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Apple closely managing Campus 2 construction efforts, report claims

07/09, 6:21am

Report suggests Apple may have raised construction standards

Apple has "raised the bar for construction standards" during the building of Campus 2, according to a person claimed to be involved with the ongoing project. A report claims the new "spaceship" headquarters in Cupertino apparently goes far above and beyond projects for other tech companies, with Apple also taking a more hands-on approach to managing contractors as the building work continues.


Update: Apple replaces fired contractors for Campus 2 construction

06/16, 4:45pm

Unknown if change will introduce delay in planned 2016 opening of new campus

Apple has replaced the original contractors of its Campus 2 ("spaceship") construction project, as we previously reported, and has now appointed two other firms -- Rudolph & Sletten, and Holder Construction -- to take over the project, after firing the original partnership of DPR/Skanska. The latter firm had said earlier that it had reached an "impasse" in negotiations over changes in the scope of the work, and had been terminated from the project.


Apple releases contractors on Campus 2 project

06/13, 3:50pm

Speculation abounds on who will finish cutting-edge 'Spaceship' facility

Apple has been working on the Campus 2 facility since 2013 and beyond. This week, information surfaced that Apple will no longer be retaining the general contractors who had been handling the construction of the "Spaceship," called because of its ring shape and sleek exterior design. While the reasons for the split are vague, it's known that DPR Construction and Skanska USA will be transitioned off the project over the course of the next few weeks.


Apple Campus 2 water-recycling project approved

03/25, 10:14am

Drought-stricken state encouraging water-recycling projects in new construction

The Water District Board and other entities have approved a measure to work with Apple on the creation of a water recycling pipeline from Sunnyvale to Apple's Campus 2 headquarters in Cupertino. The $17.5 million project, partially funded by Apple, will provide the new facility with non-potable water to use for systems such as sprinkler systems, landscaping users, toilets and more starting in late 2016.


Cook visits Germany, tweets remembrance of Jobs' birthday

02/24, 3:51pm

Reason Cook is in Germany not clear, pays visit to Bild tabloid newspaper

Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted in Berlin, Germany on Tuesday, spending a portion of his day with the editors of the German tabloid paper Bild, though the reasons for the visit were not made clear. Cook may be in Germany for a variety of reasons, ranging from meetings with EU bankers to help forge European Apple Pay agreements, to overseeing the last of the glass panels for the Apple Campus 2, or on his way to Israel to help open the new Apple R&D center there. While in Germany, he tweeted a remembrance of what would have been Steve Jobs' 60th birthday.


Apple's Campus 2 site to preserve historic Glendenning Barn

12/29, 4:54pm

Structure dates back to 1916

Apple's upcoming Campus 2 complex will preserve a historic structure located on the property -- the Glendenning Barn, says the San Jose Mercury News. The barn was built in 1916, belonged to the family that originally owned the Campus 2 site, and is one of the few remnants of Cupertino's past as an orchard-growing town. The News writes that while tearing down the abandoned HP campus previously on the site, Apple dismantled the barn and made detailed notes on its construction, promising to restore it elsewhere.


City of Cupertino, Apple share new photo of Campus 2 progress

11/25, 12:16am

Photo shows continuing progress, structures taking shape; schedule unchanged

A new photo of the construction site of Apple Campus 2 has been posted to the City of Cupertino's official website for the project. Multiple structures can now be seen taking shape -- mostly support buildings, while infrastructure and progress on the "moat"-like tunnel system around or under the main building continues. There has been no update to the overall schedule for the project of late, suggesting that things are moving along on the revised schedule that will see the main building ready for use sometime late in 2016.


Apple submits revised plans for Phase 2 of new Cupertino campus

10/24, 4:51pm

Details R&D buildings along North Tantau

Apple has a submitted revised plans for the second phase of its Campus 2 project in Cupertino, California. Next to the main "spaceship" complex, the company is looking to build three research and development-related buildings on opposite sides of North Tantau Avenue. It already has approval for the construction, but the updated plans reveal specific details.


Apple, City of Cupertino release updated photo of Campus 2 site

10/06, 1:37pm

Construction remains in early stages

Apple and the City of Cupertino have issued an updated aerial photo illustrating the progress of the former's upcoming Campus 2 complex. The image shows advancements in laying foundations and earthwork, part of a phase that that began in the second quarter of the year. Significantly more construction is in store; work on demolition and street utilities won't be finished until the end of 2014.


