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Briefly: FCP X 10.2.1, Quanta now 'full speed' on Watch deliveries

05/15, 12:09pm

New FCP X update fixes crash-on-launch bug, returns AVCCAM support

An update to Final Cut Pro X issued yesterday is minor by technical standards, but crucial to users who were experiencing a crash-on-launch bug, which affected some users. Apple on Thursday issued version 10.2.1 for Final Cut Pro X to fix the issue, as well as restoring support for Panasonic's AVCCAM video format at 25p and 30p frame rates. The update also increases accuracy as users select a range in the Timeline by dragging.


The Feature Thief: Apple taketh away, sometimes giveth back

04/24, 2:51pm

In push to move forward, beloved bits and pieces sometimes fall to the wayside

Stop us if you've heard this one: Apple takes one of its key software applications, radically changes it, losing important features along the way. Existing users say Apple has dumbed down an app that was perfect, while new users say this is fantastic, they can finally understand the application. Flash forward a few months, and Apple has stealthily added back some or all of the features. We've seen this with iMovie and Final Cut Pro, we saw it with Pages, we are seeing it now with iPhoto turning into Photos. It is a well-worn path by Apple, and if we're not fans of the way they go about it, we are often fans of how these new applications turn out ... eventually.


Briefly: Fisheye Fixer 2.0 FCP X plugin, KeyCue 7.2 key shortcut tool

05/27, 1:24pm

Fisheye Fixer plugin for FCP X updated, repairs GoPro Hero3+ footage distortion

A new version of CrumplePop's Fisheye Fixer has been released, offering repair of fisheye lens distortion in GoPro Hero3+ footage. A plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, Fisheye Fixer provides tools to remove a curved appearance of captured video content. The new version features wide, narrow and medium angle modes, and is updated to work with the GoPro Hero 3's SuperView Mode. Fisheye Fixer also offers the ability to add fisheye lens effects to footage if desired. Priced at $50, Fisheye Fixer for GoPro 2.0 is available for immediate download through Crumplepop.


Briefly: Film Strip Effect for Final Cut Pro X, Microsoft My Apps

03/15, 11:52pm

Film Strip Effect released for Final Cut Pro X, offers new projection styles

FXFactory has announced its release of Film Strip Effect for Final Cut Pro X, a plug-in that offers aesthetic options that go beyond a simple slide projector effect. Users have analog controls over each included effect, and can determine the shape, size, and position of each slide. Blurring, scratching, dust, jittering, light flash and more variables are featured, to offer a vintage look for one's production. A free trial of Film Strip Effect is available online, with the full plug-in available for $50.


Briefly: CineText FCP X plugin, Slender Rising 2 for iOS

01/17, 11:46pm

Title generator for Final Cut Pro X released

CineFlare has announced its release of its new titling plugin for Final Cut Pro X, Cine Text. Offering a new set of 20 custom-made title effects for Final Cut, users can customize and stack multiple generators on the timeline to create attractive-looking titles. Cine Text features parameter controls for each title animation that allow the user to allow incoming and outgoing animation of each title (and both can be turned off if preferred).


Final Cut Pro 10.1 adds 4K display support, Mac Pro optimizations

12/19, 9:53am

Software revamped for latest hardware

Apple has released updates for its Final Cut Pro X video editing software, along with Compressor and Motion, just in time for the Mac Pro launch. As expected, v10.1 brings several optimizations for the new hardware including dual-GPU playback and rendering, video monitoring at 4K resolution via Thunderbolt 2 or HDMI, and support for 4K content such as titles, transitions and generators.


Briefly: FxFactory's Final Cut Pro X plugin, Mionix's gaming mouse

11/30, 12:30pm

CineFlare Handheld plugin for Final Cut Pro X creates 'handheld' look

FxFactory, developer of visual effects tools for post-production and broadcast markets, has introduced a new plugin to its repertoire: CineFlare Handheld. Exclusively built for Final Cut Pro X software, CineFlare Handheld allows editors to mimic video recording captured by using a handheld camera.


