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Retailers run low on white MacBooks in hint of refresh

06/29, 12:15pm

White MacBooks may join Air in July update

New investigations at online retailers have given possible clues of the white MacBook being replaced at the same time as the MacBook Air. Checks at Amazon, J&R, MacConnection, and other outlets show either few supplies or are out of stock altogether. AppleInsider heard that one major European reseller was entirely out of stock and hasn't been told when it would get new models.


Apple refurbs: iMacs from $929

05/03, 4:20pm

Reduced prices on refurbished iMacs

New iMacs are now available but you can save big on refurbished models in Apple's online store. They start at $929 for a 21.5-inch iMac with a 3.06GHz Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. Or for $949, after a $550 price cut, you could select a 21.5-inch iMac with a 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive.


HP phases out Envy 13 after brief shot at MacBook Air

02/19, 4:50pm

HP drops Envy 13 in favor of Envy 14

HP said late Friday that it had phased out the Envy 13. The ultraportable notebook has now been officially discontinued following its recent price slash. It phased out as the Envy 14 "basically replaced" the design, CNET was told.


Dell axes last Adamo after struggling to fight MacBook Air

02/08, 10:30pm

Dell stops selling last Adamo

Dell closed a chapter in its history today by withdrawing the Adamo 13. A search for "Adamo" now turns up a message that the entire line is "no longer available." Buyers are instead turned to the much heavier, much thicker but faster XPS 15 and 17.


Dell cuts Adamo 13 price, ups speed to fend off MacBook Air

12/25, 7:55pm

Dell drops Adamo 13 to 899 in possible final cut

Dell today dropped the price of the Adamo 13 while also giving it a major speed increase to keep it ahead of the MacBook Air. The system has fallen from $1,099 to $899 while giving it the same specifications as the previous high-end model. It has left the 1.4GHz, ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo from the old versions and has moved up to the significantly faster 2.13GHz chip.


Intel, NVIDIA in settlement talks that may help Apple

12/01, 3:45pm

Intel and NVIDIA hope to settle Core iX chip fight

Intel and NVIDIA are in discussions to try and settle their dispute over system chipsets in a move that could give a major boost to Apple, leaks revealed Wednesday. Most of the details are still secret, but NVIDIA is most likely pressing to get back rights to make system chipsets for Intel processors with integrated memory controllers. The talks were private, Bloomberg said.


Black Friday: $64 Roku XD, $300 Google TV Blu-ray, $599 M11x

11/26, 12:40pm

Black Friday sees cheap Roku XD, Alienware M11x

Black Friday deals today have included a handful of steep discounts. The Roku XD is dropping 20 percent from its usual price to $64, giving the 1080p playback and 802.11n Wi-Fi of the mid-range at roughly the same price as the base Amazon- and Netflix-capable Roku players. The discount lasts from today through to the end of Monday Pacific time.


Review: MacBook Air (11-inch)

10/24, 6:05pm

We review the 11-inch MacBook Air

When questioned about netbooks, Apple's chief operating officer Tim Cook said the company had "a couple of interesting ideas" about tackling a segment that has focused on bargains over speed. We've now seen what was meant by the plurality in that statement: after the iPad, we now have the 11-inch MacBook Air, the smallest Mac ever. But is this Air providing a better direction, or is it simply the closest Apple will ever get to a netbook or a CULV notebook? Our MacBook Air review finds out.


11-inch MacBook Air teardown shows Toshiba SSD

10/21, 4:15pm

iFixit finds Toshiba SSD in smaller MacBook Air

An ongoing teardown of the new 11-inch MacBook Air by iFixit has discovered extra details beyond just what Apple showed during its own keynote. The ultraportable's SSD was already known to be custom since none take up its very narrow shape, but the 64GB example here is now known to be entirely Toshiba-derived and uses the Japanese firm's memory controller and four 16GB chips from the same firm. It won't be user-replaceable but, at half the thickness and less overall area, is key to the system's thin design.


