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Apple deals: displays and accessories

10/28, 5:19pm

Apple deals: displays and accessories

Apple's online store has dropped the price on the refurbished Apple 27-inch LED cinema display by $200, cutting the cost down from $999 to $799. This display offers 2560x1440 resolution, LED backlighting, 178-degree viewing angles and three USB ports along with built-in iSight camera, microphone and 49-watt speaker system. Quickly and easily set up a wireless network using an iDevice, Mac or PC and the refurbished AirPort Express. It has been reduced by $24 down to $75.


Apple cuts prices on refurbished iPads, iPad minis, monitors

05/24, 5:02pm

Thunderbolt, LED Cinema Displays reach $799

Apple has instituted price cuts on three categories of refurbished products at its online store. In the case of the iPad mini, 16, 32, and 64GB Wi-Fi models have been reduced from $299, $389, and $489 to $279, $359, and $439, respectively. 16, 32, and 64GB cellular models have dipped from $429, $519, and $619 to $389, $469, and $549.


Samsung rules big PC displays, Apple leads in US

04/10, 5:40pm

Samsung and Apple have close rivalry in LCDs

New NPD DisplaySearch data has shown that Samsung and Apple have been in a mostly unstated rivalry for the desktop LCD market. Samsung has the worldwide lead for 24-inch and larger LED-lit displays at 34.7 percent, knocking Apple out of the top spot it held in 2010. In the US, while Apple was down from an absolute majority of 53.3 percent, it was still on top at 26.2 percent to Samsung's 24.3.


Apple issues update for 24-inch LED Cinema Display firmware

09/29, 2:00am

Fixes intermittent display flickering

Apple has added a firmware update specific to the 24-inch LED Cinema Display that addresses an issue that can cause intermittent flickering when connected to a Thunderbolt-enabled Mac. The update, which does not yet have the normal accompanying technote, may not resolve a flickering issue if a Mini DisplayPort extender cable is used, according to the company. Users on Apple's support forums have been complaining about the flickering problem for months.


Briefly: Penultimate gains photo support, SnapX now shipping

09/13, 11:25am

Kanex starts shipping SnapX

Penultimate, a handwriting app designed for the iPad, has undergone a recent update that brings new photo and image support. The v3.0 release adds support for importing images from an iPad's photo library or in the case of the iPad 2, directly from the device's camera. Imported images can be positioned and resized within a notebook, as well as annotated with any of the apps included pens. The update has also improved the software's Wrist Protection feature, as well as added a new option paper collection. The Photo Pages collection is available through the in-app Paper Shop for a $1, and offers several simple paper templates for photo albums.


Saks 5th Avenue creates Apple-centric window display

09/08, 3:15am

Cinema Displays, iPad 2s used for video mosaics

As part of a special window display created for Fashion's Night Out, the New York-based department store Saks and created an video display at the company's flagship 5th Avenue store, The Loop reports. The store partnered with Gin Lane Media to create a center window display using 64 iPad 2s to display a mosaic video pattern, along with two side windows which employed nine stacked 27-inch Cinema Displays in each window to show different mosaic video.


Kanex intros two-port switcher for Apple Cinema Displays

08/03, 3:15pm

SnapX switcher geared for 24", 27" displays

Kanex has introduced its latest accessory for Apple computers, the SnapX two-port switcher for Apple Cinema Displays. The switcher, which is geared for the 24- and 27-inch displays, enables users to quickly transition between two different Macs, such as iMacs, MacBooks or Mac minis.


Apple debuts new Mac mini, Thunderbolt Display

07/20, 9:35am

New Mini drops optical drive from design

Apple today introduced an updated Mac mini, representing its smallest and cheapest desktop system. Configurations are based primarily on dual-core Core i5 or Core i7 processors, paired with either integrated or AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphics; the CPU in a server configuration is a quad-core Core i7. Custom orders can further include options like a 7200rpm hard drive, a 256GB SSD, and/or up to 8GB of RAM. All models now include a Thunderbolt port, which can be used to connect compatible monitors and/or storage peripherals.


