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Canon unveils EOS M10, PowerShot G9 X, G5 X cameras

10/13, 7:38am

Trio of new Canon cameras headed up by mirrorless shooter

Canon has launched a trio of cameras, following after yesterday's quiet surfacing of the imaging devices on company websites. The EOS M10 is an entry-level mirrorless camera with self portrait modes and a lens that can shorten to make it easier to carry around, while the PowerShot G5 X includes a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, and the PowerShot G9 X is billed as a lightweight camera that can be and easily carried anywhere due to its size.


Canon bringing EOS M3 mirrorless camera to US in October

08/27, 9:44am

US launch of Canon EOS M3 takes place months after Europe, Asia

Canon has confirmed it will be bringing the EOS M3 mirrorless camera to the United States in the near future, following its launch in European and Asian markets earlier this year. The compact snapper, which houses a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with the DIGIC 6 image processor, will be arriving in the country in early October, with it keeping exactly the same list of specifications as its international counterparts.


Canon outs EOS M3 mirrorless camera in Europe, Asia

02/10, 12:06pm

Compact EOS M3 has 24.2MP sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity

Canon has launched a mirrorless Compact System Camera destined for markets in Europe and Asia. The EOS M3 packs in similar functionality and specifications as its full DSLR counterparts, including a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor combined with the DIGIC 6 image processor, but packed into a compact 44mm (1.7 inches) thick, 12-ounce body.


Canon introduces two ultra wide-angle lenses, white EOS Rebel SL1

05/13, 10:08am

Ultra wide-angle lenses, white Rebel SL1 shipping this June

Canon is adding two new ultra wide-angle lenses to its range of glass for its DSLR cameras, as well as a new color variant of an existing model. The EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM and the EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM are accompanied by a version of the EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR it released in March last year, but this time it will be available in white.


Canon unveils EOS Rebel T5 with 18MP sensor, $550 price tag

02/12, 1:35pm

Entry-level Canon DSLR includes 1080 video capture, nine-point AF system

Canon has launched another DSLR in its Rebel range of cameras, aimed at the entry-level market. An upgrade from the EOS Rebel T3 launched in 2011, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 uses an 18-megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor with a DIGIC 4 image processor, giving it a sensitivity range of ISO 100 to ISO 12,800, the ability to capture 1080p video at 30fps, and a continuous shooting mode of 3fps.


Nokia EOS reportedly rebranded Lumia 1020, image leaked

07/04, 6:39am

41-megapixel smartphone shown with new camera app, AT&T branding

An image of the Nokia Lumia 1020 has allegedly appeared online in a leak. The promotional image for the Nokia smartphone, reportedly the official name for the long-rumored Nokia EOS with the 41-megapixel camera, comes ahead of a Nokia media event on July 11th where it offers "41 million reasons" to watch a live video stream.


Nokia hints at 41-megapixel EOS Lumia launch on July 11th in New York

06/19, 2:45pm

Company blog post claims '41 million reasons' to watch event

Nokia has effectively confirmed a large number of leaks for the Lumia EOS smartphone with a high-resolution 41-megapixel rear camera. A company blog post states that an event in New York on July 11th will have "41 million reasons" to attend or watch a live stream, matching the number engraved onto a leaked metal camera faceplate.


Possible prototype, camera faceplate images for 41MP Nokia EOS surface

06/14, 11:57am

Case shown with incorrect camera holes, could be test model

New photographs appearing to show a prototype version of the Nokia EOS smartphone have been uncovered. The images, featuring a phone that may be a pre-production model, is accompanied by a seemingly-complete metal camera faceplate, complete with company branding and an engraving stating it will be a 41-megapixel camera.


More Nokia 41MP EOS leaks show casing, completed smartphone

06/06, 5:58am

Images of rumored smartphone with 41MP camera come from multiple sources

Photographs of a rumored Nokia EOS smartphone have been leaked, suggesting it may end up being revealed sooner rather than later. The images of the alleged EOS body, shown with the background of an industrial environment that could be a factory, is supplemented by images of a more-complete device with a camera lens faceplate.