Apple tweaks Final Cut Pro X with minor update, fixes bug

07/30, 5:50pm

Good news for those using Sony XAVC media

Final Cut Pro X users who rely on Sony XAVC media will have a reason to smile at today's minor update to FCP. The new version, 10.0.9, corrects issues resulting in green artifacts with that particular media, and also fixes several issues related to interlaced media and re-timed segments that could cause exports to fail. The update is the first since March, when version 10.0.8 introduced support for the XAVC 4K codec. The 10.0.9 update is also said to contain the usual stability improvements. An update to Apple's ProApps QuickTime Codecs could be coming as well.


WWDC keynote now available for download through iTunes

06/11, 6:30pm

Speech mentions 4K-compatible update for FCP X in progress

Apple has released a downloadable version of yesterday's WWDC keynote, headed by CEO Tim Cook and featuring many other Apple executives, as a standard-definition and HD (separate 720p and 1080p editions) podcast. The presentation, which featured a bit more humor than was recently seen following the death of former CEO Steve Jobs, also mentioned in passing a forthcoming update of Final Cut Pro X designed to work with next-gen 4K displays.


Briefly: Finn Leather Wallet, Ripple Tools II now available

05/22, 1:35pm

Finn Leather Wallet for iPhone 5

WaterField Designs has announced the launch of a new leather wallet that doubles as an iPhone 5 case. Available in two sizes, a compact version for cash and cards and a slightly longer version to fit an iPhone 5, the Finn Leather Wallet is made from a naturally deer-tanned leather. The wallet features self-locking zippers to secure all contents and is offered in six different colors, including black, camel, grey, red, green and brown. Both sizes of the Finn are sold through WaterField's website for $29.


Briefly: Tokyo ReAnimator for FCPX, MacPhun bundle

03/21, 2:42pm

Tokyo ReAnimator released

Noise Industries has released a new plug-in for Final Cut Pro X that provides video editors with tools for cleaning up and repairing dead pixels. Tokyo ReAnimator is capable of removing lens dirt and sensor dust issues, as well as other small-scale artifacts from any footage. After selecting the area of a clip that need to be treated the plug-in will automatically zoom in and repair damaged footage. Tokyo ReAnimator can be purchased online for $50.


Briefly: SwitchEasy launches CoverBuddy, HDR for GoPro

11/07, 2:00pm

Smart Cover friendly iPad mini case

SwitchEasy has launched a new iPad mini case designed to be used alongside Apple's Smart Cover. The CoverBuddy is a plastic back shell that provides protection for the entire back of the tablet. Two color options, UltraClear and UltraBlack, are available online for $20 a piece. EAch CoverBuddy also includes an anti-static screen guard, two headphone jack protectors, and two Lightning connector protectors.


Phantom Cine Kit now compatible with Final Cut Pro X

10/23, 10:58pm

First native support since Final Cut Pro 3

Glue Tools, makers of a plugin that supports Vision Research's line of high-speed cameras, have announced that Tuesday's update to Apple's Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.6 brings support for the company's Phantom Cine format, allowing the plugin to be used natively for the first time since Final Cut Pro 3. Phantom cameras have found increasing favor with directors for its HD slow-motion capabilities.


Briefly: Red Giant Retrograde, Bamboo Racer launched

10/23, 2:22pm

Bamboo iPhone 5 case from iGearUnlimited

CrumplePop has released a new Final Cut Pro X plug-in that simulates the look of 8mm and 16mm file stocks. Red Giant Retrograde was created using laser scans of old film stocks and includes options for customizing nearly every aspect of the filter. A fully-functional trial can be downloaded from the company's website, while a full license sells for $50.


Briefly: FileMaker Training Sampler, XEffects 3D Transitions

10/11, 2:37pm

XEffects Transitions pack for FCP X

FileMaker Technical Network members can now access a new Training Series Sampler Kit that features three self-paced training modules. The modules include Working with Layouts, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker Server, each featuring its own exercises, demo files, and videos. Working With Layouts teaches techniques for creating a variety of layouts, while FileMaker Go includes tips on building mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad. Finally, FileMaker server includes information on setting up and maintaining FileMaker Server.


Briefly: Pearltrees iOS app, Callouts adds new plug-ins

07/25, 10:42am

Callouts update intros two plug-ins

Pearltrees has launched a new iPhone app that allows users to create a virtual library of all the things that they like. The mobile app takes all of the features from the web interface and optimizes them for a portable experience. The Pearl view lets users see an overview of any topic, while the reader lets contributors browse from page to page with just a swipe of the finger. Other features include the ability to add text-based notes, organize photos, and browse through all of the sites content.


