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Verizon drops Droid Bionic to $99, grows LTE network

02/15, 2:25pm

Moto Droid Bionic gets lower storage and price

Verizon has seized on the strategy behind its Droid RAZR price cut and applied it to the Droid Bionic on Wednesday. Motorola's older 4G Android phone has had its price cut by at least $50 to $100 on a contract by sacrificing storage. While it still has 16GB built-in, the 16GB microSDHC card has been dropped both to lower the immediate price and let only those who need it pay for a card themselves.


Verizon may drop Droid 3, current 3G/4G hotspots this month

01/01, 11:55pm

Verizon may drop many phones, hotspots in January

Verizon may be on the edge of replacing a large swath of its device line if a rumor floated on New Year's Day is an indicator. Among other withdrawals, a lone source for The Verge had Verizon stopping shipments of the Motorola Droid 3 in January. The exit would likely be in prep for the delayed Droid 4 launch the following month.


Nielsen: iPhone holiday buzz dominates Android by 3 to 1

12/09, 1:20pm

Nielsen says iPhone drowning out Android attention

The iPhone 4S is overwhelming talk of other smartphones as holiday picks, Nielsen tracked on Friday. The new iPhone has consistently been the most talked-about device in news and social, at about 40 percent between July and early December. When joined with other iPhone models, Apple had 66 percent of all the buzz, or three times as much as Google's 23 percent for Android.


Motorola Droid Bionic update to help notorious camera lag

12/08, 7:05pm

Motorola Droid Bionic update due Friday

Verizon on Thursday posted details of a major update to the Motorola Droid Bionic that could alleviate the phone's at times infamous camera lag. The notes outline an improvement to autofocusing on the Android phone that will "reduce the shutter response time." Image quality itself will go up as well, Verizon said.


Consumer Reports recommends iPhone 4S, says antenna 'fixed'

11/08, 8:50am

Consumer Reports picks iPhone 4S despite antenna

Consumer Reports partly changed its tune on Apple and recommended the iPhone 4S on Tuesday. It claimed that the dual, auto-switching antenna system on the newer Apple phone had solved the 'death grip' problem cause by covering up the bottom-left antenna gap. It also didn't notice the battery life issues reported by some and saw iOS 5.0.1 covering those might have problems.


Motorola Lapdock 100 headed to Sprint on October 21

10/15, 1:10pm

Lapdock 100 to go beyond ATT with Sprint deal

Motorola's Lapdock 100 won't just be confined to AT&T when it ships. A leak Saturday from Sprint's internal employee rewards newsletter relayed to Engadget has the phone-to-netbook transformer shipping on October 21. It would be arriving just four days after it arrives at AT&T linked to the Atrix 2.


Insiders: iPhone 4S was always intended to use that design

10/08, 3:20am

iPhone 4S camera parts support separate flash

The iPhone 4S look was always going to be the same as its predecessor, a number of tipsters gave out late Friday. Pointing to his historically accurate "valuable little birdies," John Gruber understood that a remade shape was "never in the cards." Timing notwithstanding, it was always going to represent an upgrade to the iPhone 4, just as the iPhone 3GS was an update to the 3G.


Verizon promises major Droid Bionic bug fix in November

09/30, 3:40pm

Droid Bionic bug fixes due early in November

A Droid-Life reader contacted Verizon about some issues with his Droid Bionic smartphone and was rewarded for his efforts with a huge bug list and a timeline for fixing them. A fix for the 4G/3G connection issues is scheduled for November, and the high-pitch noise when using a headset, MMS bugs, Lapdock problems and others should be addressed at the same time. Verizon also cautions that users can't use non-Verizon or non-Motorola chargers and USB cables with the handset, and connecting eight devices at the same time won't work, unlike early promises.


Skype 2.5 for Android brings more devices, ads

09/29, 1:40pm

Performance tweaks, video zooming also included

Skype has released a new version of its VoIP chat client for Android phones. Skype 2.5 (free, Market) adds video chat support for 14 Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (T-Mobile version), Acer Iconia Tablet (A500), Motorola Photon and Motorola Xoom. As with the latest client for Mac and iOS, Skype 2.5 for Android brings ads to the free version. Ads are not shown to users with Skype Credit or a subscription.