MacBook Air extras: OS X on USB drive, new CPUs, HDMI cable

10/20, 4:30pm

MacBook Air to get OS X restore on USB

Apple as part of the new MacBook Air launch provided at least a pair of surprises. The ultraportables are the first modern Macs to scrap optical discs for their Mac OS X discs and instead put both the OS and the iLife install on a single USB drive. Its switch means MacBook Air users can finally reinstall the OS without needing to use DVD Sharing to bring a system back to health.


Apple launches new MacBook Air: 11-inch model, all SSD

10/20, 2:55pm

Apple debuts 11-inch, new 13-inch MacBook Air

Apple today as anticipated launched the new MacBook Air, its first major redesign of the ultraportable since 2008. It now occupies an even thinner wedge-like shape, at 0.68 inches, but still finds room for a second USB port and an SD card reader. The 13.3-inch model is lighter at 2.9 pounds, but a brand-new 11.6-inch model (without the SD card slot) weighs just 2.3 pounds.


New MacBook Air, iLife '11 spoiled by leaks, Apple itself

10/20, 7:30am

MacBook Air and new iLife given away by

Plans to launch a new MacBook Air and iLife '11 have been virtually confirmed this morning both by unofficial leaks and by Apple itself. The company's discussion forums already have placeholder categories for the "MBA" notebook as well as iMovie '11, GarageBand '11 and iPhoto '11. Polish site Spidersweb, who first found the leaks, also discovered a mystery "Reserved 10 20" category that could represent a new app or piece of hardware.


MacBook Air rumor: upgradeable RAM, 8-10 hours on battery

10/18, 9:20am

MacBook Air revamp said expandable, longer lasting

Another rumor today provided possibly strong details of the next MacBook Air ahead of its anticipated launch on Wednesday. The design is now thought to be relatively upgradeable, as users could finally choose more RAM as well as larger capacity SSD. It's not evident from the Cult of Mac tip if these would be user-replaceable, although bare SSDs aren't easily bought aftermarket and may only be build-to-order options.


New tip has MacBook Air due in 11- and 13-inch sizes

10/16, 11:45am

Next MacBook Air leak has two sizes, no port doors

Yet more details about the next MacBook Air have emerged that hint at different sizes. The same source that hinted at an 11.6-inch model has followed up and said both it and a 13.3-inch model would exist side-by-side in Apple's lineup. AppleInsider saw the prototype as at least somewhat reflective of Apple's final design as it was told that the new design could drop the port door in favor of regular ports and would put the bare SSD on a card attached to the mainboard through SATA.


Early next-gen MacBook Air may have surfaced in photo

10/16, 10:20am

MacBook Air prototype would stay 13in, add ports

Images of what's claimed to be an early prototype of the next-generation MacBook Air have surfaced in a new leak. The design, purportedly dating back to April of this year, implied that there may still be a 13-inch version but also that Apple would have addressed some of the common complaints of the Air's 2008-era build. Engadget pointed out that it would eschew the drop-down expansion row and have two USB ports, one on either side, as well as an SD card reader and the requisite Mini DisplayPort output.


More MacBook Air: "significantly lower" price, still Core 2

10/15, 4:25pm

11.6-inch MacBook Air may be cheap but use Core 2

Apple's 11.6-inch MacBook Air has already received a follow-up rumor that suggests the update may have only a modest update to the processor but compensate in nearly every other area. It would still use a Core 2 Duo, possibly like the S series in the existing Air, but would upgrade to the GeForce 320M (MCP89) for a boost to graphics. The lone source talking to CNET, however, mentioned that the price would be "significantly lower" than the $1,499 asking amount of the outgoing 13-inch system.


CUPP makes notebook with both ARM and x86 chips

09/09, 3:05pm

CUPP shows hybrid notebook with two CPUs

Norwegian company CUPP Computing has broken with tradition by creating a notebook PC that contains both a regular x86 processor and one meant for mobile devices for multitasking and battery life gains. The new model involves a 2.3GHz Intel Core 2 Duo paired with 4GB of RAM and a 720MHz, ARM-based TI OMAP 3430 with 512MB of RAM. There is also a dual-boot system, with Ubuntu LXDE powered by the ARM chip and the Intel chip controlled by Windows 7.


