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comScore: Amazon Kindle Fire is 54.4% of US Android tablets

04/26, 3:55pm

comScore shows Kindle Fire propping up Android

Amazon's Kindle Fire now makes up the absolute majority of the Android tablet platform in the US, comScore found in a fresh study. The e-reader and tablet crossover represented 54.4 percent of all Android tablets sold in the country. At second place, the entire Samsung Galaxy Tab lineup comprised just 15.4 percent of Android slates.


ASUS brings latest Android 4.0 update to Transformer TF101

04/24, 4:05pm

ASUS ships update for Transformer TF101

ASUS has just announced it has begun updating the original Eee Pad Transformer TF101 tablet to the latest version of the Android 4.0 update. It supersedes the global update from late in February and carries the firmware number. It brings with it support for Wi-Fi Direct, lets users unzip files in the File Manager, and adds a restore tab function in the browser.


ASUS MeMO ME171 gets unboxed, benchmarked in Taiwan

04/10, 9:15pm

Tegra 3 tablet arrives at equivalent of $585 USD

ASUS' Eee Pad MeMO ME171 tablet has finally arrived in Taiwan, where early buyers have had a chance to benchmark the device. Initial unboxing shots posted on Netbook News show a build that is slightly thinner than Samsung's original Galaxy Tab, though its seven-inch 1280x800 display is slightly smaller than the 7.7-inch panel on the Tab 7.7.


ASUS to ship GPS kit to 'fix' Transformer Prime

04/06, 1:30pm

ASUS to finally fix GPS reception with dongle

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime's well-documented GPS issues are being addressed by ASUS now. Existing owners should receive the GPS Extension Kit for free, though this isn't yet confirmed and they will need to register for it on ASUS' website. It involves an external sensor that connects to the Android tablet's docking port to get a better satellite signal.


Google may directly sell, subsidize Android tablets

03/29, 6:45pm

Google to open own online tablet store

Google is expecting to start selling Android tablets directly, sources claimed Thursday night. It would run an online store that would carry third-party devices from companies like ASUS and Samsung, the Wall Street Journal said. Some of these would be Google co-branded, but that was a reference to regular third-party devices that had met the terms for the branding and not part of an official Google-designed tablet.


Hulu brings newly designed app to seven Android tablets

03/29, 4:15pm

New Hulu Plus app arrives on 7 Android tablets

Streaming TV show and movie provider Hulu on Thursday announced it has made its Hulu Plus service on seven new Android tablets. This includes the Acer Iconia Tab line, ASUS Transformer Prime and Eee Pad Transformer, LG G-Slate, Motorola Xoom, Motorola Xyboard 10.1, and Toshiba Thrive. The app (free, Google Play) will become available for more Android tablets in the future as well, Hulu added.


Galaxy Tab 10.1, ASUS Transformer gets Metro UI mod

03/29, 1:15pm

Developer brings Metro UI look to Android tablets

Owners of the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 got a unique take on the interface this week with a new modification from BroBot175 for a look inspired by Windows 8's Metro UI. The Android tablet needs to be rooted using the ClockworkMod recovery, and the project is in a beta stage. It will also work on the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer.


Google I/O 2012 registrations sell out in under one hour

03/27, 11:15am

Google IO 2012 ready for developers

Google as anticipated started taking registrations for Google I/O 2012. The tickets to the developer event, which cost $900 for regular developers and $300 for education, sold out in less than one hour. In an unusual step meant to drive adoption, anyone who signed up had to do so both as a Google+ member and by using Google Wallet, neither of which was a deterrent.


Google's 'Nexus' tablet rumored as low as $149, no quad-core

03/16, 12:35pm

Google Nexus slate may have toned down for price

(Update: extra rumors) Google's repeatedly rumored reference Android tablet, informally thought of as a Nexus tablet, may be focused on cost even more than thought. A senior staffer at an American supply chain firm claimed to Android and Me that the price window had been dropped by $50 to $149 to $199. However, any chance at a quad-core Tegra 3 might be dashed, as it would use an unnamed chip to save money.


