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Yahoo barely misses market estimates, reveals Alibaba spin-off plan

01/28, 6:27am

Alibaba shares valued at $40B to be spun into own company

Yahoo's quarterly financial results reveal it has marginally missed market estimates, but it still managed to improve on the last quarter, bringing in $1.18 billion in revenue after traffic acquisition costs (TAC), with a $0.30 non-GAAP earnings per share. The company also revealed it's intentions to spin out the last of its Alibaba stake, a move designed to prevent it from paying out a large amount of tax.


Alibaba, Microsoft agree to Chinese counterfeit crackdown

01/09, 4:28am

Chinese powerhouse will strengthen anti-counterfeit measures on Tmall, Taobao

In an announcement today on its Alizila News site, the Alibaba Group revealed a plan to work together with Microsoft to crack down on counterfeit and pirated Microsoft products from being sold on Alibaba's Taobao and Tmall online stores in China. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which commits them to jointly conduct programs to alert customers to the dangers of using unlicensed software, and help them seek restitution if they were tricked into buying pirated products.


Apple, Alibaba in talks for Chinese payment platform

11/11, 9:37am

Could see Alipay, Apple Pay integrate

Apple and Chinese commerce site Alibaba are currently negotiating a partnership to provide a payment platform for China, according to the latter's executive vice chairman, Joseph Tsai. Tsai tells the Wall Street Journal that the partnership would revolve around Apple's presence in the country. Details are still in the air, but it could potentially see Alibaba's Alipay electronic payment service integrate in some way with Apple Pay, creating an encompassing mobile payment platform.


Yahoo beats projections, previous year with $1.15B in revenue

10/21, 8:17pm

Sale of Alababa Group shares generate $6.3 billion, mobile now material

Yahoo released its third quarter financial results for 2014, stating that it pulled in approximately $1.15 billion in revenue to beat estimates. Analysts estimated that Yahoo would produce $1.04 billion in revenue, with an earnings per share of $0.30. While the revenue is good news for the company, it's due in large part to the $6.3 billion net of tax the company generated from the sale of shares of the Alibaba Group.


Alibaba commences trading Friday, shares worth up to $25 billion

09/18, 9:30am

Starting price expected to be set between $65 and $67, may break records

Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba will officially launch its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange under symbol "BABA" Friday morning at commencement of trading. Executive Chairman of the company, Jack Ma, will be on hand to ring the opening bell on the start of trading, which is expected to reach between $20 and $25 billion.


Alibaba IPO may break the bank, blow past $16 billion

05/07, 5:22pm

At least $3 billion headed to Yahoo stake purchased in 2005

Chinese search engine monolith Alibaba filed an initial public offering (IPO) prospectus on Tuesday. If predictions are accurate, the IPO will raise more than $15 billion, and very well could pass the technology IPO record set by Facebook at $16 billion before the offering is complete, with a large percentage of the funds raised headed to Yahoo.


Alibaba CEO to step down, assume chairman position

01/15, 6:03pm

Jack Ma steps down, says younger people have 'more brilliant dreams'

Jack Ma, chief executive officer of Chinese e-retail giant Alibaba, has announced that he will step aside from his current role with the company. Ma, under whose tenure Alibaba has become the second largest online company in China, says he will assume the role of executive chairman. Ma also says that most of Alibaba's leaders "born in the 1960s" will also be handing off their leadership responsibilities to younger Alibaba executives.


Alibaba sees net income doubled

11/12, 7:44pm

Alibaba pulls in $293 million, up 113.4 percent yoy

Alibaba's net income has more than doubled year-over-year, according to filings released by Yahoo last week. The filings, given by Yahoo to the Securities and Exchange Commission, reveal that the privately held Chinese e-commerce company's incomes were up 113.4 percent year-over-year to $293 million for the quarter. The company's top-line rose 70.6 percent year-over-year to hit $1.1 billion for the quarter ending in June.


Yahoo to return $3.65 billion to stockholders

09/18, 7:57pm

Most of money from Alibaba deal to be returned

Following the closure of a deal in which it will sell back its stake in Chinese e-retailer Alibaba, Yahoo will return most of the cash to the company's shareholders. Yahoo will be giving out about $3.65 billion in after-tax proceeds from the deal, keeping about $650 million for the company. The company will retain control of 23 percent of Alibaba's common stock.


Andy Rubin continues war of words over Aliyun OS

09/17, 6:46am

Google's Rubin gets fired up over Acer and Alibaba partnership

Google’s Andy Rubin has issued a further statement in the company’s ongoing war of words with Alibaba VP John Spelich. Spelich was moved to defend the Aliyun OS, arguing that it was not a fork of Google’s Android OS after Google forced OHA partner Asus to drop plans for a phone running the Aliyun OS. However, Rubin has retorted, “there’s really no disputing that Aliyun is based on the Android platform.”


