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Community server project keeps Wi-Fi alive for Nintendo Wii, DS

05/22, 7:12pm

Project adds public test server for multiplayer use after Gamespy shutdown

With Nintendo shutting down Wi-Fi functionality for the aging Wii and DS consoles, customers still hoping for multiplayer action in their older titles have been left to their own devices. However, a community project has created a workaround, launching a Wi-Fi connection server to help stave off the results of the Gamespy shutdown.


Toyota uses Nintendo DS as an in-car GPS system controller

05/17, 10:51am

Nintendo DS works with Toyota in-car navigation for control, more

At a press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday, Toyota showed off its upcoming Estima Hybrid minivan. At the same time, equipping the van with an aftermarket Smart Navi NSZT-W62G GPS head unit will let a Nintendo DS control the GPS system of the car, 4gamer reported. The DS needs to have a Kuruma de DS (meaning Use DS in the car) cartridge inserted, which allows the portable games console to communicate with the head unit over Bluetooth.


Nielsen: 66% of homes with Nintendo, Sony handhelds have iOS

03/09, 3:55pm

Nielsen shows Apple infiltrating gaming

New Nielsen data has shown that cross-platform gaming is seeing heavy inroads, including from Apple. About 24 percent of US homes used at least two gaming platforms, but diversity was especially high among those who had a traditional handheld. In homes where a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP was was used by a child under 12, 66 percent also had some kind of iOS device.


Review: PlayStation Vita

03/04, 10:40pm

We review Sony's flagship handheld console

Many had written off Sony from the mobile gaming arena not long into the PSP's history: high prices and a lack of major games kept it on the sidelines as the Nintendo DS took over. Apple and Google have seemingly been poised to deliver a killing blow with much better general abilities and cheaper games. The PlayStation Vita, then, is a chance at redemption. We'll gauge in our PS Vita review whether it has accomplished that goal or at least made a valiant effort.


Nintendo 3DS reaches 5m home sales mark ahead of ancestor

02/20, 9:15am

Nintendo 3DS fastest-selling handheld console

Nintendo confirmed a milestone for both itself and the gaming would by revealing that the 3DS should now be its fastest-selling console. The system took less than a year to reach the five million-unit sales mark in its home of Japan, four weeks faster than the 56-week record set by the decade-old Gameboy Advance. The DS took 58 weeks to get to the same point.


Sony starts $50m PS Vita ad blitz to recapture iPhone gamers

02/14, 11:30am

Sony targets adult gamers, mobile users with Vita

Sony on the eve of the PlayStation Vita's first US wave has kicked off a record $50 million ad campaign to recapture its place not just from Nintendo but from Apple. The most Sony has ever spent on any PlayStation launch in the US, the campaign includes both online spots as well as traditional billboards and TV spots. Where PSP ads focused on younger gamers, though, Sony's new Vita ads (below) will focus on adults, where the allure is to "never stop playing" PS3-level games while on the road and with others.


Nintendo buys video streaming startup Mobiclip

02/13, 10:45pm

Nintendo gets Mobiclip for vide streaming

Mobiclip quietly confirmed Monday that it had been bought out by Nintendo. The new subsidiary of the console giant didn't explain details, including the value of the deal or what it would be producing with Nintendo's help. The company has been making primarily video codecs for the console universe, including Microsoft and Sony.


Nintendo, NTT DoCoMo use DS for voice recognition

01/30, 6:10pm

Voice to text to aid disable students in classroom

Nintendo is partnering with Japanese service provider NTT DoCoMo to bring speech recognition tools to the classroom. Together, the two companies are using Nintendo's DS handhelds to display a teacher's words directly on the handheld gaming device's screen as they are spoken. The intent is to help students with disabilities learn better.


