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ASUS teases colorful Eee PC Flare netbooks

01/02, 9:30am

ASUS Eee PC Flare to mark late netbook era at CES

ASUS has given a tease of the full strategy for the Eee PC 1200 series with renders and details of how they'll appear at CES. Now called the Eee PC Flare, the netbooks will have curvier designs colored almost end-to-end, with black, blue, red, and purple wrapping around the entire body. They should have a MacBook-style hinge that brings the display behind the base as well as a chiclet keyboard and a 'stealth' trackpad.


ASUS Eee PC 1225B with AMD Fusion APUs made official

12/27, 6:30am

ASUS Eee PC 1225B inbound

ASUS has made the Eee PC 1225B with AMD Fusion APUs official. The new ultraportable-netbook crossover centres on an 11.6-inch display, which is slightly smaller than its 12.1-inch 1215B predecessor. Resolution, however, remains at 1366x768 pixels resulting in a sharper image thanks to the increased pixel density of the new display.


Intel Atom N2600 gets early benchmark tests against others

12/13, 5:00pm

Atom N2600 posts favorable early test numbers

A series of early benchmark tests centering around the upcoming Intel Atom N2600 have been performed by NetbookLive. The low-power Cedar Trail chip uses 32nm architecture and uses dual cores to attain its 1.6GHz clock speed, though these specs aren't yet official. Intel's integrated HD 3600 graphics running at 400MHz are onboard and it should support as much as 2GB of RAM.


Acer VP: we won't give up netbooks

11/28, 10:15pm

Acer VP says netbooks kept to developing world

Acer won't quit netbooks like Samsung is rumored to do, VP Scott Lin insisted late Monday. With rumors of Samsung backing out in 2012, he mentioned to Digitimes that developing countries, such as China, India, and Indonesia, were still focused more on netbooks than tablets. IT often tended to buy models in bulk in the area, the executive said.


ASUS previews Cedar Trail-based Eee PCs in gift guide

11/18, 1:55pm

New netbooks may be shipping by holidays

ASUS may be shipping its first Intel Atom Cedar-Trail-based netbooks in time for the Christmas shopping season. Netbook News has posted copies of pages from ASUS' in-house magazine, Tech in Style, showing the Eee PC 1025C and 1025CE netbooks. The photos show both devices decked out in holiday gift boxes.


Cedar Trail-based Asus Eee PC 1025 surfaces at FCC

09/30, 5:40pm

FCC tests 10.1" models

Asus' upcoming Eee PC 1025 netbooks have surfaced at the FCC. The Commission's documents do not bring any surprises, however the testing suggests both models, including the 1025C and 1025CE, may be nearing their respective launch dates. The netbooks may be some of the first devices to arrive on the market outfitted with Intel's Cedar Trail processors.


ASUS Eee PC X101 with MeeGo goes up for pre-order at Amazon

09/12, 6:55pm

Ultrathin will carry a $227 price tag

Amazon is accepting pre-orders for ASUS' new Eee PC X101. The 10.1-inch ultrathin computer is one of the first notebooks to run the Windows-alternative MeeGo, Intel's Linux-based, open-source software platform. Amazon is showing a price of $227, but gives no indication when the netbook will actually begin shipping.


ASUS falls short on netbooks, moves 300K tablets a month

08/08, 11:10pm

ASUS up on tablets but down on netbooks

ASUS on Tuesday local time posted strong results that confirmed the rapid fall of netbooks but also gave the company hope through tablets. The Taiwan PC builder's CFO David Chang admitted ASUS would fall well under its original goals for netbooks in 2011 and would ship just four million to 4.5 million Eee PCs this year, as much as a third under its original six million-unit target. Tablets like the Eee Pad Transformer, however, were helping make up for the gap, Chang said.


ASUS whittles back Eee PC orders as tablets take over

08/04, 10:35am

ASUS drops Eee PC orders, sees 2m Eee Pads in 2011

Part suppliers revealed that ASUS was gradually scaling down its Eee PC business. With a surfeit of Eee Pad Transformer demand and the crash in netbooks, ASUS was shifting more of its attention to tablets. Production run estimates for the Transformer given to Digitimes had up to 800,000 of the Android designs shipping in the summer, helping contribute to a total of two million for the whole year.