Apple preps for Lion launch this week with drives at stores

07/18, 6:20pm

Apple stores get drives with Lion images onboard

Beliefs Apple will release Lion this week grew Monday night after scoops both at MacRumors and our own sources that stores were getting Lion installs. The retail outlets are getting images of the new OS on hard drives to upgrade the demo systems to the new OS as soon as they're ready. Stores have also been getting new display material.


Mac hardware refresh to include new Cinema Display

07/15, 4:15pm

Will likely make switch to Thunderbolt

Apple's impending Mac hardware refresh should include a new Cinema Display, a report reveals. A part number originally thought to be for a new MacBook, MC914, is instead said to be for the new monitor. Backing this up is a named image off Apple's own website, showing not a notebook but a Cinema Display with one of the stock OS X Lion wallpapers active.


Apple holding off on new Macs until Lion launch?

06/16, 3:05pm

New Macs may wait until Lion ships

Apple may be eager enough to get Mac OS X Lion on new hardware that it's delaying new Macs until Lion's July release, tipsters maintained Thursday. The new MacBook Air is reportedly already set to go and is being held back only to flash them with Lion once the software is done. AppleInsider in getting the info also believed an upgraded Mac mini and a Thunderbolt-oriented LED Cinema Display were both waiting for the same treatment.


New MacBook Pros show flickering with 24-inch Cinema Display

03/05, 3:25pm

MacBook Pro 2011 triggers 24in Cinema Display bug

Owners of the new 2011 MacBook Pro are reporting on Apple's boards that the portables have a unique conflict with the 24-inch Cinema Display. Both the 13- and 15-inch models, and likely the 17-inch model, produce intermittent flickering, brief blackouts and other periodic but noticeable flaws when attached to the out-of-sale screen. The built-in notebook display is unaffected.


Review: Dell UltraSharp U3011

02/27, 2:15pm

Dell U3011 30-inch display reviewed

Dell's flagship display, the UltraSharp U3011, is an intimidating prospect for most: with a $1,499 price tag, it's as expensive as many HDTVs, 50 percent more expensive than most 27-inch displays, and nearly as expensive as a 27-inch iMac. But with a larger 2560x1600 resolution and a raft of extra expansion, it's potentially alluring to gamers and professionals who crave the best screen possible. We'll find out just how worthwhile in our complete U3011 review.


Apple's Light Peak possibly called Thunderbolt

02/23, 8:25am

Leak shows Apple's Thunderbolt IO and 13-inch MBP

Apple's possible plans for Light Peak may have been corroborated by a spate of leaks on Wednesday. Box shots for fscklog have shown a technology nicknamed Thunderbolt that would provide "high-speed I/O" and piggyback on the Mini DisplayPort connector. An accompanying photo of a 13-inch MacBook Pro still in its protective wrapper has shown the connector being virtually identical to Mini DisplayPort but with the Thunderbolt logo nearby, although a rumored third USB port was nowhere to be seen.


Giveaway: Two Kanex prize packages!

01/03, 6:50pm

Kanex prize package giveaway

The holidays may be over, but to kick off the new year right Electronista is giving away not one, but two gift sets from Kanex. One gift set features the Kanex iAdapt V2 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter with audio support. The other gift set includes the Kanex C247d Apple Cinema Display adapter. Each gift set also has Kanex pens and a Kanex tote bag.


Apple updates LED Cinema Display firmware

12/15, 8:40pm

Only for the 27-inch LED-backlit model

Today Apple issued a firmware update for the 27-inch LED Cinema Display (the model introduced on July 27th) which addresses intermittent audio dropouts some users have experienced while using the display, which had been previously addressed in a technote on Apple's support site. Under certain cirumstances, audio would cut out, and require unplugging the display or restarting the computer. This is not the same update as the LED Cinema Display Software Update 1.0, issued this past September.


