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Hands On: Adobe Acrobat DC (OS X, iOS)

04/08, 7:28am

The behemoth of PDF applications becomes more behomothy

Adobe Acrobat has long been the official PDF reader for Mac and it's just about as long since you ever needed it because you're on a Mac. You have Preview. If you want to do more than Preview offers then you have excellent tools like PDFpen. Nonetheless, Acrobat was the app made by Adode, the creator of PDF, and it was powerful. Now it's more powerful: it isn't just a single app anymore, Adobe Acrobat DC is more like a front door to an entire service that sees you using PDFs across Macs, iOS and more via a new service called Adobe Document Cloud.


Adobe refreshes Acrobat, launches Document Cloud service

03/17, 11:26am

Adobe Document Cloud includes touch-enabled apps, file synchronization

Adobe is attempting to update the way documents are handled between users and devices, by launching a cloud-based service. Adobe Document Cloud is a collection of online services which can be used to manage various forms and other documents, with the entire system basing itself on the company's prevalent Adobe Acrobat software, refreshed and rebranded as Acrobat DC.


Adobe to cut off boxed sales of Creative Suite, Acrobat

03/13, 11:45am

May 1st deadline rumored

Adobe has confirmed plans to halt boxed sales of its Creative Suite software, as well as Acrobat. "As Adobe continues to focus on delivering world-class innovation through Creative Cloud and digital fulfillment, we will be phasing out shrink-wrapped, boxed versions of Creative Suite and Acrobat products," an official statement reads. "Electronic downloads for Creative Suite and Acrobat products will continue to be available — as they are today — from both, as well as reseller and retail partners. We are in the process of notifying our channel partners and customers, as plans solidify in each region."


Adobe adds cloud services, Office exporting to Acrobat XI

10/02, 10:01am

Connects to FormsCentral, EchoSign services

Adobe has announced Acrobat XI, a cloud service-enabled version of its PDF creating and editing software. Acrobat XI can now merge content from multiple documents into one PDF file while retaining source file integrity, and adds the ability to export documents to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel among other features.


Adobe puts CS6, Creative Cloud up for pre-order

04/23, 1:00am

Adobe CS6 ships within 30 days

Adobe began the week early with official launch details of Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud. The collection of professional tools are available for pre-order as of Monday and should ship within 30 days.


Lion release breaks numerous Adobe titles

07/21, 10:50am

Flash Player loses hardware acceleration

The release of OS X Lion is causing problems with a host of Adobe software, a support article shows. "Known issues" of varying degrees exist with high-profile titles such as Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. The biggest problems however lie with Flash, spanning apps like Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and most notably Flash Player.


Briefly: Nylon gets in-app subs, Acrobat X talk Feb. 22

02/15, 4:30pm

Nylon iPad app gets subscriptions, more

Fashion and trends magazine Nylon has updated its iPad app to v1.2. The primary addition is support for in-app subscriptions, making Nylon one of the first publications to gain the billing option after The Daily. The app now also supports progressing downloading, and bookmarks for resuming reading. Nylon issues previously cost $3 per download.


Adobe ships Acrobat X Pro

11/15, 9:35am

Adds customized PDF Portfolios, cloud services

Adobe has released Acrobat X Pro, an upgrade of the company's top-level PDF authoring utility. The software has gained several significant features, including compatibility with the latest revisions of PDF/X-4 and X-5, and an Action Wizard that automates tasks needing several steps. New customization tools for PDF Portfolios allow people to create layouts and themes that can be shared amongst groups.


Adobe launches Acrobat X Pro, ships in next 30 days

10/18, 4:40am

Wide-ranging productivity enhancements

Adobe has launched Acrobat X Pro the tenth iteration of its PDF creation and editing tool. It brings with it a number of enhancements aimed at boosting productivity and collaboration. Among the added functions are a new Reading Mode and the ability to share files online at Users are also now able to convert Microsoft Office files to PDF with a single click. A new conversion function will convert PDF data to Microsoft Excel exporting complete files or portions of files.