Google confirms, explains pressuring Acer to drop Aliyun

09/15, 2:25pm

Aliyun said to contain Android runtime, violate OHA rules

Representatives from Google have now confirmed that the company did indeed pressure Taiwanese manufacturer Acer to drop plans to release a smartphone running Chinese e-retailer Alibaba's cloud-based Aliyun operating system. A series of statements from the search giant yesterday, including a Google+ post from Andy Rubin, explained Google's action as a means of ensuring that its manufacturing partners adhered to the rules of the Open Handset Alliance, the consortium of carriers and device manufacturers supporting Google's Android platform. Google's decision to get Acer to drop the CloudMobile A800 could have repercussions throughout the mobile sector, as it signals that the search company is willing to pressure its partners into ensuring that forked versions of Android do not supplant the core version produced by Google.


Acer cancels Aliyun phone, Alibaba blames Google

09/13, 11:43am

Alleges Google threatened to end Android license

Just as Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Acer was preparing to reveal an Aliyun-powered smartphone, the company has now apparently canceled the press conference for the phone. The Wall Street Journal reports that Acer still wants to launch the phone, which would run Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba's cloud-based Aliyun operating system, but Acer has given no indication as to the smartphone's future. Alibaba is claiming through its own channels that the Aliyun Acer phone, the CloudMobile A800, was postponed due to pressure from Google, which makes the Android software powering a number of other Acer phones.


Yahoo closing partial divestiture deal with Alibaba

09/12, 8:19pm

Half of 40 percent share in Chinese internet company at stake

According to sources familiar with the matter, Yahoo is finishing the details to offload half of its assets in China's Alibaba Group by September 20. The $7.6 billion-dollar deal announcement is rumored to be set for September 18, with Alibaba paying Yahoo for half of the 40 percent of the Chinese internet company it owns.


Acer to launch smartphone with Alibaba's Aliyun

09/11, 7:46pm

CloudMobile A800 to be revealed on Friday

Acer announced today that it will be releasing a new smartphone powered by Alibaba's Aliyun operating system. As The Wall Street Journal reports, the Taiwanese manufacturer will be rolling out the CloudMobile A800 smartphone to the Chinese market on Friday. The model will be Acer's highest-priced model on sale in China, and Alibaba hopes it will spur greater adoption of its cloud-based mobile operating system among other manufacturers.


Alibaba may invest $150M per year in new mobile OS

09/11, 4:23pm

Chinese e-commerce company takes aim at iOS, Android

Alibaba, the largest e-commerce company in China, is planning to increase investment in its in-house mobile OS to the tune of around $150 million per year. The company spoke with The Wall Street Journal, saying that it is seeing stronger demand for its Aliyun OS, as a number of Chinese manufacturers are dissatisfied with Google's Android, while Apple's pricing for its iOS devices may leave an opening for lower-priced competitors. With the Chinese mobile market among the world's largest, Alibaba hopes to carve out a niche offering affordable phones that rely on its cloud services.


Yahoo gains $7.1B in stock, cash in Alibaba share buyback

05/22, 8:09pm

Search engine gets $6.3B in cash, $800M in stock, more

Alibaba, a Chinese-owned e-commerce giant, has bought half of Yahoo's stake in the company through a buyback deal. The previously speculated arrangement, announced on Sunday, sees Alibaba receive half of the 40 percent stake Yahoo has in the company in exchange for $6.3 billion in cash, and around $800 million in new Alibaba preferred shares. Yahoo will also receive preferential treatment if Alibaba conducts an initial public offering, with either Alibaba buying or Yahoo selling 25 percent of the remaining stake.


Yahoo said in talks to divest 15-25 percent of Alibaba

05/05, 8:31am

Yahoo could raise up to $8 billion in new Alibaba deal

Yahoo is said to be in talks to divest 15-25 percent of its holdings in e-commerce giant Alibaba in a buyback initiated by the Chinese-owned company. According to its sources, Reuters says that the transaction is aimed at removing some or all of the issues that arose when Alibaba’s CEO Jack Ma attempted put together a deal to gain control of Yahoo. Yahoo, which owns 40 percent of Alibaba, could stand to make anywhere between $4.8 billion to $8 billion if the deal goes through.


Yahoo deal talks with Asian suitors possibly over

02/14, 2:15pm

Yahoo talks on sale reportedly stopped

ahoo and its potential Asian buyers may have finished their negotiations to buy out the online entity, AllThingsD reported. China-based Alibaba was interested in buying the company, along with Japan's telecommunications giant, SoftBank. Sources claimed the end to the discussion was due to the complex nature of the cash split, among smaller issues.


Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang quits the company [U]

01/17, 5:20pm

Yahoo loses Yang as new CEO takes over

(Update: more to come?) Yahoo on Tuesday said that its co-founder Jerry Yang was leaving the company. He had immediately resigned both from the Board of Directors and "all other positions" at the search giant, including a board spot at Alibaba. He sought to "pursue other interests" beyond the company but cast it as an amicable leap, putting his confidence in new CEO Scott Thompson.


Alibaba get serious about Yahoo, hires lobbying firm

12/29, 6:30am

Alibaba hires lobbying firm to help Yahoo bid

Alibaba continues to show strong interest in acquiring Yahoo by hiring a lobbying firm according to Reuters. Alibaba, one of China’s largest e-commerce companies already has a complex financial interconnection with Yahoo. Yahoo owns a 40 percent stake in Alibaba that is worth around $17 billion, which will need to be resolved before any proposed buyout can go ahead.


Yahoo refocuses on CEO hunt, eyes Hulu chief

12/21, 3:50pm

Slot critical to attracting possible investors

Since September, Yahoo has been searching for potential buyers for itself. Although there have been many potential suitors, with no apparent deal close at hand, the company is now refocusing itself on permanently filling the CEO slot, which has been vacant since Carol Bartz was fired abruptly three months ago. All Things D, citing its sources, claims that Yahoo's board is looking at Hulu's CEO Jason Kilar.


Alibaba in talks with group to buy all of Yahoo

11/30, 8:00pm

Asian retailer collaborating with Softbank

Alibaba is said to be involved in ongoing negotiations with Japanese cellular carrier Softbank in an attempt to establish a group that is financially capable of buying Yahoo outright. Unnamed sources familiar with the matter have told Bloomberg that Blackstone Group and Bain Capital are also participating in the talks.


Thomas Lee Partners considers buying Yahoo outright

11/29, 3:00pm

Thomas Lee Partners to buy all of Yahoo: sources

The latest bidder in the potential Yahoo takeover is Thomas H. Lee Partners, Reuters learned. THL is said to be looking at a leveraged buyout of Yahoo's US business, which could be worth between $5 and $6 billion. THL has run other media companies such as Nielsen Co, Clear Channel, and Univision.


Yahoo attempting to shed Alibaba stake without paying taxes

10/27, 11:50pm

Move referred to as cash-rich split-off

Yahoo is reportedly exploring options that may enable the company to shed its stake in Alibaba Group without paying taxes on proceeds from the sale, according to a Wall Street Journal report (sub. required). Successfully avoiding a tax payout could bring a savings of approximately $5 billion, as Yahoo holds a 40 percent stake—worth approximately $14 billion—in the Chinese company.


Leak: Yahoo opens books to potential buyers

10/04, 8:40pm

Yahoo advisers share financial information

While it's no secret that Yahoo is looking for buyers, the latest unofficial update has its long-time advisers, Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Allen & Co, readying to give out financial information to potential buyers. An unnamed source for Reuters said various types of companies have been making various creative offers for Yahoo and its various businesses. Just this past weekend, Alibaba's CEO said he was interested in buying all of Yahoo.


Alibaba interested in buying 'all' of Yahoo

10/01, 5:25am

Jack Ma declares interest in buying Yahoo outright

Alibaba chief Jack Ma has told an audience at Stanford University that his company is interested in buying ‘all’ of Yahoo. Currently, Yahoo retains a 40 percent stake in Alibaba, an online commerce company, that is valued in the billions of dollars. However, All Things D reports that Ma has clearly signaled his intent for Alibaba to be a principal player in a takeover bid for Yahoo, and not part of a consortium.


Alibaba aims to reach new markets with English mobile OS

09/09, 7:50pm

Chinese company developing new tablet

Alibaba Group is reportedly preparing to release an English version of its mobile operating system. Details surrounding the English offering remain unclear, however the move is viewed as necessary to help the Chinese company expand its reach into new markets. The company is said to be working to establish partnerships with hardware makers to pair the English OS with new devices.


Baidu preps Yi app store for Chinese Android phones

09/02, 3:20pm

Will offer apps for its Android-based Baidu YI OS

Baidu, China's largest search provider is opening an online app store. The company hopes to encourage Chinese developers to create new content for Android phones and for phones running its new Baidu Yi OS, which the company can then distribute. The Yi OS, which Baidu officially announced at Baidu World earlier today, is based on Google's platform.