Motorola MB865 given Edison name, shows at FCC without 4G

09/17, 2:55am

Motorola Edison for ATT identified in FCC filing

Motorola's MB865 has been given a more definitive codename but also a less ambitious plan. An FCC filing has given it the at least temporary codename of Edison and pegged it as running on AT&T's network, as expected. No mention is made of the 700MHz frequency range AT&T would need for LTE, however, hinting that the Android phone may just be considered a straightforward upgrade to the Atrix rather than an LTE showcase.


Motorola Droid Bionic torn down, found very easy to fix

09/09, 10:05am

Droid Bionic gets unofficial parts breakdown

Motorola's just-shipped Droid Bionic has been given a teardown that shows surprisingly easy access. The iFixit look found that 11 standard screws guard the inside, and just a minimum of screws and other extras keep components in place. The Verizon phone's internals are also very modular and keep many components, like the camera or LCD, replaceable individually instead of being tied together on expensive ribbon cables.


Verizon finally ships Droid Bionic in time to fight iPhone 5

09/07, 9:10am

Motorola Droid Bionic ships September 8 for 299

Nine months after a first showing at CES, Motorola and Verizon confirmed the long-delayed Droid Bionic. The Android 2.3 phone is Verizon's first dual-core phone with LTE-based 4G and is potentially one of the fastest phones on the web. The 1GHz TI OMAP 4430 is fast enough to both record and play 1080p video, including over HDMI out.


Verizon runs duelling iPad 2, Droid Bionic ads

09/06, 11:00pm

Verizon pitches iPad 2 and Droid Bionic in TV ads

Verizon had a rare instance of two major device ads running side-by-side on Tuesday. Its second-ever self-developed iPad 2 TV ad (below) starts off much like its very technical Android tablet ads at the Verizon store but avoids specs in favor of showing what can actually be done with a 3G iPad, such as downloading from iBooks at the beach or posting to Twitter at the campground. "I'll take it," is all the woman at the end says.


Motorola Droid Bionic ships to Verizon, still not announced

09/02, 3:20pm

Droid Bionic shows at Verizon stores, due Sept. 8

The upcoming yet still unannounced Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone due at Verizon is all but confirmed to arrive at the carrier on September 8. New sightings have revealed that the dual-core Android phone and its demo kits are shipping to some Verizon stores. This, as well as the TV ads that back the date and a leaked guide all point to the September 8 date as well.


Verizon guide confirms Droid Bionic due September 8

08/31, 11:25pm

Motorola Droid Bionic now locked for September 8

A pair of leaks Wednesday have all but confirmed that the Motorola Droid Bionic will ship September 8. The much-hyped Android leader has shown up in the carrier's Equipment Guide for the date. It doesn't have any "direct fill" mentions, leading Droid-Life to hint that to Verizon is deliberately keeping it out of pre-orders, possibly to build up the launch day lines.


Verizon gives early upgrades ahead of iPhone 5, Droid Bionic

08/29, 4:25pm

Verizon moves upgrade schedules for Apple, Moto

Verizon subscribers saw the possible effect of a follow-up iPhone release for the first time Monday with word that customers were having their upgrade schedules moved up. Similar to what has been orchestrated by AT&T in the past, Verizon owners are seeing their upgrade timeframes moved up to make them immediately eligible. In some cases, the upgrades have been moved up even for those who wouldn't have been eligible until May 2012.


Droid Bionic to get special Costco bundle with three docks

08/26, 5:00pm

Package expected to cost $300, same as phone alone

Costco will be offering the Motorola Droid Bionic in a special package when the smartphone ships in September. Droid Forums has leaked promotional material showing an exclusive offer from the warehouse club. The deal includes the phone with normal accessories along with a docking station, a car navigation dock, an extra battery, and a battery dock.


Verizon won't carry Galaxy S II, gives iPhone 5 an edge

08/25, 3:05pm

Verizon turns down Samsung Galaxy S II

Verizon won't be among the US carriers picking up the Samsung Galaxy S II in what could be an unintentional win for Apple, the network said on Thursday. While AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all known to be locked in for September, the largest US CDMA carrier will be turning it down. What reason wasn't given by spokeswoman Brenda Raney to the WSJ; she instead tried to focus on the existing lineup.


Leak shows Droid Bionic teaser video

08/24, 6:40pm

"Rule all machines"

A leaked video allegedly shows an official teaser for Motorola's Droid Bionic smartphone. The commercial, which was posted on YouTube by DroidLife, does not present images the phone itself, but it does resemble the style of Verizon's previous Droid segments. The words "Rule All Machines" pop up on the screen in between fighting scenes between a woman and what appear to be robots.