Nintendo rumored mulling a Wii U name change

01/27, 12:50pm

Wii U may launch under a different name: source

Nintendo is reportedly considering changing the name of its upcoming game console, the Wii U. The reason for this internal mulling, CVG heard, is supposedly due to the confusion with the 3D and 3DS, which Nintendo found to be too similar in the public eye. It supposedly fears the same would happen with the Wii U and its existing Wii.


Nintendo 3DS tops 4m sold, outpaces Wii

01/03, 8:40am

Nintendo more than recovers from early 3DS slump

Nintendo returned from holiday with word that it had shipped more than four million 3DS systems in the US. The milestone, which it reached in nine months, was enough to outsell the Wii over its own intro period. Nintendo had already passed four million in Japan just days earlier.


Sony sells out of PS Vita pre-orders in Japan in comeback

12/15, 7:55am

PS Vita Japan launch already spoken for

Sony on Thursday said that it had sold out of the PlayStation Vita in Japanese pre-orders. Not due to go on sale until Saturday, the handheld game system triggered lines that saw its initial batch spoken for. It did have a significant amount of time to sell stock, having started pre-orders on October 15.


NPD: 1.7m Xbox 360s, 795,000 3DS systems sold in November

12/09, 6:45pm

NPD charts huge device sales, flat cash in Nov '11

New NPD data has shown runaway gaming hardware sales in November that could signal a minor revival in the face of iOS gaming. Nintendo saw a resurgence as it moved 795,000 3DS units in the US during the month, or about double what it has in recent months. It still managed to sell 350,000 DSi systems, leading it to about 1.15 million handheld gaming systems in one month.


3DS sales triple, help bring Nintendo back into competition

11/28, 11:05pm

Nintendo 3DS sales jump 325pc based on Mario

The launch of key Mario and Zelda games helped catapult Nintendo 3DS sales, the company's US President Reggie Fils-Aime declared Monday to USA Today. The week of November 6, just before Super Mario 3DS Land arrived, the handheld saw its sales jump 325 percent. The launch of the game itself saw sales jump 49 percent again over those already boosted figures.


NPD: Nintendo 3DS to break DS sales record, Xbox leads

11/11, 8:50pm

NPD says 3DS at 1.65m sold, Xbox 360 at 393K

New NPD data for October on Friday showed Nintendo recovering some of its pace in mobile but still in a struggle with Apple and Microsoft. The 3DS had reached 1.65 million systems shipped to the US since it reached the country in March and was on track to break the original DS' first-year sales record. With 720,000 units left to go by March 2012, the company expected a rush of holiday sales and the winter to tip the balance.


iOS, Android lead mobile game revenue as Nintendo, Sony drop

11/09, 1:50pm

Flurry shows Apple and Google in control of games

Smartphone OS platforms from Apple and Google now make up the majority of mobile game revenue in the US, Flurry said in a new study. Both year-to-date figures and estimates give Android and iOS a combined 58 percent of money spent on games in 2011. Nintendo would now be a minority by a significant margin, at 36 percent, while Sony's PSP would be just six percent.


Nintendo hints Wii U not coming until late 2012

10/28, 12:15pm

Nintendo will only show final Wii U at E3 2012

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during an investor discussion regarding the $923 million half-year loss suggested that the Wii U wouldn't arrive until the end of 2012. He anticipated that the finished version of the console would show at E3 2012, a year after it was first unveiled. As Nintendo rarely ships at E3 itself, the timing points to a holiday release as more likely than mid-year.


Nintendo loss may double own estimates as iPod cuts in

10/26, 6:05pm

Nintendo may lose 1.32b based on Android

Nintendo might post a loss for the first half of its fiscal year twice as high as what it predicted, Japan's Nikkei newspaper said Wednesday [subscription required]. The game console maker is expected to face a $1.32 billion loss for the period between April and September, nearly twice the $722.4 million it had estimated. Some of the loss would come from a $525.38 million foreign exchange difference given its dependency on North American and European sales, but most would come from poor performance.


