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Google loses exclusion of incriminating mail in Android suit

02/06, 3:40pm

Google denied appeal on mail shwoing patent issue

Google on Monday lost an appeal trying to keep an incriminating e-mail out of Oracle's lawsuit over Android patents and copyrights. The court rejected Google's view that engineer Tim Lindholm's message, which told top staff that they needed a Java license for Android, was subject to attorney-client privilege. Lindholm had been talking to regular Google employees and not lawyers, the federal appeals court said, making it a valid part of discovery.


Google intern: Android UI lags iPhone's due to bad priority

12/06, 6:55pm

Android sluggishness dissected versus iOS

Recent Google intern and soon-to-be Microsoft intern Andrew Munn has given an explanation as to why many Android devices are considerably laggier and less responsive than iOS or Windows Phone devices. While iOS puts graphics drawing as a real-time priority and lets users manage which priorities can be rendered in the background, Android treats the interface as a normal priority. As a result, Android devices can often bog down when they're trying to conduct other tasks at the same time.


Myriad's Alien Dalvik 2.0 puts Android apps on iPads

10/06, 11:35am

Myriad Alien Dalvik 2 to show next week

Myriad on Thursday showed off a second generation of its Alien Dalvik platform. A 2.0 remake will bring Android's Dalvik engine to outside tablet platforms, including the iPad. E-readers, in-car systems, and TVs should also support it for the first time.


BlackBerry PlayBook to run Android apps to prop up support

03/24, 7:10pm

BlackBerry PlayBook adds Android app support

RIM along with its latest results confirmed that it would support Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The seven-inch tablet will have a Java engine that not only supports legacy BlackBerry Java apps but those running Android 2.3. The apps will need "players" to work but just need to be repackaged to be downloadable through BlackBerry App World.


RIM vows Java apps for PlayBook, gives non-denial on Android

03/02, 12:40pm

Java apps due for PlayBook as Android rumors stay

RIM in statements and an interview late Tuesday confirmed that the BlackBerry PlayBook would support Java apps but was elusive on the prospects of supporting Android. It wouldn't flatly deny supporting apps from Google's OS but instead said company officials "haven't said anything about Android." The remarks from senior product manager Ryan Bidan to Engadget and others are unusual given the implications of supporting a rival platform's software.


BlackBerry PlayBook locked for Android, skipping Dalvik?

02/10, 4:25pm

PlayBook now said likely to support Android apps

Rumors that RIM would have the BlackBerry PlayBook run Android apps gained credibility with corroborating claims on Thursday. The company is said developing an extension for the second half of the year that would let the tablet run apps for Google's platform along with its own. It was originally to have been outsourced but is now being developed in-house, Bloomberg heard.


Rumor has BlackBerry, PlayBook running Android apps

01/26, 1:40pm

BlackBerry and PlayBook mya get Android app extra

An unusual but reportedly multi-sourced rumor has suggested that RIM might graft Android app compatibility on to its BlackBerry phones and the BlackBerry PlayBook. While officially planning to put a Java virtual machine on the PlayBook, it's believed by BGR to be "very much considering" Google's Dalvik engine from Android 2.2 and later as the basis. The trick could let it run at least some Android apps run and lure customers away who would otherwise have used a pure Android tablet.


More evidence shows Google may have copied Oracle in Android

01/21, 10:40am

Discovery shows Android may have copied more Java

Oracle's claims that Google copied Sun's Java code without permission in Android may have gained fuel on Friday. A separate search by Florian Mueller of the code (ZIP) has found more files than Oracle itself cited that appear to lift code directly. Among them, six files attached to Android 2.2 and 3.0 appear to have been extracted from Sun's Java source code using a decompiler and simply grafted into the just-in-time Dalvik engine Android uses at its root.



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