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Apple Watch: Black link band, AppleCare+ change, John Lewis

09/14, 5:16pm

Space Black link bracelet band now available separately for Watch

In addition to the new bands mentioned and now available for the Apple Watch at the recent "Hey Siri" event, Apple is now offering the Space Black Apple Watch Link Bracelet separately of the stainless steel Space Black Apple Watch. The bracelet is available at Apple Stores separately for $549, which is $100 more than if purchased with the Space Black Apple Watch. The bracelet is listed as "coming soon" online.


New Apple product details, changes emerge post-media event

09/10, 12:47pm

A roundup on notable but minor details, changes, and tweaks to new gear

Following Apple's media event on Wednesday that revealed the new iPad Pro, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and new Apple TV, some details about the new hardware has emerged. While there are also new betas of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan released to developers and public beta testers as well, for this article we'll stick to physical changes in the new Apple products, along with a slight price increase on AppleCare + and the discontinuation of the gold options for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


Best Buy may offer AppleCare extended warranty plans this September

08/17, 1:12pm

Major retailer could offer AppleCare to customers at launch of new iPhone

Best Buy customers buying Apple products through the retailer may soon offer more protection for their newly-acquired devices when they reach the checkout. A report claims the electronics chain will start offering AppleCare plans in stores from mid-September, with both AppleCare covering Macs and AppleCare+ for iOS devices and the Apple Watch expected to be offered under the unannounced program.


Living without the iMac

06/25, 11:00am

What happens when Apple recalls your Mac

If you've got a 27-inch iMac that you bought between December of 2012 and September of 2013, go check out whether Apple wants it back. As MacNN reported, Apple has a new replacement program running to fix hard drive problems in some unspecified number of those machines. Do it now: it doesn't matter if your warranty or AppleCare is finished but you must do it now because the program will not last. You'll need your Mac's serial number and you'll need to head to this Apple support page. We did –– and right now, our precious iMac is off on a courier's van.


Briefly: Product placement, iPad EDU changes, 'Serena' on iTunes, more

03/06, 6:47pm

AppleCare now handling support for Beats Music, Apple Pay for Business

Apple will now handle support for Beats Music customers, along with businesses offering Apple Pay, through its AppleCare division, according to reports. Previously, Beats Music support was handled by an outsourced firm, but has now been moved in-house after the company was acquired by Apple last year. The move to offer support to businesses implementing Apple Pay will encourage more companies to do so. There is also a specific Merchants support hotline for Apple Pay for those already using the system.


Apple, IBM unveil first 'MobileFirst for iOS' apps for enterprise

12/10, 11:05am

Options cover finance, retail, telecoms, other sectors

Apple and IBM have unveiled the first iOS apps produced through their partnership announced in July. Available under the "MobileFirst for iOS" banner, the apps target clients in air travel, retail, insurance, banking/finance, government, and telecommunications. Some initial clients include Citi, Air Canada, Sprint, and Banorte.


Apple posts new AppleCare for Enterprise website, features IBM support

11/06, 12:45am

New page suggests that official rollout coming soon, partnership going public

Following on from the partnership announcement Apple and IBM made in July, Apple has posted a new page to its website announcing a new AppleCare for Enterprise package that includes on-site hardware support from IBM, alongside a fleet of specially-developed apps for vertical markets. The new page is the most prominent sign that Apple and IBM's plans for enterprise are taking shape, built on a bed of strong on-site hardware support, software support and business services.


Apple raises prices on out-of-warranty iPhone 6 repairs

09/20, 1:53am

Now set at $299 for iPhone 6, $329 for iPhone 6 Plus

In a new note on its repairs webpage, Apple has raised prices on out-of-warranty repair costs for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple has not, however, increased prices on its $99 AppleCare+ warranty, which adds a second year of coverage and allows two "accidental damage" repairs with a set $79 service fee for each incident. The new OOW repair pricing, at up to $299 and $329 for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus respectively, is between $30 and $60 higher than the iPhone 5 family price.