Canon Cinema EOS-1D C hits Japan, US this week

12/27, 5:13am

Canon Cinema EOS-1D C, shoots video in 4K at 24fps

The Canon Cinema EOS-1D C, first announced in April, is now shipping in Japan. The high-end full-frame camera is the first on the market to be able to shoot video in the Ultra HD format with a resolution of 4096x2160. US customers can expect to get their hands on the new flagship camera for $11,999 when it goes on sale by the end of the week.


Canon says EOS 5D Mark III bug just a mismatch, posts update

04/23, 10:30pm

Canon details 5D Mk 3 light bug and 1.1.2 update

Canon tackled some of the teething issues of the EOS 5D Mark III, including its exposure bug. In a statement, it said that the LCD was skewing the displayed exposure value, but not the actual shot. The company would inspect DSLRs on request starting in mid-May, but it didn't see cause for a fix.


Canon warns of EOS 5D Mark III bug skewing exposure

04/13, 7:25pm

EOS 5D Mark III can trigger false exposure

Canon has posted a warning about a potentially serious issue with the EOS 5D Mark III. Lighting up the LCD while photographic dark scenes can confuse the autoexposure sensor, making it think the scene is brighter and skewing the final results. The company was preparing "countermeasures" to combat the problem, but what those were hadn't been mentioned.


Canon delays EOS-1D X shipping until mid June

04/12, 10:55pm

Mass production stalls

Canon has admitted that its flagship EOS-1D X camera and EF 24-70mm lens are facing production delays that will affect the expected ship dates. The company originally promised to ship the 1D X late in March, however the camera is now expected to be delayed until this summer.


Canon intros EOS-1D C: DSLR with 4K video recording

04/12, 10:00am

Canon EOS-1D C becomes real

Canon made its concept camera real on Thursday by revealing the EOS-1D C ahead of NAB. The variant on its highest-end DSLR is the first camera of its kind to record 4K (4096x2160) video. Although capped at 24 frames per second, the 8-bit, 4:2:2 video is advanced enough that it can be used as part of a professional movie shoot using greater-than-HD video cameras from companies like RED while keeping the size much smaller for handheld recording.


Canon returns to astrophotography with EOS 60Da

04/03, 8:30am

Canon focuses on star photography with new DSLR

Canon on Tuesday updated its astronomy-friendly DSLR offering for the first time in several years by launching the EOS 60Da. The new version, a modification not seen since the EOS 20Da, takes the 18-megapixel camera and gives it both a changed infrared filter and improved sensitivity to hydrogen-alpha light. The upgrades give it about three times better performance overall for photographing a nebula cloud and other star formations.


Sony A99 to sport industry-leading 102-point autofocus?

03/26, 10:55am

Sony A99 said to get 102-point cross-point AF

The upcoming Sony Alpha 99 (A99) may sport with a 102-point cross-point autofocus system, Sony Alpha Rumors learned from trusted sources. Prototypes of the Single-Lens Translucent (SLT) camera are reportedly equipped with the feature, which offers nearly twice as many autofocus points as some flagship DSLRs from competitors. The Nikon D800 has 51 points, for example, while Canon's EOS 5D Mark III has 61. Sony's own A77 camera has 19 cross points.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon D800 reach buyers

03/22, 5:35pm

Pro DSLRs hit US shelves by tomorrow

Two high-end digital SLRs have begun hitting retailers' shelves. The 36.3-megapixel Nikon D800 has started to ship to Japan and Europe as of Wednesday, and is expected in Australia today as well as the US tomorrow for Nikon Professional Services customers. The 22.3-megapixel Canon 5D Mark II was anticipated at US stores on Sunday, but B&H Photo has it in stock and already has begun shipping.


Canon 5D Mark III to ship March 25 at Best Buy?