Progress picks up pace in new Apple Campus video

09/01, 9:48pm

Drone owner captures new construction, inner and outer retaining walls

Significant progress has been made in the construction of Apple's Campus 2 project since the last set of traffic-reported helicopter pictures were released. A new HD video shot with a GoPro camera attached to a drone plane have flown over the construction site (a legally murky move) and shown detailed images of the outer and inner retaining walls for the future headquarters of the company.


City of Cupertino releases official Apple Campus 2 progress photos

08/06, 7:51pm

Campus said to be complete by the end of 2016, road closures continue

Following some photos taken earlier this week by KCBS traffic reporter Ron Cervi, the City of Cupertino itself has updated its website with new photos of the progress being made on Apple's "spaceship" Campus 2 project. While not revealing anything any new compared to the Cervi photos, the picture quality is noticeably higher and shows off a wider angle, giving some context of the construction site against the rest of the city.


More photos show rebar, substructure work on Apple Campus 2

08/05, 6:51pm

Prep work for tunnels, concrete foundation proceeding apace

New photos from KCBS traffic reporter Ron Cervi has revealed further progress on Apple's new Campus 2 structure from the last surveillance, done about three weeks ago. In the new pictures, troughs being dug that are intended for both lower levels of the facility as well as transportation tunnels are seen more clearly, with rebar work being done for the retaining walls and other substructure that will be needed for the below-ground levels of the facility.


New photos show progress, tunnels at Apple Campus 2 site

07/17, 8:17pm

Some floors of new HQ will be underground, alongside other features

New aerial photos of the site of Apple's Campus 2 construction project taken by KCBS traffic reporter Ron Cervi have revealed further progress on the construction, including completed perimeter walls for the below-ground portion of the main structure. As revealed in previous pictures, the spaceship-style primary building will be ringed with an underground "trough" thought to be a tramway for busses to help transport workers to and from the massive facility.


Construction sample of Apple Campus 2 appears in Germany

07/08, 6:51pm

Builder likely testing materials to be used on final development

A life-size "slice" of the planned exterior of Apple's under-construction Campus 2 has popped up in Gundelfingen, Germany, reports German enthusiast site Pictured posted on the site show two stories of the expected four- or five-story (above ground) structure, which will be built as a massive ring-like office building with a large natural area in the center. The segment was likely created to test the materials chosen for the building's exterior.


TIS 3D creates rich 'flyover' of Apple Campus 2 when completed

06/19, 7:02pm

Contextual roads, support buildings, previously-unseen fountain among highlights

A new video by 3D mapping firm Technology Integration Services, based on publicly-available information about Apple's forthcoming "spaceship"-shaped Campus 2, has created a 3D video "flyover" of the campus that brings together known and little-featured details to portray the compound as it will look in 2016 when construction is expected to be complete. The video places the campus in context to its surroundings, and shows not just the main office building but the extensive landscaping and support structures.


Construction site laying foundation walls for 'Campus 2' Apple HQ

06/10, 10:13pm

'Spaceship' design obvious even in earliest phase of construction

KCBS aerial reporter Ron Cervi on Tuesday posted photos of the ongoing construction of Apple's "Campus 2" future headquarters in Cupertino, with the first "foundation" walls being placed and the overall shape of the building already becoming obvious from the air. The area where the main building will be constructed has been cleared following extensive demolition of the former HP campus that happened mostly in February. Pruneridge Avenue, a road that runs through the future campus, has also now been permanently closed.


New aerial shots of Apple Campus 2 show land now cleared

04/08, 6:30pm

Construction beginning in earnest following demolition of HP buildings

Photos taken by a Mac and iOS developer's tip site last month and recently show a great deal of progress being made on the preparation for construction of Apple's "spaceship" Campus 2 main building and grounds. A month ago, demolition of existing HP buildings was still taking place; in the most recent photos, the site is all but completely cleared of any trace of its former occupant. Currently, a small army of equipment is preparing the ground for construction.


