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Microsoft posts Mac updates for Office 2011, Office 2008

09/13, 4:30pm

2011 update disables Mail import under Lion

Microsoft has released new updates for the 2011 and 2008 editions of Office for Mac. The 2011 update, v14.1.3, solves a bevy of problems, including documents not opening in some browsers. The bulk of fixes appear to be directed at Outlook, targeting issues such as contact images not displaying in the Contacts Search box. The email client has had import from Mail disabled under Lion, however, since the option "does not work as expected" under Apple's new OS, according to Microsoft.


Entourage closes Edge store, drops Pocket Edge in some areas

05/23, 12:40pm

Entourage shows signs of refocus or shutdown

Entourage has left an uncertain future for itself with a notice that it had shut down its e-book store. The shop is now giving those who had bought content until May 27 to download their titles before all servers are taken down. The company is steering Edge users towards Google eBooks for the bulk of their content.


Microsoft pushes out Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.9

04/13, 3:15pm

Adds support for SkyDrive cloud storage

Microsoft has released a new version of Office 2008 for Mac, 12.2.9. The patch is mostly a maintenance update, fixing security vulnerabilities in Excel, PowerPoint and the suite as whole. It likewise copes with issues that can potentially trigger program crashes.


Entourage launches Pocket eDGe dual-touchscreen tablet

10/31, 2:45am

Ships with embedded Linux with Google Android 1.6

Entourage has launched its Pocket eDGE dual touchscreen tablet, which Electronista first had a hands-on experience with in early January. It incorporats a monochrome 6-inch Wacom Penabled E ink panel on the left and a 7-inch color resistive touchscreen display on the right. Like the prototype that we examined at CES, it is still running Android 1.6 as well as Embedded Linux, although the trackball on the right has now been replaced by an optical touchpad.


Entourage confirms Pocket Edge for late October

09/22, 10:35am

Entourage Pocket Edge due soon with Wi-Fi model

Entourage after an unintentional reveal this weekend today confirmed details of the Pocket Edge. Its much smaller Android e-reader has a six-inch, older generation E Ink touch display on the left and a seven-inch touchscreen LCD on the right. While the performance is the same, Entourage told Digital Reader that it will come in both a 3G edition for Verizon and a Wi-Fi-only model for everyone else.


Entourage Pocket Edge for Verizon spotted in video

09/19, 5:20pm

Verizon Pocket Edge accidentally confirmed in clip

Plans to launch an Entourage Pocket Edge e-reader on Verizon were inadvertently validated on Friday after a visit to Marvell by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed the device. The video (below) from Forbes shows a device clearly labeled as the "Verizon Pocket Edge" held by the legendary actor and by itself. It clearly has much smaller screens, likely six inches for one and seven inches for the other versus the 9.7 inches on both sides of the original, and as hinted by its carrier link would have built-in EVDO for 3G.


Verizon roadmap for 2010 shows Droid 2 WE, Entourage Pocket

08/17, 3:05pm

Verizon to get Moto, Samsung tablets in November

What is being described as a trusted source has informed PhoneArena of a number of upcoming smartphones and tablets at Verizon. The report says September will see the release of the Motorola Droid 2 World Edition. This would be the first Android-powered global handset, and will be available in black/blue as well as white. Many of these rumored releases are supplemented by earlier news.


Kakai preps dual-screen Linux tablet for students

04/22, 11:10am

Kakai making Kindle rival for schools

Secretive tech startup Kakai is developing a rival to the Kindle for the classroom, according to a scoop. The as yet unnamed and unseen device would be a dual-screen Linux tablet with support for gesture-based touch. It would be pitched as a hybrid e-reader and notepad, and would have both software and web access that makes it simpler to load textbooks.


Microsoft updates Office and Entourage for Mac

03/09, 1:45pm

Several security vulnerabilities addressed

Microsoft has released updates to its Mac software, Entourage and Office 2008. Office v12.2.4 offers several improvements to overall stability and performance. The company has also included a number of fixes that address security vulnerabilities, helping to prevent an attacker from overwriting the computer's memory using malicious code.


Entourage: eDGe more comfortable for reading than iPad

02/26, 4:30pm

eDGe delays simplified, to offer 16-hour reading

More information has been gleaned about the Entourage eDGe we had a chance to play with at CES thanks to an interview with the company's President and CEO as well as the VP of Marketing. Speaking to E-ReaderInfo, President Asghar Mostafa and Doug Atkinson have revealed that their device, which has both an E-Ink screen and a traditional LCD, has a 16-hour battery life when operating with the paper screen itself.


