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ARM outlines Cortex-A72, Mali-T882 chip designs for 2016 smartphones

02/03, 7:54pm

New chips offer performance increases, 4K video support at 120fps

ARM has revealed details of new designs for processors and GPUs, which it hopes will make their way into mobile devices shipping in 2016. The main focus of the new chip designs is the Cortex-A72 CPU, a processor based on the ARMv8-A architecture that is claimed to offer 3.5 times the performance of chips released last year based on Cortex-A15 technology.


LG reportedly preparing launch of first smartphone with Odin processor

10/21, 9:09am

Odin System-on-Chip may appear in LG G3 variant this week

LG may be getting close to launching its first smartphone using its own application processor, a rumor claims. The device, allegedly being prepared for its unveiling as early as this week, will apparently use the "Odin" System-on-Chip, a move which could bring LG in line with long-time competitor Samsung in developing and using its own processors on devices.


ARM launches free mbed 'Internet of Things' Device Platform

10/04, 1:55pm

Amplification of existing standard utilizes existing resources, new development

ARM has announced a new software platform and free operating system to simplify and speed up the creation and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) products. The ARM mbed IoT Device Platform has been built around open standards, and will bring Internet protocols, security, and standards-based manageability into one solution aimed at inexpensive low-power connected devices.


AMD pulls back the curtain on its first ARM A1100 server chip

08/11, 3:12pm

Specifications, technical details released for 'Seattle' ARM Cortex-A57 SoC

Today at Hot Chips in Cupertino, California, AMD announced some new details about its Opteron A1100 "Seattle" system on chip (SoC) for servers. The "Seattle" SoC, which is to be AMD's first ARM entry over the next three years, packs a lot of processing power into a 28nm chip with a total of up to eight ARM Cortex-A57 64-bit cores.


Nest, ARM, Samsung team to enhance 'Internet of Things' protocol

07/15, 9:35am

Big names team to build on existing 802.15.4 wireless networking protocol

Samsung Electronics, Nest Labs, and Freescale Semiconductor have teamed to form the Thread Group. The seven company-strong group has been formed to generate and develop Thread, another IP-based wireless networking protocol for home automation and control of the burgeoning "Internet of Things" market.


Nvidia shifts 'Denver' chips to mobile, GPUs to supplement ARM servers

06/25, 3:44pm

Denver to start as mobile Tegra chip, Tesla GPUs used to supplement ARM-based servers

In 2011, Nvidia announced that it would be developing a 64-bit processor with the "Denver" project code name for servers. This week, it appears that the company's view of servers in the future changed, causing the company to look toward ARM chips. Rather than Denver being built for server use, the company says that the chips will make an appearance in the mobile line of Tegra processors.


AMD will design own custom ARM cores for 2016 introduction

05/05, 2:06pm

AMD details Project Skybridge ambidextrous architecture in processor roadmap

AMD will begin developing its own custom ARM cores, alongside upcoming ARM-based chips such as the Opteron A-Series "Seattle," the company has announced in an investor webcast. The processor maker has signed a licensing agreement with ARM to create its own custom 64-bit ARMv8 CPU core, codenamed K12, as part of the company's move into an "ambidextrous architecture" strategy, which it calls Project Skybridge.


Intel CEO: Apple relationship strong, growing 'closer' with time

02/19, 6:54pm

Hints at future wearable tech, may help provide Apple with ARM chips

During a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session, new Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed that the chipmaker's relationship with Apple continued to be "very close," despite Apple using its own ARM-based chip designs in its most popular products, the iPhone and iPad. Intel continues to supply Apple with chips and graphics systems for most of its Mac line, however, and Krzanich said the two companies continue to "grow closer," suggesting potential future partnerships.


ARM acquires game lighting startup Geomerics

12/13, 12:09pm

Companies to focus on mobile development

Chip maker ARM has announced that it is set to acquire Geomerics, a startup that specializes in lighting effects for game developers. The companies are said to have been directly collaborating on projects for several years, however the buyout is promised to bring a tighter focus on improving the graphics capabilities of ARM's mobile processors.


