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MEI debuts FiFi XT 8, Fido 6, Split and Folio

04/22, 10:00am

FiFi, Fido, Split & Folio

Managing Editor has released FiFi XT 8.0 for QuarkXPress 8 and Fido 6.0 for Adobe InDesign CS4, along with Split & Folio for both publishing programs. Both FiFi and Fido are designed to enhance the functionality of the company’s ad-layout and issue-planning software, while increasing the productivity of paginators when dealing with missing ads. The plug-ins can be used to restore file-path information for graphic and ad files, after the ad map has been opened in QuarkXPress or In Design. The process helps avoid manually linking any remaining empty ad boxes to the appropriate digital files.


PowerQuote updates print estimating software

04/08, 11:55pm

PowerQuote 12.5 update

PowerQuote Software has launched PowerQuote 12.5, the new version of its printing estimating and management program for digital and offset printing. The software provides users with the choice of accounting, offset, digital, and large format print-estimating modules for the Mac, and integration with MyOrderDesk. Version 12.5 adds a series of performance improvements to most functions, enhances to the tickets and invoices, and new features that include a price analysis report, and a help system to provide learning support. Enhancements have also been made to help accommodate rapid paper price changes.


MEI updates CLS, ClassForce for Max OS X

04/01, 11:25pm

CLS, ClassForce update

Managing Editor Inc. has launched two new application updates, Page Director Classified Layout System (CLS) 3.8 and ClassForce 3.8 for Mac OS X. Both programs are designed for automated and semi-automated classified layouts, and contain the same new features. In the latest version CLS and ClassForce are now Intel-native applications, have added contextual menus that help users make changes to individual pages, runsheet items, or the entire issue, and a new measurement dialog which allows users to edit the points-per-unit value and accepted abbreviations of the measurement systems within the software.


Zevrix announces InPreflight Pro and Studio versions

04/01, 12:10am

InPreflight Pro and Studio

Zevrix has announced a Pro and Studio version of its InPreflight comprehensive quality-control software for Adobe InDesign. InPreflight is designed to locate potential problems, helps produce error-free documents, and automates packaging of multiple files. InPreflight Pro contains the same features found in the current version of InPreflight and includes automatic packaging of multiple documents, and the ability to report the effective resolution of raster EPS links in InDesign documents.


DTP Tools releases MIF Filter plug-in

12/05, 11:15am

MIF Filter plug-in ships

DTP Tools has released its new MIF Filter plug-in for InDesign CS3 and CS3. MIF Filter plug-in is an import filter enabling users to convert FrameMaker documents into InDesign, easing migration for companies with legacy documents in the FrameMaker format. The software enables users to spot as well as process colors, and supports all paragraph and character attributes. Anchored frames accompany tables and graphic objects, while sideheads are interpreted using margin in text frames as well as new anchored text frames. MIF Filter 1.0 is available from €35-€1,800, depending on desired page credit (system requirements were unavailable).


Quark launches QuarkCopyDesk 7

12/04, 2:10pm

QuarkCopyDesk 7 ships

Quark today launched QuarkCopyDesk 7, the latest revision of its text and picture editing software designed to streamline content editiing. Built on QuarkXPress 7 code, QuarkCopyDesk 7 integrates with QuarkXPress 7 and Quark Publishing System 7, as well as with third party workflow systems. The software is priced at $250, with upgrades available for $90.


Three new Leopard books published

11/21, 8:40pm

Three Leopard books

Que Publishing recently introduced two new books for Leopard users – "Easy Mac OS X Leopard" and "Mac OS X Leopard On Demand" – while Sams Publishing unveiled the "Mac OS X Leopard Phrasebook". "Easy Mac OS X Leopard" is written by Kate Binder, featuring fully illustrated steps with bolded and highlighted areas signifying what a user is to do to follow along with the book. "Mac OS X Leopard On Demand", by Steve Johnson, uses real world examples to provide context for the instructions it gives. The books take users through the Finder, iApps and several other programs, in addition to networking and maintenance. Both books are currently available, with "On Demand" selling for $40, and "Easy Leopard" for $30.


