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Dell teases Adamo replacement with Sandy Bridge speed

03/07, 9:45am

Dell hints at Adamo replacement with Sandy Bridge

Dell in a teaser on Monday raised the prospects that its attempts to challenge the MacBook Air weren't over with the end of the Adamo line. The company planned to launch a series of new notebooks using Intel's Sandy Bridge (2011 Core) processors that would be headlined by a new ultraportable. It didn't explain the plans, but it recalled the Adamo's image with promises of "beauty and brawn" in an "innovative new form factor."


Dell axes last Adamo after struggling to fight MacBook Air

02/08, 10:30pm

Dell stops selling last Adamo

Dell closed a chapter in its history today by withdrawing the Adamo 13. A search for "Adamo" now turns up a message that the entire line is "no longer available." Buyers are instead turned to the much heavier, much thicker but faster XPS 15 and 17.


Does Acer have Apple envy?

09/21, 7:55pm

Editorial: Acer next in line of Apple imitators

Acer is well on its way to becoming the world’s largest PC manufacturer. And it has done that by capitalizing on the success of Windows. But now the company is taking aim at Apple, and it's becoming evident that it's the latest victim of a bipolar behavior in the tech industry whenever Apple is a competitor.


Toshiba to claim world's thinnest, lightest notebook?

05/07, 10:00am

Toshiba may usurp Apple and Dell for thin PC title

Toshiba plans to claim the crown of the world's thinnest and lightest 13-inch notebooks, a leak may have revealed today. The system would use a full-power Core i7 processor but would use exotic cooling and construction to get as thin and light as Apple's MacBook Air or Dell's Adamo XPS. It would use a system known as "Mountain Blaze" to lower heat and would be made out of a unibody, honeycomb structure that would keep it stiff even at its thin dimensions.


Dell puts Adamo XPS back online, claims sales "strong"

03/18, 9:25am

Dell argues Adamo XPS pullout a supply issue

Dell today restored the Adamo XPS to its direct lineup. The company has now reversed its prior statements that the ultra-thin notebook was really a limited edition model and has said the previous limitation to Best Buy was a deliberate move to control demand. Sales have been "strong" both at stores and online, and pulling online sales helped prevent excessive ship times, Anne from Dell said.


Dell: Adamo XPS really a "limited edition" near its end

03/09, 1:50pm

Dell claims never meant Adamo XPS to last

Dell today provided an official explanation for the disappearance of the Adamo XPS from most of its online stores. The Texas PC builder in a statement now argues that the ultraportable is actually "similar to a limited edition" and was never designed to be a long-term product. It was an "engineering marvel" meant to show what Dell could do and is simply nearing the end of its run, the company claimed.


Dell Adamo XPS no longer available?

03/08, 9:20am

Adamo XPS cannot be bought anywhere

Dell in an odd move has withdrawn the Adamo XPS from sale on its site. While the ultraportable still has a product page, it's no longer linked from the PC builder's regular pages and doesn't work properly. Those who try to click "continue" to buy the notebook get an order error, suggesting that the Adamo XPS isn't in the company's system.


Acer prepping frameless notebook with touch keyboard?

03/08, 7:45am

Acer would one-up Apple with glass, touch

Acer is designing an exotic notebook that would let it claim the ultra-thin crown through new technology, a rumor from within the notebook industry claims. The system's display would use a new toughened Corning glass that would serve as the entire lid; Acer would just print a color on the back. The display would not only be thinner as a result but would be entirely frameless and potentially less expensive.


Dell Adamo 13 slashed to $999, goes without update

01/28, 6:05pm

Dell's MB Air clone now half original price

Dell has silently cut the price of the Adamo 13 to trim its costs. A base 1.4GHz model like the one tested here now costs $999, or $500 less than its last price cut just a few months ago. The system is now about half the $1,999 it cost when launched about 10 months ago and hasn't received a feature upgrade


Dell Adamo XPS to ship just days before Christmas

11/17, 12:30pm

Adamo XPS ships Dec. 22, ready to order

Dell today at last began taking orders for the Adamo XPS teased over the past several months. The system comes in just one default configuration and color, arriving for $1,799 with a 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium. Contrary to earlier reports, the system will use just Intel's GMA 4500 graphics instead of NVIDIA hardware.


Dell Adamo XPS launches above MacBook Air's price

11/05, 1:00pm

Adamo XPS thinner, slower than Apple rival

Dell today officially launched the Adamo XPS, the highest-end version of its designer ultraportable. The system is championed as the thinnest notebook ever and measures just 0.39 inches at its thickest point. Dell accomplishes the feat by tucking most of the computer components into the display section and relying on a unique hinge that opens underneath and acts as a built-in prop . In spite of its slimness, the notebook still has a removable battery, two USB ports and DisplayPort output but also weighs slightly more than its MacBook Air rival at 3.2 pounds.


Dell offers more looks at its "ultra-thin" Adamo XPS laptop

10/12, 5:45pm

New laptop design takes on Apple's MacBook Air

Dell on Monday offered two new product shots of its upcoming Adamo XPS" ultra-thin laptop. The highly stylized laptop, which was unveiled in early September, is thinner than the Apple's revolutionary MacBook Air--under 10mm thick. Although few details have been disclosed, the ultra-sleek laptop appears to rely on a unique, underside hinge to reach its dimensions.


Dell teases 0.4in Adamo XPS ultraportable

09/09, 3:05pm

Adamo XPS teased without details

Dell today quietly put up a teaser site for the Adamo XPS. While it gives few clues, the site touts a 9.99mm (under 0.4in) thickness that would make it far thinner than the Adamo 13 and significantly thinner than the MacBook Air the Adamo series has often fought against. The side profile image shows a uniformly metal (likely aluminum), tapered design unlike the block-shaped original.



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