64-bit quad-core chips coming to Android devices first half 2014

11/29, 6:45am

Quad-core ARM 64-bit designs being readied for 2014

Qualcomm, Nvidia and Broadcom are prepping s 64-bit quad-core chips for introduction in smartphones and tablets in the first half of 2014, reports Digitimes. The report aligns with ARM's roadmap for 64-bit chips that will see its partners begin mass production of 64-bit chips using its Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 designs in early 2014. Although not mentioned in the report, Samsung is also expected to produce a 64-bit Exynos Octa chip for its forthcoming Galaxy S5 that will use ARM's big.Little arrangement pairing four high-performance 64-bit cores with four low-power 64-bit cores.


Samsung: next-gen Galaxy smartphones to go 64-bit, but not till 2014

09/12, 6:23am

Samsung 2014 Galaxy smartphones phones will have 64-bit chips

Samsung’s mobile business boss Shin Jong-kyun has told The Korea Times that its next-generation of smartphones will incorporate 64-bit technology in their CPUs. Shin’s remarks were prompted when asked what Samsung was going to do in response Apple ‘smartphone first’ 64-bit A7 processor running in the new iPhone 5s. Samsung, like Apple, is an ARM licensee, however Apple’s licence (like Qualcomm’s) extends further in being able to re-engineer ARM’s designs to create custom cores -- Samsung will have to wait for ARM’s own off the shelf 64-bit designs, which are due to start rolling off production lines in late 2013 for devices released in 2014.


Apple ranks 79th on Forbes list of 'most innovative' companies

08/14, 2:55pm

Ranking actually based on investor eagerness

Apple has placed just 79th on a new Forbes list of the world's 100 most innovative companies. Entries are actually ranked on an "innovation premium," which reflects how much investors have increased the share price of a company over the value of its existing business, on the assumption that the firm has profitable new products, services, and markets in development. Corporations can also only make the list if they have a $10 billion market cap, a 2.5 percent research and development budget, and at least seven years of public data.


ARM Q2 profits similar to Q1, 30-percent year-on-year improvement

07/24, 5:59am

Litigation costs only low note in ARM quarterly report

ARM has made a marginal improvement to its revenues in recent months, according to the latest quarterly results. Revenues of $171.2 million ($264.3 million) for the second quarter are slightly higher than the £170.3 million ($263.9 million) in the previous, and represents a year-on-year increase of around 25 percent.


First fanless Intel ‘Haswell’ chip for tablets due late 2013

07/24, 5:55am

Intel to debut first fanless 'Haswell' mobile chip design later this year

The first fanless low-voltage Core i-series chip from Intel based on the ‘Haswell’ architecture is inbound for a late 2013 debut. This will enable a new generation of Windows and other tablets that will be able to offer full performance in a much thinner, ARM or Atom-like tablet design. Intel says that the new chip will sip just 4.5 Watts, meaning that a 2-in-1 tablet maker like Microsoft will be able to create a Surface Pro 2 that would be much more like the Surface RT in thickness and weight.


Samsung launches new eight-core Exynos 5 Octa SoC

07/22, 10:30pm

New chip sampled now, ready for mass production in August

Samsung Electronics today introduced the latest addition to the Exynos product family with enhanced graphic performance driven by four ARM Cortex-A15 processors at 1.8GHz with four additional Cortex-A7 cores at 1.3 GHz in a big.LITTLE processing implementation. The new chip reportedly boosts 3D graphic processing capabilities that are over two times greater than the Exynos 5 Octa predecessor.


Compulab reveals Utilite $99 mini PC with quad-core ARM processor

07/15, 9:57am

Small form factor computer uses Ubuntu, Android

Compulab has launched its latest ARM-based Linux desktop computer, one with a small size and relatively cheap cost. The Utilite, offered with either an installation of Ubuntu or Android as an operating system, continues the trend of low-power small form factor computers, by packing a system into a 5.3x3.5x0.8-inch case, similar to its Fit-PC range.


ARM ramping mobile processor clock speeds to 3GHz in 2014

07/10, 7:36am

Next-gen ARM-based chips ramping to 3GHz in 2014

ARM processors will be ramping clock speeds to 3GHz in 2014, a statement by the company reveals. Currently, its high-end chip designs for 2013 are being fabricated on a 28nm process. Chips like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and the Nvidia Tegra 4i, built using ARM designs, are fabricated on a 28nm process with clock speeds hitting a ceiling of 2.3GHz.


