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Customer wins in lawsuit over data loss caused by Apple Store repair

11/30, 2:08pm

Apple Store wiped irretrievable photographs, customer claims

An Apple customer has been successful in suing the company over the loss of photos and contacts stored on an iPhone 5, took in for repairs at a London Apple Store in the United Kingdom. Deric White wanted £5,000 ($7,500) from Apple for the deletion of the photographs, which were wiped when a Genius Bar employee at the Regent Street store looked at the device, with White receiving £1,200 ($1,800) in compensation for the loss and £770 ($1,100) in court costs.


Apple starts offering online Personal Pickup in UK Apple Stores

11/20, 9:58am

Personal Pickup expansion to UK follows recent Canada, Australia launches

Apple has expanded the reach of its Personal Pickup outside of the United States to the United Kingdom, in preparation for holiday shopping period. The service, only recently launching internationally after being in operation in the United States since 2011, will allow customers to order products online for later collection from a local Apple Store, with it potentially able to be picked up within an hour of ordering.


Chicago Apple Store render shows heavy use of glass, thin roof

11/19, 10:03am

Carbon fiber-reinforced roof a main feature of upcoming Apple Store project

Chicago's upcoming Apple Store will be influenced by "prairie style" homes constructed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in its external design, according to a recent publication of the company's plans. Using large amounts of glass for its entrance, the storefront will measure 14 feet high and will have a thin roof reinforced with carbon fiber held up by concrete columns, with the entranceway overlooking the nearby Chicago River.


Apple removes August, Kwikset smart locks from online, offline stores

11/18, 11:10am

Smart home device purge removes non-HomeKit products from Apple Stores

A number of smart locks have been pulled from sale from Apple Stores, both online and offline, among other devices. The August Smart Lock and the Kwikset Kevo Wireless-Enabled Deadbolt Lock are no longer available to buy from Apple's online store, and though there is no official explanation for why they are no longer being offered directly through Apple, it is suggested the cause could be a lack of HomeKit support in the devices.


Apple signs deal to power Singapore facilities with solar energy

11/16, 2:57pm

Apple first company to rely solely on renewable energy in Singapore

Apple's operations in Singapore will be powered by renewable energy, following a deal with Sunseap Group. At the same time as revealing it was going to be the first company to in Singapore to run exclusively on renewable energy, sourced from solar energy farms built on top of more than 800 buildings, Apple confirmed it will be opening its first Apple Store within the city-state, though the final opening date remains unknown.


Apple apologizes for allegedly racist removal of students from store

11/12, 11:56am

Apologies offered after Melbourne Apple Store ejects student group

An Apple Store in Australia has come under fire this week, for allegedly racially profiling a group of teenagers. A video has been posted online showing a member of staff at Melbourne's Highpoint Shopping Centre store telling six students to leave the store on Tuesday, under the grounds that security guards at the store are "just a bit worried about your presence in our store," and that the students could potentially "steal something."


Angela Ahrendts suggests Apple retail may focus on passions in future

11/10, 10:12am

Move towards subject-based in-store experience hinted at by Ahrendts

Apple Stores may become more focused on helping its customers with specific subjects or "passion points," Apple head of retail Angela Ahrendts has suggested. Speaking in an on-stage interview, Ahrendts discussed her time with Apple so far, as well as how the retail experience is slowly unifying both the online and offline stores, and potential changes to the way stores operate for its customers in the future.


Briefly: Beats Pill+ now available, first Singapore Apple Store

10/26, 1:05pm

First speaker since Apple takeover includes Lightning port, charger

Following up on our previous story, the new Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speaker is now available for ordering. The device has changed little from before Apple bought the company, but gains a Lightning port for charging as well as an included cable. The $229 speaker can be paired with another to produce a stereo sound, and will soon have an accompanying app that allows a users and friends to control the music in a "house party" style. The unit still features a USB power-out port, a line-in audio port, and a battery boasting up to 12 hours of active use.


Apple CEO in China, will attend newest Apple Store opening

10/22, 12:04pm

Cook announces range of new, greener options for Apple in China

Following a meeting in Beijing for the group he recently joined, Apple CEO Tim Cook is touring around China ahead of the October 24 opening of the latest Chinese Apple Store in Dalian. He posted a photo on his Sina Weibo account taken as he was hiking the Great Wall on Chongyang Festival, which he called "simply breathtaking," and said he was "happy to be back in China." In a later newspaper interview, Cook talked up the strength of the Chinese economy, despite some recent setbacks.


