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Bose updates SoundTouch speaker range, launches SoundTouch 10

09/30, 4:08pm

Smallest speaker in Bose SoundTouch range has 2.5-inch Unidome transducer

Bose is launching a new generation of its SoundTouch speakers, increasing the connectivity of its family of network-connected audio devices. The upgrade to the existing SoundTouch speakers is accompanied by the announcement of a new device in the range, with the SoundTouch 10 being a compact a new smaller model that offers high-quality sound reproduction along with the same in-home streaming as the larger versions.


Bose products return to online, retail Apple stores

12/10, 10:04am

Reason behind disappearance still uncertain

Bose products have returned to Apple's online store and retail chain, reports say. These include products like the SoundLink III and SoundLink Mini speakers, and the QuietComfort 20i earbuds. Bose hardware vanished from the online store on October 17, and went missing from retail around the same time or shortly thereafter.


Rumor: Bose products set to return to Apple Stores

12/08, 8:08pm

Mysterious dispute resulted in Bose products taken off store shelves

A French enthusiast site has reported, citing anonymous sources, that Apple will soon return Bose products back to the shelves of the iPhone maker's brick-and-mortar Apple Stores following a two-month fallout in which Bose products were removed. The move was originally thought to be in response to a lawsuit Bose filed against Beats, its rival in headphones, or possibly a unilateral move by Apple to reduce competing products in its stores now that it owns Beats, but the truth of the matter has yet to emerge.


Apple pulls Bose products from online store

10/17, 4:47pm

Comes despite companies settling lawsuit

In spite of the two companies settling a lawsuit over noise cancellation patents, Apple has gone ahead and removed Bose headphones and speakers from its online store, visitors note. Rumors surfaced a week ago that Apple was planning to remove Bose products from its stores. Why it would want to was uncertain, but one point of speculation was animosity because of the lawsuit.


Iovine on NFL-Bose ban of Beats: 'I can't believe I'm this lucky'

10/16, 12:12am

Publicity from ban, player fine makes Beats 'look like the underdog,' co-founder says

Speaking at the University of California's "Global Conversation" conference on Wednesday, Beats co-founder and Apple executive Jimmy Iovine offered his spin on the recent NFL deal with rival Bose to make the latter's headphones the "official" brand of the football league, and the fact that many players seem to prefer the Beats brand. He told the audience that players, both under contract to endorse Beats and not, have taken to taping over the Beats logo on their own pairs rather than wear the endorsed brand.


Bose, Beats settle lawsuit over noise cancellation technology

10/10, 3:28pm

Could theoretically bring Bose products back to Apple Stores

Bose has settled its lawsuit against Apple-owned Beats Electronics, filed in July over patents connected to noise cancellation technology, says Bloomberg. The companies have submitted joint filings to a Delaware court, and asked the US International Trade Commission to halt an investigation. Had Bose's original demands been met, imports of Beats' Studio and Studio Wireless headphones would've been blocked. The terms of the settlement are unknown.


Bose products to disappear from Apple Stores, sources claim [u]

10/10, 10:55am

Beats acquisition may be to blame

(Updated with references to Bose/Beats lawsuit) Apple is preparing to pull all of Bose's audio products from its stores, according to sources for MacRumors and MacNN. The MacRumors source says that the inventory change is due to start next week, and that workers will get instructions in the next few days. Commenting on the claim, the MacNN source suggests that it's likely true and "falls in line with a shelving reorganization for Christmas that we've already seen that's got nothing from Bose on it."


NFL deal with Bose bans Beats, other headphone brands from games

10/05, 4:54pm

Bose granted rights to prevent other headphone use, NFL defends practice

Apple-owned designer headphone brand Beats by Dre is taking another hit in the professional sports arena. It was uncovered that a recent deal between Bose and the National Football League (NFL) will ban other headphones on game days as a part of the exclusive league sponsorship. While the ban is in effect for all other headphone manufacturers, Beats argues that its headphones are important to players.


Bose suing Beats over infringement of active noise reduction patents

07/25, 3:29pm

Apple now on the hook in another patent infringement case

In a court filing discovered today, audio equipment maker Bose is suing headphone rival Beats over noise cancellation headphone technology. Bose claims that Beats has knowingly infringed on "50 years of signficant investment in the research, development, engineering, and design" on the technology, with the Beats lineup for sale now using "36 US patents and applications" that Bose now owns or has filed for.


Bose launches SoundTouch wireless speaker system with audio presets

10/10, 1:09pm

Apps can configure SoundTouch presets with Internet radio, specific albums

Bose is taking on Sonos by making a version of its SoundLink speakers that are designed for home use. The SoundTouch range of wireless home audio speakers consists of three speakers that all connect over an existing Wi-Fi network, and are able to pull audio from song libraries on the local network as well as over the Internet.


Bose adds AE2w Bluetooth headphones to lineup

05/08, 7:44am

Bose AE2w Bluetooth headphones retailing for $250

Bose has revealed its new AE2w Bluetooth headphones featuring the companyís well-regarded TriPort audio technology. Interestingly although compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth devices, the Bose website seems to be targeting the headphones at Apple users, and iPad users in particular. The design of the AE2w is also notable for a control module that protrudes from the left side ear cup that incorporates the remote control functions, as well as a microphone for making and receiving phone calls.


Bose intros Wave radio III with improved tuner, dual alarms

05/02, 11:01am

DAB supported with international variants

Bose has updated its Wave lineup, introducing the Wave radio III and Wave music system III. The new models are said to integrate improved AM/FM tuners, displaying RDS data for song titles and artists, while international variants add support for DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB digital signals without requiring an add-on module.