NPD: 40% of tablet buyers want keyboards, most don't get one

03/14, 8:05am

NPD shows tablet demand not reflecting buying

Many tablet buyers want a keyboard even if they're not acting on it, the NPD Group found from a study. About 40 percent of those who were planning to buy a tablet reportedly wanted a hardware keyboard. "Most" of that subset wanted the keyboard fully integrated, the NPD said, favoring devices like the slow-selling ASUS Eee Pad Slider but ruling out detachable or docking keyboards like the same company's Transformer Prime.


More tips back Google using ASUS for sub-$249 'Nexus' tablet

03/08, 11:20pm

Google 7in tablet once more linked to ASUS

Google's rumored Nexus-like Android tablet has once more been attached to ASUS by a leak late Thursday. The seven-inch tablet was now thought by Digitimes' contacts to be coming as soon as May for between $199 to $249. ASUS had been picked because it could manufacture the devices itself and had "good product quality."


Eee Pad Transformer Android 4.0 update rolls out globally

02/24, 12:20pm

Eee Pad Transformer finally gets OTA Android 4.0

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer owners from around the world are reporting they're seeing the promised Android 4.0 update arriving on their tablets. The 3G versions of the tablets aren't being updated yet, however. Some countries aren't yet getting the update either, form the discussion thread on the XDA-Developers forum.


ASUS Eee Pad Transformer gets long-promised Android 4.0

02/23, 9:05am

Eee Pad Transformer adds Android 4 in Taiwan first

ASUS posted confirmation Thursday that its long-promised Android 4.0 update to the original Eee Pad Transformer was starting to roll out. Beginning with Taiwan, over-the-air updates were supplying the OS to the company's first native Android tablet. Other countries would get the update "soon after," although it declined to give exact schedules.


ASUS moves first Transformer's Android 4.0 as far as March

02/16, 3:15pm

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Android 4 to wait

ASUS hinted at possible setbacks on getting the Eee Pad Transformer's Android 4.0 update to users. Having originally pegged it for mid-February, ASUS through its Singapore branch briefed owners that it would be ready within a "Feb/March 2012 period." No explanation was given for the setback.


IHS iSuppli: Kindle Fire eating ASUS, Samsung share the most

02/16, 12:50pm

Study shows Kindle Fire hurting Android rivals

A rare breakdown of tablet market share by IHS iSuppli has shown that the Kindle Fire may be doing more damage to other Android manufacturers than to Apple. Amazon was estimated to have shipped 3.9 million units in the fall, or enough to get it 14 percent of the market. While this dropped the iPad's 15.4 million units from 64 percent share to 57, other Android supporters lost over a quarter of their own share.


Fujitsu roadmap shows ultrabooks, Windows 8 in fall

02/16, 12:10pm

Fujitsu conference shows off Windows 8 tablet,

Slides from a Fujitsu press conference held on Wednesday show that the company is planning on releasing ultrabooks later this year. At the same time, the fourth quarter will see the release of a Windows 8-powered tablet, the roadmap shared by Notebook Italia indicated. The notebooks will continue to be known as LifeBooks, while the tablets will carry the Fujitsu Stylistic brand name.


ASUS Eee Pad TF300T tablet shows up in Taiwan

02/02, 5:15pm

ASUS TF300T tablet may be a future Transformer

ASUS may be working on yet another version of its Eee Pad tablet, the TF300T. Its design and model number indicate it's a follow-up to the company's quad-core Transformer Prime TF101. Spotted by Taiwanese site NCCC, the photos are accompanied by a certification from QuieTek, which provides wireless testing for electronics.


ASUS: Eee Pad Transformer to get Android 4.0 in mid-February

01/21, 4:45pm

ASUS sets original Transformer upgrade schedule

ASUS in a brief answer on Facebook explained that the original Eee Pad Transformer would get its Android 4.0 update in February. The terse answer didn't give a schedule for the rollout, although the Wi-Fi only releases should let most owners upgrade within days. The upgrade should bring the updated interface and improved speed, although it won't be as dramatic an improvement as on phones.