KeynotePro releases Sonoma '08 themes

11/21, 1:10pm

KeynotePro, Sonoma '08

KeynotePro today released Sonoma '08, its newest set of themes for Apple's Keynote presentation software. Sonoma '08 aims to blend classic print-inspired styling with a color-neutral framework. The themes are designed to propel imagery, color and type forward while maintaining a consistent, structured feel. "The result is a theme that not only allows you to make your quick-change customizations via a palette change or placing a photo: the design actually encourages you to take that approach to another level, mixing shape-based solid color blocks or contrasting photographic palettes into a diverse array of color and texture," the company said. Sonoma '08 for Keynote is priced at $20, and is available in a bundle with two other Standard Edition themes for $50.


New font auto-activation plug-ins released

11/15, 5:50pm

New Insider plug-ins ship

Insider Software today released several new font auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe CS3, as well as updated XTensions for QuarkXPress 7 and Adobe CS2. The latest plug-ins aim to provide fast and accurate auto-activation for Adobe and Quark creative applications. The new software includes auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe Creative Suite 3 -- including InDesign, Illustrator, and the only auto-activation solutions available for Photoshop. The release also brings updated XTensions for QuarkXPress 6, 6.5 and 7. FontAgent Pro auto-activation plug-ins support Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger), and 10.5 (Leopard).


First Look II: specific features of Office 2008

11/14, 5:10pm

Office 2008 First Look 2

In addition to its common features, the first update to Microsoft's Office in almost four years also brings a few key additions specific to its core Excel, PowerPoint, and Word programs, some of which seem to take cues directly from developments seen in Apple's iWork suite We look at these in the second part of our Office 2008 preview.


First Look: Office 2008 Elements, Entourage

11/13, 5:55pm

Office 2008 First Look 1

In the first part of our multi-part look at Microsoft's long-awaited release of Office 2008 for Mac, we touch on the components shared across every program, including the elements gallery and its related components, SmartArt, and themes. We also examine the two programs built to serve as the cornerstones of the new productivity suite: Entourage, the e-mail and project manager, and My Day, Microsoft's new scheduilng tool.


Gluon's ColorBreaker, Slugger for InDesign

11/12, 4:55pm

Gluon's InDesign plugins

GLUON today delivered two new plugins for InDesign CS2/CS3 users. The company has released a version of ColorBreaker that works with InDesign, the company's automated color mark-up that was originally released for QuarkXPress nearly 10 years ago. ColorBreaker quickly analyzes a document and places easy-to-read tags on each item or arrows pointing from neatly arranged tags at the side. The “magic arrows” will automatically reconnect to the tag, easily customizing the look, as each tag is moved. The tags contain all the color and font usage information necessary, providing vital information to make sure that documents are set up consistently and correctly.


Quark: full Leopard support for QXP 7 coming soon

11/01, 8:10pm

QuarkXpress 7.3 Leopard

Quark has announced that early tests reveal compatibility for QuarkXPress 7.3 with Leopard. There is one exception, however: the Flash export in Quark Interactive Designer. Quark spokesperson Sarah Rector told MacNN "We chose to focus on optimizing the latest version of QuarkXPress because it offers our customers the greatest value, features and benefits. We plan on releasing a QuarkXPress 7 update with fully tested Leopard support within the next few weeks." Quark says the new release will be a free update for existing QuarkXPress 7 users and will be available to download from the Quark Web site. Of important note is that QuarkXPress 6.5 is not compatible with Leopard.


PageSender 4.1 adds Leopard, speed

10/23, 10:35am

PageSender 4.1 fax app

SmileOnMyMac has released an upgrade to PageSender, its Mac-based fax application. Users can send faxes and PDF e-mails directly from the Print dialog, and receive them through a fax modem; these can then be printed, e-mailed, or integrated into AppleScript. Filters sort spam by station name, and live addressing is possible with clients such as Address Book or Entourage. Version 4.1 should make the program fully compatible with Mac OS X Leopard, and has already resolved some visual bugs associated with the operating system. Printing speed and reliability has been improved, and a bug in cover page field substitution has been eliminated. PageSender requires Mac OS X 10.4, and costs $40 in full or $20 as an upgrade. Smile notes that no versions of PageSender will work with Leopard prior to 4.0.