AMD plans to ship first ARM-based server processors in late 2014

06/18, 8:36am

ARM server chip from AMD first step toward versions for tablets, phones

AMD will be taking its first steps in producing ARM-based processors, according to a new roadmap. The chip manufacturer will be creating "Seattle" processors for the server market which will use ARM Cortex-A57 cores, which could eventually lead to AMD creating ARM processors destined for tablets in the distant future.


ARM takes aim at mid-range mobiles with Cortex-A12, Mali-T62

06/03, 6:37am

ARM reveals new chip and IP tech for 2014 mid-range mobiles

ARM has revealed its latest processor for mobile devices, the Cortex-A12, which it has developed for the booming mid-range segment. Also new is the Mali-T62, a new mobile GPU that can be paired with Cortex-A12 cores. The Cambridge, England based chip designer also revealed the complementary Mali-V500 video support chip and POP IP technology that reduces system bandwidth and power requirements, while enabling playback of protected video content using TrustZone verification.


ARM first quarter results show higher revenues, profit

04/23, 5:26am

Mali quarterly shipments five times that of Q1 2012

ARM is seeing favorable results again in its quarterly results, continuing on from the rising revenues of the last quarter. The financials for the first quarter of 2013 show revenues rising year-on-year by 26 percent to £170.3 million ($263.9 million), while pre-tax profits earned the company £89.4 million ($136 million), a 44-percent increase compared to Q1 2012.


Mozilla, Samsung collaborate on Servo web browser engine

04/03, 1:44pm

New browser engine designed for modern hardware, Android, ARM

Mozilla and Samsung will be collaborating on an "advanced technology Web browser engine." Servo will be the two company's attempt at rebuilding a web browser that works with modern hardware in mind, with the initial construction efforts of the browser engine focussed on Android and ARM-based systems.


ARM, TSMC tape out first ARM Cortex-A57, next-gen mobile CPU

04/02, 7:46am

ARM, TSMC collaborate on first fabrication of Cortex-A57 chip

ARM and TSMC have jointly announced that they have collaborated on the first tape out of ARM’s Cortex-A57 CPU based on its next-generation 64-bit ARMv8 mobile architecture. The new chip design will be ARM’s highest performing chip to date and is targeted for use in tablets, high-end computers and servers. The Cortex-A57 was fabricated on TSMC’s FinFET 16nm process, which gets its name from the tiny fish fin shape of its transistors.


ARM CEO East to retire, replaced by current president Segars

03/19, 6:36am

Retirement of CEO follows 19 years at company, 12 as CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of ARM will be stepping down from his position in the company on the first of July, in order to enter retirement. Warren East will relinquish his role after 19 years at the company, nearly twelve of those as CEO, and is set to be replaced by the current President of ARM, Simon Segars.


Intel seeking slice of Apple chip fabrication business

03/07, 5:58am

Intel in talks with Apple on mobile chip fabrication

Intel has been in discussions with Apple to fabricate its ARM-based A-series designs, reports Reuters. Executives from the two companies have been investigating the possibility of a contract manufacturing deal that would get Intel into the mobile space, while helping Apple extricate itself from its ties with Samsung. The report follows a similar rumor that first surfaced in mid-2012, which suggested that Intel was targeting Apple’s mobile chip business, albeit with its own x86-based designs.


ARM Q4 revenues up 21 percent, pre-tax profits hit $126M

02/05, 6:40am

Revenue rise down to 2.5 billion in chip shipments

Processor designer ARM has revealed pre-tax profits have risen 16-percent in the fourth quarter of 2012, compared to the same period the year before. The rise sees the company earning £80 million ($126 million) from revenues of £164.2 million ($262.8 million), itself up by 21-percent from the £137.8 million ($217 million) in Q4 2011.