ASUS MeMic BT phone accessory for Eee Pad MeMO at FCC

01/18, 4:40pm

MeMic BT accessory for ASUS tablet shows at FCC

A new accessory for ASUS' upcoming Eee Pad MeMO unveiled at CES has just shown up at the FCC. Called the MeMic, it's meant to connect over Bluetooth to the seven-inch tablet and allow users to make phone calls without holding the large tablet next to their head. It will also double as a remote control for the tablet.


ASUS reveals Eee Pad MeMO quad-core tab for $249, more

01/10, 5:55am

ASUS unveils strong new tablet range for 2012

ASUS has revealed the new Eee Pad MeMO, a 7-inch, quad-core Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) tablet. The processor is a Tegra 3 matched with 1GB of RAM, while the display is also a high-quality IPS WXGA-type. The headlining feature, however, is the price just $249, which is likely to give early adopting Kindle Fire users pause.


ASUS confirms Windows 8 ARM tablet, high-res Android model

01/07, 8:10pm

ASUS previews Windows 8, sharp Android tablets

ASUS in a presentation in Taiwan confirmed its commitment to Windows 8 tablets while also renewing its efforts in Android. Eee Systems chief Samson Hu mentioned with Netbook News present that there would be an ARM-based tablet using Microsoft's new OS. Partly supporting rumors of a September date, Hu said it would arrive before the end of the year, hinting at a wait for Windows 8 itself.


New 7-inch ASUS Memo Pad tablet spied ahead of CES

01/02, 2:40pm

ASUS may have Eee Pad Memo sequel ready

ASUS may have a sequel to the Eee Pad Memo ready if a leaked shot and details prove true. The seven-inch slate, possibly the Memo Pad appears a straightforward tablet in Notebook Italia's details, but it would be relatively high-grade relative to competitors. In tandem with a 1280x800 display, it would pick up a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, carry between 16GB to 64GB of storage, and even have optional 3G wireless and 3D display versions.


ASUS hopes to ship 3-6m tablets in 2012, 'inspired' by iPad

12/23, 6:05pm

ASUS sets modest targets for 2012 tablets

ASUS chairman Jonney Shih set broad but modest targets for his company's tablets in statements this week. He expected three million to six million tablets shipping through all of the year, CENS said. The company has repeatedly estimated that it would deliver 1.8 million Eee Pads in 2011.


Merrill Lynch: 2012 to shake Acer, ASUS, RIM out of tablets

12/14, 12:10pm

Merrill Lynch estimates iPad, Android real winners

Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig in a research note estimated that 2012 would see multiple tablet designers cut out of the market. RIM would be the primary victim, as its poor BlackBerry PlayBook sales had not only lacked momentum but created a ripple effect where developers didn't write apps. In his projection, the analyst saw the PlayBook as non-existent in 2012's market share.


Context: iPad is 74% of tablets in Europe, likely to go up

11/27, 6:00pm

Context shows iPad was dominating Q3 in Europe

Apple is likely to have no trouble holding on to the tablet market in Europe, according to newly uncovered data from Context. It estimates that Apple shipped 2.99 million of the 4.05 million tablets in the western European market during the summer, or 73.8 percent. While the iPad was down from 77.8 percent in the spring, much of that gain from rivals was attributed to the rush on the clearance HP TouchPad, which wouldn't be a factor in the fall.


NPD: Samsung Galaxy Tab sales low enough that HP outsold it

11/22, 9:05am

NPD shows HP leading US tablets for most of 2011

HP, not Samsung, was the ruler of non-iPad tablets in the US for the first ten months of the year, the NPD Group said in a new study. With just 1.2 million tablets sold at retail across every company outside of Apple, HP was the leader in the country at 17 percent, or 204,000, sold between its launch and October. The low count suggests that the fire sale $99 TouchPad, not HP's Windows range, was the sales leader by going on clearance.


