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FileMaker announces plans to drop Bento

07/31, 10:42am

Software likely defeated by other notetaking, calendar, contacts apps

Apple-owned FileMaker has announced plans to discontinue Bento, its personal database software for OS X and iOS. The final release, Bento 4, will remain at the FileMaker Store and the Mac and iOS App Stores until the end of September. People wanting to continue using FileMaker software can upgrade to FileMaker Pro for $120.


Review: Bento 4 for iPad

06/30, 9:42pm

FileMaker updates iPad version of Bento with key changes

A confession up front before we get into the review: I have never handled a personal database app before, much less Bento for iPad specifically. I've used database software in the past, of course, but always something designed for the office world. My own life is simple enough that I can keep track of things with lists and notes; a database, however streamlined, typically feels like extra work. Bento has always had a strange appeal though, so after some coaxing, I decided to try the latest update for the iPad, Bento 4.


Bento 4 for iPad adds custom apps, new Retina themes

06/19, 10:13am

Bento 4.1 for Mac, Bento 1.2.1 for iPhone allow sync

Apple-owned FileMaker has released Bento 4 for iPad, a new version of its personal database software. Among the core changes is the ability to create personal apps customized for different tasks; elements can be dragged and dropped into place. Bento 4 also has access to a new selection of free iPad templates on the Bento Template Exchange, and 40 new themes, all of which are compatible with the third-generation iPad's Retina display. Accordingly, the rest of the app has also been scaled to Retina graphics for the first time.


FileMaker cracks 1M in combined Mac, iOS Bento sales

01/03, 1:05pm

Software on sale since 2008

Apple-owned FileMaker is announcing that Bento, one of its database apps, has topped 1 million in sales. The figure represents a combined tally for all three editions of the software, including the Mac, iPhone, and iPad releases. The first version of Bento was launched for the Mac in January 2008.


Briefly: The Bento Christmas Kit, MacPractice Lion support

12/01, 12:55pm

MacPractice software adds Lion support

FileMaker has release The Bento Christmas Kit, a free tool for organizing Christmas plans. Included in the kit is a 30-day trial of Bento 4, as well as Cards and Labels, Party Planning and Gift List templates. Together the templates allow users to organize a number of items, including mailing addresses, gift budgeting, party lists, and more. In addition, the three templates provide full support for both iPhone and iPad versions of the Bento databasing software.


Briefly: Back to the Future: The Game sale, Bento 4 upgrades

09/21, 1:20pm

Bento 4 upgrade price reduced

Beginning September 22nd, Telltale Games will be dropping the price on the iPad episodes of Back to the Future to $3. Back to the Future: The Game places players in the role of Marty McFly as he travels through time, and features a number of special guest appearances from Michael J. Fox, Christopher Llyod, and Claudia Wells. The promotion will run until September 30th, after which the prices will return to $7.


Briefly: Bento Business Organizer, Magic Numpad released

08/31, 1:05pm

Mobee outs Magic Numpad accessory

FileMaker has released a new set of Bento templates designed specifically for small business owners. The Bento Business Organizer is a free set of customized database templates for managing orders and inventory, tracking products, coordinating events, and more. The eight featured templates include: Contacts, Products, Sales Orders, Inventory, Projects, Events, Tasks, Voice Memos, each offering a unique set of tools for different business management functions. The Bento Business Organizer weighs in at 10.9MB and can be found on Bento's website.


FileMaker offers 50 percent off Bento/FileMaker Pro upgrade

05/24, 2:50pm

Deal expires with WWDC

Apple's FileMaker division is offering a temporary discount on upgrades to FileMaker Pro 11. Under the terms of the deal, owners of the company's Bento personal database software can upgrade to Pro 11 for $149, or 50 percent off the software's normal price. Pro differs with more control over aspects like appearance, automation and connectivity.


Bento 4 adds new printing, populated export options

03/16, 10:20am

Geotagging added to field options

FileMaker has announced Bento 4, an update of the company's personal-level database software. Several significant upgrades have been made, most notably the ability to export data alongside templates, meaning that pre-populated databases can finally be loaded by other Bento users. When creating a database, people can now assign geotagging to data through a location field type.