Hisense shows Ultra HD XT880 TV range with Android-based OS

11/07, 11:05am

Hisense XT880 promises to bring down the price of admission for UHD TVs

China-based Hisense has introduced its own range of connected, Ultra High-Definition (no longer officially and technically referred to as 4K) TVs, with the XT880 range. The 50-, 58-, and 65-inch sets all sport 3,840x2,160 resolution and get a number of so-called 'Smart' features such as Wi-Fi for web access and an Android 4.0-based operating system. The remote control will allow users to issue voice commands, while a removable camera will allow for face recognition, gesture control, and video chats over Skype.


ARM unveils 64-bit Cortex-A50 mobile processors

10/30, 4:57pm

New 64-bit chips slated to debut in 2014

ARM today announced a new processor series based on the ARMv8 architecture, the Cortex-A50. The new series will initially include the Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 processors, and it will bring to bear energy-efficient technologies enabling 64-bit processing in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. ARM says the new designs should enable performance up to three times that seen in today's "superphones" while consuming a comparable level of power.


iPhone 5's A6 said to be dual-core Cortex-A15

09/13, 1:56pm

A6 makes iPhone 5 among first devices to ship with A15

The A6 processor Apple showed off yesterday in revealing the iPhone 5 is said by some analysts to be a Samsung-produced dual-core Cortex-A15. EETimes cites analysts at Nomura Equity Research in claiming that the device was manufactured using Samsung's 32-nm HKMG process, making Apple among the first device manufacturers to introduce a processor based on ARM's low-power Cortex-A15 design, which was introduced two years ago.


ARM taps Global Foundries to produce 20nm mobile chips

08/13, 12:09pm

ARM and Global Foundries make multi-year agreement to produce efficient 20nm chips

Global Foundries, a contract chipmaker, has signed a multi-year agreement with mobile chipmaker ARM to produce its next-generation mobile system-on-chip (SoC) processors. The factories are equipped to build 20nm and FinFET process technologies. The deal also calls on ARM developing its Artisan Physical IP platform, including cell libraries, memory compilers and POP IP solutions.


Next-gen Samsung Exynos 5 Dual details revealed

08/10, 7:07am

Samsung Exynos 5 Dual with ARM Cortex A-15 enroute

Samsung has published a white paper (pdf) outlining the technical details and product highlights of its next-generation mobile processor. The new Exynos 5 Dualseries of mobile processors will be clocked at 1.7GHz and have been manufactured on Samsung's 32nm process using its High-K Metal Gate method. Underpinning the design is ARM's Cortex A-15 architecture, which will pit Samsung's latest chip directly against Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 'Krait' processors.


AMD hires away noted Apple chip designer Jim Keller

08/01, 9:00pm

Needs to play catch-up against ARM, Intel low-power chips

Jim Keller, a veteran chip designer who started with Digital Equipment Corporation's Alpha processor before eventually starting P.A. Semi and subsequently joining Apple, has left the company to join Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Keller will help lead the company in an effort to develop lower-power but more-efficient processors based on the ARM design, similar to the work he did with P.A. Semi and Apple. AMD recently noted it was now licensing ARM's processor designs.


ARM pushes past estimates with $103m profit

07/25, 8:44am

ARM beats industry estimates with 23 percent profit rise

ARM Holdings defied the flat technology sector by pushing past analysts estimates in returning a 23 percent pre-tax profit of $103 million for the second quartert. According to Reuters, ARM out grew the industry as demand for mobile chips based on the Cambridge company's designs continues to increase. Despite forecast warnings issued by Intel and ARM partner Qualcomm in recent weeks, ARM maintains that it is on track to meet its forecast for the full fiscal year.


DigiTimes: Samsung Exynos tech at core of next iPhone?

07/05, 11:59pm

Quad-core ARM expected for new device

Notorious source DigiTimes, citing its usual Chinese manufacturing contacts, claimed that Apple's next-generation iPhone will be powered by a quad-core ARM processor based off of Samsung's Exynos 4 architecture. Other details, such as clock speed, or graphics processor technologies, were not provided. Analysts expect that Apple's move to a quad-core chip is necessary to keep them ahead in the smart phone arms race.


