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Belkin reveals luxury Car Power Valet charging accessories 

11/18, 11:25am

New accessories designed for high-end car interiors

Belkin has announced its new Car Power Valet accessories, new charging accessories designed to fit in with the interior of high-end vehicles. These high-end car chargers utilize an embedded smartchip technology that determines the optimal level of energy pushed through to an iPhone, protecting devices from damage resulting from excessive charging. 


What's in your Tech Bag -- William Gallagher

11/02, 4:17pm

What's the gear you can't leave home without?

It's like looking at photos of people standing in front of bookshelves: you want them to get out of the way so you can see what books they have. Similarly, whenever there's a review anywhere of a bag, admit it: you're curious to see what people are carting around in them. There is a serious point: until you buy one, you can only get a sense of the size of a bag by seeing what they're capable of carrying. No, it's just nosiness, isn't it? With the sole aim of hoping to twist your arm into showing us what's in your kitbag, here's the contents of mine.


Belkin's aluminum iPad Air 2 Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case arrives

10/27, 9:41am

Six month battery life per charge on lightweight keyboard case

Mobile accessory maker Belkin announced on Monday the availability of its newest device to accompany Apple's iPad Air 2, the Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case. The new case is the lightest premium case Belkin offers, weighing in at 306 grams, and carries a six-month battery life per full charge for the keyboard.


Hands On: Belkin Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

10/19, 6:30pm

First Watch dock with its own charger

This is how it should always have been, and this is surely how it's always going to be in the future, but right now there is exactly one Apple Watch dock that comes with its own charger. Every other one, great and bad, requires you to use the charger that came with your Watch. Now, the Belkin Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone has its own, so you can plug this into the mains by your bed, and leave the Apple charging cable in its box. Or take it with you on the road.


Belkin ships charge dock with integrated Apple Watch charger

10/06, 9:01am

Magnetic charger for Apple Watch integral to device

Smartphone and tablet accessory manufacturer Belkin today announced the Belkin Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone. The Belkin Charge Dock is the first Apple Watch peripheral to feature an integrated magnetic charger for the watch, and a Lightning connector for an iPhone.


Belkin ships trio of fashion accessory USB to Lightning cables

08/27, 2:29pm

Three devices intended to unobtrusively clip to bags, purses

Today Belkin announced a new line of fashion-inspired charging cables. MFi certified to ensure iOS compatibility, these Lightning to USB cables are designed to clip on and off any bag, purse or keychain, so that users are never without a cable to charge their iPhone, iPod or iPad. The new fashion cables are available in three design options: a leather tassel, a braided USB clip, and a metallic keychain.


Living With: Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air

03/26, 6:09pm

Build quality and support detract from a good keyboard

I'm in England, where you don't tend to lean over people and ask where you got that device. We're not really polite, we're just wary. Yet I've been asked that many, many times since I bought this Belkin keyboard case for my original iPad Air. It definitely looks great, it definitely looks immediately, obviously useful. The point of Living With is to examine beyond those first looks, though, and I think the question is whether, after 15 months of intensive use, I would buy it again.


Belkin debuts more WeMo sensors, mobile charging accessories

01/05, 5:12pm

Water Sensor will track household utilities use

Belkin has announced several new sensors for its WeMo home automation line, including the Door and Window Sensor, the Keychain Sensor, and the Alarm Sensor, the last of which triggers if an existing security system goes off. Another addition is a new Room Motion Sensor, which can track heat signatures up to 30 feet away within a 90-degree arc. The unit should ignore pets, and (through the WeMo app) not only let people set alerts or links with other devices, but check the last detected movement in a given room.


Briefly: Belkin Qode keyboards, Stonelight Pictures keyboard app

10/14, 9:25pm

Two new Bluetooth keyboard cases come to the Qode series starting at $100

Belkin announced two new keyboard cases today, under the banner of its Qode tablet series. The Bluetooth keyboard covers offer "improved keyboard layouts" with the same number of keys as a laptop, with the Ultimate Pro Keyboard offering additional features over the Slim Style Keyboard. The Qode Ultimate Pro features an aluminum construction, a backlit keyboard, adjustable portrait and landscape modes with different view angles, up to a year of continuous battery life, a detachable case that doubles as a smart cover, and auto-sensing automatic on/off technology. Belkin's Slim Style Keyboard is a folio cover and keyboard in one, with a stand that supports several viewing angles, a handheld media mode, and flexible corner tabs to keep the iPad in place.