03/16, 4:20pm

Best Buy screen reveals 5D Mark III due March 25

The flagship Canon EOS 5D Mark III will be shipping at Best Buy stores and likely other retailers on March 25, Engadget learned. The date is indicated in a photo of the inventory screen at Best Buy sent in to the source and lines up with earlier reports that the camera will be out before month's end. At the same time, the 404-page owner's manual (PDF) is also available online, and ahead of the release.


Nikon uses Canon 5D MkII, other footage in D800 promo

03/07, 12:15pm

Nikon pulls D800 promo videos with Canon content

In a promo video for its recently released D800 at its Bangkok launch, Nikon included footage that not only was used without permission but also shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Once the video was shared on YouTube (below), people who recognized their work began calling Nikon out on its mistake. One such party was Norwegian pro photographer Terje Sørgjerd, whose work is seen in Nikon's video, was used without permission, and was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II.


Canon unveils EOS 5D Mark III with 61-point AF, DIGIC 5+

03/02, 12:05am

Canon EOS 5D Mark III answers long call

Canon on Friday brought out one of the most sought-after DSLRs of recent years in the EOS 5D Mark III. The full-frame DSLR has only a slight resolution upgrade, to 22.3 megapixels, but the new sensor and a new DIGIC 5+ processor have rapidly caught the cult favorite camera up to the modern era. It now has a much more precise 61-point autofocusing system and can shoot at up to six frames per second (up from 3.9) at the full resolution.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III specs possibly leaked

03/01, 6:45pm

Authenticity of spec sheet remains unclear

A broader range of potential specifications for Canon's EOS 5D Mark III camera may have leaked ahead of schedule. Corroborating earlier rumors, a leaked spec sheet posted on Canon Rumors suggests the DSLR will be outfitted with a 22-megapixel sensor and 61-point autofocus system. Fresh details point to a new Digic 5+ image processor, rather than the company's existing Digic 5 chip, and an ISO range that tops out at 102400.


Mystery new Canon DSLR spotted in Kenya field testing

01/23, 5:00pm

Canon 5D Mark III or 7D Mark II may have been seen

Canon's next higher-end DSLR may have been spotted by photographer Stephen Oachs during a rare coincidence of running into a Canon employee during a photo shoot in Kenya. The Japanese man was officially testing the new 200-400mm L lens but was using an unfamiliar DSLR body. The Q (quick menu) button was located in an unfamiliar position non the right, and the battery grip had a joystick that's not present on most other versions Canon makes.


Google+ helps recover camera, shots after year underwater

11/26, 2:35pm

Canon EOS Rebel XS' photos last year in salty sea

Naturalist Markus Thompson orchestrated one of the more unusual camera recoveries yet after he posted about a Canon Rebel XS (1000D) on Google+ between Friday and Saturday. He found the DSLR at the end of a wharf in Deep Bay, near Vancouver, British Columbia after after it had been underwater for what turned out to be since August 2010, or 15 months ago. Although the camera itself was ruined from exposure to saltwater, the SD card inside was still working, giving a clue as to the owner through self-portraits and shots of his family.


Canon preps full-frame EOS DSLR with 4K video

11/03, 11:25pm

Canon EOS concept with 4K video shown at event

Mentioning it just at the end of the unveiling of the EOS C300, Canon has shown an early prototype of an upcoming pro DSLR with record-setting video. The unnamed prototype would have a full-frame CMOS sensor and could shoot 4K (usually 4096x2160) video at 24FPS when using Motion JPEG. Very little else was mentioned, although it had the same red "C" badge from the C300 that denoted the Cinema badge.


Canon unveils Cinema EOS C300: full-frame SLR-grade video

11/03, 6:25pm

Canon Cinema EOS C300 unveiled at event

Canon at its special Hollywood event unveiled the Cinema EOS C300, its first DSLR-grade pro video camera. The shooter uses a 35mm-equivalent full-frame sensor and focuses on image quality first. Canon claims to have better overall color reproduction, primarily for skin tones.


iPhone camera side-by-side shows iPhone 4S' leap in quality

10/24, 7:50pm

iPhone 4S compared against its ancestors

A side-by-side comparison of iPhone camera quality by the co-developer of Camera+ (99 cents, App Store), Lisa Bettany, has shown the sheer improvement in the iPhone 4S camera quality compared to earlier models, dating back to 2007. The shots also show just how closely they compare against two frequent benchmarks for compact and DSLR cameras, the Canon S95 and EOS-5D Mark II.