Layer Comps 1.0 for InDesign CS-CS3 ships

10/16, 2:15am

Layer Comps 1.0

DTP Tools has released new Layer Comps plug-in for InDesign CS-CS3. Layer Comps provides a way to store a snapshot of certain key aspects of your documents layers. It allows you to store your current view of layer visibility and editing state as a Layer Comp. You can unlimited snapshots, without substantially expanding your file size. Comps can be exported into all formats supported by InDesign. You can export a single comp into .inx as a snapshot or multiple comps into .pdf. All documents created with the Layer Comps can still be opened and edited without this plug-in. The layer settings will remain the same. The tool is priced at $30.


Canto's Cumulus integrates with QPS 7

10/10, 2:35pm

Cumulus integrates w/QPS 7

Canto and Quark on Wednesday announced an integration between the Canto Cumulus digital asset management system and the newly announced Quark Publishing System 7 (announced earlier this week). QPS 7 work groups can use XMP and IPTC legacy and core metadata searches to find any image, text element or other asset as well as search the full text contents of documents created in QuarkXPress, QuarkCopyDesk and Microsoft Word. Canto's Cumulus provides QPS 7 work groups a central repository from which to access and store assets using check-in/out, version control, and a web-based "portal" view.


Quark debuts QPS 7 Java workflow system

10/08, 10:40pm

Quark debuts QPS 7

Quark on Monday announced the launch of Quark Publishing System 7 (QPS 7), its next-generation collaborative workflow system. Designed with a new open, standards-based architecture, QPS 7 integrates with existing business systems and a variety of publishing solutions to help simplify editorial, creative and production processes. QPS 7, announced at the ifraExpo and conference in Vienna, brings support for QuarkXPress 7 and QuarkCopyDesk 7 using a re-engineered Java-based core. It features an updated roles-based user interface that simplifies daily tasks; brings certification with HSQL and Microsoft SQL; delivers advanced Web-based editing features; offers more export options (including PDF and XML); and features full-size previews and thumbnails of QuarkXPress layouts and QuarkCopyDesk files.


Quark to demo QPS 7 at IfraExpo in Vienna

09/20, 10:05am

Quark to demo QPS 7

Quark is preparing to announce the latest revision of its Quark Publishing System (QPS 7) at IfraExpo and Conference in Vienna. The event, which is scheduled to run from October 8-11, will set the stage for Quark to demonstrate its collaborative workflow system designed for newspapers as well as major corporate publishers, according to Macworld UK. The forthcoming QPS revision enables users to simplify the editorial and creative processes by connecting people as well as tasks in a virtual workplace, and includes a slew of new features. QPS 7 adds support for QuarkXPress 7 as well as QuarkCopyDesk 7, and is reworked to utilize open standard technologies like Java and Service Oriented Architecture. The Quark Booth (hall A, no. 620) will include live demonstrations and numerous Quark partners showcasing their own complimentary software.


NiXPS 1.5 views, exports XPS files

09/13, 5:45pm

NiXPS 1.5 released

NiXPS today released NiXPS 1.5, enabling Mac users to view and work with Microsoft XPS files. The Redmond-based company released XPS as its own alternative to digital documents to compete with Adobe's PDF format. NiXPS 1.5 allows Mac users to view XPS files and is built on its core NiXPS library -- which is available to developers -- which offers a wide range of XPS editing and rendering functionality. Users can add and extract pages or merge entire documents with the new software, and the latest release allows Mac users to export XPS documents to Adobe's PDF format. NiXPS 1.5 is priced at $300, with upgrades available for free to NiXPS 1.0 users.