ASUS CEO: 1.8m tablets for all 2011, Windows 8 to beat iPad

10/31, 11:10pm

ASUS details tablet goals and future

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen gave a rare insight into Android tablet units late Monday with details of Eee Pad sales. He estimated that ASUS was on track to ship 1.8 million Eee Pad Transformers and Sliders from the Transformer's arrival in spring through to the end of the year, according to Digitimes. About 1.2 million of those had moved through the spring and summer, leaving 600,000 to ship in the fall.


ASUS said prepping Windows 8 tablets for third-quarter 2012

10/31, 5:00pm

ASUS to bring out two Windows 8 tablets next fall

Along with its third-quarter financial results PDF), ASUS revealed it will begin shipping tablets running on the Windows 8 operating system in the summer of next year. Specifically, there are two tablets due to be released then, with a heavy marketing push taking place ahead of the release to ensure strong sales. ASUS currently relies on the Android OS for its current tablets, such as the Eee Pad Transformer.


ASUS Transformer Prime ships with Android 3 first, 4 later

10/31, 12:00pm

Transformer Prime to first ship with Android 3.2

When the ASUS Transformer Prime launches on November 9, it will ship with Android 3.2 onboard rather than Android 4.0, Germany's TabletBlog reported. ASUS Germany itself hinted at this through its Facebook page, stating the device, along with the Eee Pad and Eee Pad Slider, will be upgradeable to Android 4.0. Exactly when such an update will be made available, however, hasn't been revealed.


GameStop starts selling Android tablets in stores

10/28, 2:15pm

GameStop takes tablet pilot program live

GameStop's mobile plans became real Friday after the company started up a tablet test program to sell tablets online and in stores. Android tablets like Acer's Iconia Tab A100, ASUS' Eee Pad Transformer, and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available in 200 of its stores. Each will have both access to Kongregate's Arcade app store as well as seven free games, including EA's mobile versions of Dead Space and Madden as well as Sega's Sonic CD.


Pegatron faces pollution, iPhone, ASUS tablet criticisms

10/24, 10:35pm

Pegatron plans to solve pollution at iPhone plants

Apple's frequent iPhone supplier Pegatron is under Chinese government scrutiny for pollution, the company mentioned on Monday. Similar to the problems faced by Catcher, environmental studies mentioned by Digitimes had Pegatron accused of excess pollution, such as waste gas or simply noise pollution. Two of its subsidaries have also been fined for releasing polluted water into the public stream.


ASUS preps quad-core Transformer Prime, Padfone for 2012

10/19, 10:15pm

ASUS Transformer Prime official Nov 9 with Tegra 3

ASUS CEO Jonney Shih took the stage at the AsiaD conference to tease the Transformer Prime, its sequel to its relatively hot-selling Eee Pad Transformer tablet. The 10-inch slate should be the first major tablet, if not tablet of any kind, to ship with NVIDIA's Tegra 3. The chip is considered the first real quad-core mobile processor and technically has a fifth core to handle low-level tasks.


ASUS teases much slimmer Eee Pad Transformer 2

10/19, 9:30am

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 shows MB Air clues

ASUS' Facebook page on Wednesday teased the upcoming Eee Pad Transformer 2. Although it would only call the Android tablet "the next transformation," the quick glimpse showed a much slimmer device than the original. The glossy black and brushed aluminum design appears more clearly patterned both after its own Zenbooks and, by extension, Apple's MacBook Air.


Study: tablet shipments up 35.5%, 215K Kindle Fires 1st week

10/14, 7:35am

WitsView points to seven-inch tablet boom

Tablet screen shipments spiked 35.5 percent in September in the wake of a seven-inch tablet boom, researchers at WitsView said in a new study. About 9.57 million of their panels shipped just in September, 1.82 million of which were for the smaller devices. The Amazon Kindle Fire, ASUS Eee Pad MeMo, the HTC Flyer, and possibly a new Nook Color were all adding to the tally.


