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Google Glass is too important to scrap, claims Eric Schmidt

03/23, 5:51pm

Graduation from Google X does not mean project closure, Google chairman advises

Google has not put to rest its Glass headset project, as the technology is "too important to scrap," executive chairman Eric Schmidt claims. The graduation of the Glass Explorer Program from Google X Labs in January with the team reporting to Nest's Tony Fadell was performed to make Google Glass "ready for users" and to expedite its eventual general release.


Google's Schmidt says Google encryption superior to Apple's

10/03, 8:22am

Google chairman defends company against implied Tim Cook remarks

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has fought back against comments over the company's security and privacy, following comments laid out by Apple CEO Tim Cook. In an interview which touched upon a recent open letter about privacy from Cook, Schmidt claims "Someone didn't brief [Cook] correctly on Google's policies. It's unfortunate for him."


New emails expose anti-poaching collusion between Apple, Google

03/24, 11:04am

Messages describe 'irate' calls from Steve Jobs

A newly-published set of emails explicitly detail the anti-poaching agreements reached between Apple, Google, and a collection of other high-tech firms. The companies settled a US Department of Justice investigation on the matter in 2010, but are still dealing with class action litigation. One of the instigators of the anti-poaching deals appears to have been former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who made "irate" calls to Google co-founder Sergey Brin in February 2005, complaining that Google was trying to hire away members of the Safari development team. Brin mentions "veiled threats" from Jobs; after a second call, he adds that "Basically, he [Jobs] said 'if you hire a single one of these people that means war'."


Schmidt tells panel at SXSW that Google is 'pretty sure' data is safe

03/09, 12:40pm

Google encryption process upgraded according to Executive Chairman

At a panel in Austin, Texas during SXSW, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt told the audience that the company felt "pretty sure that now the information inside of Google is safe from prying eyes, including those of the US government." This of course comes after the company completed a security system improvement, the process of which had began before the information was leaked by Edward Snowden and Britain's GCHQ data center data transmission interception.


Google, Microsoft reveal new efforts to block indecent child imagery

11/18, 5:18am

Tools, search query blocks follow after British Prime Minister speech

Google and Microsoft have been working together to block requests for indecent images and video of children from their search engines, Google chairman Eric Schmidt has announced. Blocks on specific requests as well as new tools have been created in response to a request for help from British Prime Minister David Cameron.


Google's Eric Schmidt: NSA data-center spying 'outrageous,' 'not OK'

11/04, 12:53pm

Search giant registers complaints with NSA, Obama

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has spoken out against the National Security Agency, arguing that spying activities on data centers are "outrageous" and "not OK," according to an interview with the Wall Street Journal (sub. required). The executive further suggests that collecting phone records on 320 million people in an attempt to identify "roughly 300 people" is also "bad public policy ... and perhaps illegal."


Schmidt claims Android 'more secure' than iOS, draws laughter

10/08, 1:53am

Claims 'real-world' security testing by users makes it better

In the face of security studies that show that more than 90 percent of new mobile malware is found on the Android platform, Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt raised eyebrows and drew laughter at a Gartner symposium and IT expo by refuting a presenter's statement that the platform has serious security and fragmentation issues, claiming both that Android is "more secure than the iPhone," and that access to Google Play eliminates the issue of Android fragmentation.


Google chairman Eric Schmidt may be using Moto X at media conference

07/12, 11:49am

Motorola X phone shown with textured back, white casing

The rumored Moto X has apparently been spotted in public, in the hands of Eric Schmidt. The Google chairman was seen using what appears to be the smartphone at the annual Allen & Co media conference, giving credence to claims that Motorola and the search giant will be launching and releasing the Moto X in the near future.


Schmidt: Google, Apple relationship has improved in 2013

07/12, 1:30am

Two rivals are in 'constant business discussions' says CEO

According to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, the relationship between his company and Apple -- once notoriously frosty after Google retooled Android to be more like iOS following the debut of the iPhone -- has warmed up somewhat over the past year, with the two rivals conducting "lots and lots" of meetings alongside other partners "on a long list of issues." Schmidt, who is attending the Allen and Company Sun Valley tech and media conference along with Apple CEO Tim Cook and other figures, once sat on Apple's board of directors.


Schmidt: Google Glass for public roughly one year away

04/22, 3:50pm

Wearers of Glass need to learn, create new social etiquette rules

A release of Google Glass for the general public may take place early next year. Executive chairman Eric Schmidt suggested that the version of Glass that will be provided to customers is "probably a year-ish away," which could give time for developers to create applications using the now-shipping Explorer edition.