Apple sends 'neighborly' update letter regarding Campus 2 progress

03/29, 12:27am

Construction confirmed to begin in April on $5 billion 'spaceship' facility

Residents, landlord and others living on or owning property around the area of Apple's forthcoming "Campus 2" facility in Cupertino have received letters from the iPad maker, updating them on construction plans and any possible road or utility work that might impact them. The letter is the second such update, with the last one delivered nearly a year ago that was more of an informational brochure detailing plans for the campus. The new letter is signed by Dan Whisenhunt, Apple's senior VP of real estate and development.


Architect of Apple Campus 2 reveals Jobs' influence

03/04, 12:40am

Unusual single building will house 12,000 employees in far less space

One of the most overlooked factors in the spaceship-like ring design of Apple's forthcoming "Campus 2" is that the building is expected to house some 12,000 employees in a single (albeit enormous) structure -- about the same as Hewlett-Packard, the previous occupants of the land, house in more than 26 buildings formerly on the property. Chief Architect Norman Foster has recently revealed more details about the building's origins.


Apple receives final approval to begin construction on Campus 2 [U]

11/20, 12:25am

Long-delayed new HQ should open in 2016, permits now beginning to flow

[Updated with details of city tax agreement] In a ceremonial final meeting on the matter, Cupertino Mayor Orrin Mahoney gave the final OK for permit issuing and other clearances that will allow Apple to finally break ground on its long-planned Campus 2, the new facility not far from its original campus where the company's "spaceship" facility and other supporting buildings will be built. The project, which has seen environmental delays and some cost overruns already, is expected to cost $5 billion and open sometime in 2016.


New images of Apple Campus 2 reveal futuristic city

11/12, 12:40am

Visitor center, transit buses, private roadways, more

Some of the city of Cupertino's additional images of Apple's proposed (and now approved) Campus 2 project, scheduled to open in 2016, have now appeared online. Rather than just showing off the main "spaceship" hub building of the $5 billion project, the new images showcase some of the details and other structures that will make up the complex, which is shaping up to look more like a small, futuristic city than an innovative office building.


Cupertino City Council uploads 'making of' Apple Campus 2 video

10/22, 12:20am

Includes video featuring Steve Jobs, live presentation by Dan Whisenhunt

The city of Cupertino's government has posted a complete video of a planning commission "study session" that included a presentation and questions about Apple's proposed Campus 2 project. The video begins with the initial "pitch" video of Apple's designs and plans for Campus 2, including audio from Steve Jobs during his initial presentation of the project, and comments from chief architect Norman Foster. Apple SVP of Design Sir Jonathan Ive is also seen in the promotional video.


City of Cupertino posts video of Apple Campus 2 press conference

10/19, 12:11am

CFO Peter Oppenheimer, Cupertino Mayor Orrin Mahoney attend ceremony

Following a vote earlier in the week from the Cupertino City Council granting Apple final approval to begin construction of its $5 billion new headquarters, known as Apple Campus 2, the city has posted a video of the formal ceremony, with officials from both Apple and Cupertino attending. A "rubber-stamp" approval vote will be held on November 15 following a period where last-minute objections or concerns can be addresses, but the outcome is pre-determined: Apple can begin building immediately.


Cupertino City Council gives final approval for Apple Campus 2 [u]

10/16, 8:51am

Ten-day review period ahead, then permits and groundbreaking

[Updated with tweet from Apple CEO Tim Cook] After a long evening discussion, the Cupertino City Council has given its final approval on Apple's plan for a massive new "spaceship" main building that will be known as Campus 2. The $5 billion project is almost cleared to begin, following a mandatory 10-day review period. The vote of approval was unanimous, as had been the city's planning commission vote. The new headquarters will be set among 150 acres of restored orchard and grassland, and will house some 12,000-14,000 employees.


Apple CFO Oppenheimer reveals 3D model of new Apple HQ

10/11, 9:31pm

'A place for the most creative teams ... to innovate for decades to come'

Apple's Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer may have at first seemed to be an unusual choice for hosting a sneak-peek at a very large 3D architectural model of Apple's forthcoming Campus 2, known already as "the Spaceship" three years before it is even planned to open -- but like his colleagues, Oppenheimer has a gift for selling dreams. Along with Senior Director of Real Estate and Facilities Dan Whisenhunt, the CFO gave reporters a tour of the model ahead of a Cupertino City Council vote.



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