Near-complete OS X 10.9.5 being seeded internally, sources say

09/16, 1:43pm

Hints at imminent public launch

OS X 10.9.5 is already being seeded within Apple, say several sources working for AppleCare. The step is believed to be an immediate precursor to launching the update for the public, since AppleCare staff need to be familiar with the update in order to troubleshoot it. Furthermore, iOS 8 is being released tomorrow, and Apple often clusters major software updates.


AppleCare+ plans launch in Australia

09/10, 12:34pm

Priced at A$129 each, service fees vary per device

As anticipated, Apple has introduced AppleCare+ plans to Australia. Separate plans cover the iPhone, iPad, and iPods. Each plan is priced at A$129, but has different service fees for accidental damage. The iPhone fee is A$99, whereas it's just A$65 for an iPad. iPods are subject to a A$45 fee.


AppleCare+ headed to Australia in 'coming weeks'

09/05, 1:44pm

Could be harbinger of expansion to other countries

AppleCare+ plans should be on sale in Australia in the next few weeks, a source says. Apple Store workers are expected to start sales training within days. Unlike regular AppleCare plans, AppleCare+ options include reduced fees for fixing accidental damage to iPhones and iPads. It's not clear what those fees might be in Australia, nor what the overall plans will cost.


Costco phone kiosks will begin selling AppleCare+ tomorrow?

08/27, 11:25pm

Extended warranty available for both iPhones and iPads

A leaked internal memo seems to reveal that Costco's in-store wireless kiosks may begin offering AppleCare+ on iPhones and iPads beginning on Thursday, August 28. The offer applies only to devices activated at the kiosk rather than iPhones or iPads that may be offered on the main sales floor. Costco resumed selling iTunes gift cards after a nearly four-year dispute with Apple ended in early June; iPhone and iPad sales were resumed just before the end of that month.


AppleCare+ plans for iPhone, iPad come to Mexico and Sweden

07/29, 9:11am

Expansion campaign continues

In keeping with expansion efforts made during the past year, Apple has brought its AppleCare+ plans for the iPhone and iPad to Mexico and Sweden. Mexican plans cost 1,599 pesos, or about $123. Swedish plans are 799 kronor, or $117. In the US AppleCare+ coverage is $99.


Window for AppleCare+ purchases doubles to 60 days

07/01, 12:10pm

Regular AppleCare plan vanishes

Apple is today making major changes to its AppleCare plans for iPhone and iPad buyers. When considering an AppleCare+ plan, shoppers now reportedly have a 60-day window after their iPhone/iPad purchase, instead of the previous 30 days. The one exception to this is in Japan, where the old limit is still in effect.


AppleCare's future includes AppleCare+ expansion, new iOS tool

06/19, 5:24pm

Some regions could get 24/7 phone support

During a town hall meeting earlier this week, Apple's VP for AppleCare -- Tara Bunch -- revealed several plans in the works for the company's technical support, sources say. Many of these revolve around AppleCare+, which extends the warranty coverage for devices and shrinks the costs for two incidents of accidental damage. Bunch noted that the company is planning to bring AppleCare+ to more countries, despite different insurance and legal structures making this complicated.


Tim Cook tours Mac Pro factory in Austin, Texas [u]

06/06, 12:41pm

Photo shows second part to Austin visit

(Updated with photo of Cook at AppleCare center) As a part of his visit to Austin yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook also ended up touring the manufacturing plant where the Mac Pro is assembled, according to a new Twitter post. "Watching the Mac Pro come together in Austin yesterday, thanks to a team loaded with American manufacturing expertise," he writes, captioning a photo.


AppleCare workers get new seed of OS X 10.9.3

05/07, 3:51pm

Public release could hit as soon as this week

Apple is seeding another new build of OS X 10.9.3 to AppleCare workers, listed as build 13D62. The previous internal build was 13D59; developers, by contrast, are still on 13D55, at least three builds behind the latest release. Change notes included with 13D62 haven't changed since the ones bundled with 13D57.