Recosoft launches PDF2ID 1.0

09/13, 11:10am

Recosoft ships PDF2ID 1.0

As promised, Recosoft has launched the first version of PDF2ID, a document conversion tool. It operates as a plug-in for Adobe's InDesign CS2 and CS3, importing PDF files while retaining their correct layout; it reforms elements such as paragraphs and images, and can also regroup elements, apply styles, and reproduce aspects such as tables and annotations. Users can further specify which elements they want, so that only text is carried over, or just images and annotations. The software is optimized for multi-core processors to avoid bogging down on newer Macs. PDF2ID for Mac OS X costs $250.


Quark updates Print Collection for Acrobat 8

09/11, 10:00am

Print Collection support

Quark has announced that its Print Collection suite has now gained extra file support, in the form of Adobe Acrobat 8. Print Collection is a series of tools for the prepress and imposition processes, mainly used in tandem with QuarkXPress 7; the only program with support for Acrobat is Quark Imposer, which allows customization of sheet, imposition and binding types, along with aids such as imposing PDFs from multiple sources into a single printer's spread. A copy of Print Collection is $300, but can be installed on several workstations without penalty.


New Adobe CS3 workflow tools to be demoed

09/07, 8:15pm

Adobe CS3 workflow tools

MetaCommunications will hold demonstrations of its digital workflows and Adobe CS3 integration tools GraphExpo, booth 5449, September 9-12. The new Wide Format and Package Design workflows provide customers solutions containing forms and workflows to support each type of work. Additional new integrated support for Adobe CS3 enhances creative and prepress productivity by integrating Workgroups 2007 functionality directly within familiar Adobe CS3 design applications. The Workgroups 2007 suite is an integrated process and productivity management suite for creative, publishing, and prepress comprised of four modules. Included is Job Manager, a suite of financial management tools that enable users to accurately create estimates and quotes, monitor job costs and more. Also included is Virtual Ticket, a configurable project and workflow solution.


Universal version of DesignMerge Pro shown

09/06, 7:05pm

DesignMerge Pro shown

Meadows Publishing Solutions will be demonstrating DesignMerge Pro for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress 7.0 Universal Binary at the upcoming Graph Expo show in Chicago. DesignMerge provides variable data printing and data publishing features. It allows users to create customized 1:1 marketing documents by linking a QuarkXPress or InDesign document to a database file. Then, each copy of a printed document can be "personalized", changing items such as name, address, and even graphics. All of the features of InDesign or QuarkXPress are available when using DesignMerge software, and it supports all of the most popular VDP output formats including Optimized PostScript, PPML, EPS, PDF, VIPP, Barco/Xeikon Book Ticket, and QuarkXPress documents. It is also compatible with systems offered by Canon, Xerox, HP, EFI, and Konica-Minolta. 


ID2Q v3 adds InDesign CS3 support

09/05, 11:15am

ID2Q v3 adds CS3 support

Markzware has released a new version of InDesign to QuarkXPress (ID2Q), its Quark XTension for converting publishing documents. When active, users select "Convert InDesign Document" from inside QuarkXPress, which allows them to carry over elements such as fonts, layers, images, color models and page positioning. The software is also active cross-platform, enabling the likes of Windows InDesign files to be converted for the Mac version of QuarkXPress. The latest version (ID2Q v3) supports InDesign documents up to v5, a part of Adobe's CS3 suite. File support also extends back to InDesign 1.5. The application is a Universal Binary, and costs $200 new or $100 as an upgrade from previous versions of ID2Q.


Adobe Font Folio 11 adds fonts, Unicode

09/05, 8:55am

Adobe Font Folio 11 ships

Adobe today announced Font Folio 11, its type solution for print, the Web, digital video and electronic documents. Offering more than 2,300 fonts from the Adobe Type Library in OpenType format, Font Folio 11 provides enhanced linguistic support, advanced typographic features, and cross-platform compatibility. The solution adds more than 170 new fonts and support for Unicode. Natively supported across Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Windows XP, the software is based on the most recent revision and update of the Adobe Type Library, Font Folio 11, which includes 176 new fonts from leading foundries and designers. The package also includes Adobe Originals typefaces, including exclusive designs and classic revivals created by expert type designers at Adobe.


