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VESA updates DisplayPort standard to 1.4b, allows for 8K video

10/28, 10:03am

New technology expected to be seen in next year's devices

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) today announced it has published the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) standard version 1.4b. This new release incorporates a number of key protocol refinements and clarifications resulting from VESA member companies' product development efforts. These enhancements to the eDP standard will further optimize interoperability of integrated displays and personal electronic devices, and will be integrated into future revisions of USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt technology.


New DisplayPort 1.4a spec can drive up to 8K displays

02/10, 10:25am

Increasing LCD panel resolution driving need for protocol upgrade

The group responsible for the DisplayPort protocol, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), yesterday published the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) Standard version 1.4a. The new eDP 1.4a enables a higher video data transfer rate for increased panel resolution up to 8K, greater color depth and higher refresh rates. It also incorporates the VESA Display Stream Compression (DSC) Standard v1.1, and includes a new segmented panel architecture.


USB Type-C to support DisplayPort Alternate Mode, '4K and beyond'

09/22, 4:35pm

Mode could use four data lanes for 5K video, adapters for older technologies

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced today that it has been working with the USB 3.0 Promoter Group to create a new DisplayPort mode that works in conjunction with USB Type-C. The new mode, dubbed DisplayPort Alternate Mode, could be used to drive monitor resolutions to "4K and beyond," as well as delivering up to 100 watts of power and USB 3.1 data over a single Type-C cable.


DisplayPort spec boosted to v1.3, can drive 5K on single cable

09/16, 10:40am

New version drives 25.9Gbps of uncompressed video

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced the release of the DisplayPort 1.3 standard. An update to the widely-used DisplayPort 1.2a standard, this latest version increases the maximum link bandwidth to 32.4Gbps, with each of four lanes running at a link rate of 8.1Gbps per lane -- a 50 percent increase from the previous version of the DisplayPort standard. Allowing for transport overhead, DisplayPort's 32.4Gbps combined link rate delivers 25.9Gbps of uncompressed video data.


VESA releases new DisplayPort Dual-Mode 1.1 standard

02/01, 1:50pm

New standard allows DisplayPort to deliver UHD video

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has released it's new DisplayPort standard. DisplayPort Dual-Mode 1.1 will allow computers and monitors to support higher resolutions and new functionality, such as Ultra HD images through a single cable, as well as a number of refinements that will improve interoperability.


Matrox debuts DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition adapter at NAB

04/18, 2:00am

Enables two external monitors for mobile Macs

Matrox has refined its DualHead2Go product that lets Mac notebook users add a second external monitor to now incorporate MiniDisplayPort or Thunderbolt in the DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition (ME). The breakout box enables a single port to now run two external DVI-based displays at up to 1920x1200 resolution. The unit comes bundled with PowerDesk software to help users manage and arrage multi-display setups and supports Lion's full-screen application mode.


Apple contemplating DisplayPort support for mobile?

08/16, 4:30pm

Might simplify connecting iOS devices to monitors

Apple could be looking to support DisplayPort video output on future iOS devices, a new job listing hints. The company is currently searching for a signal integrity and power integrity manager, who will be working "in a group at Apple that develops SOCs (system-on-chips) that will be used in Apple mobile devices." Candidates must have "expertise in Serial links (such as DisplayPort) as well as parallel bus standards (such as LPDDR2 interface), and power integrity at package level and as well as board level."


HDMI group aims to pull some HDMI to Mini DisplayPort cables

07/08, 4:05pm

HDMI says many HDMI to Mini DP cables unlicensed

The HDMI Org group has been calling for a crackdown on many forms of HDMI to Mini DisplayPort cables. The company spoke on Friday saying that any cable which had both a male Mini DP jack and a male HDMI connector wasn't properly licensed and shouldn't be on sale. They can't be tested under the current terms, the HDMI team explained to TechRadar, and sit outside of the spec even if they work properly.


DisplayPort 1.2 gets active cable support

06/22, 6:40pm

Offers greater performance, longer cable lengths

VESA, the body that oversees the DisplayPort standard, has extended that standard to support active cables. Active cables can allow runs of up to 100 feet, five times greater than the maximum length of a passive cable. The cables can also be thinner than passive cables, providing even more flexibility for home theater installs or other complex setups.