Some Belkin routers not connecting to the Internet, workaround posted

10/07, 4:50pm

List of affected Belkin devices, cause of incident both unknown

Some of accessory manufacturer Belkin's router customers are experiencing connectivity issues, predominantly with older models. For reasons unknown, possibly due to a silent, automatic firmware update, some Belkin networking products are refusing connection to the Internet, but maintaining local area network connectivity. Some models can be restored by pointing Domain Name Services to Google's or other providers' services.


Belkin revamps Express Dock; adds Thunderbolt 2, 4k support

09/30, 10:58am

Revised dock has eight ports, pass-through Thunderbolt 2 port

Accessory manufacturer Belkin today introduced the Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD with cable, a cross-platform docking solution designed for both OS X and Windows-based computers. Equipped with two Thunderbolt 2 ports, the new dock allows users to take full advantage of the technology's high-speed 20Gbps bandwidth, and provides reliable transfers between laptops and up to eight other devices connected through the dock using a single Thunderbolt cable. 


Briefly: Qode Thin Type iPad Air keyboard, Kanguru Defender Elite30

05/08, 1:04pm

Belkin announces availability of QODE Thin Type keyboard case

Belkin has introduced a new keyboard case for the iPad Air, intended to provide a laptop-like experience. The Qode Thin Type is approximately 12 ounces in weight, and features comfortably-spaced, responsive keys, Bluetooth connectivity and functions as a screen cover when not in use. Secure-hold magnets attach the keyboard case to the iPad, and is compatible with both landscape and portrait viewing. Its rechargeable battery can run for 79 hours of average active use. Available in silver, the Qode Thin Type for iPad Air is priced at $100 and is available for purchase online.


Security flaw found in Belkin WeMo home automation line

02/18, 3:27pm

Entire line vulnerable, no fix currently available from Belkin

Security specialist IOActive announced today that it has uncovered multiple vulnerabilities in Belkin WeMo Home Automation devices that could affect over half a million users. The password leak allows miscreants to remotely control WeMo devices, perform malicious firmware updates, and access an internal home network.


CES: Belkin shows new WeMo smart lighting, kitchen appliances, dev kit

01/05, 7:35pm

New products use Wi-Fi technology for communication, eschew Bluetooth

Before this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, accessory and networking manufacturer Belkinhas announced a slate of new WeMo devices including the WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set and WeMo Smart LED Bulbs, the WeMo Maker Kit, and Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker. The new products launch in parallel with a revised Android and iOS app offering improved functionality and enhanced lighting features.


Belkin adds iPhone-compatible WeMo Insight Switch

11/23, 8:06pm

Belkin brings home-automation tool to market

Belkin this week announced the release of a new home-automation tool, the WeMo Insight Switch, an iPhone-compatible device that allows users to turn lights and appliances on and off remotely. The WeMo Insight is the successor to Belkin's initial WeMo Switch, and it improves upon the older version by adding the ability to monitor power usage. It also allows users to create rules and schedules governing power usage.


Briefly: Belkin's Black Friday deals, Bublcam 360 cam's Kickstarter

11/18, 3:00pm

Belkin offers Black Friday customers discounts on purchases from online store

Belkin, an electronics accessory manufacturer, has announced their upcoming promotional offers for Black Friday this year. Customers shopping online can receive deals such as $20 off every $100 spent, up to $500. Buyers at Belkin's online Factory Store will be able to receive an additional 15 percent off orders placed on Black Friday. On December 2 -- 'Cyber Monday' -- buyers will receive 30 percent off everything between 6AM and 10AM PT.


Review: Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air

11/11, 4:25pm

Belkin aims high with early Air keyboard case

In a hands-on with the Targus Versavu Keyboard Case, I observed that buying a case around the launch of a new Apple device often entails compromise, since not every manufacturer is on board yet. Even if they are, they may only have a few options available -- designers do, after all, need to experiment to come up with something high-quality. Belkin's QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case is an early effort for the iPad Air, but we'll see in our review if that's necessarily a mark against it.


