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Distimo: App Store leads revenue, Google Play growing faster

12/17, 4:17pm

Google platform dominates in Korea, Japan

Apple's App Store has reportedly held its leading position this year in terms of revenue, though Google Play has maintained a stronger growth rate, according to data published by app analytics firm Distimo. Between January and November, Apple's revenue share had fallen from 70 to 63 percent while Google's share jumped from 30 to 37 percent.


Distimo: App spotlights help Android more, sales help iOS

01/26, 7:25pm

Wide gaps exist in mobile app placement, price

Distimo has taken a fresh look at mobile app promos that has shown a sharp contrast in their effects on Android and iOS apps. Being featured in the official store has the most impact on Android, the research found. An Android developer typically jumps 42 spots in the popular rankings in the first three days after it's highlighted in Android Market, where iOS App Store titles jump a relatively small 27 spots on the iPad and just 15 on the iPhone.


Android Market tops 400,000 apps, catches Apple in pace

01/04, 8:25am

Android Market accelerates in just five months

Unofficial Distimo tracking has shown Android Market already at over 400,000 active apps. The figure comes just four months after it reached 300,000 in August. Nearly 100,000 publishers are in the store, each of which posts about 4.1 apps on average.


Distimo: iOS App Store had 6X the revenue of Android in 2011

12/21, 9:45am

Distimo shows Android still not a source of cash

The end of 2011 still has the iOS App Store much more profitable than Android Market, Distimo found in its year-end wrap-up. Over the course of 2011, the iPhone side of the App Store made four times the revenue of the entire Android Market, while the iPad side made twice as much. The discrepancy came even as Android became tops in device share and had nearly 350,000 active apps, based on its own figures.


Windows Phone app market burgeoning, 39X smaller than iPhone

11/22, 9:15pm

Distimo says WP7 Marketplace still trailing

The Windows Phone Marketplace has grown quickly in its first year, but is still well behind its peers, Distimo said in a look back on Tuesday. Although it was at about 35,000 apps as of October (40,000 in November), its actual download traffic tops just 131,000 apps a day in the top 300 apps. Apple sees over 5.1 million each day, or about 39 times more.


Distimo: mobile games led by freemium, iOS devices

07/27, 11:10am

Distimo study shows freemium dominating games

A new Distimo study on Wednesday showed Apple riding a wave in gaming based on a wider shift to "freemium" games. The pay-for-extras model from games like Smurf's Village now makes up 52 percent of the revenue coming from games. The shift makes it about ten times larger than it was a year ago and saw about 35 percent of games supporting some kind of in-game pay system.


Distimo: Android still struggling versus iOS in paid apps

05/27, 9:05am

Distimo shows Android still poor in paid apps

A new Distimo study on Friday has revealed that Android is still much more difficult to survive for developers of paid apps than iOS. Research found that 79.3 percent of paid apps on Google's platform have been downloaded fewer than 100 times, and even 19.6 percent of free apps were just as marginal. Paid apps were also much less likely to be popular than in Apple's shop: where only two paid Android apps had passed 500,000 downloads worldwide for their whole lifespan, there were six iPhone apps that had managed that amount just in two months of US sales.


Mac App Store at three months: few free apps, lots of games

03/18, 6:15am

Mac gaming gets a boost, but off to modest start

Market research group Distimo has compiled a report on the Mac App Store showing that it is off to a relatively slow start compared with the number of iOS apps available through the iTunes App Store at the same stage. The Distimo report shows that the Mac App Store had 2,225 apps available at the two-month mark, which amounts to around a quarter of the number of apps that had become available for the iPad over the same timeframe. App developers on the Mac App Store in the top 300 rankings also pulled in half the revenue, on average, of iPad app developers in the top 300.


Windows Phone 7 apps close to iPhone on price, gaming bias

11/25, 12:10pm

Windows Phone 7 apps more competitive with iPhone

Windows Phone 7's early app market is much more competitive with the iPhone and other platforms than Windows Mobile, Distimo found in its latest study. The average price of any paid WP7 app is now the cheapest of all the stores at about $1.95, or double the $4 for iPhone apps. Microsoft's one-time attempt at pushing premium apps is still evident at the older Windows Marketplace for Mobile, where the average app is three times more expensive at $6.27.



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