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Nintendo to debut 3DS XL at E3 this week?

06/04, 4:40pm

Rumored Nintendo 3DS XL may get a 4.3-inch 3D screen, E3 unveiling

Nintendo may upsize its current 3DS portable gaming console, according to reports from Japan that were picked up by SlashGear. If true, the device will likely be called the 3DS XL, following Nintendo's naming convention with the DSi and DSi XL. The 3DS XL is said to get a 4.3-inch display up top rather than the current model's 3.53-inch screen.


Nintendo to drop price of DSi XL, DSI on May 20

05/10, 3:35pm

DSi XL to cost $130, DSi just $100 as of May 20

Nintendo on Thursday revealed that it will lower the purchase prices of its DSi XL and DSi handheld consoles on May 20. The price of the DSi XL will drop by $40 to $130, while the DSi will see a bigger, $50 reduction to just $100. Between the two systems, Nintendo offers over 2,000 downloadable or retail games.


NPD: consoles jumped 82% in February with PS Vita, Xbox help

03/09, 1:55pm

NPD sees big rebound in February

Results posted late Thursday by the NPD Group chalked up a significantly improved February for gaming following a bleak January. Console hardware sales were up 87 percent over what they were in January, to $381.4 million, helped not just by 426,000 Xbox 360 sales but also by the PlayStation Vita. Sony had just four days of hardware sales that weren't directly quantified, but they were enough that the increase would have been a more modest if still healthy 62 percent.


GameStop may sell Apple iOS devices to offset online crush

09/05, 11:15pm

GameStop could sell iPads, iPhones soon

GameStop could take the unusual step of becoming an Apple reseller as a way of staying relevant in the modern gaming world. A rumor Monday claimed that the store would soon sell iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch players. Quick checks from 9to5 found that GameStop had just started Apple device trade-ins this week, likely in an attempt to keep up its focus on selling used goods over new.


Nintendo 3DS still being outsold two-to-one by old models

07/15, 6:00am

Nintendo 3DS sales lagging older DS models

The flagship Nintendo 3DS handheld console is being outsold two-to-one by old models according to NDP Group data published by Nintendo itself. The Nintendo DSi, DSi XL and DS Lite sold a total of 386,000 units for the month of June. By comparison the 3DS sold only 143,000 units over the same period.


Nintendo shows full Wii U, says it won't rival the iPad

06/07, 5:15pm

Nintendo talks Wii U intro and iPad rivalry

Nintendo in the aftermath of its E3 2011 keynote showed the full Wii U console. The controller is the centerpiece, with its 6.2-inch touchscreen, dual analog stick, front camera, gyro sensors, and rumble support. Afterwards, however, we saw that the main system is slightly larger, if more polished-looking, than the original Wii and still has an optical drive as well as a "sync" button, presumably to make sure the wireless controller is properly in step its home base.


Live: Nintendo's E3 2011 keynote

06/07, 11:35am

We cover Nintendo's E3 2011 unveil live

Nintendo is about to hold its E3 2011 keynote, where it should show off the sequel to the Wii. Possibly codenamed Project Cafe, it could have a touchscreen display and a front camera even as as it brings back analog controls. Connections in the venue are intermittent, but visit our live coverage page for updates as they appear.


Nintendo 3DS gets web browser, eShop updates on time

06/07, 1:55am

Nintendo 3DS gets update on schedule

Nintendo as promised pushed out its major firmware update for the 3DS overnight on Tuesday. The upgrade gives it a web browser and access to the eShop for downloading games. Both Excitebike and Pokedex 3D also come along with the upgrade.


Sony rumored cutting NGP specs to compete with 3DS, iPod

05/27, 9:50am

Sony may slash NGP features to hit Nintendo, Apple

Sony might be stripping down the performance of the NGP to better take on the Nintendo 3DS and Apple's iPod touch. A rumor late Thursday from France's 01net claimed that developers had been told the NGP would have half the main RAM, 256MB, and a similar cut to 128MB of video RAM. It may also drop the 16GB of built-in storage and shed the plain SD card slot in favor of a possibly more proprietary format with copy protection; whether that was Memory Stick or another format wasn't mentioned.


Nintendo 3DS struggles vs. iPod in April as Xbox 360 leads

05/12, 10:50pm

Nintendo 3DS still struggling to outsell DSi

Nintendo faced a hurdle in its hopes to retake some of its share in mobile gaming from Apple on Thursday after NPD results showed that the 3DS wasn't outselling its predecessor. The company shipped 194,000 3DS systems in April but moved 257,000 of the DSi the same month. A statement from the console maker argued the gap, despite it being the first full month for the 3DS, was due to the "staying power" of the older systems and the recent dual Pokemon games driving sales.


