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Motorola Atrix HD Developer Edition inbound

11/07, 5:00am

Motorola Atrix HD to get unlockable bootloader on Developer Edition

Motorola has revealed that its Atrix HD will be its latest handset to get the Developer Edition treatment. While it sports alternative wallpaper, the hardware will remain unchanged. As with the Developer Editions of the RAZR HD and the RAZR M, the Atrix HD Developer Edition comes with an unlockable bootloader, allowing for custom installations of Android ROMs.


MS succeeds in getting ban on Moto Droids in Germany

07/27, 6:53am

MS wins injunction against Moto smartphones in Germany

Microsoft landed another blow against Google-owned smartphone maker Motorola, reports Foss Patents. Judge Andreas Voss of the Mannheim Regional court has issued a ruling on a Microsoft FAT (file allocation table) patent and found that Motorola's Android-powered devices infringe on the patent. Moto's Droid and Atrix smartphones on sale in Germany have now been banned as a consequence pending a 10 million euro bond being posted by Microsoft .


Motorola Atrix HD with 4G LTE arrives, headed for AT&T

07/05, 7:06am

Motorola reveals the Atrix HD with 720p and ICS

Motorola has taken the covers off its latest handset, the Atrix HD. As the logo on the front of the handset gives away, the device is headed for AT&T. Also notable is that it has adopted the recent trend of using on screen navigational controls.


Motorola Dinara image shows up, may be the Atrix 3 for AT&T

06/08, 1:21pm

What is expected to be the Atrix 3 shows up online, may come to AT&T by July 26

A Motorola handset codenamed Dinara and first spotted last July is now making news again as an image of the phone was sent to The Verge. It's believed to launch at AT&T very soon, and likely be branded as the Atrix 3 and therefore succeed the Atrix 2. As such, it will support AT&T's 4G network.


Motorola may switch to Snapdragon S4 for future phones

04/16, 2:35pm

Motorola Dinara seen using Snapdragon and not TI

Motorola might be making a fundamental shift from its loyalty to TI if an inadvertent GLBenchmark test run posting is an indicator. A phone known as the MB886, codenamed Qinara and possibly a reference to the Dinara has shown up using Qualcomm's MSM8960, or the same 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 chip as found in phones like HTC's One S. Motorola has used TI's OMAP and occasionally NVIDIA's Tegra 2 in its Android phones, suggesting a new direction in chip options.


Updated, Android 4.0-compatible Motorola Webtop UI leaks

04/04, 4:50pm

Motorola Webtop 3.0 beta shows up in leaked video

Motorola's Webtop interface for its Android docking mode has been updated to support Android 4.0. Leaked in a video, embedded below, the Webtop 3.0 beta software appears to be much improved, and offers a less heavily customized appearance and feature-set than before. Unfortunately, Firefox is cut from the preloaded software and has been replaced by a version of the stock Android 4.0 browser.


AT&T updates list of hardware getting Android 4.0

03/22, 6:35pm

Notice follows update for HTC Vivid

AT&T has published a list of several devices that are confirmed to be upgraded to Android 4.0. The carrier has already released an Ice Cream Sandwich update for HTC's Vivid, ahead of updates for LG's Nitro; Motorola's Atrix 2 and Atrix 4G; Pantech's Burst and Element; and Samsung's Captivate Glide, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, and Galaxy Tab 8.9.


Motorola details Android 4.0 schedule, pushes most to summer

02/15, 11:15am

Motorola stalls most Android 4 updates

Motorola gave out a detailed timetable of its promised Android 4.0 upgrades that stalled them for most users. In spite of promising most updates early in the year, the original Atrix, the Atrix 2, the Photon 4G, and all international variants on the Xoom 2/Xyboard tablet wouldn't start seeing updates until the summer. The initial batch doesn't start until the spring, when the international RAZR, the international and Family Edition Xoom Wi-Fi models, and the China-only MT917 and XT928 should get their upgrades.