Cinema Displays dropping audio, show slow volume control

12/01, 12:30pm

Problems uniform between Mac, Windows

The 27-inch Cinema Display is suffering from serious audio problems, some owners say. AppleInsider notes that complaints first began in October, but have persisted without any solution from Apple. In worst-case scenarios Cinema Displays have been losing built-in audio entirely, although the glitch can be temporarily solved by unplugging and reconnecting the monitor, or in some instances changing audio settings.


Company adds touchscreen option to 27-inch Cinema Display

10/27, 6:35pm

Factory-installed or user-installed options

Troll Touch -- a firm specializing in custom touchscreens for Apple products for over 20 years -- have now added two new product options for the Apple 27-inch Cinema Display, both incorporating an analog-resistive overlap and high-resolution USB controller. Buyers can choose either an internally integrated touchscreen that replaces the sheet glass, or a user-installed removable "SlipCover" style that can be installed or removed in minutes. Both are Mac and Windows compatible.


27-inch Cinema Displays begin delivery

09/23, 1:30pm

First monitors should arrive today

The very first shipments of Apple's 27-inch Cinema Display should now be arriving at homes and offices, buyers are commenting. Shipping notices have reportedly been going out since yesterday, in some cases indicating delivery as soon as today. The notices coincide with the availability of a Snow Leopard support update.


Apple offers 27in display updates, Windows Trackpad drivers

09/22, 6:25pm

Downloads available for 32- and 64-bit systems

Apple has released several support updates, including an LED Cinema Display download for Macs. Windows users can download separate updates that combine software for the new display and the Magic Trackpad. The display update, designed for Apple's latest 27-inch IPS panel, adds an option to the System Preferences pane that allows the display to automatically adjust brightness as the ambient light changes. Users can also configure the sound preferences to use the display for the primary audio output.


Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display now shipping

09/17, 7:00am

Display currently ships in 1-2 weeks

Apple’s anticipated 27-inch Cinema Display first announced in July, is now shipping. According to Apple’s online store, the display will reach buyers within 1-2 weeks. The 16:9 LED backlit, widescreen display revolves around a 2560x1440 resolution with in-plane switching (IPS) that produces better color accuracy and wider viewing angles


Apple hints 27-inch Cinema Display may ship tomorrow

09/13, 9:15pm

27-inch Cinema Display hints in Apple Store

Apple's promised 27-inch Cinema Display may finally be ready to ship as Apple has quietly updated the Apple Store to make references to the new screen. Where the Mac Pro's build-to-order page described both the 24- and 30-inch displays, it now only mentions the 27-inch model. The purchasing options still only allow the older displays for now.


24-inch Cinema Display drops to $799 in clearance

07/27, 1:10pm

Older Apple monitors to disappear

With the introduction of the new 27-inch Cinema Display, Apple is phasing out older 24- and 30-inch screens. The recent 24-inch model, notably, has been reduced in price to $799. The monitor was previously priced at $899, just $100 less than the 27-inch option, which ships in September.


Apple intros Magic Trackpad, 27-inch LED Cinema Display

07/27, 9:25am

Apple intros optional multi-touch pad and new LCD

Apple's introductions today were joined by two new, major accessories. The Magic Trackpad is Apple's first trackpad designed for a desktop and uses the same surface-as-a-button design as the pad on a MacBook Pro. With an 80 percent larger surface, though, it theoretically allows for more precision. It also has the same angle as the official Wireless Keyboard and is potentially more comfortable than the Magic Mouse over long periods.


Apple store down ahead of new launches

07/27, 7:30am

Apple expected to out new desktops, trackpad

Apple this morning has temporarily taken down the online Apple Store ahead of what's expected to be a major update to its desktop line. The company is expected to launch new iMacs and Mac Pros as well as a 27-inch Cinema Display. It may further bring out the Magic Trackpad as an optional input for desktops.


