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NPD: iPad mini to outsell full-sized iPad by 60 percent

02/28, 11:00pm

Now predicting Apple will sell 33M iPads, 55M iPad minis in 2013

Although Apple was sure enough that the iPad mini would be a popular seller that it made the diminutive model the centerpiece of its holiday campaigns, even the prognosticators at Apple might have been surprised by the model's enduring demand -- and may have adjusted inventories and supplies to accommodate more iPad minis and fewer full-size iPads in their future mix, claims a new study by industry analyst NPD. The company has looked at display orders from Apple suppliers and believes the company changed its plans.


NPD sees low-cost smartphone shipments doubling every year

10/22, 1:38pm

From 2010 to 2016, low-cost smartphones to double yearly

The low-end smartphone market will experience phenomenal growth over the next six years, with shipments of models costing under $150 set to double every year between now and 2016. This according to NPD DisplaySearch's new Smartphones: Displays, Designs and Functionality report. The report sees low-cost smartphone shipments doubling every year from 2010 to 2016, with the sector moving 311 million units in 2016.


Rumor: Apple leaping to 4.6-inch screen on 2012 iPhone

03/21, 11:35pm

Claim has Apple breaking iPhone screen size mould

A contentious rumor late Wednesday had Apple leaping to a 4.6-inch screen for the next iPhone. The Maeil Business Newspaper had Apple making its first part orders ahead of spring plans, dropping the familiar 3.5-inch size for the first time in five years in favor of a size comparable to the Galaxy Nexus. Unlike Samsung, though, Apple would keep its shorter but wider ratio, and would keep using an LCD instead of AMOLED.


NPD: tablet numbers to nearly equal notebooks by 2017

01/04, 11:45am

NPD estimate calls for 383m tablets in 2017

Tablets will grow rapidly enough over the next five years to be nearly as important as notebooks, the NPD Group's DisplaySearch wing said in an unusually long-term estimate. Determining that tablets will have grown 256 percent this year where notebooks would be up just 12 percent, it predicted a quick enough pace that there would be 383.3 million tablets shipped in 2017. While notebooks would be up to 432 million in this view, they would no longer have the clear advantage.


DisplaySearch: iPad 3 in Q1 to start tablet resolution surge

11/29, 10:55am

DisplaySearch expects tablet rush to sharpen LCDs

The iPad 3 display should help kick off a dramatic improvement in the quality of tablet displays early next year, DisplaySearch said. Based on its own shipment forecast data, it expected the typical pixels per inch (PPI) of a tablet to jump from 147 at the end of 2011 to 191 in early 2012. It understood that two tablet screens shipping in the fall would be instrumental to the spike, including a 1920x1200 10-inch display showing in the Iconia Tab A700 and the 9.7-inch, 2048x1536 screen that could only be destined for Apple's new tablet.


Apple regains top mobile PC spot from HP when iPad counts

08/18, 12:45pm

DisplaySeach: Apple leads mobile PCs in spring '11

Apple has managed to get back to the top spot in mobile computing if the iPad is factored in, DisplaySearch reckoned on Thursday. At 13.6 million iPads and Macs combined, it claimed 21.1 percent of the portable computer space in the spring. HP, which was still mostly led by traditional PCs, was considerably further back at 9.7 million shipped and exactly 15 percent share.


DisplaySearch: tablets face 'hitch' in 2011, netbooks dying

04/13, 11:30am

DisplaySearch sees brief 2011 tablet stall-out

Tablets are going to face some trouble in 2011 but will ultimately marginalize netbooks, DisplaySearch estimated on Wednesday. Researchers expected a "hitch" in tablet deliveries through the spring and summer as many companies wouldn't be sure how to sell their first tablets while seeming like a viable contender against the iPad 2. It wouldn't be until the second half of the year that demands would be clearer and rivals could try attacking the market in earnest.


iPad helps push Apple past HP to be top portable 'PC' maker

02/16, 10:35am

DisplaySearch says Apple now top in PCs with iPad

Apple may have wrested the top spot from HP in portable computing if its surging iPad sales are factored in, DisplaySearch said in an estimate. The combination of the tablet and Macs saw Apple ship 10.2 million portables of some kind in the fall to claim 17.2 percent of the market. HP's clinging to traditional Windows notebooks PCs would have dropped it to second place at 9.3 million, or 15.6 percent.


Touchscreen makers thrive on iPad, ship 26.3m for tablets

12/30, 10:55am

NPD: 26.3m tablet, touch netbook screens in 2010

The launch of the iPad almost single-handedly drove the rise of large touchscreens this year, the NPD Group's DisplaySearch found today. About 6.3 million touchscreens large enough for tablets and touch-aware netbooks shipped in the first half of 2010, but the rise of the iPad and relatively minor contributions from the Samsung Galaxy Tab will have boosted that number to about 20 million for the second half. Although declining to mention Apple by name, the researchers noted that key iPad supplier Wintek produced the "majority" of the large touchscreen hardware for the year.


Apple is third-largest portable maker with iPad included

12/07, 12:35pm

DisplaySearch says Apple no 3 in portables w iPad

Merging the iPad with Apple's notebook shipment numbers would make it the third-largest portable computer maker in the world, DisplaySearch said in a new study. Adding the 4.2 million tablets would give Apple 6.3 million shipments, it said, pushing it above Dell (6.1 million) and Toshiba (4.3 million). The result was actually low as it was based on preliminary figures; Apple's official results saw it ship over 2.6 million MacBooks and nearly 4.2 million iPads, or 6.8 million portables in total.


iPad could help Apple outsell ASUS, Lenovo and Toshiba

10/14, 11:05am

DisplaySearch sees iPad helping Apple pass Lenovo

The iPad could be Apple's key to outselling much of the portable computing market, DisplaySearch said in its latest report. Opting to include the iPad the same category as notebooks, the group expects Apple to ship nine million tablets in the second half of the year and to immediately vault over ASUS, Lenovo and Toshiba to become the fourth-largest portable computer seller in the world. Going Mac-only has previously kept Apple stuck between sixth and eighth place.


3D TV facing resistance, slow adoption among buyers

10/13, 10:35am

DisplaySearch finds buyers reluctant on 3D TV

Despite frequent attempts to push 3D TV, electronics makers aren't getting the adoption they were hoping for, DisplaySearch found today. Just 3.2 million TVs sold this year, or two percent of all flat screen TVs, will have 3D built-in. Moreover, the attach rate of extra 3D glasses to TVs is less than one to one, suggesting most 3D TV buyers have no intention of using 3D and are simply being forced to get 3D to get the other features they actually want.


Estimates show netbooks stagnating post-iPad

09/30, 9:15am

DisplaySearch says iPad stalling netbook growth

A new DisplaySearch study today both confirmed and predicted that the iPad was having a cooling effect on netbooks. Breaking down netbooks by category, it showed the 10-inch netbook's sales having dropped this spring by eight percent year-over-year after more than two years of growth. In small netbooks, below nine inches, the effect was even more dramatic as the category plummeted 89 percent to account for just 100,000 PCs worldwide.



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