Mindwrap ships ScanTango conversion utility

08/29, 2:40pm

ScanTango for Mac ships

Mindwrap today released its ScanTango software designed to convert scanned images into PDF documents. The application supports all Fujitsu Workgroup document scanners from the specialty fi-60F to the 18 page/36 image-per-minute S510. ScanTango also works with USB-powered sheetfed scanners from Sysview Technology to accommodate users on-the-go, and features one-button scanning to multipage PDF or TIFF files. ScanTango is priced at $100 for Tier 0 scanners and $150 for Tier 1 and Tier 0 scanners. The application requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.


Galleria theme for Keynote '08 released

08/28, 3:05pm

Galleria for Keynote '08 has released Galleria, a new theme built exclusively for Apple's Keynote '08 presentation software using Keynote's new Media Placeholder system rather than Photo Cutouts. The software is designed to showcase photos, and includes more than 20 layouts alongside standard layouts. Galleria includes seven theme sizes designed for resolutions from 800x600 through high-definition, as well as Apple's 23-inch and 30-inch Cinema Displays. The theme includes a sample file that contains tips and trips, as well as an extras file filled with buttons and paper scraps. Galleria is available for $20, and requires Keynote '08.


History plug-in: extensive InDesign undo

08/22, 7:40pm

History plug-in 2.2

DTP Tools has announced the release of History plug-in 2.2 for InDesign and InCopy CS-CS3, allowing reversion to prior document states. The tool's undo capabilities are not limited to current work session and changes can be undone years after they were made. The tool can also be used for version management, keeping all document versions within one file, saving storage space and bandwidth. In addition, selected versions can be saved as separate files, or exported in batch, and documents with multiple versions can be safely edited without the plug-in. New features include a keyboard command that opens the various versions in a new document and integration into the new DTP Tools system for easier activations and update management. The tool is priced at $40, and a 14-day trial is available.


Production Pack 5.0 Universal, supports CS3

08/22, 5:15pm

Production Pack 5.0

MetaCommunications today began shipping Production Pack 5.0, a major update to its plug-in automation module for the company's recently released Workgroups 2007 software suite. Production Pack 5.0 runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary, and includes automation tools for Adobe's Creative Suite CS3. The plug-in allows Adobe CS3 users to automate page layout and illustration tasks by accessing digital assets, electronic job tickets, and schedules directly from native applications. Production Pack 5.0 features a plug-in interface that integrates directly with the Workgroups 2007 suite, enabling users to quickly access information about the current job or project.


Macware ships FontLibrary collection

08/16, 11:55am

Macware ships FontLibrary

Software publisher Macware has released FontLibrary, a collection of over 600 TrueType and OpenType fonts, the latter being divided into 100 families with bold, italic, condensed, extended and wide variants, as well as combinations thereof. Some fonts found in the package include Annual, Chisel, NewBoston and Paris. The main advantage of OpenType is compatibility, allowing portability between Macs and PCs, embedding into PDF documents, and a larger set of international characters. FontLibrary is being sold online and at retail for $60.


Quark to open office near Apple

08/09, 2:55pm

Santa Clara Quark office

Quark has announced company is expanding its operations with a new Silicon Valley office nearby Apple Inc's headquarters. Opening in the third quarter of 2007 in Santa Clara, California, the center will be home to an expanding team of sales, customer support personnel and product developers. Company officials said "By establishing a presence in Santa Clara, Quark aims to attract top talent in order to develop and deliver the industry’s most cutting-edge publishing technology to customers worldwide. With the addition of product development capabilities in this new office, Quark is continuing its practice of reinvesting more than 25 percent of its revenue in software development, which is above industry average."


