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Olympus Air A01 introduced as external camera sensor for smartphones

02/05, 9:51am

Air A01 accepts Micro Four Thirds lenses, connects to smartphones over Wi-Fi

Olympus is moving into providing smartphone photographers an alternative to Sony's QX Smart Lens line, by offering their own take on the concept. The Olympus Air A01 is a small cylindrical module that contains a 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor which, similar to Sony's QX1, is able to attach to any Micro Four Thirds lens Olympus has created, giving it a wide range of imaging options.


Adobe Flash 11.2, AIR 3.2 with 'premium' features, 3D boosts

03/28, 11:55am

Adobe Flash and AIR udpate with 3D focus

Adobe updated Flash and its offline parallel AIR with a heavy emphasis on gaming, but also with new payment rules. Flash 11.2 on the desktop will now have "premium features" to both get hardware-boosted graphics along with domain memory, but these won't be automatically free, Adobe said. Starting August 1, any Flash app that uses these "console quality" features and earns over $50,000 in app revenues will have to pay a royalty to Adobe.


Adobe posting Flash 11 tonight, brings Flash to LG TVs

10/03, 3:50pm

Adobe to release AIR 3, Flash Player 11 tonight

At its MAX tech conference, Adobe promised that it will release Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 at 9PM Pacific Time (midnight) on Monday. At the same time, LG and TiVo have become the latest partners to bring Flash-based apps using AIR to connected TVs and digital home devices. The latest code from Adobe will allow hardware-accelerated 2D and 3D graphics rendering using Stage 3D.


Adobe to deliver 3D-capable Flash Player 11, Air 3

09/21, 7:45am

Flash Player 11 and Air to land in October

Adobe is set to deliver the first version of its ubiquitous Flash Player that will be 3D-capable. Flash Player 11 and the developer platform Air 3 are due to arrive in October and are said to offer significant enhancements over previous versions of the products. Flash Player 11 is also claimed to offer rendering enhancements in 2D mode in the order of 1000 times faster rendering and is explained in the video embedded below.


Adobe posts Flash 11 beta with low-level 3D, AIR 3 beta too

07/14, 8:25am

Adobe Flash 11 beta and AIR 3 bet arrive

Adobe has moved past Flash 10 technology for the first time in earnest with the posting of a Flash 11 beta and a corresponding AIR 3 beta. The two introduce Stage3D, a set of programming standards for "low-level" graphics acceleration. Nicknamed "Molehill," they allow for more advanced 3D in the plugin as well as better 2D performance.


RIM exec to CEOs: start trying iPhone, stop selling on Flash

06/30, 11:50am

RIM exec open letter challenges CEOs to act

A rare open letter from a RIM executive Thursday has challenged the company's co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis to take more dramatic steps to solve its worsening market share problems. The executive, remaining anonymous with BGR to avoid reprisals from the CEOs and their supporters, accused the company of being isolationist in its strategy and refusing to try competitors' products to see how they work. Instead of simply trying to match feature checklists or please middlemen, RIM management should be using Android and iPhone devices for a week and understanding what they're doing better, the source said.


Google's Swiffy converts Flash to HTML5 to help iOS users

06/28, 3:00pm

Google Swiffy ports Flash files to HTML5

Google delivered a possible snub to its partner Adobe on Tuesday by posting Swiffy. The Google Labs project converts SWF files into HTML5 that will run in browsers that also support JavaScript objects, SVG (scalable vector graphics), and CSS3. The resulting pages work in any modern browser, desktop or mobile.


Adobe Flash Builder, Flex update to build iOS, PlayBook apps

06/20, 7:35am

Adobe Flash Builder, Flex go beyond Android

Adobe gave a boost to cross-platform mobile development with the launches of Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5. Both development tools can now build apps for iOS devices as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook and future BlackBerry Tablet OS devices. The app had supported Android as of April but can now harmonize publishing to multiple platforms at once with a sole core code base.


Adobe drops AIR for Linux due to shift to mobile

06/15, 5:35pm

Adobe says AIR on Linux has no support

Adobe's Flash plans have shifted in the past day as it dealt a blow to Linux while simultaneously bolstering webOS. In a statement, the company's Dave McAllister said the company was shedding support for AIR on Linux from the 2.7 update onwards. He pointed out that Linux had remained at about one percent market share in recent years where Android and iOS had both been growing rapidly, leaving little reason to support Linux on the desktop where mobile was moving much faster and also shifting towards some non-Flash code, such as on Apple's platform.