Apple Store employee arrested over $1M gift card fraud

10/21, 8:52am

Investigation discovers recoded cards used for fraudulent gift card purchases

An Apple Store employee has been arrested and charged for grand larceny, among other crimes, after allegedly re-encoding credit and debit cards and using them to acquire close to $1 million in Apple gift cards. According to an investigation, Ruben Profit of Queens, New York, is said to have bought vast quantities of the gift cards in the store he worked at between August and October, which he then sold on to third parties.


Hands On: Pricing (only in Apple Stores)

10/21, 2:45am

How Apple ditched iPad-based sales information

One of Apple's biggest customers for the iPad has abandoned it. Where every iPhone, every Mac, every Apple TV in the Apple Store used to have an iPad next to it listing prices and information, now none of them do. Instead, Apple has an app that puts all the same information onto the device itself. You're not thrilled, yet you have to admit it: you're curious to know how they work. We were recently in an Apple Store, trying not to look at the UK prices for iMacs. So we investigated a bit and -- cough -- took screengrabs that we may or may not have then AirDropped over to our iPhones.


Gary Allen, founder of ifoAppleStore, passes away at 67

10/15, 4:12pm

Created invaluable source of advance information on store openings

Gary Allen, a retired emergency medical technician who travelled the world to attend Apple Store openings and created ifoAppleStore, a site dedicated to tracking and reporting on Apple Store opening information that proved invaluable to Mac news sites like MacNN, has died of brain cancer at 67. Allen was an valued source for store opening progress and reports on possible store sites for the past decade, and a former contributor to our sister site AppleInsider. Allen ultimately attended more than 140 Apple Store openings around the world, and made many friends along the way.


Briefly: Regent Street revamp, Apple Pay in Canada next month?

09/30, 7:00pm

Westminster gives approval for makeover of London's first Apple Store

Calling the current Regent Street Apple Store's interior "tired and outdated," the City of Westminster has granted Apple authorization to make significant changes to the store, including a rare granting of permission to make some exterior modifications. The renovations are thought to be intended to bring the London store more in line with the latest design template, which has recently been showcased with a new Apple Store in Brussels. The company expects, according to plans put forth last May to remove double the size of the entrance, remove the front portion of the mezzanine, and change the current staircase from one into two, among other changes.


Apple Store taken offline in preparation for today's special event

09/09, 8:08am

Updates to Apple Store highly likely to include new products

The online version of the Apple Store has gone offline, just under six hours before the Special Event scheduled to take place later today. The store is now displaying its multilingual "We'll be back" message, a usual sign that the company is in the process of adding new hardware or making changes to the product listings within the store itself, with the store likely to come back online shortly after today's stream finishes.


Follow-up: new Apple Store design as seen in Tennessee revealed

09/01, 5:42pm

Company to rely more on natural light, stone facades in new design

The new design for standalone, non-flagship Apple Stores as mentioned in our recent story on the approval process happening in Tennessee has been revealed in filings with the Germantown Design Review Commission. The new design, which will also be used in stores opening overseas this fall, is not a radical departure from existing designs, but replaces the stainless steel facade with a granite paneling, and increases the use of natural light, plants, and other environmental elements.


Apple reportedly dropping appointments for Apple Watch try-on sessions

08/18, 8:47am

Apple Stores said to be eliminating Apple Watch appointments this week

Apple will reportedly make changes to the way it allows potential buyers of the Apple Watch to try on the device, by removing previously-required appointments from the process. Said to be taking place sometime this week, Apple Stores will apparently start allowing anyone that enters the store the opportunity to try on an Apple Watch without booking in advance, reducing the time it takes for a customer to test out the device.


Briefly: Back to School launches online, iOS 8 at 90 percent adoption

08/06, 7:12pm

Apple offers $200 off Macs, free Beats Solo 2 headphone in promotion

Apple's online store has now officially kicked off the Back to School promotion begun in Apple Stores last month, offering up to $200 off Macs and throwing in a free pair of Beats Solo 2 headphones, which normally sell for $200. Buyers taking advantage of the promotion can, if they choose, upgrade the headphones to a wireless Bluetooth version for $100 more. The company is also offering up to $20 off on iPads.