AT&T Black Friday deals drop Windows Phones to 1 cent early

11/17, 12:45pm

ATT Black Friday aims to clear WP7, BlackBerry

AT&T's annual Black Friday weekend sale [updated Friday] will see it once again try to aggressively move Windows Phone hardware. On November 26, the company plans to sell "all" Windows Phone 7 devices for one cent on a contract. The discounting includes brand-new phones like the Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash as well as the HTC Titan, which is just reaching the carrier the same day.


Motorola Lapdock 100 headed to Sprint on October 21

10/15, 1:10pm

Lapdock 100 to go beyond ATT with Sprint deal

Motorola's Lapdock 100 won't just be confined to AT&T when it ships. A leak Saturday from Sprint's internal employee rewards newsletter relayed to Engadget has the phone-to-netbook transformer shipping on October 21. It would be arriving just four days after it arrives at AT&T linked to the Atrix 2.


Hands on: Motorola Atrix 2

10/12, 1:25am

Second generation brings modest improvements

Although Motorola's original Atrix 4G handset was introduced early this year, the company has already unveiled a second-generation model. The company brought the Atrix 2 to CTIA in San Diego, where Electronista had a chance to try out the refresh. Unfortunately, the company did not bring along its Lapdock 100 companion dock, but we we able to try out the Atrix 2 with stable software that should match the production models.


Motorola intros Atrix 2 in new try at advancing AT&T Android

10/11, 12:10am

Motorola Atrix 2 unveiled at CTIA

Motorola and AT&T took a second shot at giving Android a primetime position on the carrier Tuesday by launching the Atrix 2, a sequel to the flagship phone shipped just several months ago. The new version uses faster HSPA+ data, up from 14.4Mbps to 21Mbps, and carries a bigger 4.3-inch 540x940 that switches away from Pentile pixels for a sharper look. The design has also switched out the Tegra 2 in favor of a TI OMAP chip, which still carries two 1GHz cores but is fast enough to record and shoot 1080p video.


Motorola Spyder to pack qHD AMOLED, Atrix 2 gets press shots

09/24, 3:25pm

Motorola Spyder and Atrix 2 get more details

Two of Motorola's most important smartphones for the near future have been spotted in individual leaks. The most unique identified by This is my next, the Spyder or Droid RAZR, could have a slew of firsts. The Verizon-bound phone could be first ever device with a qHD (540x960) Super AMOLED screen and back up its Gorilla Glass front with a Kevlar body and splash-resistant coating, toughening up the entire frame for real-world use.


Motorola Edison tested, drops Atrix's old Pentile display

09/23, 8:10am

Motorola Edison, Atrix sequel, gets hands-on

The Motorola Edison, the sequel to the Atrix 4G, has been given a hands-on test by This is my next. In addition to being impressed with the overall design of the device, the most notable improvement is said to be in the display. Although fitted with a qHD display, the Atrix utilized a Pentile display; the new Edison maintains the same resolution, but switches to a different pixel grid making for clearer grey images in particular.


Motorola Atrix 2 / Edison photos, details surface

09/20, 2:30pm

Atrix 4G successor shows up with Android 2.3.5

The successor to the Motorola Atrix 4G has shown up in the wild thanks to some leaked images posted by BGR. The Atrix 2 will not have LTE onboard, though it will sport a dual-core processor. The photos also reveal an eight-megapixel camera with 1080p video capture and Android 2.3.5 preloaded.


Motorola MB865 given Edison name, shows at FCC without 4G

09/17, 2:55am

Motorola Edison for ATT identified in FCC filing

Motorola's MB865 has been given a more definitive codename but also a less ambitious plan. An FCC filing has given it the at least temporary codename of Edison and pegged it as running on AT&T's network, as expected. No mention is made of the 700MHz frequency range AT&T would need for LTE, however, hinting that the Android phone may just be considered a straightforward upgrade to the Atrix rather than an LTE showcase.