Adobe to unveil Acrobat 10 on October 18th

10/11, 10:20am

Planned changes so far kept quiet

Adobe will unveil Acrobat 10 on October 18th, a teaser image from the company reveals. The software is Adobe's primary PDF tool, aimed mostly at businesses, allowing people to create and distribute documents in the format. Little information has emerged on the upgrade's planned features; most of the company's efforts in recent months have revolved around Flash and Creative Suite 5.


Adobe admits to zero-day exploit in Flash for Android

09/14, 4:45pm

Adobe Flash, Reader, Acrobat vulnerable to attack

Adobe outlined a zero day flaw in Adobe Flash that can be used to crash the system it's hosted on or even let an attacker install other malicious software. The problem includes Flash for Android OS devices as well as components, and Flash is the only component Adobe says is being exploited, with no reports of attacks on Reader or Acrobat to date.


Adobe Flash, Acrobat vulnerable to major security hole

06/05, 6:40pm

Adobe Flash 10, Acrobat 9 at risk

Adobe on Saturday posted a warning of a critical security vulnerability for both Flash and Acrobat. Both Mac and Windows versions of Flash 10.0 and earlier, as well as all versions of Acrobat 9, are susceptible to being exploited for remote control over a user's computer. Flash 10.1's pre-release build and older versions of Acrobat aren't affected.


Adobe posts Reader, Acrobat patches

01/13, 9:30am

Updates fix exploits, test new auto delivery

As promised, Adobe has posted a series of updates for Reader and Acrobat, bringing the latest versions of both programs up to v9.3. Users of earlier editions can alternately choose v8.2 patches. Intel and PowerPC downloads are available for Reader.


Adobe to test automatic updates for Reader, Acrobat

01/06, 9:35am

Company calls voluntary updates inadequate

Adobe will start beta testing automatic updates of Reader and Acrobat on January 12th, in parallel with the release of critical security patches, according to the company's director of product security and privacy, Brad Arkin. The test will use the Acrobat Refresh Manager, which was actually installed on people's systems as far back as October, but until now has not been activated. Automatic updates may be offered as a default option as soon as the next scheduled update, set for April 13th.


Adobe warns of new Reader, Acrobat vulnerability

12/16, 10:15am

Threat an active one, company says

A "critical" security vulnerability has been discovered in all versions of Reader and Acrobat, says Adobe. While the company is not providing many details, it does note that hackers can use the flaw to force a crash, and potentially assume control of an affected system. Unlike many such vulnerabilities, the new one is described as being present in the wild, and not just theoretical.


Adobe scrubs out 12 Flash vulnerabilities

07/31, 4:55pm

Adobe fixes 12 Flash bugs

Adobe has released updated Mac, Windows and Linux distributions of Flash Player, bringing old and new editions of the software up to v9.0.246.0 and v10.0.32.18, respectively. Matching these are v9.1.3 releases of Reader and Acrobat. Some 12 Flash vulnerabilities are said to have been closed in Adobe software, 10 of which could be used to assume full or partial control of a computer.


Adobe issues first quarterly Reader, Acrobat patches

06/10, 9:15am

Quarterly Adobe patches

In keeping with a scheduled plan, Adobe has released the first of its quarterly patch collections for Reader and Acrobat. Both programs have been upgraded to v9.1.2, addressing "critical vulnerabilities" which could trigger a crash and allow hackers to assume control of a computer. Mac and Windows editions are equally affected.


Adobe moves to regular patching cycle for PDF tools

05/21, 11:15am

Adobe adopts patch cycle

Adobe will be adopting a quarterly patch cycle, at least with regard to Reader and Acrobat, explains the company's security and privacy director, Brad Arkin. Patches for the PDF tools should now be released every three months, and on the second Tuesday of said month. The timing is meant to coincide with Microsoft's famous "Patch Tuesdays," Arkin notes, thereby giving IT workers an opportunity to test updates from both companies before propagating them across a network.