Nintendo's Miyamoto shy on Project Cafe, hints all-new model

04/22, 9:55pm

Nintendo veteran hints Project Cafe all-new, HD

Nintendo's famous game designer Shigeru Miyamoto in a Dutch interview late this week dropped few but important hints about his company's next console. The Zelda pioneer would neither confirm nor deny the existence of Project Cafe, a game system with a large touchscreen and analog hybrid gamepad, but promised that whatever would come about would be "totally different than usual." Spits was given a clue that the new game system would natively support HDTVs versus the 480p of the Wii.


Nintendo 3DS moves 400,000 in bid to retake US mobile gaming

04/15, 8:05am

Nintendo 3DS sells 400K but doesn't pass DS

Nintendo's US president Reggie Fils-Aime in an interview late on Thursday gave out promised 3DS sales numbers. About 400,000 of the game system shipped in the week after it reached the US on March 27. He was "very satisfied with this start" in speaking to USA Today and touted upcoming plans for Netflix support and the online store.


Nintendo says 3DS set sales record, to give numbers April 14

03/29, 5:50pm

Nintendo 3DS sets undefined day-one sales record

Nintendo told the media that the 3DS launch had set a company record for first-day sales. In trying to dampen concerns over the black screen of death, it said the sales were the "highest of any Nintendo hand-held system in our history" and that problems were "well below" usual hardware launches. More details would come on April 14, it said.


Nintendo 3DS estimated to cost $101 to make

03/24, 12:50pm

Nintendos 3DS parts are said to cost $101

Nintendo 3DS estimated to cost $101 to make The upcoming Nintendo 3DS costs the electronics maker $101 to build in terms of ram materials, EuroGamer revealed after speaking to UBM TechInsights. While this is a preliminary estimate, it leaves a $149 gap to the system's $250 retail price. The cost is also $15 more than that of the DSi, which launched in 2009.


Nintendo chief slams iPhone, Android for devaluing games

03/03, 8:15am

Nintendo's Iwata says iPhone, Android hurt games

Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata during his Game Developers Conference talk later on Thursday attacked the iPhone, and to a lesser extent Android, over their effect on gaming. He consciously avoided mentioning Apple or Google by name but was critical of them since gaming was strictly incidental and they had "no motivation" to keep the value up. About 92 percent of games on these platforms were free, he said, and they risked taking important income out of the business where the 3DS and DSi would keep it afloat.


Nintendo 3DS launches in Japan to iPhone-level sellouts [U]

02/26, 1:55am

Nintendo 3DS official in Japan

(Update: day one a complete sellout) Nintendo launched into a new generation of handhelds on Saturday with the official release of the 3DS in its home nation of Japan. The launch this morning saw lineups more comparable to an iPhone launch. Yodobashi Camera, one of the best-known stores in Tokyo's Akihabara district, had about 600 people in line by the store opening and had completely sold out of its 2,000 3DS units by 9:30AM, less than an hour and a half after the first sales.


Sony cuts PSP to $130 to make way for NGP

02/25, 10:20am

Sony drops PSP price to 130 as NGP draws near

Sony today sent word that it was dropping the price of the PSP to $130. The cut to the Core Pack brings it down from $170 and will be accompanied by a similar price slash on Entertainment Pack bundles, which will drop from $200 to $160. Both drops take effect February 27 and will come in tandem with a TV spot (below) driving the point home and taking a dig at iPhone gaming.


Nintendo 3DS torn down again, huge battery compared

02/21, 10:15am

Nintendo 3DS gets dissection ahead of launch

The Nintendo 3DS has been given a complete teardown by TGBUS days before its arrival in Japan and more than a month before its arrival in the US. The handheld game machine is known to be very efficient and puts virtually all the processing on a single circuit board. Its large battery was also in sight and at 1,300mAh was much more than the 840mAh of a regular DSi and even more than the 1,050mAh DSi XL.


Nintendo may phase out DSi in shift to 3DS

01/11, 9:00am

Japan retail says Nintendo DSi out as 3DS comes in

Nintendo might phase out the original DSi in favor of the 3DS. A Japanese retailer said it was no longer receiving stock and that some areas had entirely sold out. Only the larger DSi XL was still in production.


Walmart gives out $50 gift cards with iPhones

12/20, 6:50pm

Walmart starts iPhone 4 gift card deal

Walmart today became the latest in a series of US retailers offering their first iPhone discounts. Those who buy an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 on contract from one of its retail stores in a new promo will get a $50 Walmart gift card for use in the store later. The deal should end on Christmas and is followed by promos that give away a $50 iTunes card with an 8GB iPod touch and a $20 Walmart card with a Nintendo DSi.


