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Living With: Apple Mail

06/16, 7:36am

Leaving and returning to the OS X email app

Postbox, Airmail 2, Outlook and of course Gmail: those are just the email apps and services I've tried this year. Any of them could've become my regular email software, but they haven't: I'm using Apple Mail, and it always seems to go this way: I try something, I come back.


Briefly: Email Archiver promo, Lifecases outs Greek cases

05/06, 1:25pm

Greek cases from Lifecases

Spot Documents has announced that its tool for archiving Apple Mail will be offered for free for a limited time. Email Archiver saves all of a user's e-mails as PDFs, and automatically organizes these files into a hierarchical folder structure. Each PDF includes all relevant e-mail header information, while attachments are stored in a folder beside their corresponding messages. The application generally sells for $10 through the Mac App Store, however, will remain a free download for the next week.


Mail Perspectives adds organizational windows to Mail

03/04, 5:40pm

Windows focus on smart mailboxes, actions, more

Indev has launched a new Apple Mail add-on, Mail Perspectives, that provides a new visual view of a user's mail. The app adds four windows to Mail, with specific purposes for each. The Perspective window works as a quick view, with a compact window that shows the essential details of messages in a selected mailbox or Smart Mailbox, while the Quick Look window previews full messages without requiring new windows for each message.


Briefly: Jumsoft's Mail Stationery Smart, Tunefolio Urban

12/13, 12:20pm

Tunefolio Urban iPad case

Jumsoft has released a new stationery pack, Mail Stationery Smart, for Apple Mail. The new pack contains 100 templates, along with a bonus pack of 10 holiday greetings. The new templates have been created with business users in mind, offering a number of options suitable for proposals and newsletters. Two-thirds of the pack have also been designed to match the design of other Jumsoft products for Pages and Keynote, allowing users to create a line of coordinated templates and themes. Mail Stationery Smart can be purchased for $39 on its own, or alongside Mail Stationery 3.1 for $60.


Briefly: Pearson outs Grammer Jammers, Mail Stationery 2.0

10/22, 1:20am

iPresentee adds new stationery templates

Pearson has launched its first elementary school application for iOS devices, Grammar Jammers. The new app provides interactive videos that have been designed to help kids learn the basic rules of grammar in a fun, melodic, and memorable way. Each level presents direct instruction through animations, followed by opportunities for students to apply their new knowledge. Students are also presented with various rewards for working through the interactive quizzes. Grammar Jammers is available in three versions: a free Primary Edition for grades K-5, a $3 Elementary Edition for grades 2-4, and a $3 Middle Edition for grades 4-6.


Mail Act-On 2.1 adds Snow Leopard support, new features

09/02, 10:30pm tool offers organzation, filtering, more

Indev Software has released Mail Act-On 2.1, an update to its organization and management tool for Appleís Mail application. Mail Act-On integrates itís outbox and rules into Mailís rules editor, and provides simpler ways for moving, copying and filtering messages. The 2.1 update contains new features including bringing the maximum number of configurable destination mailboxes up to 10, and the ability to have inbox, outbox and Act-On rules now activate other defined rules. Users can also apply Act-On rules to prior messages, enabling the program to automatically file messages that the user just replied to, or re-file sent mail whenever a reply is received.


Apps: Tidy Up!, Letter Opener, iTaskX

08/19, 12:30pm

Language, GaragePay

  • Tidy Up! 2.0.4 ($30) lets users search for duplicate files and packages with various filters. The application features a security system that ensures at least one file of the duplicate group on your disk will be kept. This system also allows users to undo the copying or moving of files. The latest update includes support for automatically burning to multiple discs when the total file size exceeds the limits of one. The option to export search criteria to a separate file has also been added along with several bug fixes. [Download - 25.7MB]


  • Apps: FlashVideo Converter, CaptureIt!, Camfrog

    07/06, 12:10pm

    MyMacTime, Letter Opener

  • FlashVideo Converter 3.1 ($100) is a tool for converting Flash SWF and FLV files to video files such as MP4, MOV and MPEG. The software has controls which allow users to adjust the codec parameters and to control the size and quality of the output video. Users can also adjust the resolution, quality, and audio settings of the conversion to their specific needs. The new release includes improved fps settings for QuickTime, MPEG, MPEG2, and MP4 files along with an updated preview window. [Download - 16.2MB]