ASUS chief: ultrabooks are parallel to tablets, not a savior

10/05, 8:15am

ASUS CEO downplays ultrabook as tablet cure

ASUS chief Jerry Shen on Wednesday disagreed with Acer's view that ultrabooks will rescue PCs from tablets. In an observation, Shen called ultrabooks and tablets "parallel" categories that wouldn't see one steal sales away from the other, Digitimes heard. He didn't see any changes coming until at least Windows 8.


ASUS won't fight iPad on price, Transformer 2 to cost $499

10/03, 11:50pm

ASUS won't try to compete in tablets on price

ASUS won't follow price cuts from HTC and from RIM to try and compete in the tablet market, CEO Jerry Shen commented Monday. He had no immediate plans to officially slash the price of the current Eee Pad Transformer, according to Digitimes. The upcoming Transformer 2 would come in at a higher price than the original at $499, Shen said.


ASUS Eee Pad Slider due in US by late September for $475

09/14, 10:15pm

ASUS prices, dates Eee Pad Slider for US

ASUS at the Pepcom event Wednesday night committed to American launch details for the Eee Pad Slider. Its unique, tilt-sliding tablet will reach the US by the end of September and cost about $475 for a 16GB Wi-Fi version and $575 for 32GB. US models will ship with Android 3.2 already installed.


ASUS bucks trend, sees Q2 thrive due to tablets

08/25, 11:00pm

ASUS credits Eee Pad Transformer to Q2 2011 win

ASUS defied trends in an overall downward trend in PC builders by posting healthy results for its spring quarter. Its net earnings were up five percent to $124 million and its net profit climbed to $242 million based on better than anticipated notebook and tablet sales. Despite being a veteran of netbooks, its operating profit margin also grew to 5.9 percent, its highest in almost three years.


ASUS posts full Eee Pad Slider specs as launch nears

08/14, 12:45pm

ASUS Eee Pad Slider gets official page

ASUS has quietly posted an official page for the Eee Pad Slider that confirms many of its details. The unique tablet has the same Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB or 32GB of storage as the Transformer but, because of the built-in keyboard, will necessarily be a lot bulkier at 0.68 inches deep and 2.12 pounds. It should ship with Android 3.1 from the start and already has a promise of upgrading to at least Android 3.2.


ASUS falls short on netbooks, moves 300K tablets a month

08/08, 11:10pm

ASUS up on tablets but down on netbooks

ASUS on Tuesday local time posted strong results that confirmed the rapid fall of netbooks but also gave the company hope through tablets. The Taiwan PC builder's CFO David Chang admitted ASUS would fall well under its original goals for netbooks in 2011 and would ship just four million to 4.5 million Eee PCs this year, as much as a third under its original six million-unit target. Tablets like the Eee Pad Transformer, however, were helping make up for the gap, Chang said.


Non-Apple tablet shipments forecast to leap ahead in 2012

08/08, 3:45pm

May narrow gap between Android tablets, iPad

Shipments of non-Apple tablets should rise 134 percent in 2012, even as the iPad grows only 55 percent, according to market estimates quoted by Digitimes. While the iPad is still forecast to hold a commanding lead, with 54 to 55 million units, shipments of Android-based tablets are expected to grow to between 44 and 45 million. Only 19 to 20 million Android tablets are predicted for the whole of 2011.


ASUS whittles back Eee PC orders as tablets take over

08/04, 10:35am

ASUS drops Eee PC orders, sees 2m Eee Pads in 2011

Part suppliers revealed that ASUS was gradually scaling down its Eee PC business. With a surfeit of Eee Pad Transformer demand and the crash in netbooks, ASUS was shifting more of its attention to tablets. Production run estimates for the Transformer given to Digitimes had up to 800,000 of the Android designs shipping in the summer, helping contribute to a total of two million for the whole year.