BlackBerry PlayBook to run Android apps to prop up support

03/24, 7:10pm

BlackBerry PlayBook adds Android app support

RIM along with its latest results confirmed that it would support Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The seven-inch tablet will have a Java engine that not only supports legacy BlackBerry Java apps but those running Android 2.3. The apps will need "players" to work but just need to be repackaged to be downloadable through BlackBerry App World.


Blackberry PlayBook priced from $500, ships April 19

03/22, 5:35am

RIMís answer to the iPad gets real

RIMís Blackberry PlayBook tablet is now officially available on pre-order, starting from $500. Three W-Fi-only models are currently up from pre-order on the Best Buy, Canada website. The Blackberry PlayBook 16GB is going for $500 in Wi-Fi form, the 32GB for $600, and the 64GB for $700. The US Best Buy site is currently only listing the 16GB model for the same asking price as in Canada.


RIM vows Java apps for PlayBook, gives non-denial on Android

03/02, 12:40pm

Java apps due for PlayBook as Android rumors stay

RIM in statements and an interview late Tuesday confirmed that the BlackBerry PlayBook would support Java apps but was elusive on the prospects of supporting Android. It wouldn't flatly deny supporting apps from Google's OS but instead said company officials "haven't said anything about Android." The remarks from senior product manager Ryan Bidan to Engadget and others are unusual given the implications of supporting a rival platform's software.


Excel brings AirLicense to Adobe Air apps

03/01, 6:15pm

Interfaces with the company's QuickLicense system

Applications built with Adobe's Air technology feature a controlled runtime environment that makes it difficult to communicate with external applications, making third-party licensing options tricky to implement. Excel Software says it has solved the problem with AirLicense, an SDK that includes Actionscript source code files that interface to the company's well-established QuickLicense runtime executable with the help of a few drop-in components. Developers can simply add QuickLicense functionality into an existing Air development project, and gain full access to local computer resources through a single Actionscript command.


Flash 10.2 coming to Android 3, PlayBook with GPU speedup

02/14, 2:20am

Adobe vows Flash 10.2 on Android 3.0 tablets

Adobe to kick off Mobile World Congress said that Flash 10.2 was coming to both Android 3.0 devices like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the BlackBerry PlayBook. Like on the Mac and PC, both will support Stage Video GPU acceleration to take much of the load off the processor. The shift should significantly extend battery life and lead to smoother performance as a whole, Adobe said.


RIM starts accepting PlayBook apps, set free PlayBook offer

12/07, 9:50am

RIM accepts BlackBerry PlayBook apps

RIM today began accepting BlackBerry PlayBook app submissions for an eventual posting to BlackBerry App World. The primarily AIR- and Flash-based apps that pass approval should go up when the PlayBook releases early next year. Developers can write apps in Linux, the Mac and Windows, with recent addition bringing 64-bit Windows development and emulation support in Linux.


Adobe Flash, AIR updates spoil imminent Gingerbread release

11/09, 5:40pm

Adobe Flash and AIR patches ready for Android 2.3

Adobe today inadvertently confirmed Google's imminent Gingerbread launch by posting updates to both AIR 2.5 and Flash 10.1 for Android. The update release notes explicitly mention updates for compatibility with Android 2.3, which was finished last month but still isn't official. Both updates otherwise only fix security exploits.


RIM demos PlayBook at Adobe MAX, vows some free dev units

10/25, 2:55pm

RIM shows live BlackBerry PlayBook at Adobe event

RIM at Adobe's MAX conference today showed the first instance of the BlackBerry PlayBook running live. The demos showed a mix of both real and concept apps, including a concept health care app, HD video, Salesforce Chatter and SAP's business tools like CIO Cockpit. All of the apps were shown running on Adobe AIR, which is now the official SDK for RIM's new tablet.