Nintendo: 900K DS systems, 600K Wiis sold this week

11/29, 1:20pm

Nintendo sells 900K DS and 600K Wiis in one week

Nintendo today hoped to bring attention back to its own platform with claims of high sales during Thanksgiving week. Starting from November 21 and running through this past Sunday, the company shipped 900,000 DS, DSi and DSi XL systems as well as 600,000 Wii units. It credited the spike both to the usual Black Friday push as well as new system colors.


Nintendo brings out green, orange DSi holiday bundles

11/22, 12:05pm

Nintendo DSi goes orange and green on Thanksgiving

Nintendo today hoped to spark life in DSi sales for the holidays by releasing a pair of new limited-run bundles. Both green and orange versions will reach shops bundled with a copy of Mario Party DS. The system inside is unchanged and has both the front and rear cameras as well as the same displays as the regular-size DSi.


Nintendo claws back lead as MS warns of Kinect shortages

11/16, 10:50pm

Nintendo DS passes X360 amid Kinect shortage

Nintendo has regained the top spot in US console sales after four months of Xbox 360 leads, according to NPD data. The DS got back its top spot in October and, along with the Wii, made Nintendo the only console maker to see its average sales per week go up. The DS and Wii were likely to see big jumps this month and in December as the holidays were likely to give Nintendo a boost.


Nintendo: Apple 'absolutely' more a threat than Microsoft

10/25, 8:40pm

Nintendo says iPod more threat than Xbox

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime made a rare admission for the company and said in a recent interview that Apple was a bigger threat to its share of gaming than Microsoft. Despite the Xbox 360's recent lead, he explained that the iPhone and iPod were "absolutely" larger threats in the near future. Apple had a similar effect to Farmville or other entertainment in that it consumed free time that wouldn't be devoted to a Nintendo system, the executive told Forbes.


Nintendo details Super Mario DSi and Wii, Remote Plus for US

10/21, 9:25am

Nintendo outs red DSi and Wii, Remote Plus for US

Nintendo this morning brought over the Super Mario Bros. special edition DSi XL and Wii to the US and also set out an American release for the Wii Remote Plus. The two new consoles come in the mascot's distinctive red, with a matching Nunchuck for the Wii, and each come with a copy of a signature Mario game. The DSi XL comes with Mario Kart DS, while the Wii has New Super Mario Bros. Wii packed in along with the usual titles.


iFixit offers repair manuals for game consoles

08/30, 9:45pm

Parts and tools store also launched

iFixit has expanded its repair guides with a range of new content geared for game consoles. Users will be able to access free repair manuals for every major game console, with step-by-step instructions alongside thousands of pictures.


Nintedo slashes DSi, DSi XL prices to counter iPod effect

08/30, 10:35am

Nintendo DSi and DSi XL drop in price Sept 12

Nintendo this morning unveiled a surprise price cut to its gaming handhelds. Starting September 12, the DSi will drop $20 to $150 while the DSi XL will decrease by a similar amount, to $170. Pricing for the DS Lite will stay at the same $130.


Marvell hints at Nintendo 3DS using Armada ARM chip

08/24, 8:50pm

Marvell Armada in 'new gaming platform'

Marvell during a call discussing its latest fiscal results revealed that one of its Armada processors will reach a game console. Company co-founder Sehat Sutardja explained that a quarter-to-quarter boost of revenue was owing to a "major customer" ramping up a "new gaming platform." The executive didn't give away any clues as to the customer or choice of processor in the Seeking Alpha transcript of the call.


id shows Rage on iPhone: will "kill" any Xbox or PS2 game

08/12, 5:00pm

id Software says iPhone better than Xbox and PS2

(Update: new video) id Software co-founder John Carmack upturned the game industry at the QuakeCon expo today with word his company had ported the Rage engine to the iPhone. The graphics keep many of the features of the full engine for modern consoles, including non-repeating Megatextures and advanced lighting, but still runs at 60 frames per second on an iPhone 4. It still runs properly on an older iPhone and, due to the mix of hardware and software, could "kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2," he said to Kotaku and others at the Texas gathering.


Nintendo DS sales crashing in light of iPod

07/29, 1:35pm

Nintendo sees DS sales cut in half during spring

Nintendo on Thursday faced its first loss in two years as its own lineup and competition from Apple hurt its business. The company lost the equivalent of $288.5 million after DS sales were cut in half from 5.97 million a year ago to just 3.15 million this spring. The drop included a 33 percent fall in sales in the US during June alone.


