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iPad market share drops by 14 percent in Q3

11/27, 6:44pm

Apple tablets still dominate overall sales

The iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, however a report published by ABI Research suggests competing tablets continue to chip away at Apple's market share. The iPad lineup is said to account for 55 percent of tablet shipments in the third quarter, marking a 14 percent drop from the previous quarter and Apple's lowest share since the original iPad debuted two years ago.


ABI: Android has lost market share for first time

01/27, 11:10am

ABI says iPhone 4S rise led to Android loss

Apple's record iPhone sales have led to Android shrinking for the first time in its over three-year history, ABI Research estimated Friday. Operating on the belief that next-closest Samsung shipped 33 million smartphones, it had Android's collective share drop from 52.5 percent in the summer to 47 percent this fall. Apart from the iPhone 4S' launch effect, Android had 'sagging midsection' where LG, Motorola, and Sony had been fighting just to become profitable.


Android tops Apple with global app share of 44 percent

10/24, 4:30pm

ABI finds Android app downloads overtake iOS

New research from ABI shows that Android mobile operating system surpassed Apple's iOS in the market share of downloaded mobile app downloads. During the second quarter of the year, Android saw a 44 percent market share compared to iOS' 31 percent. ABI research associate Lim Shiyang said Android's open source nature is the driving factor behind its recent success.


ABI: iPads have passed netbooks, Android phones rule Asia

10/20, 2:35pm

Study has Apple ahead in tablets, back in Asa

Dueling ABI studies marked two milestones for mobile technology. Getting details on netbook shipments, it found that mobile tablets had passed netbooks for the first time with about 13.6 million shipping versus 7.3 million of the primarily Windows-based netbooks. Apple alone would have outsold the netbook class with 9.25 million iPads, or 68 percent of tablets by itself.


ABI: Tablets swamp netbooks, become 75% of ultramobile PCs

10/06, 4:55pm

ABI says tablets 3 of 4 ultramobile PCs in 2011

Tablets have grown quickly enough that they're now the vast majority of ultramobile PCs in the US, ABI Research determined Thursday. For the year as a whole, the researchers estimated that the iPad and similar tablets would make up 75 percent of the category. The remaining 25 percent would be led by netbooks, but it would also have to split that share with niche PCs like Mobile Internet Devices.


Samsung Galaxy S II teardown shows ultra-thin construction

07/11, 11:25am

iFixit and ABI deconstruct the Galaxy S II

A new teardown by iFixit has revealed much of the construction of the Galaxy S II and has been joined by a similar look by ABI Research that has revealed some genuinely new parts. While the battery life is unspectacular given the Samsung-made 1.2GHz Exynos chip, the Android 2.3 flagship uses a low-power Infineon XMM6260 baseband chip to keep the power consumption down while reaching full speed. A new CMOS antenna switch, and an all-in-one power amplifier that condenses multiple bands into one also help Samsung manage the smaller size.


ABI: Internet TV, phone company TV stealing cable TV share

05/20, 5:45pm

ABI says online and telco TV hurting cable

In spite of doubts of cord cutting, at least some cable TV providers are feeling an impact from Internet video and some of their more digitally-aware phone companies, ABI Research found in a new study. Cable still had the lead but dropped from 72 percent of TV viewing worldwide in 2009 to 69 percent this past year. What growth there was took place in areas such as Latin America, where many hadn't had access to cable TV to start with and, in Brazil's case, were getting it through a government access plan.


ABI: iPhone could kick Nokia to third place by end of 2011

04/29, 1:50pm

ABI expects iPhone past Symbian in 2011

Nokia's fall and Apple's rise could be quick enough that the iPhone pushes Nokia to third place in smartphones by the end of the year, ABI Research predicted Friday. Having already slipped behind Android, Nokia's plunge from 40 percent of the smartphone space a year ago to 25 percent in in early 2011 was seen as a sign Nokia would continue to drop just as Apple was climbing. iPhone shipments were up by 15 percent, helped in part by the Verizon iPhone, and at the current rate was growing just as quickly as Nokia was shrinking.


Mobile app downloads seen declining by 2013

06/17, 2:25pm

Research shows mobile app stores near height

Mobile app stores could peak in as little as two years, ABI Research warned today. It expects the download rate to peak by 2012 or 2013 and to slowly decline from then onwards. Downloads could still be popular with 1.2 billion apps downloaded in 2015, but the decline would be quick enough that companies may not want to depend heavily on apps in the long term.


Netbooks only a main PC for 11% of users

01/30, 12:35pm

ABI on Netbook as Main PC

Only about a tenth of computer buyers would consider using netbooks as their main systems, ABI Research says in a new study. About 11 percent of Americans asked about the devices say they would use one of the small but low-cost portables as their only or primary computer while majority at 79 percent only consider a netbook a companion device to either a main desktop or regular notebook. The more difficult controls and lower performance are seen as sufficiently high-enough barriers that they preclude many from considering netbooks as more than occasional PCs.


Apple exceeds 1% phone share target for 2008

01/29, 2:00pm

Apple Exceeds 1pc Share

Apple has met and pushed past its target of 1 percent of world cellphone market share in 2008, according to an ABI Research study. iPhones now represent 1.1 percent of the entire cellphone market and grew in dramatically from just 0.3 percent during 2007, when the iPhone was only available for half of the year and only in a limited number of countries. The number puts Apple on par with phone veteran HTC and slightly ahead of Sharp.


ABI predicts massive growth for netbooks in 2009

01/27, 12:25am

Netbooks '09: huge growth

Social and technological factors have conspired to make 2009 the year of the netbook, according to analysts. ABI Research expects a "perfect storm" to form this year, leading to a market explosion in the netbook category, calling for 35 million units to ship in '09, with an estimated 139 million units shipping by 2013. The convergence of PDA functionality, the data-hub theory of smartphone technology and the mobility of ultramobile PCs find a home in netbooks at a time when low-cost, low power processors and light-weight form factors have arrived.


Blu-ray player prices to drop for holidays: ABI

11/07, 4:25pm

Blu-ray prices dropping

Holiday prices for older Blu-ray players may fall in the $150-200 range over the holiday season, representing a price drop in spite of the industry's forecasts and expectations, according to ABI Research. The analyst group believes Blu-ray manufacturers need to drop their prices in order to fend off competitive pressure from high-definition movie download services and the need for strong sales during the holiday season after the recent market troubles.



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