Canon Pixma Pro-1 uses DSLR style cues, 12-ink prints

10/24, 9:15am

Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer targets pro photogs

Canon started off the week by introducing a rare printer aimed squarely at pro photographers. The Pixma Pro-1 takes its looks from the DSLRs it's intended to work with, like the EOS-1D X, and focuses on producing "gallery-quality" prints both for pros and for serious hobbyists. It carries 12 inks and can put out large A3+ sized images with a wider color range, at 16 bits per color channel, that more accurately reflects the lighting and scene from the DSLR itself.


Canon unveils 18MP, full-frame EOS-1D X with super metering

10/18, 12:00am

Canon EOS-1D X packs dual DIGIC 5, ISO 51200

Canon brought out a long-anticipated new full-frame EOS pro camera in the EOS-1D X. The 18-megapixel camera unifies the EOS-1D camera line and is a major leap in performance over the 1D Mark IV with two DIGIC 5 main processors with about 17 times more raw power than the DIGIC 4s they replace. A DIGIC 4 still sits inside as a third processor but here is used for very advanced metering: it drives an Intelligent Subject Analysis system that, with a 100,000-pixel metering sensor, can check brightness, target colors, and human faces to get more precise exposure without burdening the main processors.


Canon teases October 26 EOS, Pixma event

09/27, 1:30pm

Canon to show new Pixma printers, EOS cams?

In addition to and ahead of the November 3 Hollywood event, Canon will hold one in New York on October 26. The teaser, courtesy of Canon Rumors, reveals both Pixma and EOS logos. As such, it's likely to focus equally on printers and DSLRs.


iPhone SLR Mount turns iPhone into DSLR camera

07/07, 2:50pm

Works with either Nikon or Canon EOS lenses

Photojojo has introduced the iPhone SLR Mount. The combination phone case and lens mount supports either Nikon or Canon EOS SLR lenses, and comes with a UV filter. The aluminum case has holes that allow a camera strap to be attached.


Canon hints at mirrorless interchangeable camera for 2012

07/05, 8:15am

Canon exec says mirrorless cam in consideration

Canon's camera group lead Masaya Maeda hinted in an interview Tuesday that his company was at least investigating, if not making, a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. The Japanese firm was "considering the technical aspects" of such a jump. There would be an "interesting product" with small dimensions next year, Maeda told Reuters, although he didn't say if that would be an interchangeable model.


Olympus E-P3 strikes back with ultra-fast AF, touchscreen

06/30, 1:00am

Olympus E-P3 official with new sensor, dual-core

Olympus early Thursday remade its entire PEN camera line and headlined it with the E-P3. The camera uses a genuinely new 12.3-megapixel CMOS sensor and the first dual-core TruePic VI processor to reach much faster autofocus performance than not just other Micro Four Thirds cameras but most interchangeable lens cameras. It can supposedly outperform its higher-end rival, the Panasonic GH2, as well as full-fledged DSLRs like the Nikon D3100 and even the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV.


Nikon D400 and D4 tipped for August, concept cameras shown

06/27, 10:15pm

Nikon D400 and D4 to headline Nikon news soon

Nikon's future became clearer on Monday night with both near- and far-term camera plans. A leak has Nikon's perennial August refresh including the D4 and D400, sequels to two of its most popular DSLRs. Nikon Rumors hasn't commited to details, but a round of resolution and sensitivity upgrades would suggest the D4 will push past 12 megapixels and have at least ISO 102,400 sensitivity like the D3s.