AppleCare+ iPad coverage extends to three years for schools

05/07, 1:17pm

May be small step towards holding grip in educational tablet market

Apple has quietly extended the amount of coverage included in AppleCare+ plans for schools buying iPads. At the company's educational institution stores, the checkout process for an iPad offers the ability to pick up an AppleCare+ warranty for $99. While the price has remained unchanged, the amount of included coverage has grown from two to three years.


Apple begins charging for some online chat support cases

03/17, 3:24pm

Potentially cheaper than calling phone support

Although the timing has proven slightly different, Apple has otherwise confirmed rumors and begun charging some customers for online chat support. For people out of warranty coverage, chat now costs $19 per incident. AppleCare staff can choose to waive that fee though, particularly in cases where a problem was quickly resolved. Another given exception is if a product was just recently bought.


Apple websites could be blocked in Belgium over AppleCare fraud

03/04, 11:07am

Judge said to be hesitant to go through with measure

A Belgian judge is considering whether to order local ISPs to block access to Apple websites in the country, local reports say. The measure is a possible response to charges of fraud brought by consumer protection group FPS Economy. FPS points out that while Apple has been claiming a standard warranty of just one year, European law mandates a minimum of two, at no extra cost. Apple has been asking Belgians to buy an extended AppleCare warranty to get two years of support.


Latest OS X 10.9.1 build seeds to AppleCare, hints at completion

12/04, 1:41pm

Workers prepped to deal with update's changes

Apple is now seeding the latest build of OS X 10.9.1 -- 13B40 -- to AppleCare workers, a report says. The code reached developers Tuesday night, but its distribution to AppleCare is believed to be more significant, since it implies that the software is close enough to completion that AppleCare workers can start familiarizing themselves. A finished update might therefore reach the public within the next week or two.


Users can now start screen-sharing sessions with AppleCare reps

11/11, 7:30pm

Dramatically faster troubleshooting, resolution achieved with visuals

In a quiet update today, Apple is now giving users who have a problem the option of initiating a screen-sharing session directly with AppleCare representatives. While screen-sharing has been a tool available for the reps for some time to help customers, it usually comes only after many other areas of discussion and testing of a problem have already been tried. The practice can be a great help in quickly troubleshooting or identifying the cause of a problem.


New AppleCare repair warehouse opens in Pennsylvania

10/29, 3:59pm

Facility hands repairs, shipments

Apple has opened a second US AppleCare warehouse, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Documents show that the main complex measures just under 200,000 square feet; another 2,500 square feet is available for any office needs Apple might have. The facility will reportedly handle AppleCare repairs and replacements, including the process of shipping units to Genius Bars and individuals.


AppleCare workers start training for OS X Mavericks

10/02, 10:09am

Secrecy measures in place to prevent Mavericks info from leaking out

Apple has today begun training AppleCare workers on OS X Mavericks, according to sources. During the next few weeks, staff are expected to spend at least six hours learning about new features, the installation process, and troubleshooting options. Apple is reportedly maintaining the same sort of secrecy it applied to iOS 7 and iTunes Radio training, meaning AppleCare advisors will only learn about Mavericks in small groups in order to keep the training process from becoming public.


AppleCare+ extends to iPod touch, iPod classic, hikes iPhone fees

09/11, 10:21am

iPhone accident replacement fees rise to $79

In addition to expanding to Europe, AppleCare+ is now also available for the iPod touch and iPod classic. In the US this costs $59, and extends warranty coverage from one year to two, with matching phone support, and two accidental damage incidents at a reduced $29 fee. Previously, only regular AppleCare was available for iPods.


AppleCare+ plans come to UK, France, Italy,

09/10, 3:32pm

Leaves North America for first time

As anticipated, Apple has brought AppleCare+ plans to Europe for the first time. Initially, however, the option is only being sold in the UK, France, and Italy. In the UK, the fee to replace an accidentally-damaged iPad under the two-year plan is £39; replacing an iPhone is £55. Defective units should be swapped out at no extra cost.