Nintendo 3DS designed to take on iPhone 4, iPod touch

06/15, 1:45pm

Nintendo 3DS teased with motion controls

Nintendo, as promised, has teased the first details of the 3DS at its E3 keynote. The console superficially resembles the DSi but has a new, 3.5-inch top screen with glasses-free 3D; it not only adds depth to games but has a 3D effect slider to tone the effect down. 3D also plays into photos, as the back holds dual cameras that can create 3D images for sharing with others.


Live coverage of Nintendo's E3 2010 keynote [ended]

06/15, 11:45am

Nintendo E3 2010 to show 3DS, more

Nintendo held its press conference for E3 2010 today. The Japanese firm showed the 3DS as well as a large game roster for the DS, DSi and Wii. Visit our live coverage page for events as they happen.


Nintendo 3DS may have 3D camera, only one 3D screen

06/11, 1:15pm

Nintendo 3DS mockup and leaks may spoil E3

Nintendo's 3DS handheld has come its closest ever to a full leak today with a mockup and description of the gaming machine. Contrary to expectations, only one screen would have the large, likely Sharp-made glasses-free 3D output, as the second would be the same size as on a DSi and would help with backwards compatibility for DS games. In return, it wouldn't be much different in size and would have a 3D camera, presumably to ensure that photos and video taken with the 3DS appear in 3D onscreen.


Nintendo quietly adds midnight blue DSi XL in US

06/08, 2:30pm

Nintendo to bring blue DSi XL to the US

Nintendo will soon add a new midnight blue color to the DSi XL. The new handheld will be available to order on July 11 and will include the same preloaded apps or games as the other two DSi XLs, such as Flipnote Studio, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Photo Clock, and the DSi's official web browser.


Nintendo cuts DSi prices in Japan, adds new colors

06/02, 4:55pm

Nintendo cuts DSi prices in Japan, adds 3 colors

Nintendo Japan on Wednesday cut the prices of the DSi and DSi LL, with, with the DSi LL getting three new colors come June 19th. The new colors include green, yellow and blue, while the price for the DSi drops by 26 percent, to the equivalent of $163 from $206. The DSi LL, meanwhile, will come down by 11 percent, or to $196 from $218.


Nintendo 3DS to have tighter DRM, switch-off 3D screens

05/07, 5:55pm

Nintendo 3DS games will be harder to copy

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said in an interview today that the 3DS will have tougher anti-copying measures than the existing DSi. The executive wouldn't say what it would involve, saying it would give "hints" to pirates, but told Forbes it was important to step up copy protection measures. Nintendo is concerned about a culture of free where "software is meaningless," Iwata said.


Nintendo: Apple isn't "viable" gaming platform

04/06, 2:15pm

Nintendo US exec thinks iPhone games unprofitable

Nintendo's US president Reggie Fils-Aime has denied that Apple's handhelds are having an impact on sales for the DSi. The executive in an interview claimed that the iPhone and iPod, as well as the iPad, can't affect Nintendo's device or game sales since buying habits themselves don't encourage game development. Since iPhone gamers don't commit to gameplay before moving on to other apps, they often aren't willing to pay much if anything and make it difficult for software teams to justify large titles.


Nintendo DSi XL due for US in March, gets e-books

02/24, 2:55pm

Nintendo tries to fight iPod, iPad with US DSi LL

Nintendo today at its self-run Summit provided US launch details for the DSi LL. The handheld, badged the DSi XL in the US, will reach stores on March 28th and will undercut the Japanese version with a $190 price. It will have the same dual 4.2-inch screens and larger stylus and should initially come in burgundy red and bronze colors.


Sony may "reboot" PSP Go in face of poor sales

02/02, 3:05pm

Rumor has PSP Go relaunch

Sony may be close to holding a 'second launch' for the PSP Go to shore up its sales, a claimed leak indicates today. The gaming giant is supposedly unhappy with the slump in performance of the redesigned console and is gearing up for a second marketing campaign. Other steps are said on the table and are speculated by Gamervision to include a price cut from the current $250 price tag.


Nintendo chief: iPad has "no surprises"

01/29, 9:40am

Nintendo's Iwata not worried about iPad yet

Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata on Friday downplayed the likelihood of the iPad affecting his company's game console business. The executive found "no surprises" in the Apple device and dismissed it as a "bigger iPod touch." He didn't comment on the possible impact of the platform regardless of size.