AMD to pair ARM, x86 chips for 'ultrathin' notebooks

06/13, 6:15pm

ARM core to operate alongside x86 CPU

AMD has confirmed plans to license ARM technology for chipsets in upcoming 'ultrathin' notebooks. The company is stopping short of replacing its x86-based CPU and GPU components, however, as an ARM Cortex-A5 chip will serve as an independent core tasked with running applications in a secure environment via ARM's Trustzone technology.


SmartKey TV dongle adds Android 4.0, web access to TVs

06/11, 10:24am

Italian product due in July, will bring Android 4.0 to TVs

Italy's LiquidTv has just introduced a new dongle that promises to bring not only web access but Android 4.0 to HDTVs equipped with an HDMI port. The product is called SmartKey TV and houses a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 CPU, Mali 400MP GPU, and 512MB of RAM. The 4GB of onboard storage is supplemented by a microSDHC memory card slot.


Bloomberg: Microsoft to shut HTC out of Windows RT

06/06, 8:25pm

Microsoft claims HTC 'too inexperienced' with tablets, 'sales too low'

HTC is said to be frozen out of the introductory phase of Microsoft's forthcoming Windows RT software. Sources familiar with interactions between the two companies tell Bloomberg that Microsoft has locked HTC out from making any tablet devices featuring Windows 8, though the manufacturer could be included in a later wave of device releases next year. Microsoft has maintained tight control over the number of ARM-based devices it is supporting at launch, and the HTC denial is said to be based in part on a disagreement between the two companies on whether or not a proposed HTC device's interface could be customized.


Honeywld's Google TV gets AirPlay-like media streaming

06/06, 1:41pm

First Android 4.0-based Google TV box shows up at Computex

An ARM chip-based Google TV box from Taiwan's Honeywld Technology running on Android 4.0 has the ability to stream media files from portable Android 4.0 devices. In this regard, it's similar to Apple's AirPlay technology that can stream videos and music from iPhones and iPads through the Apple TV to HDTVs. What's more, the box will have the ability to synchronize photos, IDG reported from the Computex trade show in Taipei.


Acer criticizes Windows 8 on ARM

06/04, 9:00pm

Acer sticking with Intel for right now

A major manufacturer and Windows partner has criticized Mirosoft's new mobile-oriented OS variant WindowsRT, otherwise known as Windows-on-ARM. The option is meant to bring Microsoft's operating system to the low-powered processors that power many of the most popular mobile devices, but Acer has leveled complaints about Windows-on-ARM, and ARM-processor models are missing from the manufacturer's Windows 8 product line. DailyTech reports that the computer maker is simply dissatisfied with the possibilities of Microsoft's ARM offering, and will not be supporting it from the hardware end.


New Asus Transformer tablets to run Windows 8, RT

06/04, 3:47pm

New Asus Transformer tablets using double RAM of Android versions

Asus is bringing out two versions of the Transformer tablet running Windows 8. The Tablet 600 will be an ARM-based Windows 8 RT device, while the Tablet 810 integrates an Intel processor to power a full version of Windows 8. Both tablets will have a RAM boost compared to their Android-based counterparts, but will retain the mobile dock that converts them into small notebooks.


Cook: 'several parts' of the iPhone are 'made in the USA'

05/29, 10:09pm

Will work to add more US-made parts

During his talk with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at today's "All Things D" conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook defending the company's China-heavy manufacturing of its most popular product, the iPhone. Cook said that even in its current version, the back of the iPhone could add "several parts of the US" to its "Made in China" label, pointing to ARM chip manufacturing and the Gorilla Glass used for the screen.


ARM CEO expects 20 percent of notebook PC market

05/18, 7:00pm

CEO says ARM to be bigger in PCs than Intel will be in smartphones

ARM's CEO expects computers powered by the company's processors to hold 10 to 20 percent of the notebook PC market by 2015. Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Warren East said (sub. required) he expects that ARM will have a bigger impact on the PC market than competitor Intel will have as it attempts to enter the smartphone market.


Mozilla calls out MS, wants browser choice on Windows RT

05/14, 4:30am

Mozilla says lack of browser choice takes users back to dark ages

The Mozilla Foundation, maker of the Firefox web browser, is calling out Microsoft for anticompetitive practices with regard to browser capabilities on the upcoming Windows RT. In a blog post, Mozilla's General Counsel Harvey Anderson takes Microsoft to task for programming decisions that will limit the power and feature set of non-Internet Explorer browsers in the next version of Windows.