Adobe posts promised Acrobat, Reader updates

03/11, 10:55am

Acrobat, Reader updates

As promised in late February, Adobe has released updates to Acrobat 9 and Reader 9. Both of the PDF-related applications are now at v9.1, fixing a critical security vulnerability which -- after a crash was triggered -- would allow a hacker to gain control of a computer. The vulnerability remains intact in versions 7 and 8 of Acrobat and Reader, though separate patches are scheduled to be released by March 18th.


Adobe warns of Reader, Acrobat vulnerabilities

02/20, 1:45pm

Reader, Acrobat security

Several versions of Adobe's Reader and Acrobat utilities are presently exposed to a "critical" security vulnerability, the company writes. In a special alert, Adobe notes that the vulnerability -- the details of which are not being made public -- could be used to cause one of its applications to crash, and in turn gain control of a targeted computer. Some hackers may already be exploiting the flaw, Adobe says.


pdfToolbox Server 4 offers preflighting, correction

12/03, 5:45pm

pdfToolbox Server 4

Callas software has released pdfToolbox 4 and pdfToolbox Server 4, the latest version of its PDF preflighting and automated correction tools. The updates are fully compliant with the latest Ghent PDF Workgroup standards. The server version can be used for fully-automated PDF correction, page manipulation, presentation preparation or imposition. The standard Adobe Acrobat plug-in version features enhanced metadata functionality, allowing the embedded information to be exported for creating custom reports in XML or tab delimited formats.


Adobe ships Acrobat 9, updated CS3 suites

06/25, 10:20am

Acrobat 9, updated CS3

Adobe has released Acrobat 9, the latest version of its PDF document tool. Updates to the software primarily revolve around Flash support, as users can now insert videos and applications built with the technology directly into a document. Users can also however take advantage of a new PDF Portfolios option, which gathers multiple filetypes, including audio and 3D objects, into a compressed PDF file using custom or preset layouts.


Adobe fixes critical Acrobat security flaw

06/25, 2:25am

Adobe fixes Acrobat hole

Adobe on Monday released patches for Acrobat and its free Reader equivalent to fix a security hole that could leave Mac and Windows computers susceptible to control at the hands of a malicious remote user. Computerworld writes that the "critical" vulnerability has existed in several incarnations of the v8.x.x Acrobat software, but does not apply to users of Acrobat 7.1.0. The patch comes after criticism over Adobe's vague mention of vulnerability fixes in a recent update, as several past JavaScript bugs resurfaced, leaving many users affected.


Adobe debuts Acrobat 9,

06/02, 12:00pm

Acrobat 9,

Adobe has announced Acrobat 9, a forthcoming version of its PDF creation and distribution tool. The update concentrates on Flash support, and will let users insert Flash videos and applications directly into PDF documents; Adobe's dedicated Flash Player may be required to view the results. Adobe is also introducing its PDF Portfolios feature, which will let users gather multiple filetypes -- including audio, video and 3D objects -- together into one compressed PDF file, with custom or preset layouts.


Adobe launches Acrobat Connect Pro

05/20, 10:20am

Acrobat Connect Pro debut

Adobe has launched a new online service, Acrobat Connect Pro. The platform is intended as a tool for professional web conferencing and teaching, and is primarily Flash-based, requiring no extra software and making it platform-independent. Hosts can delegate roles such as presenters, and the service supports not just slides and text chat but streaming audio and video, as well as software simulations.


AcrosuitePRO upgrades to ONEticket 3.0

03/04, 11:35am

ONEticket 3.0 print add-on

Print specialist Apago has announced ONEticket 3.0, the next iteration of software formerly known as Acrosuite PRO. A set of plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat, ONEticket helps manage commercial printers, including those from the likes of Canon, Kodak, IKON and Océ. One major upgrade since AcrosuitePRO 2.6 is the addition of tray mapping; this lets print shops define paper exceptions, in theory making it easier to work with different printers. A given example is mapping paper to both a printer that supports paper catalogs and one equipped with paper drawers.



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