Briefly: GoSmart Stylus announced, Manifesto FCP X update

07/20, 11:43am

Manifesto gains FCP X support

The GoSmart Stylus, a new stylus for touchscreen devices with a clear tip, has been released by GoSmart. The aluminum stylus features a teflon coated stainless steel tip that will work with any capacitive touchscreen, including those that are covered with a protective layer. GoSmart is offering the stylus in two models, the 300 and 200 series, both which include magnets for attaching the stylus directly to newer iPads. Both models will be available on August 8 at a cost of $25.


Briefly: Hex Stealth Case, Red Giant Carousel launched

07/18, 11:57am

Red Giant teams up with CrumplePop

Hex has launched a new iPhone 4/4S case that features a shielded internal storage compartment for an RFID-enabled card. The Hex Stealth Case offers protection for the back and sides of the device, and features raised corners that improve screen protection. RFID-enabled cards stored within the case can continue to be used for tap purchases without creating any cross-interference with the iPhone's antenna. The Hex Stealth case can be ordered online for $35 in both black and white models.


FCP plug-ins: Film Stocks, Callouts add visual style

05/04, 8:22pm

Retro looks and visual emphasis on tap

Two different companies have announced new plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X and related products that offer, respectively, rich historical photographic film stock looks and an easy way to call attention to specific items on-screen. Digital Film Tools is offering its Film Stocks plug-in for both Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, and also offers a version that works on photos as well as other video editors. Ripple Training's Callouts are available through FxFactory.


Final Cut Pro X to support RED cameras, multichannel audio

04/15, 4:55pm

Apple tells videographer FCPX 2012 plans

Pro videographer Larry Jordan published a preview on Sunday of Final Cut Pro X updates that Apple had promised him would come later in 2012. The current editing app should soon get RED camera support, letting it handle Redcode-capable 4K and 5K cameras like the Scarlet-X without transcoding first. Multichannel audio editing will be added to the pro video tool as well, although how this would work wasn't explained.


Briefly: DARK PRESSURE launched, PluralEyes updated

02/14, 3:30pm

PluralEyes gains multicam support

Native Instruments has launched DARK PRESSURE, a new MASCHINE Expansion that has been created in association with DJ and producer Steve Lawler. The package includes 42 kits with more than 200 pre-programmed patterns and 64 pre-sliced percussion loops for instant remixing. Every sound and patch has been processed with both analog equipment and MASCHINE's internal effects, and can be instantly integrated with any existing sound library. DARK PRESSURE is available in the NI Online Shop for $60, while a mobile version can be purchased within the iMASCHINE iOS app for $1.


Final Cut Pro X wins PC Magazine's 'Editor's Choice'

02/08, 4:00am

Third free update fulfills program's promise

Final Cut Pro X, a radical re-thinking of professional video editing that initially sparked more a revolt than the revolution Apple intended, has gone on to win PC Magazine's "Editor's Choice" award after a review of the program and the features restored and improved by its third free update. The latest version, released at the very end of January, restored multi-cam editing, broadcast monitoring and richer XML support to the suite, enabling Final Cut Pro 7 projects and third-party plug-ins. In doing so, it has begun to silence its critics.


Idustrial Revolution debuts FCPX XEffects Tech Transitions

02/03, 2:00am

Standalone is also part of FxFactory 3

Video plug-in maker Idustrial Revolution is now offering its XEffects Tech Transitions plug-in, which works exclusively with Final Cut Pro X, as a $49 standalone product (it is also available through Noise Industries' FxFactory 3). The package adds 28 transitions in total, all with adjustable settings for slipping, lengthening or shortening. The transitions focus on photo-style, freeze/flash and panel or grid transitions modelled after those seen in action videos.


Singular Software, Nattress ship plug-ins for FCP X, others

01/26, 6:00pm

PluralEyes marries separate sound to vision

Two different pro-video editing software companies have released new plug-in versions for Final Cut Pro X and other editors that bring new abilities to their respective platforms. Singular Software has updated its PluralEyes clip-syncing program for FCP X, while FxFactory plug-in developer Nattress has added Levels and Curves, a filter pack that lets users color-grade in the film log, to FCP X and earlier versions, along with Motion and Adobe After Effects.


