/18, 10:35pm

HTC Evo 3D and Evo View 4G detailed early

Two of Sprint's devices for its CTIA rollout were detailed late Friday in an uncharacteristically detailed news tip. The Evo 3D would be the expected HTC Shooter and offer counterpart to the Optimus 3D. HTC's device would use the rumored, dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon MSM8660 processor to drive a 4.3-inch, glasses-free, 540x960 display. BGR was told it would have the dual five-megapixel rear cameras to record 3D video (up to 720p) and would support both YouTube 3D and a brand new Blockbuster 3D movie app.



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