Alibaba ships first Aliyun OS phone to rival Android, iPhone

07/28, 12:30pm

Alibaba K-Touch Cloud kicks off Aliyun OS

The cellphone field saw the rare instance of a brand new mobile OS Thursday as Alibaba unveiled the first phone based on its own platform. The Tianyu K-Touch Cloud W700 runs Alibaba's own planned cloud OS, Aliyun, and focuses on web and cloud services. It focuses on web elements like e-mail and search but should also support web-based apps and will back up call, photo, and text data in the cloud.


HTC Eternity, Omega cases pop up online

07/25, 3:30pm

Gives credence that HTC Mango phones are real

Accessories for HTC's upcoming smartphones that support Window's Phone 7 Mango OS update have surfaced. Cases from manufacturer Magic Case and designed specifically for the Omega and Eternity phones are now appearing on the global trading site Alibaba. Such a listing gives credibility that the phones could be available for pre-order or actual availability in the near future.


Alibaba plans own cloud-based phone OS

07/04, 12:10pm

China's Alibaba may be planning own mobile OS

Alibaba, best known for its e-commerce sites, is now working on developing its own cell phone operating system, an anonymous source close to the matter told the Wall Street Journal on Monday. The software will offer cloud-based services, unlike current popular operating systems such as Apple's iOS and Google's Android, which requires users to download apps. This will mean users of the Alibaba software are even more reliant on Internet access and subscriptions.


iPad 2 case makers admit to leaked info, Alibaba cracks down

12/31, 2:05pm

Chinese firms say iPad 2 cases based on real plans

Some of the companies behind recent iPad 2 case listings at online retailers like Alibaba have claimed or strongly implied that the information was obtained directly from Foxconn's parent firm Hon Hai. Fullchance Industrial, one of these companies, said in an interview on Friday that it was actively working with Hon Hai and had schematics directly from the contract manufacturer. The details were "extremely accurate," he told the Wall Street Journal when asked.


Yahoo hiring Goldman to fend off possible AOL bid?

10/14, 5:05pm

Yahoo looks to Goldman against takeover bids?

Yahoo will work with Goldman Sachs to help it defend a takeover bid, unnamed sources said in a Bloomberg Thursday report. While no bids have yet been made, AOL has been rumored to be putting together an offer. Private equity firms, bankers and some Yahoo investors have also been trying to takeover Yahoo with the help of AOL of News Corp, the sources said.


AOL contemplating buying Yahoo

10/13, 8:05pm

AOL exploring chances of buying Yahoo

AOL is in the very early stages of exploring a buyout of Yahoo, a leak this evening indicated. Private equity groups such as Blackstone Group and Silver Lake Partners have considered buying the search engine out but have reportedly talked to AOL about joining on a deal. Prospects mentioned to the WSJ would have China's Alibaba buy back Yahoo's 40 percent stake in its efforts to simplify a merger or even letting the normally much larger Yahoo buy AOL.


iPod touch parts surface that hint at front-facing camera

07/08, 11:25am

4th-gen iPod touch has front cam for FaceTime

Fresh from supplier rumors of an iPod touch with FaceTime, a pair of part suppliers on AliBaba have now posted what they claim are fourth-generation iPod touch parts. Both a front panel and a complete LCD and digitizer show a design with a camera front and center above the touchscreen. Unlike the iPhone 4, there's no speaker to offset the camera.


Microsoft 'deal' to break up Yahoo?

05/20, 8:40am

MS Yahoo May See Breakup

Microsoft's proposed new transaction with Yahoo is likely to involve a breakup of the latter company, say sources allegedly close to the Wall Street Journal. The claim would have Microsoft buy Yahoo's search ad business and also divest itself of its Asian interests; in return, Microsoft would make a minority investment in the smaller Yahoo that results from the deal. A reason isn't given for selling off the Eastern assets, represented by AliBaba, though the China-based company voiced opposition to Microsoft in part due to fears of a management takeover following the abortive attempt to buy Yahoo as a whole.


Yahoo rejects Microsoft ultimatum

04/07, 8:15am

Yahoo Rejects MS Ultimatum

Yahoo on Monday morning published a letter rebuffing Microsoft's imposed three-week deadline to accept a takeover bid, dismissing many of the claims made in the original argument. The formal rejection again states that Microsoft's $31 per share bid "substantially undervalues" Yahoo and adds that the actual value of the deal has decreased since it was suggested in late January, with Microsoft's share value having dropped while Yahoo's has increased.


Chinese firm has stake in MS/Yahoo deal

02/18, 11:40am

Alibaba Stake in Yahoo

Any potential Microsoft takeover of Yahoo is likely to require dealing with Chinese mega-reseller AliBaba before it can go ahead, says a source purportedly close to the latter company. As Yahoo owns nearly a 40 percent controlling stake in AliBaba, the Chinese firm is said to be pressing for greater influence from its management in any potential deal between Yahoo and an interested buyer, particularly in managing the transfer of shares.



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