Cross-References 1.0 for InDesign/InCopy

08/08, 7:55pm

Cross-References 1.0

DTP Tools has announced the release of its Cross-References 1.0 plug-in for InDesign and InCopy. Cross-References is a modular XML-driven referencing system inspired by a similar feature in Adobe FrameMaker. The tool adds cross-referencing capabilities to InDesign that the developer claims "make it a very competitive layout application in the field of technical and scientific documents." Each reference and its components can have a specific character style or style override, and can be set to appear only in selected languages. The reference source can be chosen from style filtered lists and also from apre-made Source Marker. References can be hyper-linked, and there are options for customization of formats via dialog or XML. The Mac OS X version of Cross-References for both InDesign and InCopy versions CS2 and CS3 is priced at $130.


QuarkXPress 7.3 updater released

08/03, 11:05am

QuarkXPress 7.3 updater

Quark has released the QuarkXPress 7.3 updater, a maintenance release to its professional design software that provides new localized user interfaces in European Portuguese, Finnish, Croation, Hungarian, and Russian languages. The latest release increases the number of languages supported by QuarkXPress to 18, and addresses the most frequently reported issues identified by QuarkXPress users. The updater is available as a free download, offering hyphenation and spelling support for Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Estonian, Icelandic, and Slovak.


Microsoft and Apple extend font licensing

08/02, 2:35pm

Verdana, other fonts

During the TypeCon2007 conference, currently underway at the Crowne Plaza in Seattle, Microsoft and Apple annnounced that they have renewed their font licensing agreement, giving Mac users ongoing use of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows core fonts. Though terms of the deal (including time length) were not disclosed, the agreement allows for licensure of Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana and others, which are included with Mac OS X. The announcement makes no mention of various fonts specific to Windows Vista, which currently do not ship with Mac OS X.


PDFClerk 2.8 adds watermarks, media library

07/26, 11:15am

PDFClerk 2.8 ships

SintraWorks has released PDFClerk 2.8, an update to the PDF manipulation tool that enables users to place watermarks as well as other recurring patterns in PDF documents. The latest release features step and repeat layouts, a media library, and supports dropping text from other applications. PDF-Clerk can join multiple PDF documents together, rearrange the page order, add blank pages, delete individual pages, impose multiple pages onto a sheet of paper, and rotate pages on imposed sheets to ease the process of creating custom books and magazines. The software allows users to create prints for languages that read from right to left, and supports overlaying graphics as well as text boxes onto PDF documents. PDFClerk includes print crop, bleed, and registration mark functionality as well as color and grayscale bars. PDFClerk 2.8 is priced at $50, requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary.


BatchOutput 2.5 ramps InDesign integration

07/26, 10:55am

BatchOutput 2.5 released

Zevrix Solutions today released BatchOutput 2.5 (different product shown), an Adobe In-Design plug-in that automatically prints and exports single or multiple InDesign documents to PDF and PostScript formats. BatchOutput allows users to produce multiple InDesign documents as single pages with variable names, and the update adds tighter integration with InDesign CS3 for easier control when adding files directly from the Finder. Users can change jobs names in the printer queue, suppress font and link warnings, and hide document windows during processing. The variable name feature allows users to assign various attributes, such as page number and the date to compose output file names automatically. BatchOutput 2.5 is controllable as a separate application but remains an InDesign plug-in, and users can launch the plug-in directly from the InDesign CS3 menus. BatchOutput 2.5 is priced at $80, and requires Mac OS X 10.4.2 or later with Adobe InDesign CS or newer.


Open QXP7 docs in Adobe CS3

07/20, 7:05pm

QXpress 7 in CS3

Markzware has released the QuarkXPress To InDesign (Q2ID), a tool to import QuarkXPress Documents into Adobe InDesign v5 (CS3). The tool converts and transforms files created with QuarkXPress on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh systems, into new Adobe InDesign files. QuarkXPress v3.3 through 7.x files are supported. Q2ID v3 is available for immediate download or on CD-ROM, starting at $200 for new users. Registered users of previous versions of Q2ID v1.x and above can upgrade for $100.


