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Samsung has 'potentially serious issues' with nano-SIM vote

05/23, 1:35am

Vote continues, despite Samsung's objections

Following last week's compromise between Motorola, RIM, and Apple resulting in a nano-SIM design submission, Samsung has filed a complaint with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) complaining about the voting process on the final design. After an initial denial of Samsung's appeal, Samsung filed the letter with ETSI stating that Samsung believes the vote was advanced before enough time was allowed for discussion and "consensus building" within the organization. Regardless of Samsung's complaint, voting continues and is expected to conclude sometime this week.


ETSI puts nano-SIM vote on hold following RIM cheat claims

03/30, 6:00am

ETSI postpones nano-SIM vote due to divisions

Standards body ETSI has put the controversial nano-SIM vote on hold following a tumultuous build-up ahead of their latest meeting. According to FOSS Patents, the deep divisions between various smartphone makers including Apple, RIM and Nokia made it impossible to move forward with the vote as planned. Matters were further inflamed ahead of the vote with RIM also accusing Apple of vote-stacking by using proxies to conceal the identity of at least three member voters whom RIM has alleged actually work for Apple.


RIM claims to ETSI that Apple is 'cheating' on nano-SIM vote

03/29, 7:30pm

RIM accuses Apple of voting by proxy with ETSI

RIM made accusations in a letter (below) late Wednesday that Apple was unfairly trying to stack the upcoming ETSI vote on the new nano-SIM format. The BlackBerry maker alleged that Apple was having staff vote by proxy, presumably to inflate support for Apple's definition of how the card would look. Three employees for Apple had jumped from the UK division to representing international carriers, including Bell, KT, and SK Telecom.


Nokia may refuse to license patents if Apple nano-SIM wins

03/28, 10:15am

Nokia tries forcing ETSI into using SIM standard

Nokia threatened to violate the principles of standards-based patents on Wednesday in a statement declaring its intentions. The company argued to The Verge that, since Apple's nano-SIM prototype was allegedly not meeting ETSI's guidelines for the next-generation SIM standard, Nokia would refuse to license any patents it might have related to Apple's format. The approach could almost immediately result in lawsuits or high royalty demands against anyone using Apple's nano-SIM format, blockading it from use.


Apple, Nokia, RIM prototype nano-SIMs spotted

03/26, 6:40pm

Apple nano-SIM relatively conventional

The often-discussed but previously unseen Apple and Nokia nano-SIM proposals, along with RIM's, have been spotted through both the actual proposals to standards body ETSI as well as a live photo of a prototype. What The Verge saw of Apple's proposal, and a prototype developed by Oberthur Technologies, was simply the current micro-SIM pared to its minimum, with virtually no plastic around the main chip. Nokia has complained about this, as it has pointed to an ETSI demand that the new format can't be accidentally stuck inside a micro-SIM slot, which Apple's can if it's turned on its side.


Nokia claims Apple royalty-free nano-SIM promise is hollow

03/26, 3:25pm

Nokia says Apple has no patents to wield

Nokia in a mid-Monday response dismissed Apple's royalty-free offer should it define the upcoming nano-SIM card format. The Finnish company told IDG that it was "not aware" of any Apple patents essential to its nano-SIM card. The seemingly benign gesture was just Apple trying to "devalue the intellectual property of others," a Nokia representative claimed.


Apple may offer nano-SIM royalty free if made standard

03/26, 7:35am

Apple courts ETSI with royalty free nano-SIM cards

Florian Mueller in an uncommon leak Monday morning has understood that Apple is promising to offer its proposed nano-SIM standard royalty-free. In a letter originally sent to ETSI on March 19, a senior attorney at Apple understood that the company had "caused some concern" among competitors over its owning the patents and would give free licenses in return. As expected, the condition was that the nano-SIM become the defining standard and that others agree with a view to doing the same.


Nokia claims Apple's nano-SIM isn't really smaller or better

03/22, 12:45pm

Nokia trashes Apple nano-SIM proposal

Nokia appeared to have confirmed rumors of a battle over nano-SIMs at Europe's ETSI Thursday with a statement criticizing, and partly revealing, Apple's implementation. Apple's design is as long as current micro-SIMs are wide, Nokia told The Verge, which could create the risk of it getting stuck if a user mistakenly puts it in a micro-SIM slot. As it required a tray, Apple's method wasn't as practically small as Nokia's, which could negate the point and simply make it different.


Apple squares off with Motorola, Nokia, RIM over nano-SIMs

03/20, 8:30pm

Apple faces small coalition over tinier SIM cards

Apple's proposed extra-small SIM card standard has triggered a war it's currently likely to win, sources uncovered Tuesday. The format, nicknamed a "nano-SIM" by the FT in its purported leak, was opposed by proposals from Motorola, Nokia, and RIM. All of them were hoping to get approval from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and make their individual format the definitive standard.


Dutch court: Samsung can't sue Apple over 3G again

03/14, 1:30pm

Netherlands immunizes Apple over Samsung case

A District Court in The Hague ruled Wednesday that Samsung could no longer try to sue Apple over 3G. The partial decision reaffirmed a view that Samsung can't sue as long as Apple is willing to reach a licensing deal for 3G. Apple previously said it was willing to take a license but objected to Samsung's offered terms as allegedly unreasonable.


Google buyout of Motorola may see change in patent attitude

02/07, 11:15pm

Google may make Motorola license patents fairly

A pair of sources claimed Tuesday that Google was about to send a formal pledge to standards bodies that it would license and Motorola's standards-based patents fairly if its $12.5 billion takeover of the phone designer was approved. An official letter would go out within the next day, Bloomberg said, to groups like Europe's telecom agency ETSI. Google wouldn't directly confirm the message, but through spokeswoman Niki Fenwick claimed that Motorola already had been licensing on fair terms and wouldn't change.


G&D nano-SIM may give iPhones, more an even smaller profile

11/11, 1:05pm

Giesecke and Devrient preps nano-SIM card

Giesecke & Devrient has developed an even smaller SIM card that could be a candidate for Apple and others slimming down their smartphones. The nano-SIM would be a third smaller overall than even a micro SIM card while also being about 15 percent thinner. Its shape could allow for more room for components like batteries and processors, or else let phone makers produce slimmer devices as a whole.



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