Hints drop of new iMacs, Mac Pro, 27-inch display tomorrow

07/26, 2:50pm

Gruber alludes new Mac desktop refresh tomorrow

Apple's rumored desktop Mac refresh may come as soon as tomorrow if a hint is any indication. Historically accurate John Gruber implied in the notice for a new podcast episode that the new iMacs, new Mac Pros and a 27-inch Cinema Display could all be available on Tuesday. The details are few but are expected, as the iMac would be a "speed-bump" while the display would have the same 16:9 ratio screen as the 27-inch iMac.


Current Mac Pro running out for in-store pickups

07/23, 4:55pm

Apple retail reservations hint at new Mac Pros

Evidence of new Mac Pros mounted on Friday as Apple's in-store pickup option is now running out of systems. Both the four-core and eight-core systems are alternately showing as "unavailable" where they were listed as available to reserve as recently as Thursday. Online, both models are still showing the usual 24-hour shipping window, though Apple lately has learned to keep delivery times short even just before an update.


CinemaView ships 24" LCD with Mini DisplayPort connection

04/23, 6:00pm

Display provides 1920x1080 resolution

CinemaView has begun shipping its 24-inch LCD display, the CV24in, designed for Mini DisplayPort attachment to Macs. The monitor mimics the design of Apple's 24-inch Cinema Display, including an aluminum housing and black bezel, although the CV24's 1920x1080 resolution falls short of the Apple device which integrates a 1920x1200 panel. The LCD also lists a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 300 cd/m2 brightness.


New MacBook Pro's miniDP carries audio out

04/13, 5:10pm

Apple MBP first notebook to push audio out

The Mini DisplayPort jack on the new MacBook Pro can relay audio out, Apple said today. While all previous MacBooks have so far put out video only, the new version as part of the official DisplayPort spec also carries sound. Ars Technica was told it should work with third-party miniDP to HDMI adapters, although it's not known how many of these recognize audio through the single connector.


CinemaView Duo handles dual Mini DisplayPort outputs

03/31, 11:45am

Creates extended Mac desktop

CinemaView has announced a new Mac display adapter, the Duo. Claimed to be the first of its kind for Macs, the peripheral combines a single Mini DisplayPort input with two outputs of the same type. The result is a larger Mac OS X desktop, spread out across two Mini DisplayPort-based monitors.


27-inch Cinema Display, 12-core Mac Pro rumored for June

03/18, 3:45pm

Apple would break out iMac display as separate

Apple is planning an update to its pro lineup that would include only its second LED-lit Cinema Display, a pair of sources noted today. The company should break out the display from the 27-inch iMac into a discrete model with the same 2560x1440 resolution and image quality. AppleInsider claims Apple had wanted to release the screen earlier but had to wait until the 27-inch panel dropped in cost; the iMac helped improve economies of scale.


Sapphire shows overclocked Radeon HD 5970 with 4GB RAM

03/03, 3:35pm

Sapphire 4GB 5970 would have custom cooling

Graphics hardware's Sapphire at CeBIT has shown one of the first ultra high-end versions of the Radeon HD 5970 in a bid to have the fastest video cards in the world. The special model will double the amount of onboard memory to a record 4GB and will carry a custom, three-slot fan and heatsink cooling system. Although thick, the design would let Sapphire factory overclock the 5970's memory from 1GHz to 1.2GHz.


AMD intros ATI Radeon HD 5830, 5870 Eyefinity 6

02/25, 7:45am

Radeon HD 5830 aims at upper mid-range

AMD today filled out one of the few holes remaining in its current-generation graphics chipsets by launching the ATI Radeon HD 5830 as well as detailing the promised Eyefinity version of the 5870. The 5830 chipset sits exactly between the 5770 and 5850 with 1,120 stream (visual) processors, 56 texture units, an 800MHz core clock and the full 256-bit memory interface. It also carries the same 1GB of GDDR5 memory as its higher-end sibling.