Nintendo hits 50m DS units sold, sees small mobile revival

10/13, 11:20pm

Nintendo crosses 50m DS mark with good 3DS sales

Nintendo saw some hope return to its mobile gaming on Thursday after it crossed a historic milestone. Based on NPD September data, the DS line passed 50 million lifetime sales since its launch in 2004. This helped cement its position as the bestselling game console in history, Nintendo claimed.


French court flips, bans Nintendo DS game copiers

10/05, 4:45pm

Court hits 6 firms with fines in excess of $7M

A French appeal court has found six companies guilty of importing, distributing, and selling Nintendo DS game copying flash cartridges. The action overturns a ruling made two years ago by a lower French court. The court has imposed criminal fines of over €460,000 ($606,300 USD) and damages in excess of €4.8 million ($6.4 USD).


NPD: Xbox 360 tops US console sales again, 3DS soars on cuts

09/08, 7:50pm

Microsoft claims Xbox 360 leads August 2011

Microsoft claimed one of the longer unbroken video game console sales streaks in recent memory as the Xbox 360 was once more the top-selling console in the US, according to NPD data. August sales bounced back from July's low point and hit 306,000 of the systems. Nintendo added that the 3DS price cut made a meaningful impact and saw sales jump to 235,000, about 185,000 of which were after the August 12 drop to $170.


iPhone 4 sets Guinness records for game handheld sales

05/13, 6:10pm

iPhone 4 and App Store set Guinness game records

Guinness World Records upturned expectations late Thursday by giving Apple three records for gaming. The iPhone 4 was now the fastest-selling handheld game system ever, having reached an estimated 1.5 million devices on its first day. Officials noted that just 200,000 Sony PSPs moved on its launch day, and the DS took a full week to hit 500,000.


Nintendo 3DS struggles vs. iPod in April as Xbox 360 leads

05/12, 10:50pm

Nintendo 3DS still struggling to outsell DSi

Nintendo faced a hurdle in its hopes to retake some of its share in mobile gaming from Apple on Thursday after NPD results showed that the 3DS wasn't outselling its predecessor. The company shipped 194,000 3DS systems in April but moved 257,000 of the DSi the same month. A statement from the console maker argued the gap, despite it being the first full month for the 3DS, was due to the "staying power" of the older systems and the recent dual Pokemon games driving sales.


Nintendo 3DS e-Shop, browser to hit June 6

05/12, 9:00am

Nintendo says 3DS getting browser, store June 6

Nintendo in a Japanese update dated its launch plans for the browser and download store for the 3DS. Both the e-Shop for games and the browser are expected to go live the evening of June 6 in the US, just hours before Nintendo's E3 keynote. Not said was how it would work, such as whether classic console games would get any special treatment on the 3DS.


Nintendo chief: we'll rely less on ourselves to sell systems

04/26, 8:35am

Nintendo to emphasise 3rd parties with 3DS and Wii

Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata at an investor summit on Tuesday admitted that the company was leaning too heavily on its own games and marketing to drive console sales. Following a 66 percent slump in profit blamed on sagging Wii sales, the CEO wished Nintendo had joined up with "someone outside the company" to persuade gamers. The system might have had better sales if the company asked for help from others, he said, vowing that it wouldn't repeat the mistake with the 3DS, ongoing sales of the Wii, and the now confirmed Wii sequel.


GameStop memo shows Nintendo DS Lite phased out

04/22, 10:35am

Nintendo DS Lite discontinued based on memo

An internal GameStop staff memo uncovered in the past day has confirmed that Nintendo is retiring the DS Lite. Production had stopped on the dual-screen console and would no longer see it replaced once stock is dry. The note originally caught by Solidus (republished by GoNintendo] didn't give an estimate for when that would happen.


iOS, Android cut deeper into Nintendo and Sony game revenue

04/15, 9:45am

Flurry shows iOS, Android hurting Nintendo, Sony

Smartphone platforms have been deepening their impact on Nintendo and Sony game revenue, Flurry said in a new study. The combination of Android and iOS jumped from five percent of all video game revenue in 2009 to eight percent last year. Combined with a resurgence in TV gaming, the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP lines had their total revenue share cut back from 24 percent to just 16 percent.