Dell plays shell games in comparing PCs to Macs

08/09, 11:45am

Dell tries to scare users away from MacBooks

Dell has stirred controversy by quietly posting an inaccurate Dell versus Apple comparison section for its notebooks. The Texas PC builder tries to show that its desktops and notebooks are better values than Apple's lineup and pits the Zino HD against the Mac mini, the Inspiron 560 against the 21-inch iMac, and the Studio 15 and 17 against similarly sized MacBook Pros. For the portables, it claims Apple is charging more than twice as much for "similar" specs.


Review: ViewSonic VOT125 nettop

07/24, 5:25pm

ViewSonic's CULV desktop gets our review

We've witnessed desktops shrinking from the size of an entire room to just incidental additions to the back of a display. ViewSonic's PC Mini line is emblematic of that shift, and our VOT125 review unit measures about the size of a decent deli sandwich and seemingly almost as light. The VOT125 may be the holy grail of tiny computers in terms of size, but we'll find out in a full test if this nettop can deliver a suitable experience along with its tiny packaging.


Lenovo may drop its MacBook Air rival in favor of T410s

07/14, 3:00pm

Lenovo thinks X300, X301 too hard to sell

Lenovo executive Wang Liping has reportedly said the company will soon drop its publicly proclaimed MacBook Air rival, the ThinkPad X301. The company now plans to withdraw its ultraportable from at least the Chinese market, possibly by the end of 2010. It should eventually be replaced by the considerably newer T410s.


Intel may phase out mobile Celeron by 2011

07/09, 7:30am

Pentium and dual Atom to replace Celeron

Intel could put an end to the notebook Celeron line entirely by next year, notebook suppliers said on Friday. The chip producer is reportedly ramping down production to where it would drop the mobile Celeron entirely in 2011. It would leave just the dual-core Atom and Pentium to occupy the space, and by its exit, would avoid competing for attention.


Apple unveils redesigned Mac mini with HDMI

06/15, 7:20am

Mac mini rises in price for speed, expansion

Apple in a surprise early morning update unveiled a completely redesigned Mac mini. The new version is shorter but wider and is targeted at home theaters: an HDMI output next to the Mini DisplayPort jack provides a single cable for audio and video to a TV. Upgrades are also easier, as a panel on the bottom lets owners swap memory without having to tear open the entire system.


ASUS Eee Pad takes on iPad with Windows 7, CULV processor

05/31, 7:40am

ASUS Eee Pad EP121 and EP101TC launched

ASUS kicked off Computex with the Eee Pad, its first true tablet. The design is closer to a touch-only notebook and theoretically promises a more advanced experience than the iPad it's targeted against: the 12-inch EP121 runs a full Windows 7 OS and uses a CULV Core 2 Duo processor that can provide an Apple-like 10 hours of battery life. Its multi-touch screen can recognize handwriting, a webcam and USB are built-in, and a keyboard dock turns it into a true computer when at home.


Lenovo's A300 luxury all-in-one ships

05/25, 3:15pm

Lenovo A300 all-in-one now shipping

Lenovo's luxury all-in-one desktop, the A300 introduced at CES, is now shipping in the US. The computer is available in three configurations, either with a 2.2GHz Intel Pentium dual-core or a Core 2 Duo with the same clock speed. All share Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and a 21.5-inch display with a full HD resolution. All but the base 2GB system have 4GB of RAM.


MSI intros new CX-series notebooks

05/21, 3:35pm

Mid-range devices offer Radeon HD 545v graphics

MSI has expanded its CX-series of mid-range notebooks with the new CX500DX, CX620MX, and CX420MX. The CX500DX integrates a 15.6-inch display with 1366x768 resolution, while graphics are powered by ATI Radeon HD545v discrete components with 512MB of RAM. The notebook is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, with DDR2 memory up to 4GB.