Latest iOS 4.3 beta hints at 3MP camera, three models

02/03, 10:00am

DisplayPort compatibility would allow HDMI video

The third iOS 4.3 beta suggests some different specifications for the second-generation iPad than previously hinted, a report observes. Included in the code is said to be a reference to a 3 megapixel camera connected to a device known as the N88. The model number first surfaced, however, in a 2009 rumor connected to the iPhone 3GS, which is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera.


Giveaway: Two Kanex prize packages!

01/03, 6:50pm

Kanex prize package giveaway

The holidays may be over, but to kick off the new year right Electronista is giving away not one, but two gift sets from Kanex. One gift set features the Kanex iAdapt V2 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter with audio support. The other gift set includes the Kanex C247d Apple Cinema Display adapter. Each gift set also has Kanex pens and a Kanex tote bag.


Matrox updates dual- and triple-head video breakout boxes

12/10, 10:35pm

Up to three external monitors via MiniDisplayPort

Matrox's existing DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go DP Edition graphics expansion modules (GXMs) now include a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, making it easier for Mac users of Apple's latest notebooks and desktops and other computer owners with DisplayPort technology to hook up to three additional monitors or projectors to their machines. The DVI version of the boxes will also get a boost in an upcoming firmware upgrade, allowing dual 1600x900 resolution.


AMD, Intel, PC builders plan to drop VGA by 2015

12/08, 2:40pm

VGA other analog outputs to be dropped by 2015

AMD, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, Samsung and LG on Wednesday said they plan on focusing on putting digital DisplayPort and HDMI connections into their computer products. They hope to drop analog VGA and LVDS connections in AMD- and Intel-based products by 2015, the chipmakers said. VGA technology is over 20 years old, uses up more power, and supports lower resolutions and less colors than the digital alternatives.


Henge Docks offers customizable docks for MacBooks

04/19, 9:20pm

Users can select specific connections

Henge Docks has unveiled a series of docking stations designed for Apple's latest MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The devices allow notebook computers to be integrated into desktop systems or home theater configurations. Each model offers a flexible system capable of connecting USB, Ethernet, audio, mini DisplayPort, FireWire, and MagSafe cables.


Blackmagic intros HDLink Pro 3D DaVinci Resolve 7.0

04/13, 9:35pm

NAB introductions for video production

Blackmagic has expanded its line of professional video production gear with the HDLink Pro 3D and DaVinci Resolve 7.0. The HDLink Pro 3D converter enables regular or 3D stereoscopic SDI monitoring using standard DisplayPort displays or HDMI 1.4 SDI-connected 3D televisions. The device supports interleaved/side-by-side or dual stream 3D inputs via two SDI inputs.


Apple ponders USB/DisplayPort cable, peer-to-peer payment

04/08, 12:05pm

Files for patents at home and abroad

Having just won a collection of patents, Apple has been revealed to be pursuing at least two more ideas. One pair of patent applications, originally submitted in September 2009, depict a cable that would merge DisplayPort and USB 3.0 into one connector. The technologies use comparable amounts of bandwidth, Apple notes, and combining the two would allow for smaller connectors and extra convenience.


ATI debuts Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition Graphics

03/31, 12:50am

ATI Eyefinity supports display across six displays

AMD on Wednesday formally released ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition graphics card, offering 2GB of GDDR5 memory and delivering rendering in excess of 1 billion pixels per second in current generation gaming titles--or up to 12 times more resolution than 1080p HD. The company claims that with up to 2GB of GDDR5 memory users can experience high frame rates and image quality settings in the latest DirectX 11 games in 3- and 6-display gaming setups (using one of five included adapters: 2 mini-DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort adapters, 2 passive mini-DisplayPort-to-DVI dongles, and 1 passive mini-DisplayPort-to-HDMI dongle).


Atlona debuts DP400 Dual Link DVI to MDP converter

02/03, 1:30pm

Supports 2560 x 1600 maximum resolutions

Atlona has introduced a new adapter for those hoping to use Apple displays, the DP400 Dual Link DVI to mDP converter. The box is designed for DVI based Mac users looking to convert video signals to Mini DisplayPort screens like the LED Cinema Display or the 27-inch iMac. Similar the company’s previous DP200 release, this device has a 7-inch USB cable. However, unlike the 1920x1200-only previous model, the DP400 supports the full 2560x1600 resolution that requires a dual-link signal.