ASUS Eee PC X101, X101H priced for US

07/28, 10:40pm

ASUS Eee PC X101 gets US pricing

New tips have narrowed down the US availability and pricing of ASUS' Eee PC X101. Both should be available this week and will have a wide price gap depending on the choice of OS. The more typical Windows 7-based X101H will cost $299, while Digitimes understands the MeeGo-running X101 will cost just $199.


ASUS Eee PC X101 ultrathin netbook gets official

07/28, 9:05am

ASUS Eee PC X101 ultrathin netbook, with MeeGo OS

The ASUS Eee PC X101 ultrathin netbook has been made official on the ASUS website. The Macbook Air-inspired design runs the MeeGo OS and, as expected, runs a single-core Intel Atom N435 1.33 GHz processor to help keep its price down below $200. Weighing in at under 2.3 pounds, the lightweight 10.1-inch netbook also comes light on storage with just 8GB of SSD storage on board.


ASUS Eee PC X101H hits FCC

07/19, 12:50pm

ASUS Eee PC X101H at FCC with Windows 7

The ASUS Eee PC X101, or more specifically, the X101H, has now shown up at the FCC. The listing reveals the company is testing at least Windows 7 and not, so far, the MeeGo version. The notebook's other specs should remain intact, however, including a 0.7-inch thickness and 950g (2.1lbs) weight.


ASUS Eee PC 1215P shows with Ubuntu Linux

07/15, 4:25pm

ASUS Eee PC 1215P with Ubuntu Linux for pre-order

ASUS will soon release a 12-inch Eee PC netbook that uses Ubuntu Linux, as revealed by a Monclick web store listing. The Eee PC 1215P will be the largest from the company with Linux preloaded. Other specs include a dual-core 1.5GHz Intel Atom N570 CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive.


ASUS' ultrathin, $199 Eee PC X101 netbook narrowed to July

06/27, 4:30pm

ASUS Eee PC X101 to hit in July with prices shown

ASUS' MacBook Air-inspired Eee PC X101 is now slated to get a quick launch but also possibly a processor switch, tips hinted at on Monday. The ultrathin netbook is now poised to arrive in July, just a month over it was shown. To get to the $199 price for the MeeGo version, though, Digitimes heard it was using a single-core 1.33GHz Atom N435 and not the previously mentioned dual-core 1.5GHz Atom N670.


ASUS outs MacBook Air-like UX21, Eee PC X101 with MeeGo

05/30, 8:15am

ASUS UX and Eee PC X101 arrive at Computex

ASUS' slew of Computex rollouts on Monday included notebooks and netbooks designed as Windows alternatives to the MacBook Air. The UX21 shares the tapered, all-aluminum body but is even thinner than its Apple counterpart at 0.67 inches thick and can be optioned up to a Core i7 processor. It similarly depends on SATA 6Gbps-based SSD storage and has custom software that takes more explicit advantage of the flash drive: it can resume Windows 7 in two seconds and stay in hibernate mode for up to a full week.


ASUS makes just 350K Eee PCs due to iPad, 'killer' model due

05/09, 11:30pm

ASUS Eee PC sales down to 350K, new models

ASUS has had to whittle back its Eee PC shipments after sustained impact from tablets like the iPad, tipsters said Monday evening. It moved just 350,000 netbooks in April after tablets still "significantly impacted the demand," Digitimes claimed. In response, it would shoot back with a "killer" new Eee PC in June and an ultra-budget model at below $199 to widen the price gap with Apple and others.


ASUS' dual-core Eee PC 1015PX on sale in US

05/09, 2:35pm

Eee PC 1015PX goes on sale in the US

ASUS has quietly begun shipping the Eee PC 1015PX to the US with Amazon one of the retailers stocking the netbook. The design is the first from ASUS that uses Intel's dual-core, 1.66GHz Atom N570 processor. ASUS still pairs it with 1GB of RAM.