Belkin, Targus announce new cases for iPad Air

10/24, 4:49pm

Belkin, Targus come with new cases for new iPad

Apple device accessory makers Belkin and Targus have announced an array of new cases designed to fit Apple's forthcoming iPad Air. Belkin's new offerings for the Air include three new keyboard cases and three different cover designs. Targus, meanwhile, has one new keyboard case and five other cases of varying functionalities.


Redesigned Griffin Multidock shipping, charges 10 devices at once

09/05, 6:50pm

Up to three units can be stacked with compatible Mac Book Pro drawer

Peripheral and accessory manufacturer Griffin is rolling out a newly-designed MultiDock for charging, storing and syncing multiple iPads, tablets and smartphones. Griffins exclusive ChargeSensor technology in MultiDock adapts on-the-fly to any connected iOS or Android device by providing the fastest charging rate for that device. Connecting a device that uses Apples new Lightning connector activates MultiDocks Quick Charge Mode to charge these devices at the fastest possible rate, even while syncing.


Briefly: Belkin finally launches Express Dock, Vue 11.5 update

04/30, 11:46am

Express Dock now available for purchase

After months of delays Belkin has finally made its Thunderbolt Express Dock available for purchase through its online store. First announced at CES 2011, the Express Dock was originally expected to be launched in September 2012. However, various setbacks and revisions continually pushed this date back until Belkin finally began accepting pre-orders this past February. The final revision is being sold for $300 and features eight ports, one FireWire 800, one Gigabit Ethernet, three USB 3.0, one 3.5mm audio-in, one 3.5mm audio out, and one Thunderbolt port, that can simultaneously be connected to a computer through a single Thunderbolt cable.


Belkin rolls out 720p NetCam HD Wi-Fi surveillance camera

04/23, 8:44pm

Device features iOS, Android apps for control, monitoring

Gadget and computing accessory manufacturer Belkin has announced the new NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera. The new wireless networking camera provides users with instantaneous access via a smartphone or tablet to pets, children and other family members at home in 720p high-definition (HD) video resolution with accompanying digital audio.


Briefly: Belkin keyboard case, ColorFlow presets package

03/27, 1:28pm

Belkin accepting Ultimate Keyboard Case pre-orders

Belkin has announced that its Ultimate Keyboard Case for the iPad is now available for pre-order. Slated to begin shipping in May, the Ultimate Keyboard Case measures 6.4mm thick and offers a machined aluminium alloy base for durability. Magnet sensors built directly in the case turn the keyboard off automatically when the case is closed, saving battery life and allowing users to instantly access the onscreen keyboard when necessary. Pre-orders can be placed through Belkin's online store, with the Black model costing $100 and the Silver model set at $130.


Belkin finalizes deal to acquire Linksys

03/15, 5:18pm

Merged companies hold 30 percent of US home networking market

As expected, Belkin has finalized the deal to purchase Cisco's home networking business unit. Belkin is going to maintain the Linksys brand and all associated services, and will support Cisco's products -- including warranty support and repair. With the acquisition, Belkin now holds 30 percent of the entire US home and small business networking market.


Belkin unveils FastFit iPad mini keyboard case

02/06, 3:30pm

New case adds only 7mm to thickness of iPad mini

Accessory manufacturer Belkin today introduced a thin and light Bluetooth wireless keyboard for the iPad mini -- the FastFit Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case. The case combines a physical keyboard typing experience, easy portability and convenient power capabilities in one package. At 7mm (0.28") thick, the FastFit keyboard cover is thinner than the iPad mini itself.


Belkin arranging to purchase Linksys brand from Cisco

01/24, 7:45pm

Deal consolidates large percentage of US home networking market

Computer accessory manufacturer Belkin revealed on Thursday that it has entered into an agreement to purchase Cisco's home networking business unit, including the Linksys brand and all associated products. Belkin intends to maintain the Linksys brand, and will continue to support all of Cisco's products in the sector, including warranty support and replacement.