Schmidt urges Apple return to Google Maps in future iOS update

04/16, 4:22pm

Rancor over Android likely to keep

Google would like Apple to return to Google Maps in a future version of iOS, chairman Eric Schmidt said today at an AllThingsD conference. "We would still really like them to use our maps," said Schmidt. "It would be easy for them to take the app in the store and put it as their basic one." The executive declined to comment on why Apple went with a proprietary system instead of continuing to use Google code and data, or whether the two companies are in talks.


Schmidt: Android hits 1.5M daily activations, 1B by December

04/16, 2:32pm

Sub-$100 smartphones key to developing markets

Google has seen Android activations increase to hit 1.5 million every day, and could reach 1 billion total activations by the end of this year, according to executive chairman Eric Schmidt. The level of activations have gone up from the 1.3 million seen in September last year, the 900,000 reported in June, and the 700,000 in December 2011.


Schmidt: Google to keep Chrome OS, Android separate

03/21, 10:22am

Two operating systems could have more 'commonality' in future

Google will endeavor to keep Chrome OS and Android separate, though they could still have some overlap. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed that the two operating systems are to "remain separate for a very long time, because they solve different problems", in the wake of the company's management reshuffle.


Schmidt to sell $2.5B in Google shares to diversify holdings

02/10, 8:38pm

Share sale repeat of $1.45B transaction last year

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt will be selling two-fifths of his stake in the company in exchange for a significant amount of cash. The former CEO will earn around $2.51 billion from the transaction, the intention for which was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission after hours on Friday.


Google's Schmidt: Android winning 'war' versus iOS

12/12, 12:52pm

Compares competition to Microsoft vs. Apple

Android is winning the platform war versus Apple's iOS, claims Google chairman Eric Schmidt. He made comments during a recent interview with Bloomberg. "This is a huge platform change; this is of the scale of 20 years ago -- Microsoft versus Apple," Schmidt argues. "We’re winning that war pretty clearly now."


Schmidt: Apple, Google to handle disputes as 'adults'

12/04, 7:35pm

Google chairman sees Apple, Google acting within 'state model'

Apple and Google should work through their ongoing differences in a state-like, "adult" manner, according to Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt. Schmidt, in a recent interview, brushed aside much of the media's coverage of the struggle between the two tech giants, arguing that the two companies will opt for "the adult way to run a business" instead of the "sort of teenage model of competition" he says the press hopes for. Schmidt says that "conversations are going on all the time" between the two companies, though he declined to say whether a grand resolution is in the foreseeable future.


Schmidt: New Google Maps app for iOS not yet submitted

09/25, 7:01am

Schmidt scotches rumors that Google Maps for iOS is ready

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has told a small group of reporters in Japan that Google has not yet submitted a stand-alone version of its Google Maps app for iOS, reports Reuters. Schmidt was speaking at the Japanese launch event for the Nexus 7 tablet, where Google also took the opportunity to show off a flashy new gyroscope-enabled map feature for its Google Maps app for Android, rubbing further salt into the wounds of iPhone fans. On the matter of an eagerly awaited revamped Google Maps app for iOS, Schmidt told the reporters “We have not done anything yet.”


Google offers to settle with EU antitrust regulators

07/02, 3:46pm

Terms of negotiation remain unclear

Google has reportedly offered to engage in settlement talks with European Union regulators, in an attempt to avoid a formal legal dispute over lingering antitrust issues. The search giant's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, is said to have sent a letter to EU antitrust commissioner Joaqu Almunia, addressing several concerns that remain focal points in an investigation that could lead to penalties.


Report: New York Times eyes Google's Schmidt for CEO

06/25, 3:21am

NYT looking for tech-savvy leader

The New York Times is looking to make a big move toward the Internet, and Google's Eric Schmidt is near the top of the list of leaders the self-styled "newspaper of record" is considering to guide it in that direction. According to Bloomberg, sources familiar with the paper's internal operations have revealed that the Google chief is among a number of candidates in consideration for the Times, a publication with strong ties to both the digital and print world, lurching toward the former even as it is rooted in the latter.


Google beats expectations, sees profit jump 61%

04/12, 4:35pm

Google Q1 2012 is surprise hit

Google beat expectations for its results on Thursday and simultaneously set out plans to create a new kind of stock to keep its management in place. The company saw its mostly ad-based revenue up 24 percent, to nearly $10.7 billion, and its net profit even higher, up 61 percent to $2.89 billion. While the company didn't delve into specific factors, it was thriving both on its core business and on the "momentum from the big bets" on Android, Chrome, and YouTube, CEO Larry Page said.