ASUS, Intel readying sub-$250 netbook to steer clear of iPad

03/16, 11:05pm

ASUS netbook may hit 200-250 to dodge iPad

New tips from part suppliers late Wednesday maintained that ASUS and Intel are planning a very low-cost netbook that would help it minimize the impact of tablets like the iPad. The netbook would cost no more than $250 and could cost as little as $200. Much of the cost savings would come from the choice of OS, Digitimes heard: the netbook would run Chrome OS or even Android 3.0, and as a result drop the costly Windows 7 license.


Android 2.3 ported to x86 for netbooks, ViewPad

01/28, 1:35pm

Android 2.3 gets port for x86 netbooks, tablets

Google's Android 2.3, has now been ported by for use on Intel x86-based netbooks and some other mobile tablets. While the work is still in progress, the currently available software allows sound and Wi-Fi, though the Ethernet connection, 3D capabilities and mouse control are under development. A 64-bit build environment and Java 1.6 are needed to compile the OS.


Asus teases new Eee PC Sirocco netbook

01/17, 5:55am

Asus sends invites for special event

Asus has teased a forthcoming Eee PC netbook as part of a media invitation to a special event for its launch. Dubbed the Eee PC Sirocco, it is unusual for a manufacturer to issue a special invitation for a netbook with the current focus on tablets. It is possible that the netbook will feature a textured outer body in the likeness of the dessert backdrop shown in the teaser, but beyond that speculation can only center on its CPU/OS combination and, or, its design approach.


Netbook pricing may be getting desperate to combat iPad

12/27, 11:40pm

Netbook upgrades, cuts not enough to stop tablets

Netbook prices are dropping to the point where cost is increasingly the only factor in trying to stave off tablets like the iPad, industry observers said Monday night. Using prices in the netbook field's Taiwanese home turf as an example, a 10-inch, single-core ASUS Eee PC had been cut to a relatively low $288 to create a wider price gap with tablets while most others were down to $339. Even attempts by ASUS to keep features up weren't working in Digitimes' checks, as the dual-core Eee PC 1015PEM was still down to $407.


ASUS netbook shipments may drop 25% in 2011 due to tablets

12/02, 10:20pm

ASUS netbooks may drop 25pc through iPad, more

ASUS' netbook sales could drop by 25 percent or more next year due to the effect of the iPad and other tablets, reported industry estimates claimed today. The system builder is estimated to be shipping six million Eee PCs by the end of this year, or 50 percent of all its systems, but would ship just four to 4.5 million in 2011 with tablets factored in and would make up just 25 percent of its computers. The 2010 estimate was itself a drop from 6.8 million in 2009, Digitimes' contacts said.


ASUS ships Lamborghini Eee VX6 notebook

11/03, 3:35pm

Device arriving first in the UK

ASUS has begun shipping its latest Lamborghini-themed notebook, the Eee PC VX6. The device integrates a 12.1-inch display with 1366x768 resolution and LED backlighting. A 1.8GHz dual-core Atom processor powers the ultraportable, while graphics acceleration is provided by NVIDIA's Ion 2 components with support for Optimus.


ASUS makes Eee PC 1015PN netbook official

10/22, 10:30am

ASUS Eee PC 1015PN officially confirmed, priced

After showing up on Amazon for pre-order earlier this month, the Eee PC 1015PN from ASUS has now been made official. The 10.1-inch, 1024x600 display is offset by NVIDIA's new 512MB Ion graphics processor along with Optimus technology that will switch between energy-saving onboard graphics and the Ion's 1080p-capable video. The Ion is matched with a dual-core, 1.5GHz Atom N550, 1GB of DDR3 RAM and an HDMI output.


Fast ASUS 1015PN netbook shows up on Amazon site

10/11, 7:00pm

ASUS Eee PC 1015PN shows on Amazon site

The ASUS Eee PC 1015PN netbook introduced at Computex back in June is now listed on Amazon's website, revealing its pricing, but no ship date as of yet. It lists for $430, and sports the 1.5GHz dual-core Atom N550 chip that's tied to the second-generation NVIDIA Ion GPU that have been shown in preliminary tests to outperform some of Intel's CULV chips.