Motorola Droid Bionic may cost at least $300, ship Sept 8

08/19, 12:25am

Droid Bionic MAP puts it at 300

Verizon when it ships the Motorola Droid Bionic may give it a very high asking price. A leaked internal note has the minimum advertised price at $300 on contract, or as much as the Droid Charge. Android Central's copy also penned in a September 8 ship date.


Verizon trade-in plan hints iPhone 5 unlikely before Sept 30

08/15, 2:30pm

Verizon to give 100 to new smartphone buyers

A newly uncovered promo from Verizon may have given clues as to the timing of the iPhone 5 on the network. The Basic to Smartphone deal will give a $100 gift card to anyone who trades up from a basic feature phone to a smartphone if they qualify for an upgrade and are willing to sign another two-year contract with a smartphone. Owners have to mail in the original phone in 30 days, Phone Arena said, and will get the card within three weeks.


AT&T promises at least one LTE phone by late 2011

08/10, 2:15pm

ATT to have one LTE 4G phone late this year

AT&T's mobility Senior VP Pete Ritcher in his turn at an Oppenheimer conference Wednesday vowed that there would be at least one LTE-based smartphone from AT&T by the end of the year. The device wouldn't come until late, as AT&T wanted to make sure it had at least 50 million potential customers covered with the more authentic 4G access before stepping up its campaign. About 15 core markets, or 70 million people, should be reachable by the end of the year.


Droid Bionic leak shows fast LTE speed, long battery life

08/09, 12:45pm

Motorola Droid Bionic sighting shows 4G, battery

Motorola's repeatedly leaked Droid Bionic has surfaced again and given an early indication of how well it will run in the field. The dual-core phone has no trouble pushing 4G speeds and was shown getting 20Mbps down and 5.5Mbps up on Verizon's network. Most LTE phones can reach these speeds in ideal conditions, but AndroidForums' YodaDroid proved this was possible on the Bionic elsewhere.


Motorola Droid Bionic pops up at FCC with dual-mode mention

08/07, 7:15pm

Motorola Droid Bionic may have GSM roaming

Motorola's new Droid Bionic got its reveal this weekend in newly published FCC filing details that may have uncovered more than what Motorola leaked itself. The user manual shows a "global phone" section that claims the Android 2.3 device has GSM hardware for world roaming. If so, it would be Verizon's first LTE-based phone usable with voice outside of the US.


Motorola's site inadvertently shows new Droid Bionic specs

08/02, 8:05pm

New Motorola Droid Bionic gets official leak

Motorola gave away its own plans Tuesday with a developer comparison showing the new Droid Bionic. While it doesn't show a photo, virtually every other detail is on show. As suspected, the phone has swapped over to a dual-core 1GHz TI OMAP 4430 processor, the same as in the Droid 3, and can now record 1080p video as well as play it.


Verizon page hints at upcoming Samsung Stratosphere

08/02, 4:45pm

Samsung Stratosphere hinted at by Verizon support

Verizon Wireless is readying to launch a 4G LTE handset known as the Samsung Stratosphere. According to Droid-Life, a placeholder for the phone has been placed on Verizon's support web page, though it's not yet populated or made available to the public since it sits in contrast to other device names.


Verizon leak shows HTC Vigor, new LG Revolution

08/01, 8:25pm

Document points to forthcoming devices

HTC's rumored Vigor handset has appeared in yet another leak alongside several other upcoming handsets expected from Verizon. A screenshot posted by Droid-Life is claimed to show a memo related to minimum advertised pricing (MAP) for the Vigor, which is said to use the model number ADR 6425.


Motorola MB865 may be AT&T's first LTE smartphone

08/01, 9:00am

Motorola MB865 shows in ATT LTE areas

Motorola's mystery Atrix sequel could well be AT&T's first LTE smartphone if sources on Monday are accurate. Now thought to be the MB865, the phone is in field testing primarily in AT&T's LTE areas. The tip to Phone Arena claims the Android device has an LTE tracking code in the billing system.


Motorola: Droid Bionic in September, two new LTE tablets due

07/28, 5:25pm

Motorola hints Droid Bionic and extra LTE tablets

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha during the call discussing the company's until September, eight months after the original design showed. The Xoom's 4G upgrade was also pushed back to September, Jha said.


