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Game Replay: Epic Games teases Paragon, PlayStation Now expands

11/03, 11:51pm

Gaming news summary for November 3, 2015

Welcome to the Game Replay, the thrice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN. In today's edition, Epic Games teases a new title under development, Sony expands its PlayStation Now roster, a new PlayStation 4 headset is announced, Konami finally closes Kojima Productions in LA, and the Warcraft movie is teased.


Epic Games releases $3 million Infinity Blade asset package for free

09/11, 10:40am

Pack intended for use in Unreal Engine game development

Following Apple's event, game and Unreal Engine creator Epic Games in conjunction with coders ChAIR Entertainment released the Infinity Blade Collection of assets for developers. The collection, which Epic calls "a $3 million investment in art and sound design" is free of charge for use within the Unreal Engine.


Weekly Game Replay: Maxis closure, Amazon Game Studio titles on iOS

03/08, 11:45pm

News from the video game industry for the week of March 2

Every Sunday, MacNN and Electronista rounds out the week by bundling together some notable stories from the world of gaming. In the same week as GDC's various hardware and software development announcements, EA shuttered the spiritual home of The Sims and SimCity, Amazon reveals it is porting games from its Fire devices to iOS, and Epic Games shows off what could be coming in its openly-developed Unreal Tournament reboot.


Nvidia teases launch of GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card

03/04, 3:23pm

Titan X claimed to use 8 billion transistors, 12GB frame buffer

Nvidia is still producing new products in its Titan high-specification graphics cards range, with the company making an unexpected announcement during the Game Developers Conference. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang handed Epic Games CEO and founder Tim Sweeney the first GeForce GTX Titan X, declared by Huang to be the "most advanced GPU the world has ever seen."


Epic removes $19 monthly fee for access to Unreal Engine 4

03/02, 9:06pm

Potential game developers still have to pay a 5 percent royalty on Unreal Engine 4 games

Epic Games is making it easier for would-be developers to gain access to its powerful Unreal Engine 4 software, by getting rid of the monthly subscription. Previously costing $19 per month per user, Epic has removed the charge entirely, allowing anyone with an interest to register, download, and use the game engine in the production of their own games and apps.


Weekly Game Replay: Epic Games grants, TwitchCon, Kanye West

02/22, 10:23pm

News from the video game industry for the week of February 15

Every Sunday, MacNN and Electronista gather together a selection of notable news from the world of gaming into one post. In this week's Weekly Game Replay, we talk about Epic Games fostering development by providing $5 million in grants to Unreal Engine 4 projects, Twitch announcing its first convention, and the revelation that Kanye West is making a game.


Epic Games to openly develop next Unreal Tournament as free title

05/08, 4:34pm

Source code for next Unreal Tournament will be viewable on GitHub throughout development

Epic Games is developing the next edition of Unreal Tournament openly, and will be free, the game producer has announced. The development team will be making code and content for the first person shooter freely accessible to interested parties, and plans a "collaboration between Epic, UT fans, and UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) developers."


Crytek releases new CryEngine subscription program for developers

03/23, 3:30pm

Price undercuts recent announcement for Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games

Not to be outdone by Epic Games, game developer Crytek has announced a new pricing plan for its CryEngine called an "Engine -as-a-Service" (EaaS) program for developers. The program consists of a $10 license fee per month that is royalty-free. This undercuts Epic Game's recent announcement that it would price its Unreal Engine 4 at $19 per month, with a five percent royalty on gross revenues.


Epic Games offers Unreal Engine 4 access for $19 monthly subscription

03/19, 4:58pm

Monthly fee, royalty payments a vast change from previous Unreal Engine licensing scheme

Epic Games is updating the way it charges for access to its game technology, by offering Unreal Engine 4 for a monthly fee. Instead of making an arrangement to pay potentially millions of dollars for the engine's use in a game, Epic is instead providing it for a subscription of $19 per month, as well as a five-percent cut of royalties from gross revenues.


Briefly: Gears of War to Microsoft, Nintendo demos on iOS and Android

01/27, 10:20pm

Future Gears of War titles to be developed by Microsoft's Black Tusk

Epic Games has revealed that the sci-fi first person shooter Gears of War has been acquired by Microsoft studios. The deal gives Microsoft the rights to all the existing titles, as well as future games and other assets -- including merchandising associated with the property. Microsoft studio Black Tusk, helmed by ex-Epic Games director Rod Fergusson, will assume development of the franchise, with an anticipated announcement about the franchise future later this year. No terms of the deal have been made public.


Epic CEO: Infinity Blade our most profitable game ever

06/27, 8:39am

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has said that its Infinity Blade franchise on iOS is its most profitable gaming title ever. According to the Sweeney, in terms of investment to profit, Infinity Blade even beats out its hugely successful Gears of War franchise. Sweeney made the comments at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in Taipei today where he also told the audience that the performance of smartphones and tablets has been outpacing Moore's Law in the past few years, while freemium games are the future.


App Store, Infinity Blade II get Retina-ready iPad updates

03/15, 7:55pm

App Store, Infinity Blade now ultra high res

Last-minute prep for the new iPad's North American launch has seen Apple create a new sub-section (App Store) for the new iPad. The new sub-section, just known as "Great Apps for the new iPad," currently includes about two dozen apps optimized for the new iPad's much higher-resolution screen. Among the examples are Flight Control Rocket, Sketchbook Pro, and Tweetbot.


