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Dell ultrabook should show in January, may use Ivy Bridge

10/01, 8:15pm

Dell ultrabook may get CES reveal

Dell's plans to enter, or possibly return, to the ultrabook category may be timed around the CES expo. Contacts said Saturday that the ultraportable notebook would arrive in January. Details weren't identified in the CNET sighting, although it would coincide with the formal Intel reveal for Ivy Bridge, its 22 nanometer chip architecture.


Dell gets record profit but sees home PC sales drop

05/17, 5:55pm

Dell Q1 2011 buoyed by enterprise, hurt by home PC

Dell on Tuesday posted results for the winter that at once set a record but also cast doubt on its home PC business. Its net profit nearly tripled year-over-year to $945 million leaning mostly on its enterprise and small business sales, whose operating profits were up 11.3 percent and seven percent each. Revenue in its consumer business, however, was down by seven percent as interest was "softer than expected," the Texas system builder said.


Gartner sees SSDs costing $1 per gigabyte in 2012

05/11, 4:30pm

Small, efficient footprint help them go mainstream

Gartner, an industry market research firm covering the computer and IT market, predicts that prices for SSD (Solid State Drive) storage drives will drop below $1 per gigabyte in the second half of 2012. That's about 1/2 of current prices. SSDs, which use NAND flash technology are smaller, more power efficient and faster than conventional hard drives, but their high price and smaller capacities have limited their attractiveness to the consumer market. A traditional hard drive has capacity of up to 3TB, for which prices can be as low as 5-cents per gigabyte.


Dell Adamo sequel may use 15.6-inch screen, dip below $1,000

05/03, 7:00pm

Dell Adamo replacement specs leak out

New leaks from sources on Tuesday hinted that Dell's replacement for the Adamo will be more overtly distinct from the MacBook Air that Dell had originally tried to chase. Rather that go for similar sizes, they would start with 15.6-inch screens and focus on being the thinnest at that size. They would use Core i5 and i7 chips, although CNET's tips couldn't glean whether they were low voltage or full power processors.


Dell teases Adamo replacement with Sandy Bridge speed

03/07, 9:45am

Dell hints at Adamo replacement with Sandy Bridge

Dell in a teaser on Monday raised the prospects that its attempts to challenge the MacBook Air weren't over with the end of the Adamo line. The company planned to launch a series of new notebooks using Intel's Sandy Bridge (2011 Core) processors that would be headlined by a new ultraportable. It didn't explain the plans, but it recalled the Adamo's image with promises of "beauty and brawn" in an "innovative new form factor."


Dell phases out XPS 14 to focus on thin and light future

02/21, 2:30pm

Dell XPS 14 axed to use tech in future ultrathins

Dell started off the week with word that it was dropping the smallest of its new XPS line, the XPS 14. It sold beyond estimates, but the company decided in the switch to Sandy Bridge-based Core processors to "re-focus" its strategy by bringing some of the user feedback on the 14-inch notebook into "future thin and light products." The resulting spinoff would happen sometime later in 2011, Engadget heard.


HP phases out Envy 13 after brief shot at MacBook Air

02/19, 4:50pm

HP drops Envy 13 in favor of Envy 14

HP said late Friday that it had phased out the Envy 13. The ultraportable notebook has now been officially discontinued following its recent price slash. It phased out as the Envy 14 "basically replaced" the design, CNET was told.


Dell axes last Adamo after struggling to fight MacBook Air

02/08, 10:30pm

Dell stops selling last Adamo

Dell closed a chapter in its history today by withdrawing the Adamo 13. A search for "Adamo" now turns up a message that the entire line is "no longer available." Buyers are instead turned to the much heavier, much thicker but faster XPS 15 and 17.


Dell cuts Adamo price again

01/16, 3:45am

Second price drop in less than a month

Dell has dropped the price of the Adamo 13 for the second time in less than a month. Designed as a challenger for the Macbook Air in the style and portability stakes, it is now retailing for $799. This now makes it a full $500 cheaper than the cheapest 13-inch Macbook Air, which starts at $1299.