Motorola Droid Bionic may not ship until early September

07/27, 10:25am

Droid Bionic may push back to September

Motorola's new Droid Bionic might ship a month later than expected. Although most recent clues have pegged it for August 4, a new leak from Motorola and multiple other sources have instead put the delayed Android flagship in early September. Droid-Life had heard September 1, which lines up with Verizon's preference for Thursday ship dates.


Study: 35% of US smartphone buyers planning to get iPhone 5

07/25, 10:25am

PriceGrabber claims iPhone 5 to get a third of US

A contentious study from PriceGrabber claimed that 35 percent of Americans planning to get a smartphone in the next year planned to get an iPhone 5. The July study suggested high demand and that a large part of these would come quickly. About seven percent planned to get it on launch day or within the first week, 14 percent in the first month, and 30 percent in the few months between launch and the end of 2011.


Netflix for Android gets Droid Bionic, IdeaPad K1 support

07/20, 1:55pm

Netflix Android supports future phones, tablets

An update to the Netflix for Android app (Android Market) has given the OS support not just for more current devices but two new ones as well. The movie streaming app should recognize the Motorola Droid Bionic when it's announced and ships. Whether or not it gets any extra benefits from the 540x960 screen isn't clear, but it should stream over LTE for those with large enough bandwidth caps.


Remade Motorola Droid Bionic confirmed by leaked Best Buy ad

07/06, 2:35pm

Droid Bionic shows in Best Buy ad

Motorola's reborn Droid Bionic got a sure clue as to a nearer release with the sighting of an official Best Buy ad. The promo This is my next identified shows the entirely new design seen weeks ago and also confirms a handful of features, such as the dual-core (now TI OMAP) processor, HDMI video mirroring, video chat, and wireless file sharing. Best Buy refers to the 4G phone as an "all-powerful, unstoppable machine."


Verizon hints reborn Motorola Droid Bionic due August 4

07/04, 4:10pm

Moto Droid Bionic may finally ship August 4

An escaped screen cap has shown what could be the first tentative release date for the remade Droid Bionic. The company's schedule has Motorola's 4G leader shipping on August 4. Android Central also got additional support for the Droid 3 shipping July 14.


Droid Bionic images leaked, show eight-megapixel camera?

06/06, 12:20pm

First alleged photos of Droid Bionic leaked

The first photos of what appear to be the upcoming Droid Bionic smartphone have been put up by MobileGearz. The phone has been delayed by Motorola and the leaks, if real, confirm the presence of a front-facing camera and an eight-megapixel rear shooter. Also visible are two rear-firing speakers and a docking capability to work with a netbook-like dock, a la the Atrix 4G.


BlackBerry Bold 9900 may ship as late as September

06/03, 12:05pm

BlackBerry Bold 9900 pushed to September

RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9900 may not arrive until the very end of the company's prediction. The phone had been pegged for summer, but insiders claimed Friday to BGR that it wouldn't be available worldwide until September, virtually on the edge of fall. The phone was unveiled in early May but will have spent at least four months between its first preview and its actual release.


New Motorola Droid Bionic tested, shows switch to TI chip

05/28, 12:15pm

New Motorola Droid Bionic hits benchmark

Allusions to a completely redesigned Droid Bionic have been supported by a new benchmark run. A device identifying itself as the new Motorola phone has shown up at NenaMark using PowerVR SGX540 graphics attached to a 1GHz processor, a giveaway that the phone has changed over from the original NVIDIA Tegra 2 to a TI OMAP chip, most likely the 4430 or 4440. Its presence helps confirm Motorola's comments that 4G was delaying the Bionic and Xoom and that the issue was a major conflict between the Tegra 2 and Motorola's choice of 4G hardware.


Leak locks Motorola Droid X 2 in for May 26

05/12, 4:50pm

Motorola Droid X 2 leak shows firm May 26 date

Motorola's Droid X 2 has seen what should be its final ship date commitment after a leaked staff memo settled on its release date. The phone is now due to reach retail stores by May 26 with early orders starting on May 19. Droid-Life's copy of the note also confirmed that it would ship with Android 2.3 out of the box along with the new version of Motorola's Blur UI that was first seen on the Droid Bionic prototype.