iSuppli: Nintendo 3DS sales capped by iPod, iPad and phones

04/11, 9:05am

iSuppli says Nintendo 3DS limited by iOS, Android

Nintendo's 3DS sales will never match those of the earlier DS line due to competition from Apple and Google, IHS iSuppli said this weekend. The 3DS would hit 11.6 million devices in 2011, but it would always lag behind what the DS line managed at the same point in its history, hitting 69.9 million systems versus 90.9 million. Both the iPhone and iPod touch, as well as tablets like the iPad and Android 3.0 devices, would steal away potential sales.


PlayStation head: Nintendo DS is just a 'babysitting tool'

04/08, 12:50pm

PlayStation chief says Nintendo DS trapped to kids

Sony's US PlayStation CEO Jack Tretton in a chat published Friday dismissed the Nintendo DS as competition. He thought of the lineup as perpetuating the "Game Boy experience" and only really tailored to kids. The PSP, and especially the upcoming NGP, were meant to keep handheld gaming relevant for adults that wouldn't want to even admit to owning a DS, he told Fortune.


Sony warns NGP launch may be limited in 2011 due to quake

04/04, 7:05pm

Sony NGP may intro in one area due to quake

Sony's US PlayStation president Jack Tretton said Monday that the NGP might have to have a limited launch due to the Tohoku earthquake in Japan. Production and supply issues could limit the late 2011 release to one area, such as Japan or North America, instead of a simultaneous launch. He wouldn't tell Bloomberg which area that would be.


Nintendo says 3DS set sales record, to give numbers April 14

03/29, 5:50pm

Nintendo 3DS sets undefined day-one sales record

Nintendo told the media that the 3DS launch had set a company record for first-day sales. In trying to dampen concerns over the black screen of death, it said the sales were the "highest of any Nintendo hand-held system in our history" and that problems were "well below" usual hardware launches. More details would come on April 14, it said.


Tiger Lab makes Nintendo DS emulator for Android

02/04, 4:00pm

Free proof-of-concept app posted

Tiger Lab apps by Tiger King has developed a proof-of-concept Nintendo DS emulator for Android devices. The free-app is in its early stages of development and is said to be “very very slow” at this stage, but it does allow DS games to work on a user’s smartphone. The developer anticipates that it is conceivable that fully functioning, full-speed versions of DS games will be able to run on smartphones by around 2012.


Nintendo 3DS to hit US on March 27 for $250

01/19, 10:00am

Nintendo commits to US launch of 3DS on March 27

Nintendo at its special event in New York City commited to the US launch details of the 3DS. The glasses-free 3D game console should ship on March 27 and will cost $250, roughly in line with expectations. About 30 games will have shipped between launch and the E3 show in early June, including a 3D Ridge Racer port, Dead or Alive Dimensions, first-party titles like Nintendogs and Ubisoft games in well-known brands such as the Ghost Recon action shooters.


Leak backs PSP2 showing January 27 to take on Apple

01/19, 9:35am

PSP2 January 27, Xperia Play February events OKed

Swirling rumors of a PSP2 unveil on January 27 were supported on Tuesday with a corroborating story. Sony's console should be revealed that day and will be quickly followed by the Xperia Play in February, likely at Mobile World Congress. The Bloomberg source hinted that the two might be linked through a platform that would not only share music and movies through services like Qriocity but also games, although it wasn't stated that the PSP2 and Xperia Play would have the same game support.


Crytek joins ranks of high-end game devs on iPad, iPhone

01/16, 12:55pm

Crytek hiring for iPad and iPhone games

Crytek revealed its plans to get into iOS gaming this week with a listing for an iPad and iPhone game developer. The Crysis and Far Cry team is looking for a veteran for its Frankfurt office that would take control of nearly all of the process. Few clues exist in the code as to the project, but the aim would be to produce "high performance" code and ideally have experience with OpenGL ES, pointing to a full 3D game in the works.