Nintendo, paper argue over slip of DS successor

01/15, 9:40am

Nintendo denies new DS, paper insists true

Nintendo today tried to talk down a seeming revelation of a new DS handheld by its own chief executive Satoru Iwata. After the company leader reportedly talked to the Asahi Shimbun newspaper about an upcoming model having "highly detailed graphics" and a sensor to "read the movements" of players, the Japanese game company's senior director of communications in the US, Charlie Scibetta, flatly denied the claims. Iwata's answer was "misinterpreted," the senior spokesperson said.


Nintendo DSi XL to hit Europe early in March

01/14, 9:55am

Nintendo DSi XL release announced for Europe

Nintendo on Thursday announced that the upcoming DSi XL portable gaming system will arrive in UK stores on March 5th. The portable gaming system, also previously referred to as the DSi LL in Japan, has dual screens that are nearly twice as big as the regular model's, at 4.2 inches. The screens also have a wider viewing angle than the outgoing model's and the stylus is also appropriately larger.


Nintendo details Black Friday DSi bundles

11/25, 12:00pm

DSi Metallic Blue, White bundles explained

Nintendo has provided full details of the two DSi bundles it plans to launch as part of Black Friday sales. A Metallic Blue edition of the gaming handheld will both have its namesake color as well as five Mario-themed DSiWare apps worth about $20. The system will have three games, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario Express, and MarioWare Snapped; it should also have themed calculator and clock apps.


DSi LL sales over 3X higher than PSP Go's

11/24, 11:55am

Nintendo DSi LL manages 103K sales

Nintendo today said it had sold 103,524 of its new DSi LL handheld in Japan in the two full days since its Sunday release. The number comes despite a relatively high $221 price and is nearly 3.7 times higher than the roughly $250 PSP Go, which only managed about 28,000 units in a similar span.


Nintendo DSi LL due early 2010 for Europe; US too?

10/29, 10:00am

Nintendo DSi LL to leave Japan in early Q1

Nintendo has quickly confirmed that the DSi LL will ship outside of Japan. A British representative explains that the larger handheld, named in a statement as the "DSi XL," should reach at least Europe sometime in the first quarter of 2010, or before the end of March. The contact isn't ready to supply pricing but does say it will cost more than the DSi when it goes on sale.


Nintendo counters iPod with DSi LL as profit falls

10/29, 7:40am

DSi LL has larger screen for Internet use

Nintendo quickly confirmed rumors today by unveiling the DSi LL. Its screens have increased by more than an inch to 4.2 inches each and are seen as better for Internet access as well as for gameplay. It also gets a larger, more comfortable second stylus and a battery life that increases from 2.5 hours to three during active gameplay.


Nintendo readying Japanese DSi with larger display?

10/26, 8:45pm

4" screen expected with updated model

A report originating from the Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei claims that Nintendo is readying an updated DSi featuring a 4-inch display. If true, the revamped device would exceed the current model's screen by of an inch. The company is reportedly making the adjustment in response to user feedback, while accommodating older users who have complained of problems using the smaller size.


iPhone, iPod to overthrow Nintendo by 2014?

10/23, 11:40am

Analyst sees Apple winning mobile gaming

The iPhone platform could overtake rivals Nintendo and Sony for the lead in growing handheld gaming in as little as five years, a DFC Intelligence report says. The analyst group believes portable hardware from the Japanese companies is likely to still lead in terms of sheer units in the future but believes growth has "peaked" for devices like the DSi or PSP Go where Apple's platform is still climbing quickly. By 2014, the iPhone and iPod touch are expected to be the only major devices still seeing significant growth.


Nintendo DS sequel may use NVIDIA GPU, rival iPod

10/13, 6:50pm

Nintendo said due to use next Tegra chip

Nintendo's next-generation DS may be powerful enough to rival the current iPod touch in terms of power if a purported source is accurate. Contacts at BSN say NVIDIA has won a contract with Nintendo to use a variant of the Tegra chipset in a future handheld. Which model would be used is unknown, but it's still expected to be a single-chip design and may be a second-generation Tegra rather than the existing component.


SanDisk adds memory cards for PSP Go, DSi

09/30, 10:45am

SanDisk boosts gaming system storage capacities

SanDisk on Wednesday announced it has released memory cards meant specifically for portable gaming systems such as Sony's PSP Go and PSP as well as the Nintendo DSi. All significantly boost the storage capacity of said systems, with the PSP Go's capacity doubled by the new 16GB Memory Stick Micro M2 card. There is a 32GB Memory Stick PRO Duo and a Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo of the same capacity for the PSP from Sony, while the DSi gets an 8GB SDHC card.



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