Dell cuts Adamo 13 price, ups speed to fend off MacBook Air

12/25, 7:55pm

Dell drops Adamo 13 to 899 in possible final cut

Dell today dropped the price of the Adamo 13 while also giving it a major speed increase to keep it ahead of the MacBook Air. The system has fallen from $1,099 to $899 while giving it the same specifications as the previous high-end model. It has left the 1.4GHz, ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo from the old versions and has moved up to the significantly faster 2.13GHz chip.


Dell mobile president leaving as phones, tablets shuffled

11/17, 6:50pm

Dell's Garriques exits after phone group change

Dell's mobile president Ron Garriques today signaled he was leaving the company as part of a reorganization of its phone and tablet plans. The Texas PC builder is merging the communication solutions section into its individual home, business, enterprise and government sections, eliminating the need for a separate mobile group but not necessarily Garriques himself. The executive will stay in his role until the end of Dell's fiscal year in January 31 and consult the company for the rest of that year.


Dell's marketing re-spin kills off Adamo, Studio XPS lines

10/22, 5:15pm

Dell to focus on three brands, kills Adamo, more

With the premium Adamo XPS notebook discontinued and the more recent introduction of XPS notebooks, Dell has rebranded its lineup for greater simplicity. According to Engadget, there will be only three core brands, including Inspiron, XPS and Alienware. Each will be aimed at users who require different performance levels, with Alienware being the top-rung offering.


AMD may scrap annoying Windows notebook logo stickers

09/02, 5:25pm

AMD hoping to avoid notebook stickers in 2011

AMD may finally end a chronic problem with logos on Windows notebooks using its hardware, the chip maker commented today. Having discovered that most buyers don't like the stickers advertising processors, graphics and other parts, AMD hopes to now make the stickers easily removable sometime in 2011. It added to the New York Times that it was considering eliminating its share of stickers entirely, although it wouldn't say how likely that was.


Dell: Adamo XPS really a "limited edition" near its end

03/09, 1:50pm

Dell claims never meant Adamo XPS to last

Dell today provided an official explanation for the disappearance of the Adamo XPS from most of its online stores. The Texas PC builder in a statement now argues that the ultraportable is actually "similar to a limited edition" and was never designed to be a long-term product. It was an "engineering marvel" meant to show what Dell could do and is simply nearing the end of its run, the company claimed.


Dell Adamo XPS no longer available?

03/08, 9:20am

Adamo XPS cannot be bought anywhere

Dell in an odd move has withdrawn the Adamo XPS from sale on its site. While the ultraportable still has a product page, it's no longer linked from the PC builder's regular pages and doesn't work properly. Those who try to click "continue" to buy the notebook get an order error, suggesting that the Adamo XPS isn't in the company's system.


Dell Adamo 13 slashed to $999, goes without update

01/28, 6:05pm

Dell's MB Air clone now half original price

Dell has silently cut the price of the Adamo 13 to trim its costs. A base 1.4GHz model like the one tested here now costs $999, or $500 less than its last price cut just a few months ago. The system is now about half the $1,999 it cost when launched about 10 months ago and hasn't received a feature upgrade


Droid trumps iPhone for Time Gadget of the Year

12/08, 5:40pm

Droid picked for free nav, keyboard, more

Time today provided a minor surprise by giving the Motorola Droid a first-place finish in its Gadget of the Year countdown (video below). The Android phone won for including free turn-by-turn GPS through Google Maps Navigation as well as having both a large (3.7-inch) touchscreen and a hardware QWERTY keyboard. In comparison, the iPhone 3GS only reached fourth place, earning the spot for popularizing augmented reality through apps like Layar and Yelp.


Dell teases $450, 0.65-inch ultraportable

12/07, 10:45pm

Dell Vostro V13 thinner than Air, 33% price

Dell tonight provided an early look at a potentially major addition to its Vostro work PCs. The V13 is meant as a budget alternative to an Adamo and measures just as thin at 0.65 inches, but actually weighs less at 3.5 pounds. Room is still available for one each of eSATA, Ethernet, USB and a card reader, though video output is VGA-only instead of the more luxurious system's DisplayPort.


Dell's Adamo XPS to top at 1.9GHz?

10/23, 2:55pm

Adamo XPS may still be slow

New rumored hardware details for the Adamo XPS suggest the system will be only a mild upgrade to the existing Adamo 13 that trades larger speed gains for its extra dimensions. The ultra-thin model should sit in between the two upgraded current models with ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo processors between 1.4GHz and 1.9GHz versus the minimum 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo S in a challenger like the MacBook Air. The Engadget tips also claim the built-in solid-state storage will be less than for current Adamos with either a 128GB or 180GB solid-state drive.