RIM posts BlackBerry PlayBook SDK, simulator for Mac and PC

10/25, 1:45pm

BlackBerry PlayBook gets SDK and simulator

RIM today posted the first SDK and emulators for its upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The kits let both Macs and Windows PCs write apps in BlackBerry Tablet OS' preferred Adobe AIR format and gives a disk image that can run in VMware and possibly other virtual machines. The release gives developers an early opportunity to design ahead of BlackBerry App World submissions and the PlayBook's early 2011 launch.


Adobe AIR 2.5 converts apps for iPhone, tablets, TVs

10/25, 9:15am

Adobe intros AIR 2.5 and InMarket for tablets, TV

Adobe today stepped up development of its non-computer Flash plans by launching AIR 2.5. The app for creating non-browser Flash apps can now package them for Android and iPhone devices but also tablets, including the iPad and the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. Google TV support isn't yet built in, but AIR can build apps for Samsung's SmartTV platform.


Adobe AIR for Android goes live, simplifies porting iOS apps

10/08, 5:45pm

Adobe AIR for Android now ready

Adobe today fulfilled the second half of its mobile Flash strategy by launching AIR for Android. Like on the desktop, the implementation allows Flash apps outside of the browser that can behave more like native code. The feature needs Android 2.2, as with Flash 10.1 itself, and has a download independent of the apps themselves.


Adobe AIR coming to capable Android phones this fall

08/17, 11:30am

AIR 2.5 due for powerful Android phones this fall

Adobe AIR will become publicly available for Android handsets this fall via the Android Market, the company revealed during a recent presentation. According to eyewitnesses from Engadget, an initial number of apps will also be there at the same time and this will be part of the AIR 2.5 release. Developers will have access to the phone's camera, microphone, accelerometer and GPS sensor.


Adobe shows off Android tablets running Flash and Air

05/04, 10:25pm

Multitude of Android tablets expected this year

While Adobe does not have any Apple products on the show floor at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, the company is showing off prototypes of upcoming Android-based tablets. The Google Android Tablet, even in a pre-release form, is capable of running applications and features based on Adobe's Flash and Air codes.


Adobe stops advancing Flash-to-iPhone, focuses on Android

04/21, 7:50am

Adobe exec says Apple being anti-competitive

Adobe Product Manager Mike Chambers late yesterday said his company will no longer put development time into the Flash-to-iPhone conversion tool in Flash CS5. While it will still ship with the CS5 suite, the component won't get significant updates in the foreseeable future. Chambers stressed that Apple's ban on cross-compiling in the iPhone 4.0 SDK made it untenable to continue, and he accused Apple of being anti-competitive.


Wired still using Flash tool for iPad magazine app

04/16, 1:00pm

Wired says it can use Flash CS5 despite Apple

Wired today insisted that its magazine app for tablets will still reach the iPad despite being built using Adobe's Flash-to-iPhone tool. Publisher Conde Nast said it was working with Adobe to develop the reader with the middleware but was adamant that it would still pass Apple's iPhone 4.0 guidelines, which explicitly ban cross-compiling software like the Flash CS5 component.


HP slams iPad, shows Flash on slate

03/08, 6:00pm

HP promo shows AIR, Flash, small keyboard

HP has put up a new video (seen below) of its Windows 7 slate in a direct jab at the iPad. The clip shows the tablet running Adobe's Flash for sites like Hulu as well as AIR for out-of-browser apps like Pandora radio. The presenters add that Flash on the tablet is boosted by hardware and should support HD video for "hours and hours" on a battery charge.


Jobs: Flash dead like the iMac's 'missing' floppy drive

02/18, 4:05pm

Jobs' WSJ tour trashed Flash, touted iPad

Dropping Flash is no different than the decision to drop the floppy drive from the iMac, Apple chief Steve Jobs reportedly told the Wall Street Journal during his iPad promo tour at major publishers. Those who were at the meeting claim that Flash to him is obsolete technology that should be dropped in favor of a better option. He purportedly likened it not only to floppies but also to purging old technologies like FireWire 400, non-LED backlit LCDs, or the dependence on music CDs.


Wired iPad app based on Adobe AIR framework

02/17, 1:00pm

Design not exclusive to iPhone OS

The forthcoming Wired iPad app is not founded in code native to the iPhone OS, the magazine now elaborates. It is instead based on an e-reader using Adobe's AIR framework, which allows the creation of standalone apps using web technologies. From this template, says Wired, it can convert the app for "major tablet and mobile platforms." Content is taken directly from the InDesign files used for the paper publication.


