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Poll: Nearly three out of four consumers want an iPad

06/05, 6:20pm

Apple dominates, Kindle Fire distant second after drop off

A new study out from ChangeWave Research holds good news for Apple and, and troubling news for other tablet makers. The iPad remains the overwhelming favorite among consumers, with nearly three out of four survey respondents indicating that they prefer Apple's tablet, while no other manufacturer manages to hit double digits. The report's findings are especially bad for Amazon, as they suggest that the Kindle Fire's sales plummet earlier this year was commensurate with a decline in consumer interest.


Study: New iPad more liked than iPad 2 among early adopters

04/02, 8:10am

iPad 2012 gets higher aftersale glow than ancestor

Early owners of the new iPad are noticeably happier with it than its year-old predecessor, ChangeWave found in a small-scale ownership survey. In the group of 200 buyers, 82 percent were "very satisfied," a sharp boost from 74 percent a year ago with the iPad 2. Another 16 percent were at least "somewhat satisfied" versus 23 percent last year, showing that Apple had tackled some of the complaints of the previous generation.


Study: iPad demand at work spikes, Android drops further

03/13, 9:55am

ChangeWave shows iPad consolidating in work world

A follow-up study through ChangeWave has shown that corporate uptake of iPads was only climbing higher in February despite more concerted attempts from Android makers. Of those hoping to buy tablets in the spring, he number of companies looking to buy the iPad shot from 77 percent in November to a new high of 84 percent just last month. Without exception, every Android tablet designer's share of tablet interest declined, with none crossing into double digits.


Study: 96% of iPhone 4S users are happy, only 30% miss 4G

12/01, 8:50am

ChangeWave shows iPhone 4S more pleasing than 4

Nearly every iPhone 4S owner is happy with their device, ChangeWave found in a fresh study on Thursday. About 96 percent of owners were satisfied on some level, with 77 percent of them "very" satisfied. Although a post-launch glow was expected, the rankings were higher than in the month after the iPhone 4 last year, when 93 percent were happy and a lower 72 percent were very satisfied.


Study: 65% of tablet buyers want an iPad, 22% a Kindle Fire

11/21, 8:10am

ChangeWave says Kindle Fire 1st non-iPad to matter

Amazon's Kindle Fire is the first tablet outside of the iPad to get any meaningful demand, ChangeWave said in a new study. Although Apple was still by far the dominant pick for those planning to buy at 65 percent, 22 percent said they were inclined to buy Amazon's Android reader. The Kindle Fire was the first ever tablet in the studies to register a double-digit interest, where even the Samsung Galaxy Tab family was just four percent.


Study shows iPhone interest dropping, Android drawing even

09/30, 12:00pm

Research shows iPhone and Android desire near-even

About as many smartphone buyers want an Android device as do iPhones, according to the latest unofficial ChangeWave metric. Plans to get an iPhone have cooled off after the iPhone 4 high in June, and in September about 38 percent wanted Apple's handset, down from exactly half three months earlier. Android interest simultaneously spiked, however, and now has almost as much interest at 37 percent, an all-time high for Google.


21% of iPhone 4 users get death grip, most happy with fix

08/04, 11:15am

ChangeWave says iPhone 4 issue more serious

As many as a fifth of all iPhone 4 owners have been hit by the iPhone 4's "death grip" issue in some form but could be happy with Apple's case fix, ChangeWave said in a study today. About 21 percent of owners responding either thought it was "somewhat of a problem" or a "very big" problem, but 73 percent of the group was either very or somewhat satisfied with getting a free case to address it. The majority, 64 percent, either didn't think it was an issue or hadn't noticed it in practice.


iPhone in "striking distance" of overtaking BlackBerry

10/27, 2:50pm

Study shows iPhone 3GS unseating BBerry

The success of the iPhone 3GS could lead to Apple's device overtaking the BlackBerry, a ChangeWave study has found today. Since unveiling the phone in June, Apple has jumped five percent in its market share among those in the study, to 30 percent, and is within a "striking distance" of just 10 percent of RIM's BlackBerry, which fell a point to 40 percent. Palm is flat at 7 percent but successfully used the Pre to stave off the constant declines it has faced for the past three years.


Demand surges for Apple and Palm smartphones

07/06, 6:45pm

Smartphone buyer survey

As consumers plan to purchase more smartphones than ever, future demand for Palm and Apple devices also continues to surge, according to recent survey data collected by ChangeWave. While a March survey indicated only four percent of surveyed individuals expected to buy a Palm in the next 90 days, the group has doubled to eight percent in the June data.


Report: AT&T attracting 33% of switching subscribers

05/26, 9:50pm

ATT leads future demandA

AT&T appears to be continuing to build momentum in terms of attracting subscribers from other carriers, according to a recent ChangeWave survey. When asked to disclose the likelihood of defecting to another carrier in the next six months, 13 percent of consumers claimed they were very or somewhat likely to switch. Of that group, 33 percent said they plan to choose AT&T as their next provider, while only 24 percent expected to move to Verizon.


Apple tops 2009 customer satisfaction survey

02/19, 2:40am

Apple tops satisfication

While Mac sales may have slipped in January, buyers of Apple's Macs continue to be more satisfied than all other computer buyers and planned purchases of Apple's laptops was stronger than previous surveys; however, Mac sales in the last 90 days appear to have slipped from the last survey. With Apple leading the ChangeWave research survey, 81 percent of Mac buyers say that are "very satisfied" with their purchase in the last 90 days -- well ahead of industry leaders Dell and HP as well as the rest of industry.


Report: Consumer spending outlook remains dire

12/11, 10:00pm

Spending outlook

The most recent ChangeWave survey of consumers' spending outlook suggests that the negative trend has leveled off, but the forecast still remains bleak. The 90-day spending plans of surveyed individuals suggests that 60 percent of consumers expect to spend less during the next few months, while only 11 percent expect to spend more, marking the worst numbers that the research company has seen since the surveys began. The number of respondents in the category that plans on spending more has only risen by one-point since the November survey, while the spend-less group also increased by one percent.


iPhone overtakes Palm in US biz smartphones

11/20, 3:50pm

iPhone 2nd in Work Phones

While already popular in the home space, the iPhone has now just outrun Palm for second place in the US corporate world, according to a new study from ChangeWave. Closing a gap that had already been narrowing in August, the Apple device now has a place in about 14 percent of companies in November versus Palm's 11 percent. The situation is a near-reversal of the situation three months earlier, when Palm held 15 percent and Apple just 9 percent. Research in Motion's BlackBerry line maintains a clear lead at 76 percent but has remained virtually flat in share since May.


Study: new MacBooks likely 33% of US sales

11/10, 1:00pm

ChangeWave Apple Holiday

Apple's recent MacBook lineup and the iPhone may make it one of the better-positioned companies to survive a likely steep drop in spending during the holidays, according to new data from ChangeWave. The analyst firm says that a full third of all studied US notebook buyers, or 33 percent, plan to buy some form of Apple notebook during the season or within the next 90 days from the start of November. The number represents a slight boost from 29 percent in September and puts Apple's demand on par with Dell; HP continues to significantly trail behind at just 22 percent.



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