Apple opens fourth retail location in Hong Kong

07/30, 12:19pm

Canton Road Apple Store continues aggressive Apple China expansion

Apple has opened up its latest Apple Store in China, with the Canton Road location in Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui district being the fourth outlet for the city. CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to thank the "thousands of Hong Kong customers" visiting the new location and joining in the celebration of the store launch, with the 23rd Apple Store constructed in China being part of a major retail expansion in the country for the company.


Briefly: MLB All-Star Apple Pay, new Apple Store in Hong Kong

07/10, 2:01pm

Mastercard, MLB team up to offer Apple Pay for food, merch, tickets

Mastercard and Major League Baseball have announced that the July 14 All-Star Game and the ongoing All-Star Fanfest, both taking place in Cincinnati, will accept Apple Pay for tickets, food, and merchandise at the two events. The Fanfest, which opened today and will run through to the day of the game, is being held at the Duke Energy Convention Center.


Briefly: Rapper records album in Apple Stores, iOS 8.3 unsigned

07/08, 7:06pm

Stolen computer prompts Dominican rapper to seek help from Apple Store

A struggling artist with a run of bad luck turned to the SoHo Apple Store in Manhattan to complete, in a piecemeal fashion, a full-length album on the store's Macs -- with some help from some employees. Following a computer that broke down and another that was stolen, Dominican immigrant and rapper Prince Harvey told his story to some sympathetic Apple Store employees, who assisted the young artist in completing his album.


Briefly: Apple-designed packaging, Ecobee3, new Queens store

07/07, 6:38pm

Apple moves to require co-designed packaging for third-party accessories

Both in an interest to make the Apple Store experience more "premium" and possibly as a reaction to some poorly-regarded products, Apple is planning to encourage certain third-party manufacturers to accept new packaging for their products that is co-designed by Apple. Ironically, Apple is generally reluctant to display its own -- frequently award-winning -- packaging in its stories, and is allegedly working to improve its own product packaging as well.


Original iPad mini quietly discontinued from online Apple store

06/19, 11:47am

All new Mini models now Retina display only, first-gen still available as refurb

Despite being on the list of devices that will be compatible with the forthcoming iOS 9, Apple on Friday quietly removed the original iPad mini from its online store, leaving only the second- and third-generation devices for sale as new. The company is still offering the original 7.9-inch device, but only as a refurbished unit now (starting at $209, $40 off its most recent retail price). The first-gen iPad mini was introduced in 2012.


Briefly: Jawbone returns to Apple stores, Antwerp Apple Store

06/04, 1:45pm

Apple Stores to carry UP2 and UP3, other models in near future

Although Apple retail stores cleared out most fitness bands and similar health-related accessories in April in anticipation of the release of the Apple Watch, the company did continue to stock some basic bands such Jawbone's Up Move clip-on unit. On Thursday, a Jawbone senior executive revealed in Japan that the company's other models would be returning to the Apple Store in Japan and other regions, including the US, this summer.


Briefly: HomeKit gadgets to ship next week, new Manhattan Apple Store

05/29, 5:46pm

First HomeKit accessories said to ship just prior to Worldwide Developers Conference

Just ahead of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, which kicks off June 8, a number of manufacturers are set to announce the first HomeKit-compatible products arriving at retail, according to sources. The home-automation technology allows common household products such as lighting systems, environment systems, alarms, doors, and other items to be controlled through iOS app and Siri.


Apple to build world's largest Apple Store in Dubai

05/18, 2:34pm

First UAE store will be 50,000 square feet, planned for August opening

A new report from Dubai indicates that Apple will build the world's largest Apple Store in the country's Mall of the Emirates that should open this summer. The facility will be some 50,000 square feet in total, and will be the first Apple retail store in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East, though a second one is said to be in the planning stages. The country has had an online Apple store since 2011, but the new brick-and-mortar store is expected to open in August of this year.


Apple retail workers hospitalized after contaminated package delivered

05/15, 3:26pm

No foul play suspected; organic peroxide spill at FedEx facility ruined package

Four Apple retail workers at the Del Monte store in Monterey, California were hospitalized on Wednesday after a package intended for delivery to the store was contaminated at a FedEx depot with a high level of organic peroxide in what appears to be an accidental spill. The odor, rather than any direct contact, caused the workers to become ill, and forced the evacuation of the Apple Store and several nearby areas. A dozen people in total, mostly Apple workers, were nauseated by the chemical.