Chitika: Verizon share of Android drops as iPhone takes hold

08/17, 8:35pm

Android share bias moves away from Verizon to ATT

A new Chitika look has shown that the Verizon iPhone is starting to eat sharply into that carrier's dominance of Android. At over 51 percent just in March, Verizon's share of all US phones using Google's OS is now down to 41 percent as of August. With Sprint and T-Mobile flat, most of the shift went into AT&T's 8.7, where its first high-end Android phones like the HTC Inspire 4G and Motorola Atrix helped draw users in.


Motorola MB865 may be AT&T's first LTE smartphone

08/01, 9:00am

Motorola MB865 shows in ATT LTE areas

Motorola's mystery Atrix sequel could well be AT&T's first LTE smartphone if sources on Monday are accurate. Now thought to be the MB865, the phone is in field testing primarily in AT&T's LTE areas. The tip to Phone Arena claims the Android device has an LTE tracking code in the billing system.


Motorola: Droid Bionic in September, two new LTE tablets due

07/28, 5:25pm

Motorola hints Droid Bionic and extra LTE tablets

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha during the call discussing the company's until September, eight months after the original design showed. The Xoom's 4G upgrade was also pushed back to September, Jha said.


Motorola may have Atrix 4G sequel for AT&T with 8MP camera

07/27, 6:55pm

Motorola Atrix sequel may get 8MP, 1080p recording

Motorola may have a refresh or full-fledged sequel to the Atrix 4G based on a new leak of photos. The design is similar on a basic level but makes clear changes to the speaker, camera, and other subtle elements. While not much is mentioned of the insides, a flip around back by ePrice's source shows an eight-megapixel camera with "HD 1080p" video recording, suggesting both a better camera than the five-megapixel sensor with 720p video of today as well as a faster processor than the Atrix 4G's Tegra 2.


AT&T: all 2011 subscription Android phones to get 2.3

07/25, 11:25am

ATT promises Android 2.3 upgrades for most phones

AT&T started off the week with promises that much of its Android smartphone line would get Android 2.3. Starting with the just-live Atrix 4G update, every postpaid (regular subscription) phone would get the OS. The Inspire 4G was next with an August upgrade, but the Samsung Captivate and Infuse 4G, the LG Phoenix, and Pantech Crossover would all get the modern OS.


Motorola posts Atrix 4G's Android 2.3 upgrade, adds 1080p

07/22, 7:55pm

Motorola Atrix 4G Android 2.3 update arrives

Motorola gave Atrix 4G owners a treat at the end of the week by posting its Android 2.3 update. The update brings both the performance, polish, and interface updates of 2.3 itself as well as updates to Motorola's custom tweaks, including ones that haven't shown on other Motorola Android 2.3 revisions. Among the surprises is an upgrade to 1080p movie playback that helps it compete even with newer phones.


Motorola invites Atrix 4G owners to Android 2.3 beta test

07/16, 12:25pm

Motorola Atrix 4G soak test ready to go

Motorola's Atrix 4G is on the verge of getting its long anticipated Android 2.3 upgrade. About 1,000 owners in the company's Feedback Network are being invited to a "soak opportunity" that will let them try a beta version. Early adopters have until Monday at 10AM Eastern to take a survey to qualify, although Motorola hasn't said when the update itself rolls out.


Motorola Atrix owners find worldwide unlocked bootloader

07/14, 5:10pm

Global Atrix owners get unlocked bootloader

The hackers and developers over on the XDA Developers forum have new found a way to unlock Motorola's Atrix smartphone on all carriers from around the world. This marks a significant step forward from just one month ago, when the same source found a way to unlock the AT&T version of the handset. The latest unlock, dubbed Project Cheesecake, relied on an upcoming Orange UK firmware upgrade.


Analyst sees 77m iPhones in 2011, Android at 50% by 2012

07/08, 10:15am

Canaccord ups iPhone targets but sees Android high

Apple is seeing stepped up iPhone sales that will increase its total share, but not necessarily enough to stop Android from getting half of the market, Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Wakley said in two research notes. Checks last month showed the iPhone was still the top phone at AT&T and Verizon despite pressure from Android. He boosted his estimates from 75.5 million iPhones in 2011 to 77.3 million based on both the popularity and increased expectations Apple would ship the iPhone 5 in September.