Jobs caught Google recruiting Apple engineer, letter alleges

01/27, 6:55pm

Disclosed as part of 'no poaching' civil case

An unredacted letter from Steve Jobs to Google head Eric Schmidt in March of 2007 reveals that Google was attempting to recruit an Apple engineer, which resulted in swift repercussions after Schmidt was notified. The letter is part of a court case that alleges that informal "no poaching" agreements between Apple, Google and five other tech companies amounted to a conspiracy to limit opportunities and keep compensation low.


Tim Cook set to gain nearly $100M in vesting stock

01/05, 4:40pm

Will beat out Schmidt, other tech leaders

Apple CEO Tim Cook may be about to vastly increase his personal wealth, notes an executive compensation tracking firm, Equilar. Parts of two separate restricted stock unit grants belonging to Cook are vesting in the current quarter. Based on Apple's closing stock price on December 30th, the shares are estimated to be worth about $96.2 million.


Google insists Android will stay free, says Microsoft lying

11/08, 9:45am

Google chair has no plans for Android royalties

Google chairman Eric Schmidt in a Korean media event promised that Android would stay free to license. In spite of pressure for patent licenses from Microsoft and Oracle, partners wouldn't be charged directly by Google as Microsoft does with Windows Phone. He didn't say, however, whether Google would provide any help to companies being made to pay higher royalties in patent disputes that touch on Android itself, not their specific software additions.


Google rumored investing in Korea for Android, search

11/07, 12:00pm

Google CEO Schmidt to meet with Samsung, KT, LG

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt will be in Seoul this week to meet with executives from South Korea's leading telecom and personal electronics companies. According to a source at The Korean Times, Schmidt will announce a number of significant investments in Korea, including a possible local Internet Data Center. Until recently, Google has struggled to establish itself in the market against Korean search companies Naver and Daum.


Google calls Apple's Siri a possible threat in search

11/06, 4:20am

Google claims Siri poses competitive threat

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has told a U.S. Senate antitrust subcommittee that Apple’s Siri personal assistant is a potential threat to its core search business. The admission reverses a statement that Schmidt made in September last year where he had said that Apple did not pose a ‘competitive threat.’ Schmidt argued that the arrival of Siri is a ‘significant threat’ and even cited two publications that have called the voice recognition app a ‘Google killer.’


Schmidt: Android openness rules out Microsoft-like antitrust

09/21, 3:35pm

Google chairman says Android inherently fair

Google chairman Eric Schmidt in his Senate testimony over possible antitrust abuses denied that Android was anti-competitive. When asked if Android could be modified to artificially hinder third-party apps, he contended that Android's purportedly open nature wouldn't allow it. Taking a dig at Microsoft, he noted that strictly closed-source code was where antitrust issues could happen, since it was only there that a firm could hide unfair limitations.


Schmidt: Apple, Microsoft Android lawsuits just jealousy

07/19, 9:15am

Google chair claims innocence in Android lawsuits

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt in a speech at his company's Mobile Revolution conference in Tokyo claimed that lawsuits and trade disputes from Apple and Microsoft were just the result of jealousy. The two were mad at the rapid growth of Android, now up to 550,000 activations a day, and were only trying to slow it down. Google had "not done anything wrong" in spite of ITC findings of patent violations, and competitors were just envious of Android features.


Nokia's past experimentation with Android seen in prototype

06/24, 8:40am

Google's Eric Schmidt may have put Android on N9

Nokia may have experimented with Android on the Nokia N9 as an alternative to MeeGo, according to a source. Photos sent to Engadget appear to show an N9 running a stock Gingerbread install. The phone may have been part of Google chief Eric Schmidt's effort to convince Nokia CEO Stephen Elop to use Android as an alternative to MeeGo.


Google lands Photovine trademark, hints deeper photo sharing

06/18, 5:20pm

Google gets Photovine trademark and domain

Google may be planning to expand its photo sharing beyond just Picasa. The company obtained a trademark for "Photovine" on June 7 and used proxy firm MarkMonitor to acquire just a week later. Few clues exist as to what it would involve, although the trademark bills it as "transmission of visual images and data by telecommunications networks" and "on-line social networking services."