Bose Series 2 Bluetooth headset touts clearer sound

10/05, 12:20pm

Bose outs dual-mic Series 2 BT headset for $150

Bose has replaced its original Bluetooth headset with the Series 2. Improvements include clearer sound even in environments with loud ambient sound and A2DP support. A dual microphone system is considered the key as the combination detects and scrubs outside sound.


Bose kicks out upscale CineMate, Lifestyle sound bars

09/26, 5:30pm

High-end sound bar commands $2500

Bose has introduced its first sound bars for home theaters, the CineMate 1 SR and Lifestyle 135. Both offerings maintain the company's focus on the high-end market, featuring compact speaker arrays built into a single sound-bar that can be placed in front of a television. The sound bars are paired with a wireless subwoofer to handle low frequencies.


Bose makes SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker official

09/15, 9:10pm

Bose SoundLink takes Bluetooth speakers upscale

True to its teases last week, Bose unveiled its take on a wireless audio system. The SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker is a bigger much more powerful alternative to a Bluetooth speaker like the Jawbone Jambox but with its own design touches. A nylon or leather cover grafted into the design both protects the front when on the road and folds back to serve as a stand.


Bose BT2L headset clears the FCC ahead of September 15 event

09/09, 6:05pm

Bluetooth audio device could be launched next week

Bose has submitted a new headset to the FCC for approval. As usual, the company has revealed little about it other than its BT2L name, Bluetooth support, earpiece is a plastic on-ear design. It's powered by a rechargeable, non-replaceable lithium-ion polymer battery.


Bose 'Chihuahua' could take on AirPlay or Sonos

09/08, 10:45pm

Bose Chihuahua may ship next week

A combination of an event invite and a leak has given a clue as to Bose plans for a new wireless audio system. Called the "Chihuahua" so far, it would be an "ultra small" MP3 player speaker docking station. Best Buy details scraped by This is my next would have it sit in a display next week meant to show the Bose SoundLink wireless system, hinting that the dock or an adapter could push audio out to Bose hardware much like Sonos or possibly AirPlay.


Bose unveils Bluetooth headset for mobile phones

10/25, 7:10am

Headset incorporates new Bose StayHear tips

Bose has unveiled its first Bluetooth headset for mobile phones. The Bose Bluetooth Headset incorporates its enhanced version of its TriPort acoustics and includes a high-quality mic that is equipped with adaptive audio adjustment for tweaking the volume of a userís voice in relation to the background noise to optimize call quality.


Bose VideoWave fits surround audio, iPhone/iPod dock into TV

09/28, 3:40pm

Bose VideoWave system has speakers in the TV

Audio hardware maker Bose has just announced the VideoWave, an all-in-one surround sound audio and video entertainment system. It sports a 46-inch, 1080p LCD TV with some of the system's 16 speakers integrated into the TV enclosure itself. Surround sound processing comes from the company's Adaptiq software, while the speakers use deflection to bounce and disperse the sound through the room.


Bose upgrades in-ears with iPhone-friendly models

08/16, 2:50pm

Bose to bring out three new in-ear models

Bose will soon release new in-ear headphones made specifically to work with multimedia-capable smartphones. The three will include the IE2 headphones and MIE2 and MIE2i mobile headsets. The last two have built-in microphones and call control buttons, with the MIE2i made to work with the iPhone, iPad, iPods and recent Macs, granting access to some of the devices' voice-capable apps and navigate music. Each will include proprietary Bose technology to boost sound quality and three sizes of StayHear tips more comfortable than with previous Bose in-ears.


Bose rolls high-end SoundDock 10 for iPhone, iPod

09/15, 3:30pm

Bose SoundDock 10 unveiled

Bose in an event this afternoon upgraded the SoundDock line with a new, particularly high-end model. The SoundDock 10 adds a dedicated subwoofer to reproduce the low end and has two large transducers that borrow the same technology as found in the Wave radio to project upper- and mid-range frequencies. Fresh for any Bose system is a completely interchangeable dock: it can not only accommodate different iPhones and iPods but can fit an optional $150 Bluetooth receiver for wireless stereo or, in the future, recognize non-Apple players.


Bose QuietComfort 15 boasts new noise-reduction tech

08/19, 7:05pm

Bose QuietComfort 15

Bose on Wednesday introduced the QuietComfort 15, its latest noise-canceling headphones. The headphones boast new sound-reduction technology that is claimed to offer improved attenuation in loud environments, while expanding the correction across a wider range of frequencies.


Bose launches SoundLink wireless PC speaker

07/16, 11:00pm

Bose SoundLink

Bose this evening launched one of its first dedicated network streaming devices, known as the SoundLink. Intending it to be simpler than wholly independent systems like a Sonos unit or even networking devices like the AirPort Express, Bose's solution involves only a single-piece stereo speaker and a USB-based wireless adapter. Plugging the stick into any computer automatically routes the computer's sound to the SoundLink without needing specific drivers or other software.


Bose intros SoundDock Series II for iPod and iPhone

08/21, 10:45am

Bose SoundDock Series II

Bose on Thursday introduced the second generation of its SoundDock digital music system, the Series II, that becomes the first Works with iPhone-certified product from the company. While the new SoundDock looks only slightly different from the original, it features added functionality and will support both the original iPhone and iPhone 3G without requiring that they use Airplane Mode. A new auxiliary input will allow users to connect other MP3 and CD players as well as music phones to the updated SoundDock.



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