Entourage eDGe delayed, given slight price hike

02/18, 12:25pm

Entourage eDGe gets slight delay, price hike

The Entourage eDGe we tried first-hand at CES has been slightly delayed, while its price also ballooned slightly. Previously expected this month for $490, the device is now said to ship in March for $499. The device runs on Android and has two screens, with a 9.7-inch E-Ink display on the left side and a 10.1-inch LCD on the right side.


Amazon buyout may hint at multi-touch Kindle

02/03, 5:40pm

Amazon may have bought Touchco

Amazon has bought small startup to bring touchscreens to the Kindle, a purported insider said today. The bookseller is believed to have bought Touchco to roll it into Lab126, the same division responsible for Amazon's e-book reader. Conditions for the deal weren't mentioned to the NYT in the leak, and neither of the involved partners has agreed to comment.


Amazon starts Kindle app platform to preempt Apple

01/21, 7:20am

Kindle Development Kit to allow games, more

Amazon responded to the wave of more advanced e-book readers today by unveiling plans for a Kindle Development Kit. The software tool will give developers a means of producing apps, or "active content," that will sell through the Kindle Store. Although the e-paper prevents video and other fast-motion content, apps will have full access to the 3G link and should work with both the regular Kindle and the larger DX.


Entourage eDGe hands-on

01/08, 9:20pm

Dual screen Android e-book reader tested

Entourage put out final launch details of its eDGe dual-screen e-book reader at CES, and we managed to get hands-on time with the device this afternoon. We consider it pleasantly advanced: it's more a true tablet computer that includes e-book reading than a pure reader. It uses Android 1.6 and still supports browsing, a front camera and other features even as it handles text. Spokespeople at CES tell us that it should receive an upgrade to Android 2.1 around April and get the benefits of the newer OS as a result.


WhoPaste 4.0 adds new operating modes, social URL extraction

12/02, 8:15pm

New version adds four AppleScript commands

Mac-Chi has launched an update to its contact utility, WhoPaste. The utility can extract contact information from clipboard contents, with support for the primary contacts utilities for Mac: Apple's Mail, Google's Contacts, Marketcircle's Daylight and Microsoft's Entourage. It supports plain text, rich text and spreadsheet data, with quick access via a hotkey. WhoPaste can designate a new contact's category, priority, and tagline, as well as an organization's category, industry, region, tagline, and type. A list of keywords are assigned to either a contact or organization.


Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.3 fixes stability, security issues

11/11, 11:35am

Also makes tweaks to specific features

Microsoft has posted a fresh update for Office 2008 for Mac, v12.2.3. The patch primarily addresses stability problems, such as one affecting the entire suite which could result in application crashes after a program was opened. Several unique crash scenarios have been fixed in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Document Connection. Security has also been upgraded, closing a hole which could be used to overwrite memory with malicious code.


Office for Mac to integrate Outlook in 2010 update

08/13, 11:50am

New Office for Mac planned

Microsoft on Thursday announced plans to release a new version of Office for Mac sometime late in 2010. The update will feature a new application, Outlook for Mac, that will serve as a replacement for Entourage. The company is also set to include Visual Basic support once again, after the feature was removed from the Office 2008 release.


Apps: Lounge, Accounts Organizer, StungMANIA

03/19, 2:40pm

Apicmac Timer, iMagePhone

  • Lounge 1.2 ($10) allows users to have their screensaver display information on what is currently playing in iTunes. The screensaver displays information such as the album artwork, play time, artist, and album. It also defaults to a backup screensaver when a playlist by displaying a collage of album artwork. The update has improved compatibility with iTunes 8.1 and allows mosaic art to work while iTunes is closed. [Download - 0.3MB]


  • MS exposes new document, Entourage software

    01/06, 3:40pm

    MS at Macworld 2009

    Using Macworld as a jumping point, Microsoft has announced two new pieces of Mac software. The first is the Document Collaboration Companion, a Cocoa-based tool which should simplify uploading and downloading to Office Live Workspaces as well as SharePoint-based collaboration utilities. Users will be able to check documents in and out, cache them offline, and access services such as a Document Library plus the SharePoint and Office Live Workspaces. A private beta is expected to become available in February, followed by a final release later this year.