Acer Timeline 1825PT convertible tablet ships first to UK

05/20, 10:05am

First Acer Timeline tablet gets official debut

Acer today finally took the wraps from its first Timeline convertible tablet notebook. The 1825PT puts its 11.6-inch display on a swivel and gives it multi-touch. It's also potentially one of the faster Timelines, with a 1.3GHz Core 2 Duo an option along with a similarly clocked Pentium.


Plastic MacBook gets 10-hour battery, GeForce 320M

05/18, 7:00am

Apple makes white MacBook refresh official

As hinted earlier, Apple has updated the plastic MacBook with its first update since its redesign. The new version has the same 10-hour battery as the 13-inch MacBook Pro and also inherits its faster GeForce 320M integrated graphics. A faster 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo (up from 2.26GHz) represents its other major change.


New plastic MacBook leak shows 2.4GHz C2D, GeForce 320M

05/15, 11:30am

White MacBook to get faster but still 2GB RAM

Yet another Vietnamese leak today has revealed Apple's next MacBook update early. The plastic model will bump up to most of the specs of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, including its 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 250GB hard drive and GeForce 320M video, but as always will still have conscious limits to drive some buyers to the more expensive model. It should still carry 2GB of RAM and use a 7-hour battery compared to 10 for the aluminum MacBook Pro.


Samsung launches all-in-one PCs in the UK

05/11, 2:40pm

Samsung to ship first AIO PCs to the UK in May

On Tuesday, Samsung announced it will begin offering desktop PCs for the first time in the UK later this month, when it launches its U250 and U200 all-in-one PCs. While technical specs on the pair are scarce, the U250 will sport a 23-inch screen with a full 1080p resolution while the 20-inch screen has a 1600x900 resolution. Either supports multi-touch input and ships with Windows 7 Home Premium preloaded onto its 500GB hard drive.


MacBook Air may get refresh this week

05/10, 7:30am

MacBook Air may get long overdue upgrade

A model number leak today hinted that Apple is finally near updating the MacBook Air. One previously unknown entry, MC516LL/A K87 BETTER BTR-USA, has surfaced in an official database and is shipping to Australia in the order of "several thousand" units. The Australian branch of Macworld also understands that MacBook Air supplies are low even though online stores around the world say the system ships in 24 hours.


Panasonic updates Toughbook CF-52, CF-78 to Core i5

05/05, 11:10am

Panasonic updates two Toughbook models in the UK

Panasonic this week announced it has updated its semi-rugged Toughbook CF-52 and business-rugged Toughbook CF-T8 notebooks in the UK with new hardware. The CF-52 can now be had with either a 2.4GHz or 2.53GHz Intel Core i5 processor as well as 2GB of RAM and shock-mounted, quick release hard drives with up to 250GB in capacity. New options include wireless connection options such as a Gobi 2000 3G modem.


Maingear updates eX-L 15 with Core i5, i7

04/20, 1:05pm

Maingear brings Core i5, i7 to eX-L 15 gaming PC

Custom PC builder Maingear has refreshed its 15.6-inch eX-L 15 gaming notebook with Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 processors. The notebook was introduced last August topped out with a 2.53GHz Core 2 Quad. The new version has much faster Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics and can be had with a 1080p screen, though a 1600x900 display is standard.


Steve Jobs defends lack of i3, i5 CPUs in 13" MacBook Pros

04/13, 5:45pm

Exec claims 10-hour battery life more important

Steve Jobs allegedly sent a personal response to an e-mail inquiry regarding the lack of Intel Core i3 or i5 CPUs in the refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro. The executive suggested that "far faster graphics and 10 hour battery life trump 10-20% faster CPU," according to the e-mail posted on 9 to 5 Mac. The company chose to stick with Core 2 Duo components for the smallest MacBook Pros.