NPD: 13% of iPads are cannibalizing PC sales

10/01, 1:55pm

NPD says iPad cannibalization of PCs low but real

The NPD Group today found that the iPad was having a mild but significant impact on computer sales. While the effect wasn't as large as expected, about 13 percent of iPad buyers had picked one instead of a computer. The relatively low cannibalization was attributed to many buyers still being early adopters that bought the Apple tablet simply because they wanted it. That figure could change once the iPad was more established, the researchers said.


ASUS reveals dates, prices for NX90J, more in the US

09/16, 6:45pm

ASUS dates, prices several notebooks for the US

At a media event in New York City on Wednesday, ASUS revealed prices and shipping dates for some of its promised notebooks that date back as far as CES. Chief among them is the 18.4-inch NX90J multimedia notebook that gets an audio system from Bang & Olufsen and a unique, dual-touchpad design. It gets a Core i7 chip, 8GB of RAM and dual 640GB hard drives. It ships by month's end, priced at $2,300.


iPad cuts Best Buy's traditional notebook PC sales in half

09/16, 12:55pm

iPad gutting notebook sales at Best Buy

The iPad has slashed Best Buy's sales of conventional notebook computers in half, Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn revealed in an interview this week [sub. required]. Estimates at the big-box retail chain have seen Apple's tablet drop notebook PC sales by "as much as 50 [percent]" since it started shipping to some Best Buy stores in April, the executive told the WSJ. In spite of shrinking the PC market, the iPad helped Best Buy grow its revenue for its just-ended quarter and even gave a lift to the portable computing category's results.


iPad cannibalizing whole notebook PC industry

09/08, 8:40am

iPad seen hurting all low-end notebook sales

Apple's iPad isn't just hurting netbooks but notebook sales as a whole, UBS analyst Maynard Um told investors today. While it wasn't always replacing notebooks outright since it isn't currently a true replacement, the tablet is in many cases letting computer buyers put off either replacing or upgrading a computer in the same timeframe. Lower-end PCs were at the highest risk.


iPad triggering PC sales slowdown, memory overstocks?

09/07, 8:50am

Samsung says PC slowdown, iPad sparking RAM glut

Samsung on Tuesday warned that a slowdown in computer sales was close to triggering an oversupply of RAM. While the company's semiconductor head Kwon Oh-hyun said that phones and servers were keeping the supply-and-demand balance "stable," a continued slowdown of the PC business could create a glut in the fall or in the winter. Prices had already started falling in July after Greece's debt problems and an overall unexpected economic slowdown.


Gartner: netbooks to keep losing share as tablets arrive

08/31, 10:50am

Gartner sees users dropping netbooks in droves

Netbook market share is likely to keep falling over the next few years due in part to tablets, Gartner found today. It noted that the tiny portables not only lost market share in the first two quarters of 2010 but predicted that the category was on a long slide that would drop it to just 10 percent by the end of 2014. Analyst Raphael Vasquez explained that many were simply buying them as cheap notebooks and no longer have interest now that a full-size notebook doesn't cost much more.


ASUS launches dual-core Eee PC 1015PEM netbook

08/25, 9:25am

About to hit shelves in Italy, October for US?

As predicted, Asus will be debut the first netbook based on Intelís new dual-core Atom chip, the N550. According to Notebook Italia, Asus has started making initial shipments of the Eee PC 1015PEM, its new netbook flagship.


ASUS lowering Eee PC shipments due to iPad

08/16, 10:00am

ASUS drops netbook aims after iPad impact

The iPad's cooling effect on netbooks may have had its first clear evidence after an ASUS presentation at an investors' conference on Friday. Despite summer being the usual peak for Eee PC sales, CEO Jerry Shen dropped his company's netbook shipment estimates in the season to 1.4 million PCs, reportedly due to Apple's tablet. ASUS now expects to ship between seven and eight million Eee PCs through all of 2010.


