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Analysts upgrade AAPL on holiday Mac sales

12/06, 2:10pm

Huge Mac holiday

Users are becoming more comfortable with the idea of adopting the Mac platform, according to several analysts -- a fact that should drive a huge Holiday season in terms of Mac unit sales. Forbes reports that RBC analyst Mike Abramsky upped his price target of Apple shares to $215.00 from $205.00 on Thursday. He maintained his "outperform" rating on the stock. Bear Sterns analyst Andrew Neff also upped his price target on Apple stock: to $249 from $243 and maintained an "outperform" rating. Both analysts expect "massive" holiday Mac sales.


German court overturns iPhone ruling

12/04, 10:40am

iPhone ruling overturned

A German court has overturned a temporary injunction that was granted just two weeks ago, which forced Apple's wireless carrier partner -- T-Mobile -- to sell unlocked handsets to German consumers, according to BBC News. T-Mobile, complying with the temporary injunction, sold 'unlocked' iPhones for a whopping £1,000 each. That price compares to iPhones which come tied to T-Mobile with a 2-year contract, selling for £400 each.


Briefly: Win apps in OS X without Windows

11/30, 7:40pm

iPhoto Buddy for charity

In brief: Apple may be planning to out-Windows Windows, iPhoto Buddy proceeds go to charity, an iPodXtras sale has been announced, and there is a new EMR Map-making contest ... Apple may be planning to build the capability to run Windows applications without Windows into Mac OS X. CrunchGear reports that a user on a WINE mailing list has found tantalizing find in the latest version of OS X: hints towards the ability of the OS to handle Windows executables without running Windows. Oh, this is nifty. "Full implementation isnít even close to being there, but the pieces needed are. If Apple so chose, it could put these pieces together into a Windows compatibility layer that could run .exe files."


iMac LCD screens failing en masse

11/30, 6:00pm

iMac screen failure

A growing number of users are reporting an issue where iMac LCD screens are failing, showing a number of artifacts that include single-pixel lines spanning the length of the screen. An Apple Discussions thread regarding the issue has so far gained more than 80 posts, with the following case being typical: "It started out a 1 pink line, Then about 2 weeks later another 2 lines appeared. Every now and then when I start up they are gone but seem to fade in after about 5 minutes." Some users are reporting the progressive appearance of 50 lines or more.


Creative Manager Pro gets Leopard support

08/28, 7:40pm

Creative Manager Pro 8.5

Creative Manager Inc. has released a new version of its flagship ad agency software and project manager groupware, Creative Manager Pro 8.5. In this release, the tool's set of financial reports are completely rebuilt. Many of the new features have been rebuilt in Flash, providing a significant speed boost. The new release also adds support for Mac OS X Leopard, to be released in early October. Also, in the new release, every report will be viewed on screen with options to send the report to Excel format or to PDF format. It will also enable the user to drill down from every number in the financials to the transaction list below it, with a further drill down to the actual transaction (PO, Vendor invoice, client invoice ,etc.). Allocation of overhead (by hours, by billings, and by labor costs) will be expanded to include new options, and user definable financial reporting columns have been added. Pricing starts at $380 per month for ten users.



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