DisplayPort 1.2 official with multi-streaming, USB

01/18, 3:10pm

DP 1.2 spec includes Mini DisplayPort

The VESA group today officially released DisplayPort 1.2, its large revamp to the modern display standard. Officially just an extension, it has double the data rate of the original (now 21.6Gbps) and can handle tasks that would have been impossible with 1.1a. It can handle 3D, color depths higher than 24-bit and faster frame rates. More important, however, is multi-streaming: a single cable can output two 2560x1600 displays at full frame rate or four 1920x1200 screens.


Griffin announces CES slate of iPhone, iPod accessories

01/08, 10:05am

Accessory maker launches new 10 products

Griffin has announced nine new products for iPhones and iPods at CES 2010. The iFM is an FM radio receiver which attaches to the dock connector of an Apple handheld. With a clickwheel iPod it activates embedded Apple radio control software, while on an iPhone or iPod touch, Griffin's free iFM Radio Controller app is required. It features user presets, and can tag songs for buying on iTunes. The iFM is due in March for $40.


Kanex Mini DisplayPort adapter sends digital audio over HDMI

10/02, 5:55pm

Adapter powered by USB input

Kanex has released its latest Mac accessory, a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that supports 1080p video and digital audio. The device plugs into the Mac's Mini DisplayPort, optical audio Mini Jack, and a USB port for power. The audio and video signals are both sent across HDMI, eliminating the need to run a dedicated Toslink cable to a receiver for digital sound.


Atlona intros DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter

07/31, 5:50pm

DVI to Mini DisplayPort

Atlona has released its latest connectivity device, the AT-DP200 DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter. The box is designed to be used for attaching a DVI-enabled computer to a Mini DisplayPort monitor, such as Apple's 24-inch Cinema Display. The device supports resolutions up to 1920x1200, while retaining HDCP compatibility and EDID information.


SendStation ships line of Mini DisplayPort Adapters

05/28, 7:05pm

SendStation ships Adapters

SendStation Systems has released its newest iPod accessories, consisting of several Mini DisplayPort Adapters. Each device provides a small cord that can connect a user's computer to an external display, such as a television, projector or computer display. The external display can then be used to expand the computer's desktop area. The connector cord integrates a Mini DisplayPort socket on one end and, depending on the display used, either a DVI, HDMI, or VGA plug on the other end.


Apple posts Mini DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter update

03/17, 11:25am

Mini DisplayPort update

Using Software Update, Apple has begun distributing a firmware upgrade for users of the Mini DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter. The software is said to address problems Macs have had with the adapter, in which video will flicker or go completely blank during use. Difficulties began roughly around the launch of the first unibody MacBook Pro on October 14th.


Apple adapter triggering 30-inch LCD errors?

01/26, 9:50am

Apple video adapter issues

Apple's recent Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter may be causing problems with 30-inch LCD displays, complaints on Apple's support forums suggest. The adapter is mainly intended to connect modern MacBooks, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs, which are currently the only devices that support Mini DisplayPort. Users of the adapter are reporting a variety of errors however, ranging from graphics corruption to temporary blackouts.


DisplayPort 1.2 to carry 3D, mini port

01/13, 9:35am

DisplayPort 1 2 Spec

Display standards group VESA has revealed early details of DisplayPort 1.2, the next generation of its interface for computer screens. The technology doubles the amount of available bandwidth and lets the format produce images better than either the current 1.1 standard or dual-link DVI. At a minimum, the technology would allow a near-4K resolution of 3840x2160 at 60 frames per second and more advanced 30-bit color; the current specification is limited to 2560x1600 at the same quality.


Apple makes Mini DisplayPort license free

12/01, 5:20pm

Mini DisplayPort goes free

Apple is opening up access to its Mini DisplayPort standard, according to an announcement. Though Apple did not develop DisplayPort proper, the company has created a more compact version of the technology to accompany its new unibody MacBooks, as well as the revised 24-inch Cinema Display. Hardware makers looking to build peripherals compatible with the standard -- most likely third-party monitors and video cards -- must apply first for an evaluation license, and then for a separate implementation one. Once Apple agrees to the latter the standard is then free to use.


Apple Mini DisplayPort DRM sparks controversy

11/26, 8:00pm

DisplayPort DRM conflict

Apple is under fire once again for its use of copyright protection, with the implementation of High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) into the Mini DisplayPort video connection found on the latest MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Air notebooks, according to The enforcement of HDCP protection had caused problems for a number of iTunes customers, preventing them from playing videos on external displays that were not compatible with the protection standard.