    Office 2008 update fixes Entourage error

    10/30, 3:35pm

    Office 2008 12.1.4 update

    Having only recently released major patches for both Office 2004 and 2008, Microsoft has posted a new, minor patch for the latter edition of its work suite. Though installed for the whole of Office, the v12.1.4 update specifically addresses a problem within the Entourage mail client. Under copies of v12.1.3, Exchange accounts operating from within Entourage were rendered unable to send meeting invitations or responses.


    PocketMac for iPhone adds Lotus, Entourage sync

    09/23, 9:40am

    PocketMac for iPhone

    A new version of PocketMac, a tool for syncing unsupported phones with a Mac, has been released for the iPhone. In the iPhone's default state it is only able to sync with Address Book and iCal, but PocketMac for iPhone adds additional syncing support for Entourage, Meeting Maker and Lotus Notes. Users can sync contacts and calendars from these applications, and select only the categories of data they would like carried over.


    Atempo adds Digital Archive for Mac

    09/18, 10:35am

    Digital Archive for Mac

    Atempo today announced Mac releases of its Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) and Digital Archive for Messaging (ADAM) software, with support for Apple's Xserve and Final Cut Server. ADA allows automated transfer of data from a primary disk to archives. End-users have access to a client interface, which lets them drag and drop files from source directories to archives.


    Entourage Email Archive X adds IMAP, Entourage 2008

    08/15, 11:40am

    Entourage Email Arch. 4.1

    Softhing says it has released a new version of Entourage Email Archive X, bringing the app up to v4.1. The program is used to archive e-mails and their attachments, including both sent and received items. Messages are indexed for Spotlight search, and can be restored individually or in bulk to Entourage as necessary.


    PocketMac for BlackBerry adds iTunes, Entourage

    08/15, 10:55am

    PocketMac iTunes support

    Owners of BlackBerry cellphones should now have more robust support on the Mac, according to an announcement. PocketMac, an app free from Research in Motion thanks to a licensing agreement, has been updated to v4.1.25 with a number of important features for Mac users, most notably the ability to sync iTunes and iPhoto libraries. iTunes playlists exclude any protected tracks, but iPhoto collections retain their album organizations, and can have images scaled down if necessary. Photos stored on a BlackBerry can imported directly to iPhoto.


    SpamSieve 2.7 ups requirements, performance

    05/21, 4:40pm

    SpamSieve 2.7 update

    C-Command has released a new version of SpamSieve, a spam-filtering tool for Macs that relies on Bayesian algorithms. The software integrates with multiple e-mail clients, and evolves to more accurately block unwanted messages. It can decode messages intended to bypass filters, and incorporates both black- and whitelists, the latter of which can be compiled from Address Book, Eudora or Entourage in order to ensure common contacts are never blocked.


    Maintain Exchange server email with EEAO 1.1

    04/11, 9:45pm

    EEAO 1.1 update for email

    Softhing this week unveiled the Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer 1.1, an update to its application designed to optimize Exchange servers by defining a maximum amount of time a user wishes for mail to remain on the server. The update is free for existing users, adding several internal improvements, Exchange account definitions, a 10 minute timeout, and compatibility with Entourage 12.0.1 and Mac OS X 10.5.2 Leopard. EEAO v1.1 is available for $15.


    First Look: Personal Antispam X5

    03/31, 5:05pm

    First Look: Antispam

    Nobody likes spam clogging their e-mail accounts. Although nearly every e-mail program comes with its own spam filters, a dedicated spam filter can often work more effectively while giving you greater control. If spam is overwhelming your current e-mail program, consider Intego's Personal Antispam X5. When you first install the software, you can configure it with Mail, Entourage, or both. If you use a different e-mail program, such as Thunderbird, you won’t be able to use X5.


    PocketMac GoBetween adds Entourage

    03/11, 10:30am

    GoBetween for Entourage

    PocketMac has launched two new versions of its GoBetween sync software, for Microsoft's Entourage 2004 and 2008. GoBetween is used to improve on the support of Apple's iSync software, which does not always properly support all software and devices. The newest versions of GoBetween ensure that contact, calendar and task information is properly transferred from Entourage to iCal and Address Book, and from there to iSync and whatever devices may be connected.



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