Analyst: iPhone sales strong, Atrix 4G and BlackBerry weak

05/09, 10:00am

Canaccord says iPhone strong but RIM, Motorola low

An investment note from Canaccord Genuity lead analyst T. Michael Walkley on Monday suggested that some of the halo devices for Android and BlackBerry were struggling to get sales even as Apple was succeeding. The iPhone and iPad were still selling very well at AT&T and Verizon in April and, in many cases, were outselling flagship Android devices. The iPhone 4 was the best-selling smartphone at both carriers, and the $49 iPhone 3GS was outselling both the HTC Inspire 4G and Motorola Atrix, according to checks at several stores.


Motorola confirms Wi-Fi Xoom for Sprint, 4G delaying Bionic

04/28, 5:50pm

Motorola talks Wi-Fi Xoom for Sprint, Bionic delay

Motorola during the call discussing its winter results confirmed some of its future launch plans. The company acknowledged the existence of a Wi-Fi Xoom for Sprint and expected it to ship sometime in the spring. The tablet will cost $599 and is due to ship May 8.


Motorola ships 250,000 Xooms in Winter, posts $81m loss

04/28, 4:55pm

Motorola Q1 2011 sees 250,000 Xooms ship

Motorola Mobility posted results Thursday (PDF) answering questions about the early performance of the Xoom. About 250,000 of the flagship Android 3.0 tablet shipped worldwide. About 9.3 million devices shipped in total, 4.1 million (44 percent) of which were its Android smartphones.


Motorola hints Droid Bionic to get new body, more

04/27, 11:15pm

Motorola Droid Bionic now known changing shape

Motorola gave some clues Wednesday that its 'enhanced'Droid Bionic was actually a new phone. An updated fact sheet page has dropped all the specifications but said it would center on an "improved form factor," not just changes to the inside. Little else was confirmed beyond that the phone would use Android and LTE-based 4G.


Motorola Bullet and Jet may be first quad-core smartphones

04/22, 2:05pm

Motorola Bullet and Jet may use Tegra 3

Motorola may claim the title of the first with quad-core smartphones with two launches early next year. A solitary source claimed Friday that two phones, the Bullet and the Jet, would both use NVIDIA's Kal-El processor, often expected to get the Tegra 3 label. Either phone mentioned to Droid-Life would have at least 1GB of RAM, possibly up to 1.5GB, and would share NFC wireless as well as a new 12-megapixel camera.


Analyst: iPhone-friendly LTE chipset should hit in 2012

04/22, 8:40am

LTE roadmap makes iPhone with LTE possible in 2012

A chipset that would give the iPhone and other mid-size phones LTE-based 4G should arrive in 2012, president of wireless market analyst group Forward Concepts Will Strauss said in a brief interview Friday. Both Apple's new partner Qualcomm, Infineon (Intel), ST-Ericsson, and other companies should have chips that merge both 3G and 4G into a single part next year. The unification would be necessary not just for size, CNET was told, but to make sure they could gracefully drop to 3G or lower during the period when 4G wasn't ubiquitous.


Motorola Droid Bionic delayed to summer for 'enhancements'

04/19, 2:15pm

Motorola pushes back to Droid Bionic

Motorola on Tuesday said it was pushing back the launch of the Droid Bionic to the summer. Missing a widely expected spring release, the company through a spokeswoman explained the dual-core, 4G Android hardware was going to see "several enhancements" that put the Verizon launch back. The improvements came after "compelling feedback" from the CES expo in January, Dow Jones was told.


Costco: Droid Charge due April 28, Bionic said due May 12

04/18, 12:35pm

Costco image leak confirms Charge due on April 28

The upcoming Droid Charge smartphone from Samsung will arrive on the previously anticipated April 28, a Costco inventory image revealed. Whether the recent disaster in Japan will delay the device remains to be seen. Courtesy of Droid-Life, the listing also showed the Motorola Bionic will arrive at Costco on May 12.


Motorola Xoom tablet spotted at FCC

02/07, 4:50pm

FCC testing Motorola Xoom tablet

A new FCC filing for the Motorola Xoom tablet has been found. The device isn't mentioned by name, but what specs are there line up with those of the Android 3.0 tablet. These include a 1GHz Tegra 2 CPU, dual-band Wi-Fi and support for CDMA/EVDO 800 and 1900 bands. Mention of a non-removable battery in the documents means it's not likely to a be a smartphone, such as the Droid Bionic.



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