Apple launches Core i5, i7 MacBook Pro with 10-hour battery

04/13, 8:40am

Apple intros overdue i5 i7 MacBook Pro update

Apple on Tuesday released a much-anticipated update to the MacBook Pro. The new models are a major upgrade in speed and use up to a 2.66GHz Core i7 that can clock up to 3.33GHz using Turbo Boost. They also switch to new GeForce 300M graphics that, using NVIDIA's Optimus technology, can grab up to 10 hours of battery life by switching to Intel's graphics when not plugged in.


Dell intros Wi-Fi projector, new Vostro towers

03/18, 8:10pm

Dell outs Wi-Fi projector, slim and tower Vostros

Dell introduced two new products this week, including its short-throw S300w projector and Vostro 230 desktop PCs, available in a mini tower and an even smaller slim form factor. The S300w is capable of displaying 3D images at up to 720p HD resolutions. It outputs at 2,200 lumens, while its contrast ratio is 2,400:1.


Dell puts Adamo XPS back online, claims sales "strong"

03/18, 9:25am

Dell argues Adamo XPS pullout a supply issue

Dell today restored the Adamo XPS to its direct lineup. The company has now reversed its prior statements that the ultra-thin notebook was really a limited edition model and has said the previous limitation to Best Buy was a deliberate move to control demand. Sales have been "strong" both at stores and online, and pulling online sales helped prevent excessive ship times, Anne from Dell said.


Acer TimelineX PCs with Core i3, i5, i7 tip up on US site

03/17, 1:00pm

Acer TimelineX notebooks on US website briefly

Acer USA has already put up product pages for its TimelineX notebooks early, though has since pulled them again. The early look has nonetheless provided specs for the mobile computers, which include the 11.6-inch 1830T leaked yesterday, the 13.3-inch 3820T, 14-inch 4820T and 15.6-inch 5820T. It seems that the 1830T will not, as reported earlier, be offered with a Core i5 chip, but will instead make do with a Core 2 Solo.


Dell: Adamo XPS really a "limited edition" near its end

03/09, 1:50pm

Dell claims never meant Adamo XPS to last

Dell today provided an official explanation for the disappearance of the Adamo XPS from most of its online stores. The Texas PC builder in a statement now argues that the ultraportable is actually "similar to a limited edition" and was never designed to be a long-term product. It was an "engineering marvel" meant to show what Dell could do and is simply nearing the end of its run, the company claimed.


Acer's first convertible tablet launched, priced

03/03, 4:10pm

Acer 1820PT convertible tablet priced in Europe

Acer's first convertible tablet PC, the Aspire 1820PT, has finally been launched at the CeBIT show. The 11.6-inch notebook has an accelerometer for switching over to portrait viewing mode when the device is in tablet mode, and its capacitive multi-touch screen can also support inputs from a stylus, which is housed in the body. Processing power comes thanks to a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs and up to 8GB of RAM.


Dell Latitude 13 goes up for orders, costs $559

03/02, 12:50pm

Dell's CULV Latitude starts at low price

As it promised last month, Dell today started taking orders for the Latitude 13. The 0.65-inch thick CULV system is now known to be an inexpensive buy and at $559 starts out with a 1.3GHz Celeron M, Ubuntu Linux, 1GB of RAM and 802.11g Wi-Fi. Every version comes with a six-cell battery, although Dell hasn't said how long the battery should last.


Origin's EON18 gaming notebook becomes official

02/22, 4:40pm

EON18 gaming notebook officially launched

Origin's EON18 gaming notebook introduced in November is now on sale. The highly-customizable PC has an 18.4-inch display with a native 1080p resolution, while processor choices range from a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo to an Extreme Edition 2GHz Core i7. Video involves either one or two GeForce GTX 280M or 285M chipsets, each with 1GB of RAM. Buyers can also specify up to 8GB of system RAM.


ViewSonic ships its first CULV notebook

02/22, 11:55am

ViewSonic ViewBook Pro VNB131 official

ViewSonic today began shipping the ViewBook Pro VNB131, its first CULV-based ultraportable. The 13-inch system shown at CES is targeted at the high-end of the new category and comes in an aluminum body with a multi-touch trackpad. In a rarity, it carries a built-in DVD burner and 8 hours of battery life despite weighing 3.6 pounds and measuring about 1 inch thick.