Apple Watch: Pre-orders live, delays, Apple Care+ prices revealed [U]

04/10, 4:06am

Apple Watch shipping times already blown out

Apple Watch pre-orders are now live in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US, but only after a delay of several minutes past the scheduled go-live time. Despite renewed warnings that shipments would be constrained, some users may be disappointed, even shocked, to learn that some models may not be available until as late as August, according to live shipping information from the Apple Store. Users who seek an aluminum or one of the steel models might be getting theirs in a reasonable time frame -- but those hankering for a gold Edition could be waiting until August.


Apple Watch: in-store fitting and hands-on experience

04/09, 11:50pm

Apple Watch launches in store in select markets world-wide

Apple has officially launched the Apple Watch in stores, with Australian and New Zealand customers among the lucky first around the globe to finally get their hands on the smartwatch. MacNN and Electronista were on hand at the Penrith Store launch, about a hour west of Sydney, Australia. There were a small number of eager Apple fans keen to try on the device from a wide cross-section of age groups, but the throng of Apple Store employees on hand to mark the occasion easily outnumbered them. It certainly helped to create a buzz around the event. Pre-orders are now being accepted in the US and other countries, starting at 12:01AM Friday local time.


Briefly: second Hangzhou Apple Store, Oregon data center expansion

04/08, 12:09pm

Apple to open another store in Hangzhou, China on day of Apple Watch launch

As if April 24 won't be a busy enough day for Apple with the retail debut of the Apple Watch in a wave of nine countries, the company will also open a brand new second Apple Store in Hangzhou, China on that Friday as well. The new location will be a more typical mall-type store in the MixC mall in Vietiane City, and comes just three months after the first Hangzhou store in West Lake, which was a two-story standalone store.


Apple Store goes offline, MacBook delays hint at updates

03/09, 8:22am

Store goes down hours ahead of Apple Spring Forward event

Apple has brought down the online Apple Store, ahead of its Spring Forward event later today. Expected as part of any major Apple event, the store went down at 8am ET/12pm GMT, hours before the event is due to take place, allowing the company time to make changes to product listings and to add new items, ready for when the store becomes available again shortly after the event ends.


Chongqing Apple Store revealed ahead of opening

01/30, 6:10pm

Crowds gather for latest flagship China Apple Store event

Apple is opening its latest Chinese Apple Store -- this time a new, standalone store in Chongqing, the second Apple store for the city. Local media were allowed access to the interior as the previously-reported cityscape mural was removed to reveal an all-glass cylinder shape, similar to the store in Shanghai, with a glass staircase leading below ground to the actual store. This will be the third of five stores Apple has promised to open in China by the start of the Lunar New Year.


Apple Store in Hangzhou, China opens over weekend

01/26, 6:34pm

First of five new Chinese Apple Stores to open before Lunar New Year

A new Apple store based on its latest two-story designs (as seen in San Francisco and elsewhere) has opened in Hangzhou, China. As is typical for such openings, lines of enthusiasts trailed around the block to experience Asia's largest and latest Apple Store, the second in a series of five that will open around China by the start of the official Chinese New Year on Thursday, February 19. The first new store was opened in Zhengzhou earlier this month to similar acclaim and excitement.


Apple quietly returns 2TB Mac mini model to online store

01/13, 9:19pm

Now available as a Fusion Drive, offering near-SSD performance

A 2TB capacity version of the Mac mini has reappeared in the online Apple Store, following the latest revision to the budget Mac that had removed the option, among other changes. In its most recent update, Apple removed the Mac mini "server edition" (though regular Minis can easily be made into servers still) and with it the 2TB hard drive storage option. The new 2TB model is limited to only the high-end, $999 configuration, but now uses an Apple Fusion Drive rather than a conventional hard drive.


