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Topic: Europe

Apple edges out Samsung on Q4 European smartphone sales

02/26/2021, 11:02 am

Despite the European smartphone market plummeting overall in 2020, Apple's sales in the region were similar to its 2019 numbers -- finishing the year strong with the iPhone 12.


France wants more power in implementing EU big tech rule changes

02/15/2021, 10:02 am

The French government wants changes to be made to the European Union's inbound regulatory updates affecting big tech companies and platforms like the App Store, granting more control to member states.


EU demanding Apple give equal treatment to all apps in privacy shakeup

02/08/2021, 02:02 pm

Apple needs to treat all apps equally with regard to its inbound privacy features including its own, says EU antitrust head Margrethe Vestager.


Global tax reforms affecting Apple 'highly likely' to happen

02/01/2021, 07:02 am

Major changes in the way tech giants like Apple are taxed will probably occur sometime in 2021, the German finance minister has warned, with an international agreement "highly likely" to be struck before the summer.


European lawmakers invite Tim Cook to tech power hearing

01/23/2021, 08:01 am

The European Parliament has asked for Apple CEO Tim Cook to join other major tech CEOs to a hearing on February 1, with lawmakers aiming to discuss changes that could curtail the power of Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook on the continent.


New EU rules may force change in how Apple promotes own apps in App Store

12/06/2020, 11:12 am

Apple and other tech giants may have to alter how they promote their own apps on platforms they control, with the EU competition head hinting at rule changes that could be revealed before the end of 2020.


Amazon hit with EU antitrust accusations over third-party retail sales

11/10/2020, 12:11 pm

Amazon has been accused of violating antitrust laws in Europe, with the European Commission alleging that Amazon takes advantage of confidential third-party business data to further its own competing retail business.


Developers gain more transparency in App Store dealings via new EU rules

07/14/2020, 01:07 pm

The European Union has introduced new regulations, impacting Apple's App Store and Google Play, that aim to make the digital storefronts more transparent to developers and publishers.


European Union targets tech giants with new tax and content rules

07/06/2020, 10:07 am

The European Union is planning to apply more restrictions on the activities and responsibilities of Apple and other major tech companies, EU digital policy and antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager has revealed, which could impact taxes, privacy, and online content.


Europe presses Apple for more iPhone 'batterygate' compensation

07/03/2020, 10:07 am

Three years after Apple slowed down its iPhones to protect aging batteries, a group in Europe is demanding the company pay compensation to all users.


European Commission launches antitrust probes over Apple's App Store and Apple Pay

06/16/2020, 06:06 am

The EU's antitrust authorities has officially launched two investigations into Apple, specifically surrounding the App Store and with Apple Pay.


EU may force Apple to make iPhone battery replacements easier

02/27/2020, 10:02 am

A future version of the iPhone or iPad may have a removable battery compartment, a leaked proposal from the European Union may demand, one that could force Apple into a major redesign of the high-selling smartphone, if it ever gets approved.


EU unveils wide-ranging digital strategy with global implications for Apple & other big tech

02/19/2020, 11:02 am

A newly-published digital strategy marks the start of the European Union's plans to debate and implement regulations that will have lasting effects on users in the EU and big technology companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.


What the EU mandate for a common smartphone charger means

02/02/2020, 12:02 pm

Over strong objections from Apple, the European Union is pressing ahead with plans to make all manufacturers use the same chargers -- at least within the EU. Here's what's really been decided and what impact it will have on users.


Apple says a common charger would handicap innovation, inflate waste

01/23/2020, 02:01 pm

Apple has hit back at new proposals by European lawmakers to force smartphone and other device producers to use a universal standard charger, claiming attempts to make it switch from Lightning to another type of connection could cause consumer aggravation and stifle innovation.


Apple urges EU to halt the rise of patent trolls

01/16/2020, 08:01 am

The European Union needs to take action against "patent trolls," Apple has urged as part of a group of tech companies and car manufacturers, with the growth of non-practicing entities stifling innovation in firms who try to exploit the entire patent system for financial gain.


iPhone 11 sales continue to cut down Android's market share globally

10/23/2019, 08:10 am

Apple has increased its presence in the five most important European markets against Android, a study of smartphone OS data reveals, with the international use of iOS rising on the strength of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.


New European tax proposals aimed at Apple, Facebook, Google & other tech giants

10/09/2019, 07:10 am

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development aims to overhaul worldwide tax laws that it says are no longer suitable in an age of multinational businesses such as Apple, Facebook and Google.


Apple loses ground to Samsung in European smartphone market

08/12/2019, 08:08 am

Apple shipped 1.3 million fewer iPhones to Europe in the second quarter, analysis of the smartphone market has revealed, a fall of 17% year-on-year, meanwhile Android-based rivals Xiaomi and Samsung are seeing considerable shipment growth over the same period.


Qualcomm faces second EU antitrust fine in two years

06/24/2019, 01:06 pm

Qualcomm may have to pay a second big fine to the European Union over antitrust concerns for how it handled sales of 3G chips for mobile hotspot and dongles, just over a year after the chip maker was issued a $1.23 billion financial penalty for illegally shutting out modem rivals from supplying Apple.