Recosoft PDF2ID converts to InDesign

07/19, 1:05pm

Recosoft PDF2ID 1.0

Recosoft has announced the first version of its PDF2ID, a document conversion plug-in. The software takes PDF files and formats them for Adobe InDesign, reconstructing the original layouts by arranging styles, paragraphs, graphics and more. Users can further customize how PDF2ID does the conversion, selecting which elements to include, and whether they should use their old positioning or be imported raw. The plug-in relies on a client-server architecture, and is said to be optimized for multi-core processors. Mac OS X 10.3 and Adobe InDesign CS2/CS3 are required; the program will launch in September, but buyers who pre-order will receive a copy of the beta in advance.


SoftCare ships plug-ins for Adobe CS3

07/17, 2:10pm

SoftCare CS3 plug-ins ship

SoftCare today released its SoftCare Overset Manager and SoftCare Notes Manager for Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3). SoftCare Overset Manager aims to give users total control over text length and overset, while SoftCare Notes Manager is designed to improve the native inline notes feature in Adobe InDesign and InCopy. Both plug-ins are available for InDesign and InCopy CS2 and CS3 for Mac OS X as well as Windows, and are priced at $35. The plug-ins work seamlessly with the editorial systems SoftCare K4 and SoftCare K2, offering complete control over text length and text overset as well as enhancing the standard Adobe InDesign and InCopy notes feature with its own palette.


InPreflight 2.1 improves channel listings

07/13, 8:55am

InPreflight 2.1 update

Zevrix has released the v2.1 update to InPreflight, its companion to Adobe InDesign. The program maintains quality control of InDesign documents, flagging problems with fonts, colors and links that need to be addressed before going to publishing. Multiple documents can be preflighted at once, saving time. The patch now recognizes Photoshop EPS DCS files saved in the CMYK+Spot color mode, and will list each spot channel. Similarly, both the fonts and spot colors in Illustrator CS3 files are listed. InPreflight is a Universal Binary for Mac OS X 10.4.2, and works with any of the Creative Suite editions of InDesign.


Nisus launches Writer Pro 1.0

07/05, 12:55pm

Nisus Writer Pro 1.0

After years of maintaining only a lightweight word processor for the Mac, Nisus is making a return to the professional Mac word processing market with a Universal Binary word processor, Writer Pro 1.0. The new release is built from the same core as Nisus Writer Express, but sports several additional or expanded features including a Table of Contents generator, indexing, bookmarks. There's also attribute sensitive search, that allows you to locate items in documents based on their formatting. With regard to layout, Writer Pro 1.0 includes the ability to place floating images, an enhanced proprietary macro language, and more. The native file format for Writer Pro 1.0 is RTF (Rich Text Format). The tool will also read Word (.doc), Word Perfect, and AbiWord documents. Nisus Writer Pro requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, but Mac OS X 10.4 is needed for full right to left text support. The tool is priced at $80, or $45 for an upgrade from Nisus Writer Express.


MarkzTools switches to Universal Binary

07/02, 9:00am

MarkzTools goes Universal

Markzware has released an updated version of MarkzTools, its XTension for QuarkXPress 7.x. The software is now a Universal Binary which should improve performance on Intel Macs. MarkzTools is used to prevent the corruption of Quark documents, first by checking integrity after saving, and then by recovering files if errors are detected. Even if the corruption is too severe for a complete recovery, the program will attempt to "scavenge" for legible text. MarkzTools is also able to preview images in a smaller-size gray mode, or force backwards compatibility in documents from later versions of QuarkXPress. The software costs $200 to download or buy on CD-ROM.


QuarkXPress Server 7.2: enhanced XML

06/28, 3:25pm

QuarkXpress 7.2 Server

QuarkXPress Server 7.2 has been released, adding a new XML capability that can repurpose content created in QuarkXPress into other systems, such as an e-mail server, Web server or other content delivery environments. The new release supports http, SOAP, .net, ASP, PHP, JSP and includes a Java manager for the development of automated and scalable publishing solutions. At a base functional level, QuarkXpress Server is designed to publish Web-to-print and variable data publishing (VDP) solutions that automate the creation of creative material. Other new features include improved output accuracy: Job Jackets helps ensure that a print job adheres to the user's specifications from creation to production. The new release is also a Universal Binary.