Crumplepop debuts ToneGrade for Final Cut Pro X

12/13, 9:15pm

Applies HDR tone mapping to footage

Video plug-in maker Crumplepop in collaboration with Editkick have released a new plug-in called ToneGrade for Apple's Final Cut Pro X that makes it easy to color-grade and apply HDR-like tone-mapping effects to video footage, enhancing the texture of brightly-lit scenes and increasing detail and realism in faces and objects. For a limited time, the company is making the plug-in available for $39, a discount from its normal $75 price.


Briefly: VocaLive for iPad, Digital Heaven outs new plug-ins

11/09, 12:55pm

Digital Heaven releases new FCPX plug-ins

IK Multimedia's VocaLive app for the iPad is now available for purchase through the App Store. The vocal processing app includes five audio effects, Pitch Fix, Choir, Morph, De-Esser and Double, as well seven studio effects such as reverb and delay. The iPad release builds upon the existing app through the inclusion of a fourth effect slot and the ability to use two vocal effects per signal processing chain. Additionally, the reset browser has been made amiable in the main window and the favorites section has been expanded from 4 to 40 through the use of a new bank button.


Briefly: Deliver2Mac client, Final Cut Pro X training course

09/23, 12:40pm

Final Cut Pro X training

Virtual Programming has released a new OS X desktop app that allows customers to browse through all of the company's available digital download titles. Similar to Steam, the Deliver2Mac app lets users download, launch, and update games from a central portal. The virtual storefront also offers a place for gamers to download free demos, watch game trailers, and view games by category. Additionally, the company has also released three new games: Hearts of Iron 3: For the Motherland expansion pack, World Challenge Golf 2011, and Europa Universalis III: Chronicles collection.


Briefly: FCPX Transitions Pack 1, Bweasel iPad stand

09/12, 1:05pm

Bweasel iPad stand launched

Digital Heaven has released FCPX Transitions Pack 1, the first in a series of Final Cut Pro X effects packages. The new package offers five transition effects that range from lens flares to camera shutters and rolling film. Each effect includes customizable parameters for integrating the transition into any video project. FCPX Transitions Pack 1 is available through Digital Heaven's online store for $50.


Briefly: Crossword Forge 7, FCPX live panel discussion

08/18, 1:50pm

Key Code Media FCPX live panel

Sol Robots has released Crossword Forge 7, the latest version of its popular crossword puzzle creation tool. The new release offers new user controlled software settings that allow for better and more complete solutions to cryptic crosswords, as well as a new engine is said to be up to 25 faster than previous versions. In addition, v7 offers Quick Look support and a refined Word Ideas window that can help users find new words that can be added to a current puzzle. Crossword Forge 7 can be purchased online from the company's website for $50, and is expected to be released in the Mac App Store in the coming days.


Stereo3D Toolbox LE for FxFactory reaches v3, adds features

08/02, 7:10pm

Now handles GoPro, Panasonic 3D files natively

Stereoscopic 3D utility Stereo3D Toolbox LE from Dashwood Cinema Solutions has reached version 3.0, bringing with it new nesting tools for building side-by-side compound cliips, additional types of 3D output, the ability to work directly with GoPro 3D and Panasonic AG-3DA1 H.264 files in Final Cut Pro X without transcoding or muxing, and the Global Output Mode feature from the professional version, Stereo3D Toolbox.


Noir Moderne launches for Final Cut X, delivers dark effects

07/11, 9:00pm

Package also works in Final Cut 6, 7

612 Authentic Media is launching a new set of lighting effects for Final Cut Pro, CrumplePop Noir Moderne. The set includes 19 effects, three transitions and a royalty-free title, focused on dark lighting, strobes, venetian patterns and vignettes. Users can drag and drop effects directly into the timeline of Final Cut Pro 6, 7 and the newly released Final Cut Pro X. The effects can be adjusted for opacity and luminance and can be layered with one another.