European AppleCare+ expansion narrowed to six countries

08/30, 3:31pm

Apple partnering with AIG

Apple's rumored European expansion of AppleCare+ will initially reach just six countries, sources say. A launch is reportedly "imminent" in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the UK, although no exact dates are available. Apple is said to be partnering with AIG on the service; local AppleCare and Genius Bar workers started training for AppleCare+ earlier this week.


AppleCare crews blocked from vacations Sept. 15 through 28

08/30, 3:01pm

Hints at launch windows for iOS 7, new iPhones

AppleCare support workers have been barred from taking vacations between September 15 and 28, according to an internal document seen by AppleInsider. The timing is consistent with when major US carriers have been blocking vacations, presumably in preparation for an iPhone launch. Apple, however, has established a much larger blackout period, which could indicate that iOS 7 will be released as soon as the 15th.


AppleCare staff start training for iOS 7, iTunes Radio

08/29, 1:08pm

Workers asked to tell customers iOS 7 works the same as iOS 6

Apple has begun training AppleCare crews to support iOS 7 and iTunes Radio, according to sources in the division. Workers must reportedly finish iOS 7 training by the second week of September, which is roughly in line with when Apple is planning to announce the iPhone 5S and 5C, and when iOS 7 should be on the verge of reaching the public. The sources note that once iOS 7 is launched, Apple will ask most of its part-time staff to upgrade to full-time status to handle the workload.


AppleCare+ coming to Europe, report suggests

08/28, 3:19pm

Unclear how program would mesh with European warranty laws

Apple is planning to bring its AppleCare+ warranty program to Europe, a French site claims. In the US AppleCare+ costs $99, and extends an iPhone or iPad's warranty from one year of defect-only coverage to two years, also adding accidental damage coverage through which a device can be replaced twice for just $49 per incident. Europe will get AppleCare+ for the iPhone "soon," iGen writes, and at some point for the iPad, but it's uncertain if iPad support will be launched simultaneously or later.


Apple upgrades AppleCare Support page with chat, new interface

08/27, 9:31am

Alerts chat users to possible delays

Though somewhat later than anticipated, Apple has implemented rumored changes to its AppleCare Support website. The main addition is that of live chat, presented along other contact options such as scheduling a phone call or finding a local retail service outlet. Before selecting chat, people can glimpse an estimated wait time.


AppleCare to get 24/7 online chat support, redesigned web interface

08/07, 12:06pm

Web interface to focus on connecting users to support staff

Apple is planning to make key changes to AppleCare support during the next few weeks, sources say. One change is 24/7 online chat support, expected to take effect as soon as August 12th, although the sources caution that the date is merely a target and could shift. The company once tested 24/7 chat more than eight years ago, but is now thought prepared to make the service standard. The sources add that if extended chat is successful, Apple could consider 24/7 phone support as well.


Apple conforms warranty policies in Belgium, France, Germany

06/12, 2:53pm

Extends coverage to two-year period demanded by EU law

Apple has updated its default warranties in Belgium, France, and Germany to reflect European Union law, reports say. EU regulations require covering the sort of goods Apple sells for two years. Until now, though, Apple only marketed its warranties as covering one year in the above countries, drawing criticism from governments and consumer groups. The company was only giving two-year warranties to people paying for extended AppleCare packages.


Apple updates Certified Macintosh Technician program

05/31, 4:57pm

Technicians will no longer need annual recertification

Apple has updated its Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) program for people aiming to service products under AppleCare warranties. Under the new terms, beginning on June 23rd, Apple says it should easier to both get and maintain certification. Technicians will no longer need to be recertified every year, and all exams will be available online, instead of forcing people to go to testing centers. When a test is done at a center, exam proctors will no longer be required.


Apple CEO Cook apologizes, makes changes to Chinese warranties

04/01, 1:17pm

Complaints about iPhone replacements force response

Apple CEO Tim Cook has posted an open letter to Chinese customers, announcing changes to the company's warranty policies in the country. He explains that in the past couple of weeks the company has received a number of complaints, particularly in relation to the iPhone 4 and 4S. The people charged that while customers elsewhere were getting full replacements for faulty hardware, Chinese customers were only getting repairs using replacement parts.