Briefly: Template Exchange milestone, Windows 3.1/95 on iPad

10/05, 11:30am

Windows running on the iPad

Filemaker has announced that more than 500,000 free templates have been shared through the Bento Template Exchange since its launch in June 2009. By accessing the Bento Template Exchange users can browse through, download, and import templates from 15-different categories. The service also gives users the opportunity to upload their own templates to share with others. The Template Exchange currently includes over 700 different template that are designed for a variety of uses, ranging from sales management to teacher lesson planning and simple home inventory. In addition, templates found through the service can be used with Bento for iPhone and Bento for iPad if they are synched with Bento 3.


Briefly: Amsterdam SuperMeet, Bento outs Project Manager

09/06, 9:00pm

Amsterdam SuperMeet details

FileMaker has announced the launch of a new template set for Bento designed to help users track personal projects and manage time. Bento 3 Project Manager features two templates, Project Dashboard and Time Sheets, which include a variety of forms for organizing different information. Through Bento, users can also link data with iCal tasks and events, further helping users to organize project timelines. The new templates are compatible with iPad and iPhone versions of Bento, allowing users to synchronize data between a computer and mobile device. Bento 3 Project Manager is a free download and comes with a 30-day trial of Bento 3.


MacNN reviews Bento for iPad - four stars to database app

04/27, 4:20pm

App ships with three themes, 25 templates

MacNN has reviewed Bento for iPad, giving four stars (out of five) to the personal database app. The general-purpose database app allows users to customize the organization structure and data - it ships with 25 templates designed for common databases such as Home Inventory, Expenses, To Do Items, Recipes, Exercise Log, and Time Billing. The templates can each be modified, while the app has three visual themes to choose from.


Briefly: Bento 3 Family Organizer, Ariena pre-order sale

04/27, 3:20pm

Ariena offered at a discount of 50 percent

FileMaker has announced the release of a new set of templates for Bento 3 designed to help families organize their household. The Bento 3 Family Organizer consists of five different templates that allow users to keep track of things such as bills, meals, shopping, chores, and weekly routines. The Chore Chart allows parents to build and print a list of each family members chores, while the Meal Planner can be used to track ingredients for recipes, and the Bills template can remind users when their bills are due. The new templates have been made available for free to existing customers and can be downloaded from FileMaker's website.


FileMaker makes Bento for iPad official

04/02, 9:20am

Takes advantage of space, adds new themes

Although having technically released the app on Thursday, Apple-owned FileMaker has only now formally announced the availability of Bento for iPad. Like the iPhone and Mac apps, the iPad software is used to view and edit personal databases. Included are 15 field types, and 25 templates, for tasks such as recipes and time-based billing.


Briefly: Bento 3 upgrade special, Shaman Odyssey released

01/19, 12:50pm

Two weeks left in Bento upgrade promotion

Until January 28th, an upgrade version of Bento 3 can be ordered for $20 less than the regular price. Bento is a personal database application from FileMaker that organizes important information into one place. Users can further personalize the way data is organized by using customizable forms. The special upgrade promotion is available to both Bento 1 and 2 users, and can be applied to a single license or a family pack. Prices drop to $30 for a single license, or $80 for the pack.


New Bento 3 template collection targets small business

01/13, 1:55pm

Contact and Customer Manager now available

FileMaker has launched the Contact and Customer Manager, a new collection of templates for Bento 3. The pack includes three free templates for FileMaker's database software, specifically aimed at businesses. Users can keep track of clients and their associated information, such as calls, meetings and tasks, which are linked into iCal.


Reviews: Bento 3, Popcorn 4, Epson Stylus NX515

01/04, 10:35am

New Bento leaves some tweaks remaining

MacNN has reviewed three recent releases, beginning with Bento 3, FileMaker's personal-level database software. The program is described as easy to use, with upgraded features such as new views and encrypted fields. Some flaws still remain however, including problems with syncing back to Address Book, and changing font color or size in individual fields.


Bento for iPhone gains Bento 3 support

10/07, 9:00am

Follows week after desktop upgrade

As promised, FileMaker has released an updated Bento iPhone app at the App Store. The app is a scaled-down version of the desktop Bento software, and lets users create a variety of databases covering material such as contacts, events and media files. Twenty-five templates are included, and databases can be synced with Bento 2.x or Bento 3. Bento for iPhone 1.0.3 fixes compatibility problems with Bento 3, and costs $5.