Bare Feats: new iMacs crush Mac Pros in Final Cut Pro X

07/08, 9:15pm

Finds current models tying with Mac Pros

The speed and graphics testing site Bare Feats has tested the latest release of Final Cut Pro X on three very different models of Mac -- a 2010 Mac Pro 3.33GHz 6-core Westmere with 24G of ECC DDR3 1333MHz RAM and a Radeon HD 5870 GPU (1G GDDR5); a current-model iMac (a 2011 iMac 3.4GHz Quad Core i7 with 16G of DDR3 1333MHz RAM and a Radeon HD 6970M GPU with 2GB of VRAM onboard), and a current-model MacBook Pro (2011 MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Quad Core i7 with 8G of DDR3 1333MHz RAM and a Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB of VRAM). The results showed a surprisingly tight race.


Briefly: FCP X training courses, SocialGuide iOS app

07/04, 4:20pm

SocialGuide outs self-titled app

Future Media Concepts has announced that it will be offering three training classes for Final Cut Pro X during the summer. The first course, FCP -- A Complete Overview, is a 45-minute online seminar that demonstrates the software's major new features. The course launched on July 1st and is offered at a cost of $10. Secondly, Migrating to FCP X is a one-day, hands-off workshop that covers the entire software's operation from capture to output. Topics include workflow and background rendering, content detection and repair, color correction, and more. The $300 workshop will be held in New York on July 11th, Philadelphia on July 12th, and Washington D.C. on July 13th. Finally, FCP X 101 will be offered as a three-day or five-day course that will become available upon the release of official courseware by Apple.


Adobe starts 'switcher' campaign to lure Final Cut Pro users

07/01, 9:15am

Adobe halves Premiere price for Final Cut users

Adobe leapt on Final Cut Pro X frustrations Friday with a new switcher promo. Anyone with a copy of Final Cut Pro or even Avid Media Composer can get a 50 percent discount on either Premiere Pro CS5.5 or CS5.5 Production Premium. The software house gave a knowing tweak to Apple that chastised it for dropping imports of the old version and traditional imports from tape.


Apple posts Final Cut Pro X FAQ, promises multicam and more

06/29, 7:30am

Apple FCPX FAQ talks big features in updates

Apple has quietly posted an FAQ for Final Cut Pro X to tackle the complaints and concerns in the wake of a controversial release. The answers more formally address questions to the media and make multiple promises of updates. Multicam editing is coming to a future Final Cut Pro update, something which Apple says it couldn't roll into a minor patch but had to come soon.


Final Cut Pro lead: FCP X is the 'beginning of a road'

06/26, 12:45pm

Apple's Ubillos reassures video editors after FCPX

Apple's video editing software lead Randy Ubillos quietly addressed some of the fears of professional video editors following the rocky introduction of Final Cut Pro X. Shortly before the company's more technical help, Ubillos was adamant to a CreativeCow forum member that the feature set wasn't concrete. Alluding to an upgrade pattern similar to iMovie, he saw it as a foundation for a larger platform.


Briefly: FCP X hands-on training, TeleNav GPS Plus update

06/24, 5:00pm

TeleNav GPS Plus update

Manhattan Edit Workshop has launched a new hands-on training course for Final Cut Pro X. The two-day class will be run by Ari Feldman, an Apple Certified Instructor, and will outline all of the major changes introduced with the new FCP release. Some of the covered topics will include: the new interface, background processing, content auto-analysis, smart collections, the magnetic timeline, and more. Hands-on With FCP X will take place on July 9 and 10 from 10am - 5pm EST at the Manhattan Edit Workshop in New York City. Standard registration fees have been set at $500 while Early Bird pricing, which will be offered until June 30, is $300.


Forum roundup: Final Cut X discussions and more

06/24, 2:00pm

Recent forum topics

With the release of Final Cut X earlier this week, MacNN forum goers began discussing their opinions on this latest software update, which so far has seen fairly poor reviews. One Mac Enthusiast started a thread yesterday looking for a good app that gives a variety of stock alerts.


Apple recommends Mac OS X 10.6.8 for Final Cut Pro X

06/21, 3:30pm

Software requires at least v10.6.7

Shortly after Apple formally introduced Final Cut Pro X, the company posted a note on its support site urging users to update their systems to Mac OS X 10.6.8 when running the new video editing software. The latest Snow Leopard release, v10.6.7, is listed as a minimum requirement, however the v10.6.8 build is currently still in beta development.



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