Canon brings multi-color Rebel T3 hues to US

06/20, 9:55am

Canon gives brown, gray, red Rebel T3

After previously limiting the production runs to a handful of countries like Australia and Canada, Canon on Monday brought new colors of the Rebel T3 to the US. The DSLR now comes not just in conservative black but but also the previously seen red hue as well as brown and metallic gray. The palette swap is the first in years for the Rebel after the company stopped shipping the camera in silver.


iPhone 4 to topple Nikon D90 as Flickr's most-used camera

04/18, 11:15am

iPhone 4 near becoming most popular Flickr camera

The iPhone 4 should soon carry the distinction of being the most popular camera on Flickr. The Yahoo-owned site's Camera Finder shows Apple's phone on the verge of overtaking the Nikon D90 and having already passed Canon's EOS 5D Mark II, Rebel T1i, and Rebel XSi. Without timestamps, it's unclear exactly when the shift began, but it followed after a surge a significant amount of time after the iPhone 4 was on sale.


Canon unveils EOS Rebel T3i and Rebel T3 DSLR cameras

02/07, 5:45am

Refreshed entry-level DSLRs

Canon has unveiled a pair of upgraded Rebel DSLR cameras aimed at first-time DSLR owners. The EOS Rebel T3i and EOS Rebel T3 are focusing more on newcomers to DSLRs. The T3i stands out as one of the few in its class with a swiveling LCD and gets its three-inch display from the EOS 60D.


Canon EOS 600D (Rebel T3i?) shows at agency pre-event

02/03, 7:45am

Canon EOS 600D tested at Korean agency

Canon's annual upgrade to its Rebel DSLRs may be getting close as Korea's Radio Research Agency has a listing for a new model. The EOS 600D, more likely to be called the Rebel T3i in North America, was quietly passed through testing last week. It didn't provide details of what features the camera would bring.


Canon EOS 60D arrives with 1080p video, swivel screen

08/26, 12:10am

Canon EOS 60D made official

Canon tonight unveiled its update to the long serving EOS 50D. The EOS 60D catches up to recent Canon DSLRs with 1080p, H.264-encoded video and an 18-megapixel sensor. It also brings a first for any Canon DSLR in the form of a swivelling LCD: the three-inch display can move horizontally, vertically and at angles to help shoot photos in difficult positions.


Canon outs two photo all-in-one printers, EOS 7D Studio

08/17, 10:25am

Canon Pixma MG8120, MG6120 and EOS 7D Studio debut

Canon as a prelude to its larger releases next week put out two new photo all-in-one printers and a rare specialized DSLR. Together, the Pixma MG6120 and its MG8120 sibling have a new interface that uses capacitive touch instead of resistive for input. While now very common in phones, it's rare in printers and is touted by Canon as speeding up common tasks.


Canon sends invites for August 26 event

08/13, 8:15pm

Canon confirms August 26 camera intros

Canon validated a flurry of rumors surrounding an August 26 event today by sending out invitations for media events the same day. Invites in Belgium and elsewhere asked the media to attend a "Take Stories Press Event." No clues were given in examples handed to Canon Rumors as to the nature of what would arrive.


More Canon details: 60D body, G12 coming, LaForet teaser

08/12, 12:40pm

Canon 60D and camera plans detailed in full

Canon's pre-Photokina camera launches may have been elaborated almost in full today through a string of leaks. One tip focusing on the often rumored EOS 60D suggested to Canon Rumors that it will use a plastic body slightly smaller than the 50D. While not as durable as magnesium, the shell would keep the price to just $200 or $300 above the price of a Rebel T2i and would have a better grip.


Canon EOS 60D possibly spotted in photos

08/11, 11:50am

Canon EOS 60D swivel screen may be confirmed

Canon's by now long rumored EOS 60D may have been spotted through a pair of anonymous spy shots posted today. The images appear to confirm the presence of a swiveling screen and clearly show a mode dial from Canon's modern era, with Creative Auto and movie settings. Its body is too large to be a Rebel model and has one of Canon's distinctive white telephoto lenses attached.