Belkin drops price for upcoming Thunderbolt Express Dock

01/07, 6:19pm

Sacrifices eSATA port in process

Belkin's upcoming Thunderbolt Express Dock has returned to a $300 pricetag, the company now says. The product has been in development since 2011, and was originally assigned the $300 price -- along with a September 2012 launch date -- at last year's CES. In June, however, the company made some modifications to the peripheral and raised the price to $400. The September release date came and went, forcing Belkin to push the launch to the first quarter of 2013.


Belkin @TV Plus streams to remote devices, app records

06/22, 11:59am

IR blaster and in-app channel guide help with channel surfing

Belkin is bringing out the @TV Plus, a media streaming box supporting 3G and Wi-Fi. The device pulls audio and video from set-top boxes and streams it to devices running an accompanying app, similarly to a Slingbox, except that the @TV adds mobile recording of live television.


Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock gets USB 3.0, eSATA

06/05, 4:39pm

Price jumps to $399

Belkin has announced an update to its still-unreleased Thunderbolt Express Dock. The peripheral is mainly meant for notebooks, introducing many more connections than a portable system would normally support. The upgrade mainly brings in three USB 3.0 ports, in place of the USB 2.0 ports Belkin originally announced. The company has also added an eSATA connection, but raised the price of the dock a full $100 to $399.


DealNN roundup: Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver, only $24

04/10, 12:30pm

Deals on music receivers, headsets, and more

Today's deals from DealNN include discounted music receivers, Bluetooth headsets, and more. has recently lowered the cost of the Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver for iPhone, iPod, stereo, and Bluetooth-enabled laptop or PC, complete with one year limited warranty, support for pairing with six different devices, and the ability to transmit up to 33 feet away. Currently featured at DealNN, the Belkin music receiver has now dropped to $24.99 in price and offers savings of up to 50%.


Belkin shows Thunderbolt Express Dock, WeMo automation gear

01/09, 10:40am

Dock gets pricing, late release date

Presenting at CES, Belkin has revealed more details about the Thunderbolt Express Dock, first made public last September. The dock connects via a single 10Gbps Thunderbolt cable, but substantially expands a computer's ports. Included are HDMI, gigabit Ethernet, FireWire 800, 3.5mm stereo, three USB 2.0, and two Thunderbolt (upstream and downstream) connections.


Belkin Advance N900 DB Wi-Fi router prioritizes games, video

01/08, 2:40pm

Belkin Advance N900 DB arrives ahead of CES

Belkin's turn at CES saw it introduce the Advance N900 DB, what may be one of the last 802.11n Wi-Fi routers before 802.11ac arrives. The new dual-band router has a full six antennas with MultiBeam support that can more reliably deliver its 450Mbps across a home. IntelliStream also promises a more advance form of traffic priority that focuses on gaming and video over basic tasks.


Broadcom intros first 802.11ac chips: 1.3Gbps Wi-Fi ready

01/05, 12:00pm

Broadcom adds first four 802.11ac chipsets

Broadcom claimed the distinction of being the first to make chipsets with 802.11ac, being nicknamed 5G Wi-Fi, on Thursday. The BCM43516, BCM43526, BCM4352, and BCM4360 all have twice as much bandwidth per channel as the current-fastest 802.11n and can stack multiple streams together to get very high speeds. The flagship chip, the BCM4360, can unite three streams and hit 1.3Gbps.


Cyber Monday preview: software, routers and more

11/27, 2:20pm

Cyber Monday preview

With Cyber Monday right around the corner online retailers have already started cutting prices in preparation for the busiest online shopping day of the year to begin. At Amazon, buyers can save 58 percent on Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, originally $60 but now $25 with free super saver shipping. A 56 percent price break can be found on the XtremeMac Tango TRX 2.1 Bluetooth audio system for iPads, iPhones, iPods and Android smartphones. It drops from $180 to $80 at Amazon.


Belkin LiveAction official, gives iPhone camera remote, grip

11/15, 11:15pm

Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip and Remote live

Belkin late Tuesday took advantage of the updated camera in the iPhone 4S to release a pair of accessories for unusually dedicated smartphone photographers. The LiveAction Camera Remote uses Bluetooth to remotely trigger the camera on an iPhone 4, 4S, or iPod touch, letting the owner shoot family shots or off-angle like they would with a DSLR.