EU commissioner says Apple still ignoring warranty issues

03/19, 11:38am

Says Apple breaking law in 21 European countries

Apple is still failing to tell consumers about their warranty rights in many European Union countries, says EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding. Last September Reding sent a letter to various governments encouraging them to take action against Apple to make sure it obeyed EU warranty laws. But the case and the responses to her letter "have highlighted rather clearly just why the Commission cannot sit on the side-lines on enforcement issues," Reding said in a speech today, as reported by Dow Jones. "The approaches to enforcement in these types of cases turn out to be very diversified and inconsistent at a national level. In at least 21 EU Member States Apple is not informing consumers correctly about the legal warranty rights they have. This is simply not good enough."


Apple Australia ups warranties to two years, but keeps quiet

03/18, 11:40am

Some Apple workers allegedly told not to talk about new rights

Apple has extended the default warranty on its products in Australia from one year to two years, but retail staff are being told not to advertise that fact, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. In January 2011 a new Australian Consumer Law came into force, mandating that many products come with a warranty of "reasonable" length, even if a manufacturer's stated warranty has expired. What constitutes a reasonable length has been left flexible, but the country's Competition and Consumer Commission recommends that for a product like an expensive TV, the period can be up to two years.


Belgium to sue Apple over AppleCare warranty marketing

01/15, 3:27am

Case is similar to Italian ruling on two-year warranties

Apple's practice of selling AppleCare extended warranties by advertising that it covers the unit for "an additional two years" has once again gotten the company in trouble in Europe, where local laws automatically extend warranties to two years. A lawsuit has been filed in Belgium that mirrors a case Apple lost in Italy over the issue. Apple changed its policy in Italy and paid a fine as a result of the ruling, but hasn't changed practices in all EU countries.


Apple hit with $264,000 fine in Italian AppleCare case

12/21, 12:31pm

Complaint otherwise resolved

Italian regulators have issued Apple a final fine 200,000 euros, or about $264,000, over the company's handling of AppleCare warranties, reports say. Although the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato notes that Apple has since fixed its warranty policies, it states that between March 28 and November 10, the company was continuing to fraudulently suggest that an AppleCare plan was needed for two years of warranty coverage, when in reality local laws guarantee that as a minimum. Apple was fined €900,000 ($1.2 million) in March when the Italian government began cracking down on AppleCare marketing.


Apple confirms removal of AppleCare from Italian stores

11/13, 5:20pm

Option still being sold online

Confirming yesterday's leak, Apple has officially stopped selling AppleCare in first- and third-party Italian retail stores, Reuters reports. An Apple spokesman explains that the policy has actually been in effect since November 9th. People can still buy AppleCare in Italy, but only through Apple's website. An updated notice on the site explains that "AppleCare Protection Plan benefits are in addition to two-year warranty from the seller under the Italian legislation to protect consumers."


Apple pulls AppleCare plans from Italian stores

11/12, 11:44am

Modified online option may be only remaining plan

Apple is removing AppleCare as an option from Apple Stores and third-party retailers in Italy, a leaked email indicates. The message is said to come from Apple Distribution International in Ireland, and adds that Apple is planning to discontinue phone-based AppleCare services in the country. With those options excluded, it appears that the only way of getting AppleCare in the country will be buying it online.


EU Justice Commissioner calls for probe of Apple warranties

10/01, 11:08am

European Commission limited in its own power to affect situation

The European Union's Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reding, has asked the 27 countries in the Union to look into Apple's warranty policies, Bloomberg reports. Letters sent to the countries specifically ask that they check whether Apple retailers have failed to advertise that customers have a right to a two-year warranty. "Apple prominently advertised that its products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty but failed to clearly indicate the consumers’ automatic and free-of-cost entitlement to a minimum two-year guarantee under EU law," the letters read. "These are unacceptable marketing practices."