ASUS to ship Eee Box with next-gen Ion by end of summer

08/06, 4:10pm

Eee Box with 1.8GHz Atom due by fall in the UK

ASUS will ship the Eee Box EB1501P home theater nettop in the UK later this summer or early in the fall, according to a Friday confirmation. The computer will sport a dual-core 1.8GHz Atom and Windows 7 Home Premium, and likely get USB 3.0 ports and Bluetooth 3.0, mirroring the specs of the upcoming Eee PC 1215N netbook. There will otherwise be 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive.


ASUS details Eee PC 1001PQ, 1015PD netbooks

07/29, 12:35pm

ASUS shows specs of Eee PC 1001PQ, 1015PD

ASUS has released details on two of its newest Eee PCs, with the 1001PQ and the 1015PD. First introduced at CeBIT in March, the former sports a 10.1-inch screen and includes stickers for customizing. It comes powered by a 1.66GHz Atom N450, and its 160GB or 250GB hard drive is preloaded with Windows 7 Starter.


ASUS Eee PC 1215N with 1.8GHz Atom to ship late August

07/09, 11:15am

ASUS Eee PC 1215N due August 23 for under $500

The ASUS Eee PC 1215N has been unofficially confirmed for the US market, with a ship date set for sometime around August 23, says a Friday report. The price tag, while not confirmed, will be less than $500, Engadget said. The Eee PC will be the fastest in the range, as it will feature the latest 1.8GHz dual-core Atom D525 processor.


ASUS Eee PC 1005PX shows up on company site

07/08, 1:05pm

ASUS Eee PC 1005PX leaked on company site

A new Eee PC netbook from ASUS, the 1005PX, has surfaced briefly on the company's web page. It sports a rare, outdoor-ready matte 10.1-inch screen with a 1024x600 resolution and a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor on the inside. Users can pick between Windows 7 Starter Edition or XP on either 160GB, 250GB or 320GB hard drives. The six-cell battery life is rated at up to 8.5 hours.


ASUS hopes to counter iPad with detachable Eee Pad keyboard

07/06, 4:00pm

ASUS hints at Eee Pad plus keyboard as iPad rival

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen in a talk on Monday outlined a new line of approach for how his company would tackle the iPad. He explained to Poland's RP that the iPad "inspired" the PC builder and others to make touchscreen devices but that it would try to overcome the iPad's limitations through the Eee Pad. Its optional detachable keyboard section will "breathe new life" into netbooks by leaving the to EP121 work as a tablet but still have the option of becoming a Windows 7 netbook with a hardware keyboard.


ASUS Eee PC 1015P, 1016P, 1018P now up for pre-order

07/06, 3:20pm

New aluminum bodied Eee PCs up for pre-order

The three upcoming aluminum-bodied ASUS Eee PC netbooks are now up for pre-order at online retailer Excaliber PC. According to the web pages, the 1015PED starts at $349, the 1016P will cost $499 and the 1018P is priced at $429. All are expected to ship on July 29.


Acer gearing up dual-core Aspire One D255 netbook

07/06, 1:50pm

Acer to take turn at dual Atom netbook

Acer is about to follow ASUS' Eee PC 1215N with a dual-core netbook of its own, based on newly escaped details. The Aspire One D255 would carry an Atom N550 with each core running at 1.5GHz. Not much is known on the inside, but it would have features similar to the D260 and some cosmetic tweaks, such as new colors and less chrome trim.


Asus intros Eee 1215N netbook with dual-core Atom, new Ion

07/02, 2:55pm

Notebook slated for international launch

Asus has formally introduced its Eee 1215N netbook, which will feature slightly better specs than earlier reports had anticipated. The device will be based on Intel's dual-core D525 paired with NVIDIA's current-generation Ion discrete graphicss. Battery life is said to be improved through automatic switching between discrete and integrated graphics.


Atom N550 slips into new Eee PCs, outruns CULV

06/16, 3:05pm

Atom N550 outruns CULV, Atom D510 in benchmarks

At Computex, the first netbook with the new dual-core Intel Atom N550 was shown off and proved to be much faster than anticipated. The ASUS Eee PC 1015PN at the show also sported the next-generation NVIDIA Ion GPU and played a 1080p HD movie without hiccups. While the movie was playing, the system showed the processor resources were only at 20 percent of use.