Review: Belkin's kitchen iPad, tablet accessories

10/30, 3:10pm

We try Belkin's Chef Stand, Cabinet, Fridge mounts

The urge to use an iPad, a Galaxy Tab, or another tablet in the kitchen is undeniable: it's a live recipe book or a way to check if the ingredients you want are on sale. Belkin has acknowledged, though, that no one wants to touch a screen with flour-covered hands. We'll check in our review of Belkin's kitchen accessories -- the Chef Stand + Stylus, Cabinet Mount, and Fridge Mount -- to see whether you'll be tossing your paper cookbooks.


Belkin demos Thunderbolt Express Dock at IDF

09/13, 3:00pm

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock packs Ethernet

Belkin used the added limelight of the Intel Developer Forum to show off a prototype of a Thunderbolt dock intended primarily for Mac owners. Just called the Thunderbolt Express Dock, it has much of the same expansion of Apple's Thunderbolt Display without the requisite screen. A single cable feeds out gigabit Ethernet, FireWire 800, three USB ports, and another Thunderbolt port for adding more devices to a chain.


Belkin outs new wireless home theater accessories

09/07, 11:45am

Stream video from Internet or Blu-ray to any HDTV

Belkin has launched a new line of wireless home theater products. The ScreenCast AV 4 Wireless AV-to-HDTV Adapter F7D4515 allows up to four home theater devices to be connected to any HDTV. The Universal Wireless HDTV Adapter F7D4555 provides Wi-Fi video streaming to a smart TV, and the Universal Wireless AV Adapter F7D4550 streams content to multiple devices over a wireless network.


Belkin brings out Bluetooth-driven Keyboard Folio for iPad 2

08/05, 10:40am

Case integrates keyboard and stand

Belkin has added to its family of iPad 2 accessories with the introduction of the F5L090 Keyboard Folio. The Folio like some of its peers combines a keyboard with a stand and protective case to give users a notebook-like experience from the normally touch-only tablet. It connects to the iPad 2 through Bluetooth.


Belkin ScreenCast WiDi adapter leaks out early

05/31, 5:40pm

Adapter said to retail for $129

Belkin appears to be preparing to launch its ScreenCast WiDi adapter, which has already appeared on the company's website. The device allows users to wirelessly stream Blu-ray movies, web-based content in HD quality, audio content such as Pandora, and other audio or video feeds from a supported notebook to an HDTV or other display.


Wi-LAN expects deals with Apple, others in patent troll suit

01/31, 6:50pm

Wi-LAN makes deals, expects more before suit

Wi-LAN this evening said the delay in its Wi-Fi lawsuit had borne fruit as it had made some settlement deals and expected more before the February 2 trial. It struck deals with 2Wire, Belkin, Lenovo, Marvell, Netgear and Westell over the past few weeks. It also anticipated that Apple, Dell, D-Link, HP, Sony and Toshiba would cave before Wednesday.


Razer updates ergonomic Nostromo gaming keypad

11/19, 12:15pm

Razer intros Nostromo gaming keypad

Gaming peripherals maker Razer has just updated its Nostromo gaming keypad, co-developed with Belkin. The device is ergonomically designed and sports 16 programmable Hyperesponse buttons along with an eight-way directional thumb pad. A soft-touch rubberized and adjustable wrist pad holds the wrist to decrease fatigue.


Wireless USB 1.1 brings near-field pairing, more

09/29, 2:30pm

Wireless USB 1.1 spec goes live

The USB IF promised an easier time with wireless support today by posting and detailing the Wireless USB 1.1 standard. It now supports near-field communication (NFC) and proximity detection as a way of setting up peripherals. Owners only need to bring a device next to its host, such as a computer or a hub, to associate the two.


