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Fox hopeful Apple, Disney will use UltraViolet media locker

07/15, 9:35am

Fox hints, doesn't know Apple will use UltraViolet

Fox's executive VP of Global Research and Technology Strategy Danny Kaye was hopeful Apple and Disney would both use the new UltraViolet media locker copy protection system. He noted in an interview that all but Disney among the studios had signed on, and that just that it was holding out "doesn't mean that [Disney] won't." He was also convinced in speaking to Pocket-lint that Apple was going to sign onboard and that it was just being conservative before leaping in.


UltraViolet media locker may allow DVD scanning for access

03/14, 8:30am

UltraViolet may use DVD scans to get movie rights

The UltraViolet digital media standard could use a customer's own DVDs as a way of giving them permanent access to a movie, insiders said Monday. Partners in the group are mulling an option for users to scan in their DVDs and get access to any movie that matches up with the UV library. The approach described to CNET would be a way of encouraging viewers to get into the UV system without forcing them to give up an existing catalog.


UltraViolet play-anywhere DRM spec finished

01/06, 4:15am

UltraViolet group says format ready

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) group on Wednesday completed the format for UltraViolet, its proposed cross-platform digital rights system. Under the finished model, users will have access to their content on 12 separate devices that support UltraViolet, no matter who made them. Viewers would also have rights to stream content and play a given title on a physical disc.


DECE settles on UltraViolet media DRM, still lacks Apple

07/20, 8:30am

DECE gets closer to launch with name, new partners

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem edged closer to an actual launch today by settling on a new name for its copy protection scheme, UltraViolet (UV), and unveiling new partners. In addition roughly 60 major electronics, content and software firms, the Internet media locker standard now has support from Korea's LG as well as the ARM chip designer Marvell and LOVEFiLM. The group now expects UV to enter the test phase later in the year.


Apple in talks for cloud-based iTunes movies

03/02, 6:25pm

iTunes Rewind resurfaces with iPad in mind

Apple is talking to movie studios about letting iTunes customers stream full-length features, a leak Tuesday evening suggests. Two anonymous sources aware of the negotiations say it would echo similar discussions for music and TV that would take iTunes away from its dependence on movie downloads and to a locker that would simply hold what the user owns and stream it accordingly. The move would likely be targeted at the iPad and notebooks, where free storage is at a premium.


DECE members agree on format, DRM schemes

01/04, 1:05pm

DECE will exclude DRM in common format

Members of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) today said they have agreed on key points behind their promised universal media access strategy. The coalition has come to a deal on a common file format that will work across the hardware and software of every participating member. Among proprietary formats, the group has picked Adobe's Flash Access, CMLA-OMA, Marlin, Microsoft's PlayReady and Widevine as officially supported by the system.


Disney prepping access-anywhere media format

10/22, 3:00pm

Disney Keychest may have Apple's help

Disney is developing an approach to digital media that would eliminate the need for device-specific rights, the company said late yesterday (subscription required). Unofficially known as Keychest, it would copy protect content but give lifetime permission to access that content a given number of devices. It would behave as a more universal form of the rights management of Amazon Video On Demand and let users save space by streaming content, though downloads wouldn't be an option.


Studios plan cross-platform video minus Apple

09/15, 11:40am

Studios Form DECE

Several movie studios and hardware manufacturers have unwrapped plans to produce a universal approach to copy-protected video that would escape a dependence on any one format and would also loosen some restrictions on video. To be called the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), the initiative currently includes Fox, NBC Universal, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros. as well as Windows Media creator Microsoft, Comcast and hardware makers that include Cisco, Philips and Toshiba. Best Buy and Verisign are also involved.



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