Google has just renewed Apple maps deal, denies 'probe' talk

05/31, 10:15pm

Google shoots down talk of ending Apple

Google chief Eric Schmidt at the first D9 interview on Tuesday night shot down rumors of Apple ending their map deal. Describing the interrelationships between Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google as the "gang of four" growing the fastest in the tech industry, he revealed that Google had "just renewed" its map partnership with Apple. He would have been surprised if Apple decided to jump ship just after making a deal.


e-G8 summit triggers backlash against French tech regulation

05/24, 4:55pm

e-G8 summit works against French president

The e-G8 summit in Paris brought pressure on French president Nicolas Sarkozy for his comments on technology. Having argued for "minimum rules" that would have prevented sites like WikiLeaks from getting hosting and previously backed France's infamous three-strikes law, he was followed by a panel that rejected his calls for tighter regulation. Google executive president recapped a previous stance and said he was looking for a "technological solution" to make both sides happy before turning to laws, noting it was virtually impossible for government to understand change as quickly.


Patents reveal Google's interest in facial recognition

05/19, 10:10pm

Filings surface amid CEO's caution over security

Despite Google executive Eric Schmidt's recent comments cautioning against the use of facial recognition systems, several patent filings suggest the search giant has worked to develop such technology. As noted in an Atlantic report, one of the filings, titled "Facial Recognition with Social Networking Aiding," was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization on August 6, 2010.


Schmidt leads CEO approval rankings, Jobs slips to second

03/31, 11:10pm

Dell and Ballmer compete for last place

Despite Steve Jobs' presence at the top of Barron's latest list of 'Most Valuable' CEOs, the Apple co-founder has slipped behind Google head Eric Schmidt in terms of CEO approval ratings. The Glassdoor survey, which includes data from company employees, suggests that Jobs still holds a 95 percent approval rating for the year spanning from March 2010 to March 2011, down from 98 percent the previous year.


Obama rumored tapping Google's Schmidt as Commerce Secretary

03/18, 3:25pm

Google's Schmidt may become Commerce Secretary

Numerous rumors have pinpointed Google's soon-to-be-outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt as a candidate for Secretary of Commerce. President Obama is reportedly close to picking the executive and could make the decision public within two weeks. SAI in picking up on discussions didn't name alternative candidates.


Major tech leaders photographed meeting with Obama

02/18, 12:35pm

Jobs, Zuckerberg get prominent seats

Several major US technology executives have been officially photographed with President Obama at a dinner meeting on Thursday night. As expected, three people on the guest list included Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Google's Eric Schmidt, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Jobs and Zuckerberg were notably given the most prominent positions during the dinner, seated directly to the left and right of the President.


Apple, Google, Facebook CEOs meeting with President Obama

02/17, 9:35am

Topics to include R&D, education, energy

Several major tech CEOs will be meeting with President Obama at a San Francisco event this evening, sources tell ABC News. Amongst the business heads attending the event will allegedly be Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google's Eric Schmidt, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs. A White House official explains that the assembly will talk about "promoting American innovation," as well as the Obama administration's interests in funding education, clean energy, and research and development.


Schmidt dodges talk of becoming future Apple CEO

02/01, 12:55pm

Google chair not confirming, denying recruitment

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is sidestepping discussion of whether he might become the next Apple CEO. "In the first place, it's not appropriate. Steve [Jobs] is still the CEO and I hope he continues forever," Schmidt told CNBC in a Monday interview. In response to whether or not Apple has approached him to make an offer, however, Schmidt would neither confirm or deny the suggestion. "I'm not going to talk about private conversations with anybody," the chairman is quoted as saying.


Gundotra, Schiller sparred over Google Maps, sources say

01/27, 12:40pm

Apple and Google CEOs allegedly intervened

Google engineering VP Vic Gundotra and Apple marketing VP Phil Schiller came into intense conflict over Google Maps in 2008, according to sources cited by Bloomberg and 9to5Mac. A Bloomberg article remarks that as Android first became a threat to the iPhone, Apple began resisting Google claims to location data accumulated whenever an iPhone owner uses Google Maps. Negotiations became so hot, two sources say, that the CEOs of Apple and Google had to step in and resolve the situation.


Fast Company ranks potential replacements for Jobs

01/24, 1:30pm

Forstall seen as trumping Cook, Ive, Schiller

Financial publication Fast Company has published a new ranking of possible replacements for Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The magazine notes that even if Jobs does return from his current medical leave, the company will eventually have to find a replacement. The top potential candidate is argued to be Apple's senior VP of iPhone software, Scott Forstall. He is "young, possesses the right kind of technical knowledge and dynamism, and has become an increasingly important figure in key Apple product decisions," according to the magazine.


Google's Schmidt out as CEO, Larry Page in

01/20, 4:40pm

Google CEO Schmidt steps down as CEO for Page

In a surprise move, Google chief Eric Schmidt said alongside his company's financial results that he was stepping down from his position. Company co-founder Larry Page will take the top position as of April 4 while fellow founder Sergey Brin will be titled as a Co-Founder. Schmidt will stay on only as Executive Chairman.