China said to consider national CPU standard

04/27, 5:40pm

Govt could limit acceptable architectures

Chinese government officials are in the process of attempting to define a national processor architecture standard. If successful, the standard, which EE Times contends might emerge in the next few months, could dramatically alter computing in the world's largest country, and the ripple effects could change the way international companies do business in China.


Samsung Exynos 4 Quad official, confirmed for new Galaxy S

04/25, 10:50pm

Samsung Exynos 4 Quad to rival Tegra 3, more

Samsung on Wednesday ended one of the largest rumors surrounding the new Galaxy S with news of its main processor. The Exynos 4 Quad carries a namesake four ARM Cortex-A9 cores and is made on a newer, smaller 32 nanometer process. Although it clocks in at the same 1.4GHz as in newer Samsung phones, it's roughly twice as powerful while using 20 percent less power, the company claimed.


ARM CEO sees 30 billion unit market within a few years

04/25, 2:55pm

Sees embedded at ten times mobile market

The market for embedded processors could grow to ten times the size of the market for mobile device chips, according to ARM CEO Warren East. In an interview with Mobile World Live, East indicated that while mobile devices remain a profitable sector for the company, ARM has its eye on getting its components into a much wider array of products.


Samsung 'Galaxy S III' tested, hints massive speed leap

04/23, 3:30pm

Samsung i9300 given unofficial benchmarks

Samsung's GT-i9300, possibly the third-generation Galaxy, has had its performance leaked through inadvertent postings to GLBenchmark. The 3D tests caught by a Phone Arena reader show that the quad-core Exynos 4412 chip in the device looks to beat any existing Android phone, and likely the iPhone 4S, by a wide margin. In the common-use Egypt test, the i9300 would be roughly a third faster than the similarly quad-core Tegra 3 in the international HTC One X and three times faster than Samsung's own Galaxy S II.


Vietnam leak spoils Samsung Galaxy S III

04/20, 7:55am

Galaxy S III now known to be GT-i9300

Samsung's May 3 event was spoiled in conspicuous fashion on Friday after Vietnam's Tinhte briefly posted (since pulled) a detailed look at what's now very likely to be the Galaxy S III. Previously seen earlier as the GT-i9300, the hardware appears to have roughly the physical footprint of the Galaxy S II but with a taller, 4.6-inch, 720p screen that uses Android 4.0's onscreen controls. A quad-core 1.4GHz chip (likely the Exynos 4412) makes it clear the device is high-end.


Leak: Samsung Galaxy S III to have 'superlative' quad-core

04/18, 9:55pm

Next Samsung Galaxy to focus on speed first

Following launch secrecy details, a second leak Wednesday has dropped hints that the Galaxy S III, or whatever the device is named, may be a breakthrough in speed. The same source for The Verge as earlier said it would use the rumored quad-core chip, likely the Exynos 4412, and deliver "superlative benchmark performance." The part isn't confirmed, but it's likely to be identical to the Samsung chip in the Meizu MX Quad-core, which could be 60 percent faster than the dual-core MX.


Intel, Microsoft said hoping Windows 8 pushes iPad under 50%

04/18, 8:10am

Intel and MS hope iPad loses majority market share

Taiwan-area contract manufacturers claimed Wednesday that Intel and Microsoft have ambitious aims of reducing the iPad's dominance of tablets. The Digitimes contacts understood the Wintel combination wanted the iPad down from 70 percent share, as it has had in the past, to under 50 percent by mid-2013. For Intel, Lenovo's strength in its native China would be a key factor.


Intel CEO says first Atom-based phone due late this week

04/17, 6:30pm

Intel hints first phone product closer

Intel CEO Paul Otellini during a call discussing his company's latest results revealed that the first phone with one of its company's processors would at last be shipping this week. The executive didn't name the specific phone, but it may be the Lenovo K800, which had originally been promised for May. Other candidates could include the Orange Santa Clara or its near-identical cousin, the Lava Xolo X900.



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