Consumer Reports: T-Mobile G2X tops iPhone 4 in camera tests

06/28, 10:20am

T-Mobile G2x best shooter, no match for cameras

In its August issue, Consumer Reports has orchestrated a rare test of 45 smartphones with a focus on their integrated cameras. It finds that the eight-megapixel camera in the T-Mobile G2X was the very best, with very good still images and the best in terms of video quality. The story also includes ratings for stand-alone cameras and camcorders as well as advice on taking good photos.


Motorola Atrix bootloader unofficially unlocked

06/24, 7:30am

Motorola Atrix gets unofficial unlock

The Motorola Atrix bootloader has been unofficially unlocked. The instructions have been posted on the XDA Developers forum with the warning that users will lose all their data during the unlocking process. Once unlocked, Atrix users can install custom ROMs, including the latest Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) updates ahead of the officially supported, Motoblur infused, release.


Hulu Plus reaches Android on just six devices, no tablets

06/23, 7:45am

Hulu Plus hits Android with fragmentation

Android caught up significantly on Thursday with the addition of Hulu Plus (free, Market). Coming a year after the iOS version, it lets users stream the full Hulu TV and movie catalog over both cellular and Wi-Fi. The service costs the same $8 per month.


Droid Bionic images leaked, show eight-megapixel camera?

06/06, 12:20pm

First alleged photos of Droid Bionic leaked

The first photos of what appear to be the upcoming Droid Bionic smartphone have been put up by MobileGearz. The phone has been delayed by Motorola and the leaks, if real, confirm the presence of a front-facing camera and an eight-megapixel rear shooter. Also visible are two rear-firing speakers and a docking capability to work with a netbook-like dock, a la the Atrix 4G.


Motorola, Sprint to have special event June 9

05/25, 1:00pm

Motorola and Sprint plan June 9 event

Motorola and Sprint sent invitations to an uncommon luncheon event on June 9. The media gathering's contents are vague but will include demos of the two's "latest collaborations." Most expect the focus to be a 4G version of the Xoom.


Analyst: iPhone sales strong, Atrix 4G and BlackBerry weak

05/09, 10:00am

Canaccord says iPhone strong but RIM, Motorola low

An investment note from Canaccord Genuity lead analyst T. Michael Walkley on Monday suggested that some of the halo devices for Android and BlackBerry were struggling to get sales even as Apple was succeeding. The iPhone and iPad were still selling very well at AT&T and Verizon in April and, in many cases, were outselling flagship Android devices. The iPhone 4 was the best-selling smartphone at both carriers, and the $49 iPhone 3GS was outselling both the HTC Inspire 4G and Motorola Atrix, according to checks at several stores.


Motorola Atrix ships to the UK through Orange

05/04, 3:15pm

Dual processor smart phone ships out today in UK

Motorola Mobility has announced that beginning today, its ATRIX smartphone will be available in the UK exclusively through the carrier Orange. Orange is offering the ATRIX free to customers with a £35 ($58 USD) per month, 24 month contract. The Work and Play kit, which includes a remote control, mouse, HD multimedia dock and keyboard is being offered at a special price of £50 ($83 USD). It normally retails for £130 ($215). Orange is discounting the Lapdock from its regular price of £300 ($496 USD).


Motorola Atrix 4G update being sent out in phases

05/03, 2:45pm

Motorola sends up Atrix 4G HSUPA update

The HSUPA update promised by AT&T for Motorola's Atrix 4G handset is now being sent out over-the-air. Update 4.1.83 brings with it HSUPA support for the handset and Android 2.2.2. Users who have downloaded it already are reporting three times faster uploads than before, when they usually dipped well below 1Mbps. Downloads have also increased slightly with the speed hike.