Ship times for iPhone 6 models now dropping in time for holidays

11/20, 10:12pm

Larger iPhone 6 Plus at 16GB now listing 7-10 day shipping for US models

The US online Apple Store has recently revised the wait time for an online-ordered iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, just in time for the holiday buying season. The units are still very constrained, but are slowly catching up with demand, based on changes to ship times on Apple's website. The two higher-end iPhone 6 models now have a US ship time of seven to 10 days, while the 16GB model now has a five-to-seven day wait time. The larger iPhone 6 Plus has dropped to a seven-to-10 day shipping window for the 16GB model, but still has longer times on larger-capacity units.


Upp hydrogen fuel cell available in Apple Stores in United Kingdom

11/19, 3:56pm

Personal hydrogen fuel cell from Intelligent Energy recharges smartphones, USB devices

A hydrogen fuel cell has gone on sale in the United Kingdom via Apple Stores. The Upp from Intelligent Energy, a company previously said to be in discussions with Apple over fuel cell technology, is a portable unit for providing extra power to mobile devices, and though it has a battery to store energy for future use, additional cartridges which provide extra power can be attached, ones which can be replaced once exhausted.


KTLA reporter, Apple VP Cue go on Apple Pay shopping spree

11/18, 7:30pm

Pre-ordering breakfast, early Xmas shopping included in 'magical' checkout experiences

Rich DeMuro, a tech reporter for Los Angeles TV station KTLA, met up with Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue for a televised segment that aired Monday night, showing the two men shopping around town for various items and paying for them with Apple Pay. The spree, which took place in Santa Monica, included pre-ordering and paying for breakfast from Panera Bread using the app before the men even arrived at the restaurant, and later buying items from various retailers, including the Apple Store.


Briefly: Apple Store app for iPhone 6, Tweetbot 3.5

10/02, 10:36am

Apple Store app adds support for iPhone 6

Apple's Store app has been updated to reflect its updated iOS and latest iPhone release. Users of the Apple Store app can now start their Retail Store order on their own device, featuring a Browse function that displays trending products, as well as reviews for accessories. Apple Store v3.0.1 offers compatibility with the latest Apple mobile devices, including support for iPhone 6. Free to download, the Apple Store app is available on iTunes.


Briefly: Hannover Apple Store opening, GIF Keyboard for iOS 8

09/24, 10:48am

Hannover, Germany Apple Store to open Saturday

Apple's 14th store in Germany is set to open in Hannover this weekend. As has been previously reported, the planned location has been subject to delays due to building defects, with bad ventilation requiring additional attention. The grand opening is scheduled to begin the morning of Saturday, September 27.


Australia opens iPhone 6 sales to 'massive' crowds

09/18, 7:40pm

New Zealanders must wait an extra week for first shipments

While buyers in North America must wait until tomorrow for the launch of Apple's new iPhone 6 lineup, Australia -- by dint of being on the other side of the international date line -- becomes the first country in the world to launch the new iPhones. A MacNN staffer visiting the Penrith Apple Store in New South Wales near Sydney has reported a "massive" lineup, consisting of hundreds of buyers outside the store.


Apple overhauls iPhone Apple Store app to match iPad version

09/04, 6:20pm

Now syncs shopping sessions between devices using iCloud

Apple has released an update to its Apple Store retail app for iOS that takes cues from the iPad, with better image quality and improved navigations. The app now features a fresh interface design, and introduces a feature that automatically syncs activity on the app to other devices through iCloud, allowing shoppers to start a session on one device and pick it up on another, including desktop and notebook using a browser.


UAE Apple Store to be 'biggest in the world,' source claims

08/20, 9:58am

Dubai picked as location

The upcoming United Arab Emirates Apple Store will be the "biggest Apple has ever built," according to men's luxury magazine Edgar, citing an anonymous source. The person also says that Apple has picked Dubai's Mall of the Emirates as the site for the shop, and that it was originally planned to replace a current cinema complex. Based on the timing of Apple's job listings, it's thought that the store could open in the first quarter of next year. Currently, there are no Apple Stores anywhere in the Middle East.


Oregon Apple Store 'slur' incident being investigated

08/14, 6:47pm

Apple looking into receipt claim, but questions raised in victim's story

An Apple customer at a store in Portland, Oregon is claiming that his receipt contained a homophobic slur. Adam Catanzarite, an LBTGQ activist and HIV prevention specialist, received a receipt for a pair of Earpods that listed his email address (which he had declined to give) as "" More than a month after the incident -- and following a claim that a promised refund didn't occur -- Catanzarite published a photo of the receipt on Facebook and called for a boycott.