Atlona unveils new HDMI to Mini DisplayPort converter

02/24, 7:10am

Converts HDMI to 27-inch iMacs

Atlona Technologies this week unveiled the DP200HD, a new HDMI version of its DP200 DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter. The DP200HD is designed to convert HDMI signals from popular gaming systems such as the Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as Blu-ray players or other HDMI devices, to supporting 27-inch iMacs and LED Cinema Displays via the Mini DisplayPort connection/


Atlona debuts DP400 Dual Link DVI to MDP converter

02/03, 1:30pm

Supports 2560 x 1600 maximum resolutions

Atlona has introduced a new adapter for those hoping to use Apple displays, the DP400 Dual Link DVI to mDP converter. The box is designed for DVI based Mac users looking to convert video signals to Mini DisplayPort screens like the LED Cinema Display or the 27-inch iMac. Similar the company’s previous DP200 release, this device has a 7-inch USB cable. However, unlike the 1920x1200-only previous model, the DP400 supports the full 2560x1600 resolution that requires a dual-link signal.


Apple posts Cinema Display, Windows QuickTime updates

11/19, 9:05am

Display update addresses iSight problems

Apple has released two new software updates, beginning with a firmware update for the 24-inch LED Cinema Display. The update fixes an error with the built-in iSight camera, which may not be detected as intended by some programs. Downloaders must have an Intel Mac, as well as Mac OS X 10.5.8 or 10.6.2.


BackPack adds shelf space to iMacs, Cinema Displays

08/11, 4:45pm

BackPack for iMac ships

Twelve South has launched BackPack, an adjustable shelf for iMacs and Cinema Displays. The shelf, made of heavy-gage steel, is sized to hold hard disks and other small accessories. It works using adjustable clips and rests on the iMac's stand using gravity to hold it in place to avoid scratching the stand's surface. More than one BackPack can be used on one machine by setting each to different heights on the stand.


Atlona intros DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter

07/31, 5:50pm

DVI to Mini DisplayPort

Atlona has released its latest connectivity device, the AT-DP200 DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter. The box is designed to be used for attaching a DVI-enabled computer to a Mini DisplayPort monitor, such as Apple's 24-inch Cinema Display. The device supports resolutions up to 1920x1200, while retaining HDCP compatibility and EDID information.


Apple wins MacBook Pro, Cinema Display trademarks

07/13, 4:15pm

MBP, C. Display trademarks

Apple has won a collection of important design trademarks from the European Trademark and Design Office, divided between two major products. A full 30 belong to the unibody MacBook Pro, which uses a unique chassis built out of a single block of aluminum. Also covered is the notebook's multi-touch trackpad, which omits a visible button in favor of one situated beneath.


Apple patent on LED backlights could spread tech

05/28, 10:45am

Apple LED backlight patent

Apple has sought to patent an LED backlighting scheme which could make the technology more practical for monitors in general, and possibly the company's own computers. While Apple notes that LED improves the color, life, brightness and power efficiency of monitors, the most recent 24-inch Cinema Display is said to have created unique design issues, demanding a way around problems with thermal control and area-to-perimeter ratios.


Mac mini photo leak shows DisplayPort, FW800

02/19, 4:25pm

Mac mini 2009 Photo Leak

A photo has surfaced today at AppleInsider that appears to support earlier claims that Apple will release an updated Mac mini with revamped ports. The image shows a system which replaces the single, full-size DVI connector with both Mini DVI and Mini DisplayPort connectors that would let it run legacy displays as well as Apple's newer Cinema Display. It also replaces the FireWire 400 port with a faster FireWire 800 jack and adds a fifth USB port.


Apple discontinues 20-inch Cinema Display

02/19, 1:45pm

20-in. Cinema Display gone

Apple is dropping production of the 20-inch Cinema Display, an announcement reveals. The company has notified its sales and service links that the product is officially "end of life," and will no longer be shipped to customers or retail stores. The monitor has also been removed from Apple's online storefront, and given no automatic order conversions for anyone who may have ordered the product earlier.