Gmail pioneer: Chrome OS will die or join Android

12/14, 5:15pm

Gmail vet predicts Chrome OS dies in 2011

Gmail's core developer Paul Buchheit today said in a prediction that he expected Chrome OS to die in 2011. The former Google employee and FriendFeed creator expected that it would either be ended outright or else "merged" with Android. In a defense on FriendFeed, he noted that there was no point to Chrome OS and argued that even the Cr-48 netbook was a mistake.


Apple, Facebook top CEO approval ranks, Microsoft much lower

12/01, 6:10pm

Jobs, Zuckerberg top CEO approvals while MS lags

An updated list of CEO approval ratings from Glassdoor has shown a wide disparity between some technology firms' executives. Apple's Steve Jobs, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Google's Eric Schmidt lead the group, all claiming 96 to 97 percent approval from their staff on the site. Rivals were much lower, however, and saw MySpace president Mike Jones at 60 percent, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz at 56 and Microsoft's Steve Ballmer at a particularly low 49 percent.


Google CEO: Chrome OS geared for keyboard input, not touch

11/15, 9:35pm

Android to maintain focus on touchscreen input

Google CEO Eric Schmidt took time at the Web 2.0 summit to clarify his company's strategy for Chrome OS devices. The executive reaffirmed that Google designed Chrome OS around devices that provide a hardware keyboard for input, rather than the touch-only configuration common to most tablets on the market.


Documentary reveals Google wanted Steve Jobs as first CEO

10/30, 5:15am

Page and Brin wanted Jobs, but settled on Schmidt

According to a new Bloomberg documentary called Game Changers, Google founders Larry Paige and Sergey Brin visited Apple’s Cupertino campus for a meeting with Steve Jobs where they offered him the position of Google CEO. In all, the pair reportedly interviewed around thirteen candidates. Ultimately, Page and Brin settled on current Google CEO Eric Schmidt.


Apple renews search agreement with Google

09/24, 5:05pm

Comments refute rumors of Bing takeover on iOS

Apple has reportedly extended its search agreement with Google, the search giant's CEO, Eric Schmidt, told BusinessWeek in an interview. The executive downplayed suggestions of animosity from Steve Jobs, following Schmidt's departure last year from Apple's board of directors as Google continued its push into the mobile arena.


Google contradicts itself on question of stock Android

09/24, 2:00pm

Google chief says Android can't be forced as stock

Google chief Eric Schmidt in an interview posted today (video below) from from the Zeitgeist conference provided contradictory answers on why the company refuses to require an option for unaltered Android on smartphones. He insisted to Search Engine Land that the company couldn't make carriers or phone designers give the choice since it would be "violating the principle of open source." The principle demands that everyone have control, even if it means options being locked out for end users.


Google CEO: Android could make $10b with newspaper service

07/28, 3:45pm

Schmidt says Android could have subscription news

Google chief Eric Schmidt floated the possibility today of a subscription news service for Android. When asked whether Android could be a significant money generator, the executive was confident the OS could make $10 billion a year by adding paid access to online newspapers. As 160,000 phones are sold each day, it would only take a small subscription to immediately generate a a large amount of revenue.


Google: Jobs' Android accusations are "rewriting history"

07/09, 10:15am

Google denies trying to kill iPhone

Google during its time at the Allen & Co. Sun Valley media conference said that Apple CEO Steve Jobs' claims about Android being a response to iPhone were spin. Co-founder Larry Page argued that Jobs' view of Android coming afterwards was a "little bit of rewriting history" and reminded guests that Google had been developing Android for a "very long time" before the iPhone was introduced in early 2007. The company had always wanted an Internet-aware phone with strong web browsing, according to Page.


Jobs: Google stays put on iPhone, no plans for search

06/02, 12:10am

Jobs clear Google will stay for now

Steve Jobs at his D8 session made it clear that Apple didn't plan to take on Google in the search space. He stated bluntly that Apple had "no" plans to drop Google or its apps from the iPhone and that there wouldn't be retaliation by competing directly with Google's core search engines. The conversation recalled Jobs' well-known townhall meeting, where the executive accused Google of competing against Apple without warning but implied he wouldn't retaliate on a one-for-one level.


Apple drops mention of Google in iPhone 4 search

04/10, 6:30pm

iPhone 4 alludes to Google split or souring

A discovery today in the iPhone 4.0 beta has shown that Apple has removed a reference to Google in mobile Safari. When searching in the browser, the auto-complete button in the on-screen keyboard has changed from "Google" to simply "Search." The actual search feature still uses Google.



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