ASUS Eee Pad Slider shows up in Portuguese catalog

07/29, 2:30pm

Subsidized Eee Pad Slider to cost 349 euros

The delayed Eee Pad Slider will soon be available in Europe, as it popped up in the Portuguese online flyer at Phone House. The sliding 10.1-inch tablet will run on Android 3, and the 16GB model is priced at 349 euros (nearly $500) with a contract with ZON. While it's due to arrive for the UK in August, a US release date hasn't yet been announced but is expected soon.


Galaxy Tab 10.1 just edges iPad 2 in display quality test

07/26, 4:55pm

Samsung gets edge on Apple in tablet displays

An updated tablet display quality shootout at DisplayMate has just given Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 a slight edge over the iPad 2. While the Apple tablet remained superior to all the other tablets with a wide enough margin to win the last comparison, the new Galaxy Tab was often just ahead enough in tests to win overall. Samsung had the clear edge in resolution at 1280x800 but had just slightly better black levels, brightness, contrast, and glare.


ASUS to step up fight with 4.5m Android tablets in late 2011

07/14, 10:45pm

ASUS may double Android tablet shipments late 2011

ASUS' tablet shipments are due to surge enough that it may become one of the largest competitors in the field, touchscreen panel tipsters slipped out late Thursday. Once hit by chronic shortages, the company's shipments of Android tablets like the Eee Pad Transformer should reach 1.2 million to 1.5 million in the summer and only scale up further in the fall, according to Digitimes. Orders have supposedly jumped to include as many as four to 4.5 million tablets in the last six months of 2011.


ASUS pushes Eee Pad Slider to the fall

07/08, 8:25am

ASUS Eee Pad slider won't appear till September

ASUS has pushed the launch of its anticipated Android 3.0 Eee Pad Slider to the fall. According to a post on the ASUS UK Facebook page, the company says that it will confirm launch dates and pricing of the hybrid tablet later in this month. In the lead up to the launch, ASUS is also asking customers to complete some surveys to get a sense of what it is they are looking for in its products.


ASUS says Eee Pad Transformer 3G, Slider hit UK in August

06/11, 1:40pm

ASUS Transformer 3G and Slider hit UK in August

ASUS UK told fans late this week that the 3G version of the Eee Pad Transformer and the yet to be launched Eee Pad Slider were both coming to the country in August. A more specific timeframe and pricing were due to come for the Android 3 tablets closer to the actual release. Both of the variants have been mentioned as early as CES in January but hadn't received concrete detail until now.


ASUS: we're only non-iPad tablet maker keeping sales up

06/10, 12:55pm

ASUS says Eee Pad Transformer beating non-iPads

ASUS chairman Johnny Shih claimed second place in the tablet market based on what he knew of its own Eee Pad Transformer numbers and the industry. He along with CEO Jerry Shen expected the Eee Pad Transformer to be the second-most popular tablet after the iPad and would push pas expectations with 300,000 shipped in June. The company had shipped 400,000 of the Android tablets between April and May, a third more than the 300,000 it had expected.


Early Atom-based Android tablet tests show Intel lagging

06/03, 1:30pm

But x86-tuned Javascript browser engine shines

Android tablets running the NVidia Tegra 2 chipset have a substantial performance edge over Atom-based tablets, according to a series of benchmark tests performed for Tweakers. Researchers tested four tablets running Android 3.0.1 (Honeycomb). The lone Atom tablet tested, a prototype from Compal Electronics with a dual core 1.5GHz Oak Trail CPU, posted a Caffeinemarks score that was barely one-fourth that of the slowest Nvidia tablet. Caffeinemarks is a synthetic test that gauges the speed at which Android apps will run on a given system.


Acer shipping 1 million Iconia Tabs, facing shortages

05/19, 10:55pm

Acer Iconia Tab sales exceed demand

Part suppliers said late Thursday that Acer was seeing stronger than expected sales of the Iconia Tab line. It was "likely" to ship one million of the mostly Android-based tablets in the spring but could have moved more. Demand was hot enough that, according to Digitimes, Acer couldn't keep up from the April launch through May.



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