Belkin, Waterfield unveil cases for the new iPod touch

09/03, 4:20pm

Both companies' cases will ship in September

Following Apple's announcement of the fourth-generation iPod touch, Belkin and WaterField have launched cases for the new iOS device. Belkin has announced 14 new cases -- five grip cases, two shield cases, four verve cases and three armbands. The grip cases are textured for easier handholding. The Grip Ergo with Strap features a fitted design and a removable strap, in translucent black or taro, while the Grip Groove Duo has a wavy texture and arrives in either black-and-clear or gray-and-purple color combinations. The Grip Graphix swirls two colors into the wave textures, mixing aqua and white, mauve with pink or black with clear. The Grip Vue eschews textures for a high gloss finish, in nine colors, while the Grip Edge moves to black or brown leather.


Belkin kicks out HDMI to Mini DP converter for iMacs

06/23, 12:50pm

Belkin goes after Kanex XD with Mini DP adapter

Belkin on Wednesday chased after the dorm room audience with the AV360, a new Mini DisplayPort adapter for the 27-inch iMac. Like the Kanex XD, it converts most any HDMI input, such as that of a PS3 or Xbox 360, into usable 720p video for the Apple all-in-one's Mini DP in/out jack. It carries over audio and accepts up to a native 1080p signal, although the iMac's resolution recognition will require lower.


Belkin and LaptopTailors intro accessories for iPhone 4

06/08, 10:20pm

LaptopTailors ships felt case for iPhone 4

Fresh on the heels of the new iPhone 4 launch, Belikin and LaptopTailors have already announced cases to fit the new design. Belkin has introduced twelve cases, four armbands and three overlays for the iPhone 4. The company's Grip cases focus on silicone construction with textured designs for improved grip. The Grip Ergo comes in black or clear, each with ribbed etching. Customers can also add a removable wrist strap available in blue, black and clear colors.


Belkin hops on apps bandwagon with new routers

03/24, 11:50am

Belkin spins media sharing features as apps

Belkin today tried to seize on the popularity of mobile apps today by launching a set of Wi-Fi routers that apply the app metaphor to features. The Play, Play Max, Share and Surf all have varying levels of apps that both handle previous router features as well as extend them beyond their normal limitations. The Play and Play Max are the most advanced and can control media streaming themselves: they can play music directly from a USB hard drive, label tracks, auto-coreate playlists and push music to UPnP devices like game consoles.


Belkin launches first USB 3.0 devices

02/23, 9:50am

Lineup includes desktop and laptop cards, cables

Belkin has expanded its product lineup with several peripherals that support the new USB 3.0 standard. Two are expansion cards, the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCIe Add-In Card for desktops, and the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter for laptops. Belkin has also unveiled two USB 3.0-compliant cables, the SuperSpeed A-B Cable and the SuperSpeed Premium Micro-B Cable.


Belkin intros redesigned notebook cooling pad

02/09, 4:45pm

Belkin redesigns its powered notebook cooling pad

Belkin on Tuesday announced it has redesigned its Laptop Cooling Pad to now include a unique AirFlow Wing shape that is more efficient at taking heat away from the computer and a user's lap. At the same time, the design results in the notebook itself being quieter. The fan was repositioned compared to the previous pad and retains its USB power cable.


Griffin, Belkin, TOM BIHN launch cases and bags for iPad

01/28, 7:50pm

New cases announced from three manufacturers

Fast on the heels of Apple's iPad launch come new accessories from Griffin, Belkin and TOM BIHN. Griffin has announced the Elan Passport, a folio case that offers full wrap-around protection and a microsuede lining to protect the iPad surfaces. The folio is held shut by a stretch band and its inner cover has card pockets. The Elan Sleeve is a synthetic leather shell case that the iPad slips into. It has a microsuede interior for protection, and a tab closure to keep the iPad secure. Both Elan cases will cost $50.


Belkin finally ships TuneCast with iPhone app

01/25, 11:30am

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live uses GPS, Internet

After revealing the add-on months earlier, Belkin today at last began shipping the TuneCast Auto Live. It remains the first FM transmitter to carry its own iPhone app (free, App Store) and uses this to extend the functionality beyond just the simple in-line remote. It can both expand the controls as well as connect to the Internet to provide feedback on the clearest stations. iPhone owners can also use their GPS to automatically set the transmitter based on location.



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