Adobe outs AIR for mobile with indirect iPhone support

02/15, 12:05pm

AIR to reach iPhone through Flash conversion

Adobe on Monday broadened its phone push with AIR for mobile. Much like the desktop version, the new technology allows Flash apps offline and outside of the web browser. In mobile form it can take advantage of specific phone features, ranging from multi-touch to accelerometers and GPS positioning.


Conde preps Wired for Apple tablet without Apple help

11/18, 6:15pm

Wired ready for Apple tablet next year

Magazine publisher Condť Nast today revealed that it's taking the unusual step of optimizing its publications with Apple's rumored tablet in mind. The agency doesn't claim to MediaMemo that it's privy to Apple's design but expects Wired, and later its 17 other magazines, to be ready in a format that works with the device by mid-2010. It will allow both actual-size and optimized formats and should include both mixed media and hooks for social networking.


Adobe posts Flash 10.1, AIR 2 betas with multi-touch

11/17, 8:25am

Flash and AIR betas also bring HW decode

Adobe today fulfilled earlier promises and provided betas for both Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2. Both are the first from Adobe to have a Flash layer that supports multi-touch input, including gestures such as pinching to zoom the window. Flash Player specifically gets H.264 hardware decoding through newer video chipsets and, initially for Windows PCs, can significantly reduce the workload on the CPU or a notebook's battery.


Adobe AIR 2.0 to implement hardware, software links

10/07, 3:20pm

Should also address performance complaints

Adobe has uncovered plans for AIR 2.0, an update to its Flash-based, cross-platform runtime environment, used in software like TweetDeck and the New York Times Reader. The v2.0 runtime will add support for accessing mass storage devices, for instance allowing a camera to transfer photos to a computer, or indirectly upload photos to a website. A new native process API will similarly let AIR apps communicate with regular desktop software, calling up extra functions when needed.


Adobe addresses several Flash vulnerabilities

02/25, 12:05pm

Adobe Flash exploits fixed

Adobe has patched multiple exploit holes present within recent versions of Flash, a company security bulletin informs. The vulnerabilities primarily affect Mac and Windows editions of Flash software at or below v10.0.12.36, as well as the Linux Flash Player starting with v10.0.15.3; the principal exploit involves luring people into loading a malicious SWF file, which exposes a computer to hacking. Two fixes have been made to deter "clickjacking," triggered by clicking on a particular space on a webpage.


Adobe Flash 10 to be ARM-optimized in 2009

11/17, 8:15am

Adobe Flash for ARM in 2K9

Adobe today said it would develop optimized versions of its AIR and Flash 10 apps for ARM11 and Cortex processors. The update will be part of the Open Screen Project initiative and is meant to bring both complex Internet apps as well as more advanced web video to more than desktop computers. The partnership specific to ARM includes a combination of chipmakers such as Broadcom, Freescale, NVIDIA, Samsung and Texas Instruments and should use both a newer, faster generation of ARM processors as well as OpenGL ES 2.0-capable graphics hardware to handle tasks that were previously impractical for lower-performance devices.


Gabob introduces Adobe AIR based game 'Now Boarding'

08/10, 12:35pm

Gabob intros Now Boarding

Gabob has introduced Now Boarding, an airport management game that places gamers in charge of a major airport. The game challenges users to reorganize a badly managed airport. Users have to organize passengers, rout plane schedules and hire employees from a cast of unique characters to keep customers happy. Now Boarding allows gamers to expand into new cities and offers different versions of gameplay, including free play and survival modes. It also offers unlockable rewards and achievements for excellent play.


4D Web 2.0 Pack v11.2 adds iPhone editing

07/25, 4:15pm

4D Web 2.0 Pack v11.2

Developer 4D says it has published v11.2 of the Web 2.0 Pack, a combination of its Ajax Framework and For Flex packages. The suite is intended for developing rich Internet and desktop applications, and includes a variety of tools and plug-ins designed to simplify the process. Aside from Ajax and Flex, the software supports platforms such as AIR and Google Gears.



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