Best Buy Canada showing dummy Apple SKUs

02/17, 9:25am

Canadian store hints at new MacBook Pros

A series of placeholder Apple SKUs have shown in Best Buy Canada's inventory system today that hint at new MacBook Pro and possible iMac updates. A total of 18 distinct items have shown in the system. At least three of these also have additional English and French versions, a division not uncommon for Canadian Macs as each needs different keyboards.


Dell announces Latitude 13 thin-and-light

02/02, 9:10am

Enterprise features distinguish Latitude 13

Dell has announced the Latitude 13, a thin-and-light notebook with a 13.3-inch LED-backlit display and all the enterprise features in its Latitude line. Although it shares the same 0.65in-thick aluminum case as the Vostro 13, the Latitude 13 will include a wider range of Intel's CULV processors, and other enterprise IT features designed to appeal to larger companies. Among these are a preinstalled Cytrix client, automated system image distribution for software updates, and recovery services favored by corporate IT departments.


Alienware M11x goes up for pre-order, gets specs

02/01, 6:10pm

Alienware M11x to ship March 1st

Quickly dampening leaks, Alienware this afternoon started taking orders for its M11x ultraportable. The stock $799 trim is modest and comes with a 1.3GHz Pentium, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and the system's all-important GeForce GT 335M video. A 1.3-megapixel webcam is its only other major hardware extra built-in.


Alienware starts selling M15x, M17x with Core i7

01/29, 2:45pm

Alienware gives flagship notebooks speed upgrade

Alienware today became the last of Dell's PC brands to formally make the leap to Intel's 2010 processors as it began selling faster versions of the M15x and M17x. The smaller, 15-inch M15x now starts out with a 2.13GHz Core i3 but still has the 3GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive and GeForce GT 240M of the Core 2 Duo predecessor. It can use much of the remaining Core i5 and i7 line up to and including the quad-core 2GHz Core i7 Extreme Edition.


Dell Adamo 13 slashed to $999, goes without update

01/28, 6:05pm

Dell's MB Air clone now half original price

Dell has silently cut the price of the Adamo 13 to trim its costs. A base 1.4GHz model like the one tested here now costs $999, or $500 less than its last price cut just a few months ago. The system is now about half the $1,999 it cost when launched about 10 months ago and hasn't received a feature upgrade


New MacBook Air delayed by ULV Core i5 shipments?

01/22, 9:55am

Apple ultraportable may be stalled a few weeks

An update to Apple's MacBook Air may be pushed back several weeks due to delays in the ultra-low voltage Core i5 needed to drive it, rumors circulating today suggest. Since Intel has allegedly had to push back the 1.06GHz i5-520UM versus its full-power counterparts, Apple in turn may have to either avoid updating the extra-thin notebook at the same time as the MacBook Pro or else put the ship date in the future.


LG X300 ad rips MacBook Air's envelope stunt

01/19, 1:10pm

LG commercial says Apple "unthinkable"

LG is directly playing off of Apple's MacBook Air ads in a new PC commercial, according to a tipster. In its home country, an ad for the new X300 netbook (viewable below) copies the Air's use of a manila envelope but, after taking a notebook out, calls the Apple system "unthinkable" and switches to the LG system, which is thinner at under 0.7 inches and lighter at 2.1 pounds. It goes so far as to play an upbeat song near the end much like Yael Naim's "New Soul," which shot up in popularity after Apple's use.


MacBook Pro Core i5 promo a "communications problem"

01/14, 2:25pm

Intel backtracks on apparent leak

Intel late Thursday tried to downplay the Core i5 MacBook Pro e-mail it had sent out to its Retail Edge program partners. The company now says the prize promo, which was sent out fully translated in multiple languages, was just a "communications problem" with Intel's marketing agency and was allegedly a mistake. A new copy of the e-mail has been sent out that replaces the Apple notebook in the giveaway with an HP Envy 15.



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