Apple responds to Honan iCloud hacking incident

08/07, 11:06am

'Internal policies were not followed'

Apple has issued an official response to reports about Wired writer Mat Honan having his iCloud account broken into via AppleCare. "Apple takes customer privacy seriously and requires multiple forms of verification before resetting an Apple ID password," the company tells Wired. "In this particular case, the customer’s data was compromised by a person who had acquired personal information about the customer. In addition, we found that our own internal policies were not followed completely. We are reviewing all of our processes for resetting account passwords to ensure our customers’ data is protected."


Hacker tricks AppleCare into exposing writer's iCloud login

08/06, 9:37am

Mistake wipes out Wired writer's digital footprint

A writer for Wired, Mat Honan, says he has confirmed with both Apple and the hacker that victimized him that his iCloud account was recently compromised by a "social engineering" trick with AppleCare. The hacker managed to get an AppleCare support staffer to skip security questions, and then reset Honan's password, giving the hacker complete access to anything tied to Honan's iCloud account or email address. This included not only personal and Gizmodo Twitter accounts, but also Honan's Gmail account, which was completely wiped out. Making matters even more severe, the hacker used Find My iPhone to perform remote wipes of Honan's Mac, iPhone, and iPad.


Apple faces Portugal lawsuit over AppleCare

07/18, 11:24am

Regulators focus on AppleCare warranty

Apple is currently facing yet another international lawsuit over its AppleCare extended warranties. The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO) is said to have announced plans to sue the company for misleading customers into paying for unnecessary coverage, as local laws already require electronics manufacturers to honor warranty claims for a period of two years, according to Portuguese blog iPhoneTuga.


Apple to fight Italian antitrust ruling, plans appeal

07/03, 6:44pm

Says it is in compliance with two-year warranty law

Apple has rebuffed the complaint of Italy's AGCM antitrust regulatory authority and says it is in compliance with Italian law that mandates two years of original warranty coverage on computer and electronic equipment, and that it will appeal a recent ruling that threatened Apple with a temporary shutdown in the country if it did not more clearly offer a free two-year warranty with its products as required by European Union law.


Apple faces possible Italian closure over antitrust worries

07/02, 2:50pm

Company still breaking local law, government says

Apple could face additional fines of up to 300,000 euros (about $377,500) and even temporary closure of its Italian operations if it doesn't start offering free two-year warranties, as required by local law, Reuters reports. Italy's AGCM, which regulates competition and markets, has already fined Apple 900,000 euros over the warranty issue. But months later, it complains that Apple is still failing to comply with demands, and says that the company's Italian division could be shut down for up to 30 days if it doesn't respond with the next 30.


Apple updates European warranty pages to reflect local laws

03/30, 5:10pm

Quiet change in response to legal problems

Apple has silently updated its European websites -- such as the one for the UK -- with a table on the differences between Apple's warranties and ones mandated by the European Union, reports observe. The document is divided into columns for EU law, the default warranties for Apple products, and extended AppleCare coverage. The most contentious point has been that EU law covers two years, whereas Apple only promises one without AppleCare.


Apple loses appeal in Italian AppleCare case

03/22, 7:30pm

Fine of $1.2 million upheld

Apple has lost an appeal in Italy over the terminology used in its AppleCare agreements sold in that country, and will face fines totalling $1.2 million for what the Italian Antitrust Authority deemed "bad commercial policies" and not properly informing buyers of differences between Italian warranty law and Apple's preferred policies. Manufacturer warranties in Italy are required to last two years, a fact Apple has ignored in promoting its AppleCare warranties, the agency found.


Groups urge EU countries to crackdown on Apple warranties

03/19, 1:40pm

Italian case could be first of many

European consumer groups in 11 countries -- including Italy and Germany -- have issued letters to national regulators, asking them to put a stop to the way Apple currently markets its warranties, Bloomberg reports. Apple typically markets its products as having one-year warranties unless a person buys into an AppleCare plan. Under European Union regulations, though, manufacturers are obligated to cover a product for at least two years, making Apple's marketing potentially misleading.



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