Sign in Chinese store may show next-gen Retina MacBook Pro specs

07/28, 2:16am

200MHz faster i7 chips, 16GB RAM standard, Iris Pro graphics among improvements

A sign spotted by a Mac user at the new Paradise Walk Apple Store in Chongqing , China may have leaked the changes coming to the next lineup of 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, with the most dramatic being the bump up to 16GB of RAM as standard on all models, even the low-end unit. Assuming the sign is correct, all three models of Retina MacBook Pro will bump around 200MHz in speed, with the line jumping to 2.2GHz, 2.5GHz and 2.8GHz, respectively. It is assumed that the RAM in the Retina models remains non-upgradeable.


Fourth Switzerland Apple Store opens to large crowds

07/13, 4:06am

Edinburgh store now predicted to open August 2

Despite the country's relatively small population, support for Apple in Switzerland seems to be very healthy: the company just opened its fourth outlet, this time in the town of Basel, earlier this weekend. The new store adheres to the standard new layout, but because of the shopping district it is located in, the store sports somewhat unusual operating hours. The next Apple Store unveiling will again be outside the US -- this time in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is thought to be opening on August 2.


Report: New China Apple Store will again use 'glass cylinder' design

06/12, 8:37pm

Chongqing store to borrow iconic look from Shanghai store, be located below ground

As part of Apple's effort to dramatically increase its retail presence in China over the next two years, a new store intended for the mega-municipality of Chongqing may copy an iconic design from its sister store in Shanghai: a large glass cylinder that serves as a landmark and entrance while the actual store is located below ground. A rendering of the proposed store shows plans for a glass cylinder kiosk entryway, though the store will also have a second entrance nearby.


Apple posts video promoting new Tokyo Apple Store design

06/12, 2:30am

Brushed aluminum staircase, 'green curtain' of foliage among highlights

A new video posted to its official YouTube channel has given interested viewers a sneak peak at one of the company's latest stores, ahead of its opening in Omotesando, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan. The store, which shares the latest Apple layout "design language" with other recent stores such as the Stanford 2 in California, is roughly twice as tall as the Stanford store, using giant glass panes to hold a thin aluminum roof, and also offers a second floor which until now has been under wraps.


Omotesando Japan Apple Store to open on June 13

06/09, 9:49pm

Will feature a 'green curtain' of vines to help cool store

In preparation for its June 13 grand opening, the newest Apple Store in Japan -- and the first since 2006 -- has taken the wraps off its frontage, revealing all-glass walls on three sides of the building, an all-glass staircase leading below ground, and the general design language first seen in the "Stanford 2" Apple Store in California. The back side of the building, made of concrete, has been used to grow a "green curtain" of vines that will help naturally cool the building, as that wall get most of the direct sunlight exposure during the day.


Japanese Apple Store to use vines for heat control in experiment

05/30, 12:14am

'Green curtain' will take up one side of latest retail store, save energy

Apple's latest Japanese Apple Store, the Omotesando location in Tokyo, may feature a "green curtain" of vines covering one side of the building in an effort to reduce cooling costs. The foliage will cover a majority of an all-glass wall, and block sunlight from heating the interior of the building -- which will reduce the cost and need for air conditioning to keep the space cool, according to Mac Otakara.


Images: Apple takes wraps off stunning new Istanbul store

04/03, 2:00am

Cuboid above-ground uses huge panes of glass, hides two full floors

The cover has come off the new Istanbul Apple store in Turkey a few days ahead of its official opening on April 5, and revealed a stunning new above-ground glass opening that leads down to a full two-storey Apple Store. The cuboid canopy, which acts as a skylight for the store, uses exceptionally large glass panes surrounded by a shallow pond, and is bound to be as iconic a piece of retail architecture as the company's showcase stores in New York City and Shanghai.


Briefly: Apple SF store wins final approval, iTunes freebies

03/06, 8:56pm

New Flagship store in San Francisco gains final approval

All obstacles have been cleared, and the long-planned Union Square flagship Apple Store has finally received final clearance from the San Francisco City Council to demolish the current standing building and begin renovations and construction on the new store. The new building will be a two-story structure with an all-glass frontage facing Union Square, utilizing a cantilevered design that features a patio and waterfall behind the store.



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