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New Apple guide helps iOS developers get started

02/18, 12:10pm

Apple developer guide helps platform newcomers

Apple on Friday quietly posted a Getting Started guide for new iOS developers. The overview is intended as a top-level look and goes with basics such as setting up Xcode, understanding what types of code are needed, and more abstract issues such as design guidelines and App Store submission.


Chitika: Kindle Fire has just 2.4% the web traffic of iPad

01/18, 7:35pm

Study shows iPad still in wide lead on tablet web

Apple's iPad still doesn't have any immediate threat from other tablets if web usage is an indicator, Chitika reckoned on Wednesday. For every 100 iPad web hits, just 2.4 came from the next-closest Amazon Kindle Fire. Its design sibling the BlackBerry PlayBook was next at about 1.8, while the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab families were near-even at 1.6.


Adobe posting Flash 11 tonight, brings Flash to LG TVs

10/03, 3:50pm

Adobe to release AIR 3, Flash Player 11 tonight

At its MAX tech conference, Adobe promised that it will release Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 at 9PM Pacific Time (midnight) on Monday. At the same time, LG and TiVo have become the latest partners to bring Flash-based apps using AIR to connected TVs and digital home devices. The latest code from Adobe will allow hardware-accelerated 2D and 3D graphics rendering using Stage 3D.


BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 screenshots leak

08/26, 7:15am

PlayBook screenshots show BES missing in OS 2.0

Apparent screenshots of a build of RIMís forthcoming BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 release have been leaked on a Chinese website, MaxPDA. If accurate, the images (embedded below) suggest that RIM has skipped out on support for its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), which will seemingly remain confined to the way it is currently deployed through its BlackBerry Bridge solution. The screenshots also show an Android icon, indicating that RIM is making good on its promise to add a wrapper allowing Android apps to run on the PlayBook.


RIM gives us PlayBook hands-on, alludes to sync with iPhone

01/07, 3:05pm

We test the BlackBerry PlayBook as RIM hints sync

We had the opportunity to try the BlackBerry PlayBook at CES on Friday and discovered that it may have sync with more than just the BlackBerry. A representative on the show floor told Electronista that there might be plans to sync some services with the iPhone or other platforms. While there wasn't much definite, it was mainly something that RIM 'hadn't communicated yet,' the staffer said.


Verizon thinks iPhone 'essential,' Storm3 may hit by March

12/21, 8:40am

Verizon said seeing iPhone as critical to plans

Verizon considers the iPhone as "essential to its future success," Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu said on Tuesday. Receiving further updates from purported sources, he understood that Verizon is "excited" to launch the iPhone. The carrier allegedly still believes that Apple is vital to offsetting slowing Android sales.


RIM planning larger PlayBooks, says Apple started wrong

12/07, 8:10pm

RIM CEO hints at larger PlayBooks in store

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis' turn at an interview at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference confirmed that larger versions of the BlackBerry PlayBook were coming. He was confident that the seven-inch model was "just the perfect size," but there were "plans for different sizes," he said when asked. When they would come and what dimensions they would have weren't said.


RIM posts PlayBook vs. iPad video, shows Flash slowdowns

11/16, 10:55am

PlayBook vs iPad clip shows both edge and weakness

RIM today posted a video (below) pitting the BlackBerry PlayBook against the iPad in a browsing test. The newer tablet's dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor appropriately gave it an edge in the comparison, as most pages, especially those heavily dependent on JavaScript and more complex code like the ACID3 test. A visit to Adidas' website also took advantage of RIM basing the BlackBerry Tablet OS on Adobe's Flash platform, as it can render Flash on the web properly where the iPad simply turns up an error.


Blackberry PlayBook expected at sub-$500 entry price

11/10, 6:05am

Co-CEO Jim Balsillie reveals plans

RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has revealed in an interview in Korea that its forthcoming Blackberry Playbook will reach the US market in Q1 2011 priced at under $500. Originally unveiled in September, Balsillie also indicated that the device would then begin rolling out globally during spring 2011.


RIM posts BlackBerry PlayBook SDK, simulator for Mac and PC

10/25, 1:45pm

BlackBerry PlayBook gets SDK and simulator

RIM today posted the first SDK and emulators for its upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The kits let both Macs and Windows PCs write apps in BlackBerry Tablet OS' preferred Adobe AIR format and gives a disk image that can run in VMware and possibly other virtual machines. The release gives developers an early opportunity to design ahead of BlackBerry App World submissions and the PlayBook's early 2011 launch.


Adobe AIR 2.5 converts apps for iPhone, tablets, TVs

10/25, 9:15am

Adobe intros AIR 2.5 and InMarket for tablets, TV

Adobe today stepped up development of its non-computer Flash plans by launching AIR 2.5. The app for creating non-browser Flash apps can now package them for Android and iPhone devices but also tablets, including the iPad and the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. Google TV support isn't yet built in, but AIR can build apps for Samsung's SmartTV platform.


RIM: QNX to replace BlackBerry OS, run some BlackBerry apps

09/28, 5:35pm

RIM says QNX long-term sequel to BlackBerry OS

RIM during a breakfast at the BlackBerry DevCon session today said the QNX foundations at the heart of the BlackBerry PlayBook would eventually replace BlackBerry OS itself. Confirming a rumor, a vice president said the roots to the currently isolated BlackBerry Tablet OS would eventually spread to the smartphones. BlackBerry 7, which doesn't have a timeframe, would likely be a gateway ahead of the full switch.



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