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Sorkin 'Steve Jobs' movie takes a dive at the US box office

11/09, 9:58am

Screens showing Steve Jobs film across United States cut down to 421

The latest adaptation of the life of Steve Jobs for the big screen has tanked at the box office, after many theaters decided to drop the movie over the last weekend. Box office figures suggest the film grossed less than $1 million in the last weekend, with the number of cinemas showing the Danny Boyle/Aaron Sorkin movie dropping to approximately a fifth of the previous weekend's number, down 2,072 screens to just 421 across the entire United States.


Sorkin 'Steve Jobs' biopic wavers at national release

10/27, 6:44am

Box office earnings of $7.3M a poor result for latest Steve Jobs movie

The national release of Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs is said to have flopped at the box office, based on the first weekend of national release. Despite an extremely promising start on its opening weekend and the wider release over the last two weekends, the biopic has seemingly failed to do well nationally, with the movie bringing in just $7.3 million over the weekend, though Universal executives are apparently upbeat about the film's future.


Universal's 'Steve Jobs' grosses $2.26M in 60 cinemas

10/19, 1:47pm

Release will widen this weekend, Sorkin has 'clear conscience' over artistic licenses

While the Danny Boyle/Aaron Sorkin helmed Steve Jobs has thus far racked up impressive critical acclaim for its tale of Apple's mercurial co-founder, it is -- like some earlier attempts to tell the story of the early days of Silicon Valley -- a creative summary of events rather than a literal retelling of what actually happened. The film has now grossed $2.26 million after slowly rolling out into 60 cinemas, with the full national rollout coming this weekend -- with screenwriter Sorkin saying that while the film takes artistic liberties, it is "fair" to the people involved.


Boyle 'Steve Jobs' movie earns over $520,000 in opening weekend

10/12, 9:54am

Per-Theater Average for Steve Jobs film highest for year so far

The opening weekend of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle's film Steve Jobs is being heralded as a success, based on initial takings reports. Despite launching in four theaters in New York and Los Angeles, the dramatic biopic allowed Boyle to achieve his best opening weekend average of all movies in his career so far, as well as having the highest Per-Theater Average (PTA) of any movie released this year.


'Steve Jobs' opens; Sorkin clarifies 'opportunistic' comments

10/09, 2:27pm

Film opens in New York, LA; wider release October 16, 23

On the eve of his film Steve Jobs opening in select theaters, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin appeared on the Conan O'Brien show to talk about the film, and got back into the brief dust-up between Cook and Sorkin, who took comments made by Apple CEO Tim Cook that biographical pictures about Jobs generally are "opportunistic." The Universal Pictures film, which has garnered strongly positive reviews, has opened in a handful of cinemas in New York and LA, and will roll out to a wider release throughout October.


Follow-up: Sorkin apologizes for remarks against Cook

09/26, 9:00pm

Says both went too far, invites Apple CEO to see latest movie

On Friday, MacNN reported on remarks from Steve Jobs screenplay author Aaron Sorkin, who took umbrage to a comment Apple CEO Tim Cook made on last week's appearance on Stephen Colbert's Late Night show addressing in a general manner the various movies that have tried to address or capture the life and personality of the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. Cook said he found such movies "opportunistic" and "not a great part of our world," though he had not yet seen the new film from Sorkin and director Danny Boyle. Sorkin, having accused Cook of hypocrisy in the "opportunistic" remark, has since apologized.


'Steve Jobs' screenwriter rebuffs 'opportunistic' remark by Cook

09/25, 6:52pm

Attack likely based on misunderstanding ahead of new biopic's debut

The Oscar- and Emmy-winner screenwriter of the latest biographical film about Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin, has responded with hostility to a stray remark Apple CEO Tim Cook made during an appearance on the Late Night TV show last week. Cook had said, in response to a question about all of the various movies portraying former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs' life, that he thought "a lot of people" were trying to be "opportunistic" and that "it's not a great part of our world." Sorkin, who was not likely the target of the remarks, appears to have taken them personally.


Critics, Wozniak hail 'Steve Jobs' film as 'brilliant,' 'must-see'

09/07, 12:12pm

Big-budget biopic stars Michael Fassbender, will open to public on October 9

(Warning: minor film spoilers are contained in this article) Early reviews of Steve Jobs, the two-hour Danny Boyle-Aaron Sorkin collaboration for Universal Pictures that stars offbeat casting choice Michael Fassbender in the title role, are in and are uniformly positive about the film. The movie presents Apple co-founder and former CEO Jobs as "both an iconic visionary and a monster with a silicon chip where his heart should be," but uses history, Jobs' daughter Lisa, and an ensemble cast to create an "astonishingly brilliant" film that even won raves from another co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.


Sorkin talks Jobs: 'you could make another 10 movies about his life'

11/06, 10:44pm

Writer reveals small role in Jobs' Stanford commencement speech

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who has penned the screenplay for the forthcoming Sony-backed movie about Steve Jobs, was interviewed on the project by Emily Chang of Bloomberg and revealed that he had met and spoken on the phone to Jobs a few times, along with some minor details about the upcoming film. Sorkin told Chang that the movie will follow Jobs' interactions with a number of key people, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and former CEO John Sculley. He also detailed his encounters with Jobs.


Briefly: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs, MagSafe 2 Snuglet

10/23, 5:18pm

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in biopic, according to interview

Christian Bale is set to play the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the forthcoming biopic film written by Aaron Sorkin. Previously considered for Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Sorkin said in Bloomberg interview that there wasn't a need for Bale to audition for the role due to being a good fit. The latest screenplay is comprised of three thirty minute scenes of backstage goings on prior to three keynote presentations.


Sorkin to pen Sony's Jobs biopic

05/16, 2:26pm

Social Network writer signs on for Steve Jobs film

Aaron Sorkin -- a writer for The West Wing, Sports Night, and HBO's upcoming The Newsroom -- has officially signed on to script Sony Pictures' forthcoming biopic about the late Steve Jobs. The film will be based on Walter Isaacson's bestselling biography on the Apple co-founder.



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