LED Cinema Displays start shipping

11/26, 2:30pm

LED Cinema Display Ships

Apple today has started shipping early orders for its 24-inch LED Cinema Display, according to reader reports. The word comes two days ahead of previous official estimates and potentially sees some orders arrive by the weekend depending on timing alongside the US Thanksgiving holiday. Availability at Apple's own retail stores should also follow soon.


24-inch LED Cinema Display up for orders

11/18, 10:20am

Cinema Display shipping

Apple's new 24-inch LED Cinema Display, first announced back in October, is now available for order at the Apple Store. It is the company's first monitor with a Mini Display Port connection, and additionally hosts three USB ports plus a MagSafe power connector; both this and the Display Port link are intended to support Apple's new range of MacBooks. Thanks to LED technology, the monitor offers more light and better color accuracy than regular LCD displays.


Apple narrows ship time on LED Cinema Display

11/13, 3:15pm

Apple display to ship soon

Apple has narrowed the shipping timetable for its new 24-inch Cinema Display, which should be on its way to customers in seven to 10 days. The new LCD display, announced last month with the new MacBooks, features resolution up to 1920 by 1200 pixels with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The use of LED backlighting is claimed to offer more accurate color, energy savings, and quick transition to full brightness. The device also features an iSight camera, microphone and 2.1-channel speaker system.


Apple posts new MacBook/Pro, ACD event stream

10/14, 5:35pm

Apple posts MacBook stream

Apple on Tuesday posted the video stream for the new laptop event, which saw the introduction of iMac-inspired MacBooks and MacBook Pros, a retooled 24-inch Cinema Display with built-in iSight. The event commences with talks from Apple CEO Steve Jobs and COO Tim Cook, where Cook highlights various reasons for increased Mac sales, with a tongue-in-cheek credit to Vista for part of the influx.


Apple launches new 24" LED Cinema Display

10/14, 2:55pm

24" gets mini DisplayPort

During Apple's notebook event today, the company launched a new 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display, arriving in November and featuring a new mini-DisplayPort connection to attach to the latest MacBooks. The new display, rated at 1920x1200 pixels with 16.7 million colors, is styled in a similar fashion to the current line of iMacs, with a black border and minimal metallic edging around a glass-fronted glossy screen. It features an iSight camera and microphone built in with stereo speakers, all of which are fed through a single cable.


DealNN: MacMini, Apple Display, Mighty Mouse

08/21, 12:15pm

DealNN deals MacMini

Today's featured deals at DealNN include the Kensington LiquidAUX auxiliary car kit for use with iPod and iPhone for $66 at and until August 25th, 2008 get a free set of Kensington earphones (a $65 value) with your order. The Bose Sound Dock for iPod is available at J& for $230.


Apple prepping LED-lit Cinema Displays?

08/06, 12:35pm

New Cinema Display at MWSF

Apple may have a long-awaited update to its Cinema Display line in store for early next year, according to a new rumor. The company has largely left the displays alone since mid-2004 outside of minor panel upgrades but is now allegedly planning an upgrade as part of an environmentally friendly switch: at least some models in the plan will include LED backlighting, which would fulfill Apple chief Steve Jobs' plans to eliminate mercury from displays as soon as possible by dropping cold-cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlights.


Eee Monitor shots reveal Linux's iMac rival

07/01, 4:50pm

Eee Monitor Official Shots

ASUS' Eee Monitor today has been captured in official photos that confirm the system to be the company's direct answer to the iMac, according to LAPTOP. The all-in-one computer confirms earlier teaser photos and reveals a design that appears influenced by Apple's Cinema Displays and aluminum iMac computers, with an easel-like stand and backmounted ports; unlike either device, however, it should have side-mounted USB ports, a card reader, and a Denon-made stereo speaker system on the front.



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