Adamo XPS to run ULV chip, use replaceable battery

10/22, 4:10pm

Dell shows off Adamo XPS in more detail

Dell as part of a low-key press gathering today showed its Adamo XPS in greater detail. Although most details are still secret, company representative Alex Gruzen has revealed that the system will use one of Intel's more powerful ultra-low voltage processors and not an Atom chip, as in the Sony VAIO X. Its 0.4-inch thick shell is also designed for the battery to be replaced, unlike either the MacBook Air or Dell's own Adamo 13.


Dell speeds up Adamo to match MacBook Air

10/19, 5:20pm

Dell Adamo finally gets Core 2 Duo S

Dell has quietly upgraded the Adamo 13 to better compete against other ultra-thin notebooks like the MacBook Air. The high-end Desire model reviewed here has had its ultra-low voltage 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo replaced with a much faster 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo S like that found in Apple's faster notebook. It has also had its solid-state drive double in capacity to 256GB and Windows 7 replace Vista as the stock OS.


Dell offers more looks at its "ultra-thin" Adamo XPS laptop

10/12, 5:45pm

New laptop design takes on Apple's MacBook Air

Dell on Monday offered two new product shots of its upcoming Adamo XPS" ultra-thin laptop. The highly stylized laptop, which was unveiled in early September, is thinner than the Apple's revolutionary MacBook Air--under 10mm thick. Although few details have been disclosed, the ultra-sleek laptop appears to rely on a unique, underside hinge to reach its dimensions.


Dell shows thinner-than-Air Adamo XPS live

10/07, 12:05pm

Adamo XPS briefly teased in real world

Dell at a press gathering today briefly offered an in-person look at its Adamo XPS ultraportable. True to its teaser graphic, the system is overall thinner than the MacBook Air it's designed to compete against (0.4 inches maximum) and appears to rely on a unique, underside hinge to reach its dimensions. As with very early Adamo and Inspiron 11z teasers, the company didn't provide any specifications or release information.


Dell outs ultra-thin notebook with wireless charging

09/29, 8:45am

Dell Latitude Z official

Dell today unveiled a new flagship business notebook that should mark a number of firsts not just for itself but for the industry. The Latitude Z is the thinnest and lightest mid-size notebook to date at just 0.57 inches deep and 4.4 pounds despite its 16-inch display, courtesy of its use of ULV Core 2 Duo processors. However, it's also one of the first that can charge wirelessly: an inductive charging plate in the notebook bottom can power the system as quickly through contact with an optional charging stand as quickly as the optional AC adapter, Dell claims.


Dell teases 0.4in Adamo XPS ultraportable

09/09, 3:05pm

Adamo XPS teased without details

Dell today quietly put up a teaser site for the Adamo XPS. While it gives few clues, the site touts a 9.99mm (under 0.4in) thickness that would make it far thinner than the Adamo 13 and significantly thinner than the MacBook Air the Adamo series has often fought against. The side profile image shows a uniformly metal (likely aluminum), tapered design unlike the block-shaped original.


Dell cuts Adamo price to match MacBook Air

07/21, 2:15pm

Dell Cuts Adamo Price

Dell has quietly slashed the price on its Adamo ultraportable to match Apple's recent MacBook Air updates. The base model with a 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive now costs the same $1,499 as the entry 1.86GHz MacBook Air. The higher-end model has dropped to $2,299 but is still more expensive than its $1,799 Mac counterpart. It still has its 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo and 128GB SSD but comes with 4GB of RAM and built-in 3G in return.


Current CULV notebooks too cheaply built

07/02, 9:05am

CULV NBs Too Cheaply Made

Many of the Windows PC makers building ultraportable notebooks based on Intel's low-cost CULV platform are learning first-hand that their cheaper case designs aren't enough to sustain the systems, a research note from AmTech analyst Doug Freedman says. Many of the companies design the systems with plastic shells to keep their prices down but are discovering that the cases are cracking, often forcing major replacements. Which companies are affected aren't mentioned, but Lenovo and MSI are some of the first making systems in the category with the IdeaPad U350 and X-Slim line respectively.