Nintendo DS sales slump in December as iPod effect mounts

01/14, 8:55am

Nintendo claims healthy DS sales despite iPod

Nintendo on Friday posted results showing a significant slump in console sales from year to year that are likely to have been affected by the iPod touch and iPhone. It shipped 2.5 million DS systems in December, according to NPD data, representing a steep 24 percent drop from the 3.31 million last year. The company claimed to have the best portable console sales of 2010 but was counting rivals like the Sony PSP and not multi-role handhelds.


Microsoft sells 1.9m Xbox 360s in December thanks to Kinect

01/13, 6:40pm

Microsoft trumpets 1.9m Xbox 360s in NPD results

Microsoft backed up earlier guesses tonight and said it blew away expectations with 1.9 million Xbox 360s sold in December. The NPD-sourced data made it the best-ever month for the game console. Its total sales were also up a sharp 42 percent from year to year and made it the only console to see its numbers grow over 2009.


Nintendo 3DS may be hampered by 3-5 hour battery life

01/08, 11:00am

Nintendo 3DS capped at 5 hour battery

Nintendo's 3DS may be hampered by demanding battery life when running its own native games, the official spec sheet has uncovered. Gamers should expect just three to five hours when running the native, 3D-capable games of the platform. Battery life only extends to a peak five to eight hours for legacy DS games.


EA: Nintendo Wii would 'explode' if it cost $99

12/17, 1:55pm

EA calls on Nintendo to cut Wii price in half

EA chief John Riccitiello in a new interview called on Nintendo to cut the price of the Wii in half. The launches of Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's PlayStation Move meant that Nintendo could no longer count on motion gaming and its own games to sell systems anymore. A drop to $99 would reverse the recent slump, Riccitello said in the Industry Gamers chat.


Xbox 360 outsells Wii in November, PS3 relegated to third

12/10, 5:05am

Nintendo overall winner when DS sales included

The Microsoft Xbox 360 outsold the Nintendo Wii in November with sales of 1.37 million Xbox 360s sold against 1.27 million Wiis. The Sony PS3 lagged well behind with 530,000 consoles sold. However, when the Nintendo’s DS hand-held console is added to the equation, it Nintendo shifted a total of 2.7 million consoles sold in November, which also comprised 1.5 million sales of the DS. Sony has not made its sales figures for the PSP public at the time of writing.


Nintendo: 900K DS systems, 600K Wiis sold this week

11/29, 1:20pm

Nintendo sells 900K DS and 600K Wiis in one week

Nintendo today hoped to bring attention back to its own platform with claims of high sales during Thanksgiving week. Starting from November 21 and running through this past Sunday, the company shipped 900,000 DS, DSi and DSi XL systems as well as 600,000 Wii units. It credited the spike both to the usual Black Friday push as well as new system colors.


Kids below 12 want iPad over PCs, Nintendo DS

11/23, 6:20pm

iPad and iPod lead demand from kids: Nielsen

Children 12 and under want an iPad even more than the game consoles that have almost always topped their lists for several years, Nielsen said today. About 31 percent of those aged six to 12 wanted an iPad, trumping both computers and the iPod touch at 29 percent each. Nintendo's DS line was stopped at 25 percent, while the PSP was well behind at just 14 percent.


Nintendo claws back lead as MS warns of Kinect shortages

11/16, 10:50pm

Nintendo DS passes X360 amid Kinect shortage

Nintendo has regained the top spot in US console sales after four months of Xbox 360 leads, according to NPD data. The DS got back its top spot in October and, along with the Wii, made Nintendo the only console maker to see its average sales per week go up. The DS and Wii were likely to see big jumps this month and in December as the holidays were likely to give Nintendo a boost.