  • Apps: Today, Letter Opener, Mac Games Arcade

    06/29, 12:45pm

    IP in menubar, EarthDesk

  • Today 1.8 ($15) is a calendar information and organization tool for the Mac. The application retrieves events and tasks that have been entered into iCal and then displays them within a small window. Users can also use the software to create or filter events, and navigate from day to day. The new release has prepared the application for the move to Snow Leopard and also updated the French localization. Additionally, several bugs have been fixed, including one which could prevent new calendars from being read. [Download - 3MB]


  • Letter Opener 2.1 adds file handling support

    04/21, 11:45pm

    Letter Opener 2.1 update has released Letter Opener 2.1, its data converter plug-in for Apple Mail that processes Microsoft Outlook winmail.dat files. The plug-in works within the Apple Mail program and allows winmail.dat file converting into attachments, iCal files, and vCards. Version 2.1 of the software adds improved integration with Apple Mail that enables people to work with attachments within a winmail.dat file the same way as they would any other attachment, along with enhanced support for Address Book, iCal, and converting Notes from Microsoft Outlook.


    Apps: BumperCar, SousChef, Stationary Pack

    04/09, 5:45pm

    Folder Brander, TimeBoxed

  • BumperCar 2.2 ($30) is a web browser that has been designed with kids' safety in mind. Parents can set up various restrictions such as limiting the sharing of personal information and forcing Google to use "Safe Search" mode. The software offers simple "Low", "Medium" and "High" safety settings, as well as the ability to customize all of its features. The newest release introduces the latest version of Apple's WebKit engine for enhanced performance and increased security and also includes support for Flash 10. [Download - 16MB]


  • Apps: Flexteam, AutoRate, Mail-Grab

    04/02, 7:45pm

    MBS Filemaker, AnyToISO

  • Flexteam 2.1 ($40) is a group scheduling program that helps users share information and work jointly on schedules. Users can display their schedules in different formats, such as by day, week, month, or year, generate PDF files, and publish a schedule to a website. The update includes a new search function that has been integrated into the tool bar and a new "Tasks to assign" window for managing temporary tasks. [Download - 11.8MB]


  • Apps: Multisite, Earth Addresser, Media Catalog

    02/03, 3:15pm

    Stationary Pack, djay

  • Multisite 2.4 ($20) is a utility for iWeb that allows users to more easily create and manage multiple sites. Users can select which site they would like to edit and Multisite loads only that data into iWeb which can speed up iWeb as less data needs to be loaded at a time. The update has added support for iWeb í09 so that page names are displayed correctly in the Multisite window and also includes several bug fixes. [Download - 0.91MB]


  • Apps: MailFollowup, newslight, Rotate and Flip

    01/02, 2:20pm

    DLCounter, Floola

  • MailFollowup Mail Plugin 1.3 (free) adds a "Follow Up" item to Apple Mail's Message and Contextual Menus so that the To, Cc: and Bcc: addresses appear in the reply exactly as they appeared in the original message. To match the semantics of Reply and Reply All, Version 1.3 has added functionality for both Follow Up (original To: recipients only) and Follow Up All (all original recipients). Users can also now change the follow-up menu item and toolbar button strings as well as he follow-up subject prefix from the default "Re: " to something else such as "Followup: ". [Download - 1.1MB]


  • Apps: Calories, DiscLabel, Mail Forward

    11/20, 7:50pm

    Forklift, MailTags

  • Calories 1.3 ($19) is a nutrition tracking and analysis utility for Mac OS X. The application allows users to select foods from the applications database and then sort them into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack categories. The update has added several new localizations including German, French and Spanish and now the names of week's, days and months are localized based on your system preferences language settings. [Download - 13.6MB]


  • Apple's Mail gets new Stationery Pack from Jumsoft

    08/25, 11:35am

    Mail gets Stationery Pack

    Jumsoft has announced its Stationery Pack for Mac OS X 10.5 Mail, which adds 50 design options to Apple's Mail. The new designs are accompanied by 50 themes shipped in a an earlier release for a total collection of 100 themes and are grouped within categories, such as 'Family,' 'Invitations,' 'Happy Day' and others, for easier searching. According to the company, the themes are aimed at replacing the need for postcards and provide "the character and expression" of postal mail cards and letters in email form. Users can customize themes by adding photos and graphics via drag-and-drop.



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