QuickTime 7.5.7 enables SD playback via DisplayPort

11/26, 12:40am

SD playback fixed

Apple on Tuesday has unveiled QuickTime 7.5.7, an update to its multimedia player system that reportedly removes HDCP protection from standard definition movies bought or rented from iTunes when played across the DisplayPort on some of the more modern Macs. MacRumors reports that the update resolves issues on the new MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, all of which feature the miniature DisplayPort connector.


EIZO intros 24-inch LCD with DisplayPort connection

11/14, 2:10pm

EIZO intros 24-inch LCD

Japan's Eizo recently introduced the ColorEdge CG242W LCD monitor that offers a 24.1-inch display and offers 1920x1200 resolution. The monitor's colors cover 97 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum, and is meant to be used with video editing applications that include 3D-look-up table (3D LUT) support. New MacBook Pros use a mini Display Port connection and nothing else, so once an adapter is released, users will be able to add EIZO's LCD as a secondary, external display to the notebooks. Apart from the DisplayPort, there is a DVI connection, and both are HDCP compatible.


Apple launches new 24" LED Cinema Display

10/14, 2:55pm

24" gets mini DisplayPort

During Apple's notebook event today, the company launched a new 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display, arriving in November and featuring a new mini-DisplayPort connection to attach to the latest MacBooks. The new display, rated at 1920x1200 pixels with 16.7 million colors, is styled in a similar fashion to the current line of iMacs, with a black border and minimal metallic edging around a glass-fronted glossy screen. It features an iSight camera and microphone built in with stereo speakers, all of which are fed through a single cable.


Apple reveals updated MacBook Pro

10/14, 2:00pm

New MacBook Pro revealed

Speaking at a special event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced the existence of a redesigned MacBook Pro. Confirming earlier reports, the notebook is being built using a new construction process, similar to the one for the MacBook Air; each system starts as a brick of solid aluminum, from which material is initially removed, rather than added to. The resulting systems are said to be simultaneously lighter and stronger.


Dell launches 2709W LCD with DisplayPort

06/19, 1:55pm

Dell 2709W Display

Foregoing a full announcement, Dell today secretly put up the 2709W, its second-ever 27-inch LCD. The 1920x1200 display is touted for its extreme color accuracy and reproduces just over one billion colors, or 110 percent of the NTSC color gamut. It also produces a 3,000:1 claimed contrast ratio and 450cd/m2 of brightness while maintaining a reasonably fast 6ms pixel response time. The new offering is additionally the first Dell display at the size to include a DisplayPort connector that addresses the new computer display format.


ThinkPad R400, R500 specs emerge

06/11, 12:35pm

Lenovo R400, R500 specs

Specifications have been learned for two upcoming Lenovo notebooks, according to Notebook Italia. Both are said to be intermediary computers for the transition to Intel's Centrino 2 platform, and a replacement for Lenovo's current ThinkPad R61. Each has the option of a Core 2 Duo or Celeron M processor, matched to a PM45, GM45 or GL45 motherboard; the systems also support up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 320GB 5400rpm hard drive or a 200GB 7200rpm drive. Wireless technologies should include options for Bluetooth, WiMAX, and 802.11b/g or a/g/n.


HP unveils ultra-accurate DreamColor LCD

06/10, 4:00am

HP DreamColor LCD

As part of a wider device launch, HP this morning upgraded its monitor lineup with a screen it claims is the most affordable display yet for video editors and other pros working in color-accurate situations. The DreamColor is designed with help from DreamWorks Animation SKG and uses a rare 24-inch LCD panel that produces 30-bit color, generating more than one billion colors; the color range is 64 times that of even better everyday LCDs and also results in blacks four times deeper than normal LCDs. An LED backlight both contributes to a better contrast ratio (1,000:1) and also ensures that colors are uniform across the entire screen.


AMD announces pro-level DisplayPort video

03/31, 3:55pm

AMD/ATI FireGL V7700

AMD has introduced its first professional-level videocard with a DisplayPort connection, the FireGL V7700. Intended for tasks like art and engineering design, the 7700 is a PCIe 2.0 card with 512MB of RAM, and 320 unified shaders. The DisplayPort connection is said to improve image quality, offering 10-bit output with over a billion colors; alternately, users can rely on the card's dual-link DVI-I output, which supports 30-inch screens, and as many as four displays when paired with other cards. Also present is a standard VGA port.