Dell teases likely Inspiron Mini 11 in Paris

06/16, 2:40pm

Dell Teases CULV Notebook

Dell at a Parisian event today briefly showed a mystery notebook likely to be the company's first based on Intel's Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) initative. Without naming the model or detailing its features, Phil Bryant and Michael Tatelman of the company told Engadget and observers that it's part of an "entirely new model line" of thin notebooks. No release information has been given and echoes the Adamo teaser at CES, which preceded an actual launch by months.


Review: Dell Adamo 13 vs. MacBook Air

06/13, 5:05pm

Dell Adamo 13 Review

Dell has had a long history of ultraportables, but when Apple released the MacBook Air in early 2008, it underscored a wide gap in terms of design: while Latitudes have always been functional, they've rarely been alluring to home (or simply design-centric) users in the way the Air was. The Adamo 13 is Dell's attempt to rectify this with an ultra-slim profile and attention to quality. But is it a case of improving on what's come before or just a Latitude in better packaging? Our full Adamo 13 review hopes to settle this question once and for all.


Dell income plunges 63% in early 2009

05/29, 9:40am

Dell Income Drops 63pc

Dell late yesterday reported bleak results for the first calendar quarter of 2009 that showed it faring poorly in the economic climate. The Texas PC builder's net income dropped a full 63 percent from the same quarter a year ago to $290 million and was hurt primarily by rapidly shrinking business sales in the world economic collapse. Large, enterprise-level business revenue fell a significant 31 percent, indicating a steep drop in PC shipments, and was nearly matched by a 30 percent drop in small- and medium-sized business revenue.


CULV notebooks to come in 15.6-inch sizes?

03/26, 8:05am

CULV 15-inch Notebooks

Systems based on Intel's CULV budget ultraportable platform may be used for systems with displays as large as 15.6 inches, sources in the industry have reportedly told DigiTimes. Intel is officially defining the typical size for one of the budget ultraportables as between 11 and 13 inches, but "several first-tier" notebook makers that include Acer, Dell and HP are all believed building ultra-thin 15.6-inch systems using the very low-power processors.


Dell accidentally slips Adamo 9 and Studio One 22

03/17, 11:35am

Dell Adamo 9 Studio One 22

Ahead of an official announcement, Dell has let it slip that a Dell Adamo 9 netbook and Studio One 22 desktop PC are forthcoming thanks to an image leaked from the company's support site. Though no official specifics are yet known about either system, it is expected the Adamo 9 will be a 9-inch netbook version of the just-released luxury Adamo 13 notebook. At the same time, the Studio One 22, judging by the name, is expected to mainly be a version of the current Studio 19 announced this month with a larger, 22-inch display.


Dell's MacBook Air rival, Adamo, made official

03/17, 7:30am

Dell Adamo 13

Dell this morning unveiled its heavily promoted Adamo notebook. Consciously designed as a competitor to the MacBook Air, the ultraportable carries an etched, designer aluminum chassis that measures just 0.65 inches thick at virtually every point but which has a unique hinge design that lets it fit genuine expansion, such as Ethernet, DisplayPort and three USB connectors that include a combo eSATA port. The thinness also belies a relatively long battery life that Dell estimates at about 5 hours, though the system is significantly heavier than the Air at 4 pounds.


Leaked invitation points to Adamo launch tomorrow

03/16, 8:15pm

Adamo launch tomorrow

An alleged spyshot of a Dell event invitation adds more evidence to rumors that the notebook is set to launch on Tuesday. The invitation, provided to Gizmodo by a tipster, describes "one of the most anticipated brand and product launches in the 12 year history of Dell's Consumer business." A specific product is not mentioned, but the title reads "Don't Miss Your Chance to 'Fall in Love.'" Adamo means "to fall in love with" in Latin, a phrase that Dell has previously used when referencing the notebook.


Dell to finally unveil Adamo tomorrow?

03/16, 2:20pm

Dell Adamo May Show Tues

Dell has potentially tipped its hand as to the planned official launch for its Adamo designer notebook. A Google AdSense ad for Ireland claims Dell will let users "discover the love story" on the 17th; the mention of a specific date contrasts against Dell's teaser campaign so far, which has never been given a public schedule. The link nonetheless points to the existing teaser page.