ASUS Eee PC 1201K uses AMD Geode

06/11, 1:40pm

ASUS Eee PC 1201K wiht AMD Geode surfaces

A new Eee PC netbook has surfaced, the 1201K, which is unique in the range in that it sports a 1.4GHz AMD Geode NX 1750 processor and an SiS chipset. An earlier version of this platform is used for the OLPC XO-1 notebook meant for developing countries. The computer otherwise has 1GB of RAM and hard drives sized at between 160GB and 320GB, preloaded with Windows XP.


ASUS revives 9-inch netbooks with Eee PC 900AX

05/10, 11:45am

ASUS Eee PC 900AX now official

After virtually dropping screen sizes below 10 inches for over a year, ASUS has officially launched the 8.9-inch Eee PC 900AX. The system is aimed clearly at the entry level and uses the older 1.6GHz Atom N270 as well as Windows XP; at the same time, it makes use of some lessons learned since ASUS' last netbook this size. It uses a newer edge-to-edge keyboard and appears to be a slight overall design tune up of its ancestor.


ASUS Eee PC 1218 to pack NVIDIA Ion, others due May 13

05/04, 4:35pm

ASUS' aluminum Eee PC also getting Ion visuals

An update from Taiwan today indicated that ASUS' new Eee PC 1218 has the option of NVIDIA's Ion graphics as well as detailing more of what's happening with the PC builder's lineup. Now reportedly available on the southeast Asian island, the aluminum-clad netbook is now known to be a high-end model capable of playing 1080p video and some 3D games. Its exact price wasn't mentioned by DigiTimes but should steer closer to the equivalent of $605 in the region.


ASUS Eee PC 1005PR official

05/04, 10:40am

ASUS Eee PC 1005PR with Broadcom Crystal now out

The Eee PC 1005PR netbook that was offered for pre-order late in April has now gone on sale at Amazon. The 10.1-inch LED backlit netbook has a relatively high 1366x768 screen resolution and can play back HD video locally and in-browser thanks to its Broadcom Crystal HD chipset and Flash 10.1 support. The netbook has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as standard fare as well.


ASUS: Netbooks still likely to outsell iPad, other tablets

04/30, 11:45am

ASUS CEO doesn't see iPad overtaking netbooks

Tablets like the iPad won't overtake netbooks in the near future, ASUS chief Jerry Shen told the press at a conference discussing its latest results on Friday. Shen acknowledged that Apple had kickstarted the tablet market but insisted that the iPad and other tablets were in a different market and didn't truly overlap. Tablets are "cloud computing" devices that need the Internet to be effective where netbooks often hold most of their content locally, the CEO argued.


All-aluminum ASUS Eee PC 1218 surfaces early

04/29, 2:20pm

Full specs remain unknown

ASUS has released early images of its upcoming netbook, the Eee PC 1218, which has achieved a reddot design award this year. The device is known to feature a brushed aluminum housing and unique port layout similar to Dell's Adamo, while integrating a 12-inch display and sliding cover on the webcam.


Info on ASUS 1201PN and 1215N leaks in Italy

04/23, 10:30am

Eee PC 1201PN not getting Optimus, 1215N is

New information has surfaced from Italy regarding two upcoming ASUS Eee PC series netbooks, the 1201PN and 1215N. The 1201PN uses a 12.1-inch, 720p display but rumors if it bringing NVIDIA's Optimus tech in its second-generation Ion platform have now been dispelled. According to NVIDIA, the 1201PN will launch without Optimus, but a later iteration of the model will get the technology along with a dual-core CPU.


ASUS Eee PC 1005PR now up for pre-order

04/22, 4:20pm

ASUS Eee PC 1005PR with HD screen now at Amazon

ASUS has brought out another variation of its Eee PC netbook, with the 1005PR, which is now available for pre-order from Amazon. The device has a 10.1-inch glossy screen, though its resolution is comes in at a higher 1366x768 (720p) versus the standard netbook's 1024x600. To take advantage of this, a Broadcom Crystal HD chipset is integrated and accelerates video, including in-browser with Flash 10.1.



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