Suitcase X1 InDesign CS3 plug-in released

06/27, 5:50pm

Suitcase X1 for CS3

Extensis has released an update to its font auto-activation plug-in for Adobe Creative Suite 3 applications. This new plug-in automatically activates fonts in Suitcase X1 when you open InDesign CS3 documents, and is compatible for use with both the Client/Server and Single-User versions of the product. The plug-in requires Suitcase X1 v11.0.4 or higher, Adobe InDesign CS3 v5.0 or higher and Mac OS X v10.4.8 or higher. Currently, the plug-in is available in English only, but support will be extended to French and German versions later this summer.


InDesign-to-Quark plugin goes Universal

06/25, 1:15pm

ID2Q7 comes to Intel Macs

Markzware today released InDesign to QuarkXPress 7 (ID2Q7) as a Universal Binary that runs natively on Intel-based Macs. The conversion tool allows users to easily convert InDesign content into a new QuarkXPress document, offering speed advantages on newer Macs by taking advantage of the Intel processor-based systems. The XTension for Quark provides a way to migrate content into a different work environment while saving hassles related to re-scanning, re-keying, and reformatting. ID2Q7 is priced from $200, and requires QuarkXPress 7. Free upgrades are available for InDesign to QuarkXPress 7 2.x users.


SoftCare K4 5.8: support for Adobe CS3

06/21, 5:50pm

SoftCare K4 5.8

SoftCare has released version 5.8 of its editorial workflow system SoftCare K4. The new release adds support for Adobe Creative Suite 3 as its primary new functionality. The company has also released an XML Exporter module for K4 version 5.8. K4 allows multiple users to edit content in the same layout simultaneously. It also aports automatic notification when layout, article or pictures have changed and offers version control, workflow routing, and status tracking. Editors can edit their articles in a layout view or without any layout.


Beta of InDesign Cross-References plugin

06/20, 9:20am

Cross-References plugin

DTP Tools has launched a beta of its new Cross-References plugin for Adobe's InDesign CS2 and CS3. Cross-References, a modular system for referencing need, inspired by a similar feature in Adobe FrameMaker while taking a full advantage of InDesign's environment utilizing paragraph and character styles with XML driven format, the company said. The plugin can work as hyperlinks for electronic output, formats can be defined to automatically localize the reference according to the text language. References can point across files with live updates for all open documents. Users can reference file name, page number, paragraph number, paragraph text and chapter number (in CS3) as well as specify elements with their own character styles including overrides, language settings and localization alternates. Cross-References plugin is available for InDesign CS2/CS3 on both Windows and Mac OS X. A single license price is $130.


pdf-Recover server: strips PDF passwords

06/11, 7:10pm

pdf-Recover server

Universe Software has released pdf-Recover Server Edition, an enterprise-level edition of the tool that removes the main PDF password fully automatically, leaving the user with a document that can be freely modified, copied, etc.. The Server Version, which can decrypt an unlimited number of PDF files in one batch previously encrypted at up to 128 bit AES, is priced at $350 and works with Adobe Reader.


Extensis Portfolio Server 8.5 released

06/06, 2:25pm

Portfolio Server

Extensis has announced Portfolio Server 8.5, a new release of the digital asset management tool that adds integration with Adobe Creative Suite 3. In addition, the new release includes new features to automate metadata-driven organization, tracking, and distribution of digital assets. Another new feature is "Portfolio Project Sync."


FontCard 1.5 supports FontExplorer sets

06/05, 2:10pm

FontCard 1.5 released

Unsanity today released FontCard 1.5, adding support for FontExplorer and Suitcase Fusion sets to the "haxie" software. FontCard modifies the Font menu as well as the font panel in Carbon and Cocoa applications, adding an icon that displays the format of a font next to the fone menu item or font panel list while displaying the font name in the actual font face. The latest revision fixes a problem with choosing fonts from the font menu not working in QuarkXPress 7.x on Intel-based Macs, and adds better logging for the daemon when something goes wrong when retrieving the preview of an inactive font. FontCard 1.5 is available for $17, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.



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