Dell Adamo design exposed in clear photos

01/22, 2:40pm

Dell Adamo Photos

A collection of photos from Brian Solis has surfaced for the Dell Adamo notebook that not only more clearly reveals the design but shows that the system's designer focus will include both black and white colors. Only briefly teased at CES, the system will achieve its goal of being thinner overall than the MacBook Air by moving most of the expansion to the back: Ethernet, two USB ports, DisplayPort and other connectors are placed in a spine section that lets Dell slim down the system as a whole.


Dell Mini 10 gets multi-touch; Adamo teased

01/09, 12:50pm

Dell Notebooks CES 2009

Dell today at a press conference at CES revealed the Inspiron Mini 10 (not yet pictured), its third netbook. While only slightly larger than the Mini 9, the new portable is more advanced than either the smaller model or the Mini 12, including through its display. The namesake 10-inch screen is sharper than on other netbooks and produces a 720p (1280x720) resolution closer to full-size notebooks. The system also incorporates a multi-touch trackpad that not only helps with scrolling and zooming but also the ability to jump to a home screen or automatically scroll the contents of a page.


Dell Adamo rumored for Blu-ray, lower base price

12/26, 1:35pm

Dell Adamo Blu-ray Leak

More leaks surfacing today regarding the Dell Adamo have hinted at the initial notebook's early features and at a lower than expected price. A Google cache of information on Dell's own site indicates that the purported MacBook Air competitor will use DisplayPort for video out and eSATA storage and will have a number of peripherals ready on or near launch, including a 2X Blu-ray combo drive as well as 8GB, 250GB and 500GB external drives made to match the notebook in question.


Dell Adamo to use ultra-thin LCD, cost $3K?

12/25, 12:45am

Dell Adamo Display Leak

Dell's Adamo notebook may win a thinness battle with the MacBook Air but may be priced out of contention, yet another leak suggests. The American company is said to be using extra-thin 3.5mm (0.14in) LCD panels supplied by LG Display and Samsung to help reach its target of having the world's thinnest notebook. The screen will adopt a conventional 16:10 aspect ratio rather than the more recent 16:9 displays. Separately, at least one model is known to use a 13-inch display and points to a 1280x800 resolution as a result.


Dell accessory leak reveals Adamo to get 13in LCD

12/24, 12:50pm

Dell Adamo Power Leak

A leak of a 45W power adapter on Wednesday has revealed key details of Dell's Adamo notebook ahead of its official debut. Since changed to anonymize the description, the entry has previously described the power brick as designed specifically for the "Adamo Thirteen," confirming that at least one Adamo model will carry a 13-inch display and that the future system won't use any processor more demanding than the low-voltage Core 2 Duo chips used in Apple's MacBook Air, Lenovo's ThinkPad X301 or similar systems.


Dell admits helping initial Adamo leak

12/24, 8:50am

Dell Helps Adamo Leak

The initial leak of the extra-thin Adamo notebook was at least partly helped out by Dell, company spokesman Bob Kaufman tells the New York Times. The official notes that the teaser art that accompanied the original rumor on UptownLife was contributed by Dell as an ad and was meant to "wake up" the PC industry and "create some buzz" around the portable, which is widely expected to show at CES next month.


Dell Adamo "world's thinnest" notebook?

12/19, 9:20am

Dell Studio XPS 13 Slips

Further details have surfaced today of a major initiative by Dell to tackle the designer 13-inch notebook market, including more information regarding the Adamo notebook. A leak through Engadget now claims to have confirmed that the Adamo is an ultraportable and will be marketed as the "world's thinnest laptop" in a deliberate bid to chase after the MacBook Air's similar claim; the system will reportedly come in black and silver trim made to present an upscale look.


Dell prepping "Adamo" MacBook Air rival?

12/18, 4:15pm

Dell Adamo Teaser

Dell may be in the midst of developing a new designer, ultralight notebook that would challenge Apple's MacBook Air, an investigation shows. A teaser for a product or product series known as Adamo has surfaced and has been accompanied by matching trademarks for computer hardware as well as early marketing material that infers an ultraportable notebook line competitive with the Apple system, which has a standard-sized screen but focuses on reduced thickness and weight.



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