AT&T rolls out HSUPA update for Inspire 4G, Atrix 4G soon

04/29, 5:55pm

HTC Inspire 4G gets ATT update for HSUPA 3G

AT&T fulfilled its promises of an HSUPA update in April at the last minute on Friday with its first of two updates. The HTC Inspire 4G is getting an update that adds the faster 3G upload speeds for owners on those parts of the network that support them. The Atrix 4G update was being delayed, but it had passed testing and would go live "soon," the carrier said.


Motorola ships 250,000 Xooms in Winter, posts $81m loss

04/28, 4:55pm

Motorola Q1 2011 sees 250,000 Xooms ship

Motorola Mobility posted results Thursday (PDF) answering questions about the early performance of the Xoom. About 250,000 of the flagship Android 3.0 tablet shipped worldwide. About 9.3 million devices shipped in total, 4.1 million (44 percent) of which were its Android smartphones.


Motorola Bullet and Jet may be first quad-core smartphones

04/22, 2:05pm

Motorola Bullet and Jet may use Tegra 3

Motorola may claim the title of the first with quad-core smartphones with two launches early next year. A solitary source claimed Friday that two phones, the Bullet and the Jet, would both use NVIDIA's Kal-El processor, often expected to get the Tegra 3 label. Either phone mentioned to Droid-Life would have at least 1GB of RAM, possibly up to 1.5GB, and would share NFC wireless as well as a new 12-megapixel camera.


ARM sees dual-core Cortex-A15 phones, tablets at end of 2012

04/20, 10:40am

ARM Cortex-A15 to start with dual-core late 2012

ARM's US mobile division head James Bruce said in a conversation late Tuesday that the first phones and tablets using the Cortex-A15 architecture should be available by the end of 2012 or early into 2013. The much improved chip design will start out cautiously with dual-core designs before moving on to quad-core later on. The performance leap over the A9 was such that he predicted to PCWorld that phones like the Motorola Atrix were part of a larger trend towards mobile devices used for desktop-level tasks.


Droid X 2 boot sequence backs dual-core processor

04/15, 11:25am

Droid X 2 boot-up screen touts dual-core CPU

Yet another sighting of the upcoming Motorola Droid X2 has shown up, again thanks to AndroidCentral. This time, however, a video of the boot-up screen was found, adding further evidence to the likelihood that the device is powered by a dual-core processor, with earlier, unofficial reports naming it as the NVIDIA Tegra 2. This would make sense, as Motorola uses the same chip in other products, including the Xoom, Atrix 4G, and the upcoming Droid Bionic.


Sponsored: Motorola ATRIX 4G--A PC for your Pocket

04/05, 4:15pm

Dual-core CPU, dual-facing cameras, full Flash.

A PC for your pocket, Motorola’s Atrix 4G smartphone brings mobile computing into the big time. Running Android 2.2, this phone packs a lot of punch in a small package, thanks to a speedy dual-core processor, dual-facing cameras, full Adobe® Flash® Player web browsing and a revolutionary webtop application. Apps and widgets get lots of face time on the Atrix’s ultra-bright 4-inch qHD display, so you can stay connected with the constant stream of Facebook statuses, emails and tweets coming at you at lightning-quick speed.


Analyst: Atrix, Xoom sales 'disappointing'

04/05, 12:45pm

Pacific Crest claims Atrix and Xoom sales low

Motorola may be facing serious trouble with sales of the Atrix 4G and the Xoom, Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette said Tuesday. An investigation of the supply chain showed that sales of both Android devices had been "disappointing." Atrix sales were unusually undermined not by the iPhone 4 but, unusually, the $49 iPhone 3GS.


AT&T confirms price hikes, claims sophistication to blame

04/04, 11:20am

ATT says device tech to blame for new price hikes

AT&T in a statement confirmed decisions to raise device prices for early upgrades and shortened contracts. Carrier spokesman Seth Bloom took the unusual tack of justifying the price by claiming the devices themselves were getting more technically advanced. The price simply reflected actual costs, he said.