Bento 3 brings local sharing, iPhoto integration

09/29, 9:30am

Personal database app gains major update

Apple-owned FileMaker has released Bento 3, a major new edition of its personal database utility. The software now includes iPhoto integration, which allows users to associate extra information with images. Photos can be linked with any material in a database, such as events, contacts or projects.


FileMaker releases Bento for iPhone, Bento 2.0v4

05/05, 9:00am

Bento for iPhone released

Apple's FileMaker subsidiary on Tuesday made a trio of announcements related to the iPhone, including a mobile version of its Bento personal database software, a free update to its Bento 2.0v4 desktop application for wirelessly syncing to the iPhone app, and a new tool for FileMaker Server 10 to create iPhone-friendly websites for FileMaker data. Bento for iPhone and iPod touch enables users to view, organize, create, and search for data easily on their mobile device as well sync that information to their Mac using Bento 2.0v4 (available separately). The portable version of the application, is now available for download for US$4.99 from Apple's App Store, while Bento 2.0v4, a free update for existing v2.0 users, is available on the Web.


FileMaker's Bento 2.0v3 offers bug fixes

12/01, 7:55pm

Bento update

FileMaker has released Bento 2.0v3, the latest version of its database software. The update addresses a number of user-reported bugs, including issues related to the vertical spacing between checkbox fields, text-box editing on imported templates, and exporting of non-ISO date formats. Problems with deleting static labels and XML references, upgrading large databases, and partially downloaded e-mail messages have also been corrected.


First Look: Bento 2, personal database

10/27, 12:25pm

Bento 2, personal database

For years, the most popular Mac database has been FileMaker. While FileMaker has a reputation for being powerful and easy to use, itís also geared more towards commercial developers, cross-platform development, or people who need heavy-duty data processing. If your database needs are much simpler, you could still use FileMaker, but you might find the program a bit more complicated than necessary. You could also use the Address Book, which comes with every Mac, but you might find that too limiting. For an easy database thatís also powerful enough for more than trivial tasks, consider FileMakerís Bento 2.


Bento 2.0 adds e-mail, spreadsheet integration

10/14, 9:05am

Bento 2.0 released

Approximately 10 months after its introduction, FileMaker has released v2.0 of its personally-oriented database software, Bento, focusing on user-suggested improvements. Rather than a complete revamp, this version is said to represent fine tuning. FileMaker has added 10 new themes, direct links to Apple Mail, easier import/export from Numbers and Excel, and a more "Mac-like" interface.


FmPro Migrator 4.38 expands Bento support

08/26, 2:35pm

FmPro Migrator 4.38

.com Solutions has upgraded FmPro Migrator to version 4.38, and describes the patch primarily as a "maintenance update" which includes Bento-to-FileMaker Pro enhancements. FmPro Migrator converts FileMaker Pro databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL and FrontBase formats. Some changes include new Check for Updates and Online Web Help menus, the latter of which point to "How To..." documents on the FmPro website, said to be more frequently updated; the maintenance otherwise consists mostly of performance and functional improvements to gathering tables and relationships, as well as creating FileMaker Layouts based on Bento forms.


Briefly: FileMaker Bento Review

04/25, 5:10pm

KORE 2 Workshop dates

In brief: We have a review of FileMaker's Bento, dates for the KORE 2 workshop tour have been announced, Zerofractal Studios has debuted Tree3D, European Country Keynote themes are available, and 1 million copies of Parallels have been sold ... We have posted a review of FileMaker's Bento. In Bento, you choose customizable forms and a number of containers, each with a specific use. Bento veers away from the more technical database jargon and refers to its databases as Collections in a library and compares them with iTunes playlists. Text entry boxes still use the term fields, like its big brother FileMaker, but Bento includes templates so that you can skip the frustrating design process completely.


Bento 1.0v2 adds world languages, bug fixes, more

02/13, 11:55pm

Bento 1.0v2 update

FileMaker's newly released Bento personal database has reached version 1.0v2, adding a number of features and stability implementations, as well as compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5.2. Bento now supports several language formats, such as International English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Several import and export functions have been refined, related to Smart Collections in the iCal Events library, records, calculations, and address formats. The update is free to existing users, and is available for new users for $50.



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