NVIDIA Kepler fast enough to replace three GTX 580s

03/08, 10:15pm

Demo shows Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games has reportedly run its "Samaritan" Unreal Engine 3 graphics demonstration on a single NVIDIA Kepler card. The same tech demonstration last year required three of NVIDIA's high-end GTX580 cards to run at equivalent speed, showcasing the power of the company's latest graphics hardware.


Epic worried Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony will let Apple win

03/08, 11:20am

Epic Games pushes for faster PS4 and next Xbox

Epic Games is concerned that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony might let Apple take over in gaming by being too conservative with their hardware, the developer's VP Mark Rein said in a discussion this week at the Game Developer Conference. The Bulletstorm and Gears of War creator told CVG his company was "constantly pushing" hardware designers to make high-end systems to give a clear incentive to pick their systems over what Apple makes. Rein liked Apple, but he didn't want TV gaming to disappear by eroding the gap in experiences.


Unreal Engine 3-ready UDK reaches Macs

09/20, 2:55pm

Support for Mac lagging behind PC, consoles, iOS

Epic Games has released a new beta of the Unreal Development Kit, at last bringing Unreal Engine 3 game creation to the Mac. The current iteration of the Unreal engine is a gaming industry standard, used by many major titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Epic's own Gears of War series. Until now, though, the UDK has been Windows-centric, regardless of the target platform.


Epic: iPhone, others may kill need for new game consoles

08/05, 7:15pm

Epic Games sees iPhone catching future game rigs

The performance of the iPhone and other smartphones is growing rapidly enough that they might obviate the need for a future Xbox or other consoles, Epic Games' president Mike Capps opined in an interview late this week. Apple's hardware was accelerating fast enough that it was likened for Industry Gamers to the problems with hardware spread that previously affected just computers. At the rate smartphones like these were developing, developers not only had to hit a moving target but might see the speed advance quickly enough that phones could replace consoles.


Sega Pass hacked, LulzSec vows innocence and defense

06/17, 2:05pm

Sega Pass next in wave of game related hacks

Sega on Friday in a warning to gamers said that its Sega Pass online service had been hacked. It took down the service after discovering that the database had been compromised. Those at PlayStation Lifestyle and elsewhere had been told that e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords had been compromised.


Gears of War 3 edition 320GB Xbox 360 up for pre-order

06/12, 11:15am

Xbox 360 GOW3 version up for pre-order

Microsoft and Amazon on Sunday began taking pre-orders for a special edition of the Xbox 360 to help wrap up another game trilogy. The Gears of War 3 Limited Edition not only has blood red artwork matching the Epic Games line but even has custom startup and disc eject sounds. It's also a functional upgrade over the regular console with a 320GB hard drive (up from 250GB) and a second wireless controller.


Epic: Android too inconsistent, slow for gaming versus iOS

04/05, 3:45pm

Epic rules out Android gaming for now

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney in an interview on Tuesday ruled out game development on Android in favor of the iPhone and iPad. Games like Infinity Blade couldn't come to Android because Epic "can't guarantee" a baseline experience on every device. Even if a fast quad-core device like the Sony NGP were underneath, Sweeney told Gizmodo, the free rein hardware makers and carriers have to impose apps and custom interfaces meant you would get a different experience that could slow it down.


Unreal Development Kit for iOS to launch on Thursday

12/14, 4:25pm

Tech expected to increase standards in iOS games

The iOS version of Epic's Unreal Development Kit will become available on Thursday, says the Wall Street Journal. The kit is used to produce games based on the Unreal engine, and includes components for the likes of audio, rendering and physics, as well as editing tools. Although a license costs just $99, Epic collects 25 percent in royalties after the first $5,000 in sales.


Infinity Blade coming to App Store on December 9th

11/30, 1:15pm

Will have relatively steep device requirements

Epic Games and Chair Entertainment have announced that Infinity Blade will launch in the App Store on December 9th. The title is the first iOS game to use Epic's Unreal engine, normally reserved for more powerful platforms such as Windows PCs and game consoles. The first public glimpse at iOS running Unreal came through the Citadel technology demo.


Epic Games intros Project Sword tech demo for iOS devices

09/01, 4:40pm

App features Unreal Engine 3

Epic Games has already released an app demonstrating the graphics capabilities of the upcoming Project Sword game that was announced alongside the fourth-generation iPod touch. The tech demo, Epic Citadel, utilizes Unreal Engine 3 to render a medieval town in great detail. Users can simply tramp through streets and over bridges to enjoy the scenery, which includes flying flags, birds in the sky, and individual shadows on leaves and trees.


Notion Ink Adam tablet's pricing, year's-end launch detailed

08/12, 11:55am

Notion Ink Adam to cost less than iPad

Notion Ink's Adam tablet has been largely fleshed out in an unofficial outline of company plans. The 10-inch Android slate will be sold in four distinct versions, SlashGear heard, all of which use NVIDIA's dual-core Tegra 250. A traditional LCD design with Wi-Fi alone will cost $399, or about $100 less than the iPad; a 3G version of the same will cost $449, while versions with an outdoor-friendly Pixel Qi display will cost an extra $50 each.



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