Dell Latitude E4000 to chase Air, X300

03/21, 11:55am

Dell Latitude E4000 Detail

Dell's Latitude E4000 series will more explicitly target the same very thin, advanced technology field covered by Apple's MacBook Air and Lenovo's ThinkPad X300, according to leaks continued today by Engadget. While both the E4200 and E4300 will offer thinner LED-backlit, 12-inch displays, the E4200 will be far thinner than earlier Latitudes and will measure between 0.6 and 0.8 inches thick and will optimally weigh just 2.2 versus the 3 of its challengers. This will in part come from its storage: the E4200 will require either a 32GB or 64GB solid-state drive instead of a conventional hard disk.


Dell launches UltraSharp 2408WFP

02/19, 12:55pm

Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP

Dell has begun selling the UltraSharp 2408WFP, its newest LCD monitor. The screen is a companion to the 3008WFP, and is only the second model from Dell to support DisplayPort technology. DisplayPort is a simpler kind of video input that should eventually replace DVI and VGA, and possibly HDMI in some cases, due to an absence of licensing fees. The 2408 in fact supports all of the above connections, as well as component, S-Video and composite inputs.


AMD releases budget Radeon HD 3000 cards

01/23, 9:00am

AMD Radeon HD 3400 3600

AMD this morning released what it says are some of the first entry-level desktop video cards to provide video features previously reserved for high-end models. Both the starter Radeon HD 3400 under the company's ATI label and more mid-range Radeon HD 3600 series share the same basic architecture as the high-end Radeon HD 3800 but reduce the clock speed and number of stream (graphics shader) processors to bring the price to a reasonable level; where the 3800 goes with a full 320 stream units, the 3400 series goes with 40 and the 3600 uses 120, AMD says. In spite of this, all the new cards support enhanced lighting and other visual effects in DirectX 10.1 and newer versions of OpenGL 2; they are also some of the first to support as many as two DisplayPort connectors for newer, advanced displays such as the Dell 3008WFP.


Dell brings 30-inch DisplayPort LCD to US

01/07, 5:05pm

Dell 3008WFP in US

Dell tonight hushed speculation and released the 3008WFP, its new flagship. Already available in Japan, the display is only the second ever beyond Dell's own Crystal to optionally pipe video through a DisplayPort connector, enabling higher resolutions than single-link DVI as well as other features. It also stands as Dell's most color-accurate screen and reproduces 100 percent of the NTSC color gamut at a 3,000:1 contrast ratio.


Specs emerge for new AMD Radeons

12/20, 1:20pm

New AMD Radeon specs

A Spanish-language website claims to acquired photos and specifications on three new, unannounced AMD video cards. Of these the most notable may actually be the slowest of the group, the Radeon HD 3450; while it only has a 525MHz core and 256MB of 800MHz memory, it is the only one of the three known to have a DisplayPort connection, the second from the company after the previously-revealed RV635 XT. DisplayPort is intended to eventually replace DVI and VGA ports, and it may subsume HDMI as well, since companies do not have to pay for its use.


Dell releases first DisplayPort LCD

12/19, 8:15am

Dell 3008WFP DisplayPort

Dell today set an industry first by releasing the world's first commercially available screen with a DisplayPort connector. The 3008WFP uses the new standard to provide the high resolution of dual-link DVI with the integration of TV-oriented standards such as HDMI: when using a compatible video card, the single DisplayPort cable both drives the 2560x1600 of the 30-inch display while also providing audio and the HDCP encryption needed to play back some protected HD video formats. Dual protected DVI outputs as well as single HDMI, VGA, component, and S-video jacks provide support for virtually all legacy video standards.


AMD unveils first DisplayPort-equipped video card

12/07, 4:40pm

ATI DisplayPort-ready card

AMD has revealed the first video card with a native DisplayPort connection, the RV635 XT. While specifications on the card itself are not yet available, more information on DisplayPort has emerged as a result. The technology is eventually intended to replace DVI and VGA connections, and may well produce competition for HDMI, in part because it is also capable of 24-bit, eight-channel audio. DisplayPort connections also contain a dedicated auxiliary link, which can be used for panel I/O and mic connections.



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