Canon may finally out EOS 60D, 1Ds Mark IV at Aug. 26 event

08/09, 5:35pm

Canon nears pre-Photokina DSLR upgrades

Canon's often anticipated DSLR updates, including the EOS 60D and EOS 1Ds Mark IV, may finally show themselves by the end of the month based on recent talk. At least Canon Poland has reportedly sent out invitations to an August 26 event for a new "flagship DSLR" that would likely be the 1Ds Mark IV. Little is known about what would entail, but the 1Ds series has usually been a full-frame version of the 1D model that shoots at a higher resolution; a new model would likely add higher light sensitivity and 1080p video.


Review: Eos Converge wireless audio system

07/25, 4:05pm

Eos Converge wireless audio tested

Eos' Converge audio system is, in theory, the wireless audio system for everyone: it streams iTunes music and Internet radio directly to either an existing audio system or its own speakers, but it can also take music directly from an iPhone or iPod. It's billed as offering great sound quality and simplicity. Read on to our full Converge system review to see our take on whether it reaches those two goals.


Canon EOS 60D may come as soon as tomorrow

07/12, 4:05pm

Event leaks allude to EOS 60D on July 13

Canon's very frequently rumored EOS 60D could at last launch this week if mounting evidence is currect. An entry on creativeLIVE's calendar for August 25 refers to a "special epic event" whose details will be made public on July 13, a date that has surfaced twice before while being connected to the new mid-range DSLR. The date is far from confirmed but would both be consistent with suspicions of a summer release and would make sense with the run-up to the Photokina expo on September 21.


Canon to hold movie-related camera event Monday

02/04, 8:40am

Feb 8 Canon event may have video SLRs, camcorders

Canon today sent word that it will have a special event in the UK on February 8th for new cameras. The company hints that it will be "at the movies" and is holding the event at the British Academy for Film and Television Arts' (BAFTA) offices in London. It's nonetheless careful not to lean towards a specific category of product and says it simply touches on "consumer imaging," not necessarily camcorders.


Image leak shows possible Canon EOS-7D top shell

08/20, 6:55pm

Image leak of EOS 7D

An image has surfaced that allegedly shows the top shell of an unannounced Canon camera, potentially the EOS-7D, according to a forum post on Digital Photography Review. The component closely resembles the top of Canon's EOS 5D Mark II, although the button arrangement and left-side dial are both slightly different.


Canon EOS 5D Mark II said shipping today

11/25, 3:50pm

Canon 5D Mark II shipping

Canon's newest DSLR camera, the EOS 5D Mark II DSLR, with its 21-megapixel sensor and the ability to record movies in high-definition, will begin shipping today from Canon USA's distribution centers and start arriving at retailers this week, according to the company. The news comes from Chuck Westfall, Canon USA's Technical Advisor, and means some buyers can pick up the DSLR by the end of the week and thus in time for Black Friday.


Canon kicks off teaser EOS ad campaign

09/05, 11:35am

Canon shows EOS teaser ads

Canon has started up a teaser ad campaign centered around an upcoming digital SLR camera from its EOS line, triggering speculation of a likely update at the Photokina expo this month. While some believe the update to involve the long-expected full-frame, 21.1-megapixel 5D Mark II, with an integrated battery grip, another teaser ad on Canon's Japanese site shows a silhouette of what is most likely a regular-bodied DSLR. There has been no official information from the Japanese camera maker other than a confirmation of a DSLR timed for the event.


Canon reveals EOS 50D semi-pro DSLR

08/26, 7:40am

Canon EOS 50D

Canon began its fullest assault on the camera market pre-Photokina with the launch of the EOS 50D. The spiritual successor to the EOS 40D boosts the sensor to 15.1 megapixels and is consciously targeted at the extremely high ISO ranges shooting of newer Nikon cameras. By fitting gapless microlenses on top of the pixels, Canon says it has cut back on noise and can introduce two ultra-high sensitivity modes at ISO 6,400 and ISO 12,800 while also producing a cleaner image across the normal ISO 100-3,200 range.



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