Nintendo reveals lifetime console sales for self, MS, Sony

11/12, 10:50am

Nintendo expects another strong holiday season

At the BMO Capital Markets Annual Digital Entertainment Conference in New York on Thursday, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime spoke about sales expectations for the upcoming holiday season and US sales of its gaming products and those of rivals. Fils-Aime expected strong sales of the Wii during despite new products from rivals such as Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's PlayStation Move. He also cited current sales figures for the various game systems to date in the US, with Nintendo leading the numbers.


Sony hints at PlayStation phone, says iPhone poor for games

10/28, 10:55am

Sony VP hints PlayStation phone, dismisses Apple

SCEA's senior marketing VP Peter Dille in an interview late Wednesday dropped strong hints of the upcoming PlayStation phone and was already setting it up as a competitor to the iPhone. He saw the PSP as being hindered by being Wi-Fi only and its having to be a secondary device. Modern users want "always-connected devices," Dille told CNN, and lose many of the PSP's role as a media center when away, like movie rentals and web browsing.


PlayStation phone confirmed in leak: 1GHz, touchpad

10/26, 9:40pm

PlayStation phone photos, details emerge

Sony Ericsson's rumored PlayStation phone was confirmed in major fashion today through a leak of prototype shots and according details. True to expectations, it will be a full touchscreen slider but with PSP Go-style PlayStation controls instead of a QWERTY keyboard; it would go so far as to have shoulder buttons. Engadget was told, however, that the pad in the middle is a multi-touch trackpad, most likely for gestures that would avoid disrupting the screen during gameplay.


Nintendo: Apple 'absolutely' more a threat than Microsoft

10/25, 8:40pm

Nintendo says iPod more threat than Xbox

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime made a rare admission for the company and said in a recent interview that Apple was a bigger threat to its share of gaming than Microsoft. Despite the Xbox 360's recent lead, he explained that the iPhone and iPod were "absolutely" larger threats in the near future. Apple had a similar effect to Farmville or other entertainment in that it consumed free time that wouldn't be devoted to a Nintendo system, the executive told Forbes.


Xbox 360 tops consoles for 4th month, but other data missing

10/14, 8:25pm

Xbox 360 leads September console sales

Microsoft today claimed that the Xbox 360 continued its US winning streak by leading console sales once again in September. About 484,000 systems sold during the month, according to NPD data, and marked about a 37 percent jump over September a year earlier. Halo: Reach was considered the catalyst, as about 3.3 million copies of the first-person shooter sold the same month and likely drove some to get their first Xboxes or replace old models.


Sony slashing PSP Go to $200 after failure to rival iPod?

10/13, 9:35am

Sony may drop PSP Go price on October 15

A freshly discovered memo late this past evening has hinted that Sony may institute a steep price cut on the PSP Go. The store notice has the gaming handheld falling from its original $250 to $200 on Friday, October 15. Joystiq's retail insider also notes that the profit margin is going down, as it would carry just a $20 price above wholesale where the old price netted $25.


Panasonic to take on gaming rivals with Jungle handheld

10/04, 10:20pm

Panasonic Jungle leaked with MMO support

A leak this evening has revealed that Panasonic is about to return to gaming with a device that would try to compete with Nintendo, Sony and possibly Apple. The Jungle (link ready soon) would focus on Panasonic Cloud Entertainment (PCENT), a service that would revolve around online gaming and online video creation and playback. Sources for CrunchGear expect that it would launch with at least a Battlestar Galactica massively multiplayer game and a weekly video series.


Nintendo 3DS pushed past holidays, hurts rivalry with Apple

09/29, 8:15am

Nintendo 3DS due in Japan February 26, US in March

Nintendo today set its promised launch date and price for the 3DS with a warning that it would hurt the company's results. The 3D-capable handheld will reach Japan well after the holidays, on February 26, and will cost the equivalent of $299. North America should get the 3DS in March.



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