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Early estimate: Samsung ahead of Apple once again in Q1 2012

04/02, 9:50am

Canaccord sees Samsung regain lead in 2012

Samsung should retake the edge in the smartphone space as of the first quarter, Canaccord Genuity said in early estimates. Analyst T. Michael Walkley saw Samsung going back to 28.2 percent share on the back of 41 million smartphones. Apple would have its strongest winter ever, but at 32.6 million iPhones would have a more modest 22.4 percent.


Samsung Israel: Galaxy S II Android 4.0 upgrade on March 15

03/04, 11:30am

Samsung tips Galaxy S II upgrade day

Samsung's Israeli division in a posting on Facebook has put a date on the long-promised Android 4.0 upgrade for the Galaxy S II. It promised on Sunday to end a 'patient' wait by delivering the new OS to the flagship phone on March 15. The upgrade would apply both to carrier-locked versions as well as unlocked versions bought directly from Samsung.


Sprint page hints at Android 4.0 update for Epic 4G Touch

02/13, 10:50pm

Carrier posts reference to Android 4.0.3

Sprint may be working to offer an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for Samsung's Epic 4G Touch handset. The carrier has added to its official website an RDF page for the Epic 4G Touch running Android 4.0.3, fueling speculation that an update is currently working its way through the development process.


Samsung Epic 4G Touch update pulls Carrier IQ

01/26, 4:40pm

Sprint releases EL29 update for Epic 4G Touch

As part of its promise to back away from Carrier IQ on its handsets, Sprint's latest software update for its Samsung Epic 4G Touch removes it. The EL29 update is also said to bring with it a number of other changes, such as a security update, the activation of the Commercial Alert System, and dismissing multiple calendar alerts.


MIUI Android firmware hits Samsung Epic 4G Touch

01/16, 3:55am

MIUI custom Android ROM reaches E4GT

The MIUI Android custom ROM has made its way to Sprintís Epic 4G Touch. A variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II, a userís Epic 4G Touch must first be rooted for the MIUI ROM to work, although installation comes with all the usual caveats including voiding a userís warranty and even the possibility of bricking the device. As the video below shows, the popular MIUI interface gives Ice Cream Sandwich an iOS-like interface with the slick Ice Cream Sandwich experience retained.


Sprint intros white Epic 4G Touch, Replenish on Boost Mobile

01/05, 10:20am

Sprint confirms white Samsung Epic 4G Touch Jan 8

Sprint made a minor contribution to the CES run-up with two special phone variants. The provider confirmed a white Epic 4G Touch and plans to have the special version in stores on January 8 for $200 on a contract. It keeps the 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, dual-core 1.2GHz Exynos processor, WiMAX 4G, and Android 2.3 as its black cousin.


White Epic 4G Touch dated on Sprint, Tab 8.9 gets new case

12/29, 11:30am

Epic 4G Touch in white due January 8 at Sprint

The rumored Epic 4G Touch in white at Sprint will arrive on January 8 at the carrier, found. The news came by way of a leaked memo to employees, instructing them regarding the displays for the phone. The phone will be available in all Sprint stores, and is the familiar upsized variation of the Samsung Galaxy S II, with no other changes other than the color.


Sprint's Epic 4G Touch next up for white version

12/19, 5:55pm

Likely to be launched at CES

Sprint customers will soon be able to get the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, aka the Epic 4G Touch in white. Pocketnow has posted images of the white variant of the phone. Sprint, which was the first to carry the black version of the device in the US, will most likely tie in the launch of the white model with the upcoming CES conference in January.


Samsung Epic 4G Touch ROM appears to scrap Carrier IQ

12/13, 11:25pm

Samsung Epic 4G Touch may drop CIQ in next update

Users who obtained a pre-release update for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch have discovered that it might not have Carrier IQ. Scanning from XDA-Developers members using third-party apps doesn't show the usual red flags. The discovery is tentative and could point to either a version that escapes detection or to a temporary removal during testing.


Samsung Epic 4G Touch hurt by reception issues, fix incoming

10/03, 11:00pm

Samsung Epic 4G Touch getting low speeds, drops

Samsung's just-shipped Epic 4G Touch has been facing significant launch hiccups after numerous reports of reception problems. Owners of the dual-core Android phone have mentioned dropping calls and slow speeds regardless of where they live. The issue isn't automatic, those on the Android Central boards and elsewhere have said, and some users have mentioned having no problems.


Sprint Epic 4G Touch gets comprehensive teardown

09/20, 11:30am

Sprint Epic 4G Touch teardown reveals design

The recently-launched Sprint Epic 4G Touch, a carrier-badged version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, has been torn down by the iFixit team. The usual thorough process includes lots of photos and some key observations about the parts and assembly techniques involved in the handset's creation. A Phillips #00 screwdriver and a plastic opening tool are what the team uses to take the phone apart, with nine screws in total found inside.


Epic 4G Touch modded to use HP's Touchstone wireless power

09/19, 1:45pm

Epic 4G Touch modded to use HP Touchstone charger

A talented and brave member of the Android Central forum has outlined the process of modifying the Samsung Epic 4G Touch to allow wireless charging. He used the wireless charging coil from the HP Touchstone accessory. The process places the charging coil on the outside of the handset due to the ultra-tight dimensions of the handset.


Samsung Epic 4G Touch goes on sale at Sprint

09/16, 8:25am

Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S II variant hits Sprint

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is now available for purchase through Sprint. The Galaxy S II variant centers on a 4.52-inch Super AMOLED display, and is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. The phone incorporates a WiMAX radio and is capable of reaching 4G download speeds up to ten-times greater than 3G where available.


Samsung Epic 4G Touch drops to $150 on Wirefly pre-order

09/06, 10:45am

Price drops 25% from $200

Prices for Samsung's new Galaxy S II smartphone have already dropped, even before the product ships. Last week, Sprint unveiled its version, branded the Epic 4G Touch, for $200 with contract. Today, the phone showed up on Wirefly's product pages carrying a pre-order price of $150.


Sprint hiking early cancel fee to $350 in time for iPhone 5

08/31, 10:20am

Sprint raises ETF on September 9

A leak late Tuesday has pointed to Sprint being one of the last major US carriers to dramatically hike its early termination fees. Dealers have been told that, as of September 9, the cancellation fee for smartphones, tablets, and other "advanced" hardware will jump from $200 to $350. The fee spike seen by SprintFeed would only apply to new contracts after that day and will still be prorated.


Samsung Galaxy S II for US official: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile

08/30, 6:20pm

Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch reach US carriers

Samsung launched its renewed offensive in the US as promised by unveiling the US versions of the Galaxy S II. The T-Mobile version promises to be the most unique and carries the larger 4.5-inch screen of the late 2011 update along with 42Mbps HSPA+ 3G, twice as fast as the international version we reviewed. It will keep the 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos chip and add a preloaded copy of Netflix along with carrier-specific extras.


Samsung spoils Sprint's Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch early

08/30, 2:15pm

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch on company page

Samsung as it's sometimes prone to do has unintentionally spoiled plans for Sprint's version of the Galaxy S II at the last minute. Now known to be given the elaborate name Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, the phone has surfaced in a training page for dealers. The design is now known to be a cross between the regular S II and the late 2011 refresh, using the original 1.2GHz dual-core chip but a larger 4.5-inch screen.



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