AT&T confirms HSUPA to hit Atrix 4G, Inspire 4G in April

03/26, 12:30pm

ATT confirms HSUPA due on Atrix, Inspire in April

An AT&T spokesman confirmed this weekend that the missing HSUPA 3G would be coming to more phones besides the iPhone 4 in April. Both the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G will get the faster upload speeds through a firmware update. The yet-to-launch Infuse 4G will also have HSUPA from the start, it said.


Motorola confirms Atrix voice quality woes

03/24, 10:10am

Motorola confirms Atrix issues, working on fix

In response to a number of user complaints on Motorola's support forum, a company representative has acknowlged voice quality concerns with its new Atrix handset. It hasn't yet offered any fixes, but a representative said it's looking into the problem. In order to help this cause, Motorola wants those experiencing problems to provide more specific information on their handsets and use.


Flash 10.2 beta reaches Android, performance still mixed

03/18, 11:40am

Adobe posts rough Flash 10.2 beta for Android

Adobe as promised is launching its Flash 10.2 beta for Android devices on Friday. The update brings better performance for Flash on any dual-core phones using Android 2.2 or 2.3, such as the Atrix 4G, as well as the first instance of official support for Android 3.0 tablets. Company executives haven't given a timetable.


Moto Atrix coming to T-Mobile UK, sometimes limited on Bell

03/18, 10:10am

Moto Atrix due for T-Mo UK as Bell sees HSUPA cap

The Motorola Atrix will be expanding its reach again in the near future through its first known launch outside of North America. T-Mobile UK has posted a teaser for its own version. No launch details have been given, but subscribers are being asked to sign up for notifications, usually a sign that the device is a few months away.


Atrix, Xoom hinted for Sprint as offset to Verizon iPhone

03/17, 7:20pm

Atrix tipped for Sprint as Motorola dodges iPhone

Motorola's Atrix and Xoom might reach Sprint as their second US carrier and may not have long to wait, a rumor maintained Thursday. Sprint would reportedly get WiMAX versions of both Android devices in an April introduction, including the Lapdock add-on. The Android and Me source has been accurate in the past and suggested the names might change, both to differentiate the Atrix and for the Xoom to avoid more trademark issues.


Motorola to unveil LTE-equipped Targa, Droid X 2 and 3 seen

03/15, 8:25am

Motorola Targa, Droid X 2 and Droid 3 seen

Three of Motorola's headlining phones for the next several months have been spotted and should now include a previously unseen ultra-high end phone for Verizon. The Targa would be a full-touch Android phone with LTE-based 4G and would focus primarily on cameras. Along with a front camera, the prototype render given by well-known HowardForums leaker WNRussell shows a bulge holding a possible 13-megapixel camera, although it's unclear whether this was a real specification or just speculation from engineers.


AT&T says Atrix 4G isn't capped, HSUPA 3G coming

03/11, 2:35pm

ATT says Atrix HSUPA 3G coming soon

AT&T in a Better Business Bureau response defended itself against accusations that the lack of HSUPA 3G on newer smartphones was intentional. Customer Appeals Manager Sheila Utech insisted that phones like the Atrix 4G didn't have their upload speeds capped. She confirmed earlier tips and said AT&T was still testing the faster 3G, which would reach the Atrix, and other phones like the Inspire 4G, once ready.


Motorola estimated selling 300,000 Xooms this quarter

03/11, 12:00pm

Analyst has Xoom sales at just 300,000 in Q1

Motorola Xoom sales might peak at just 300,000 devices in its first quarter, Morgan Keegan analyst Tavis McCourt said in a research note Friday. Checks saw an average of about two Xooms sold per day at Verizon stores, which led McCourt to the figure. Best Buy wasn't necessarily accounted for and might have added to the total.


iOS 4.3 look shows A5 processor due for iPhone 5

03/09, 5:30pm

iOS 4.3 shows iPhone 5 using same A5 as iPad 2

An early look at the publicly released iOS 4.3 update has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be getting the same A5 chip as in the iPad 2. Both the tablet and the future iPhone, codenamed the N94AP, are listed as using the same S5L8940 processor. They don't confirm the clock speed, but Apple ran a slightly underclocked version of the A4 in the iPhone 4.



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