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Briefly: Modern Family on OS X, NBC adds live streaming to apps

02/18, 6:55am

ABC sitcom Modern Family to set episode on OS X desktop

An upcoming episode of ABC sitcom Modern Family is going to take place entirely on the Mac. Due to air under the episode title "Connection Lost" on February 25, Recode reports the entire show will be using the OS X desktop to show the episode's action, with the cast using the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 tablets borrowed from Apple for filming. Despite the appearance of being a Yosemite desktop, the post-production team apparently spent months creating a replica that could be tightly controlled and easily readable by television viewers.


Watch ABC app for Apple TV gets full episodes for non-subscribers

12/19, 9:18am

New content delayed without verified cable subscription

Users of the Watch ABC app on the Apple TV set-top box can now watch full episodes a week after they air without a subscription, ABC has announced. Previously the app was like most network-based offerings on Apple TV, limiting that content to people who could authenticate a cable subscription. Watching the latest episodes as soon as they're uploaded (next-day) still requires authentication, as does the live feed available in select cities.


ABC News app for Apple TV proving more popular than mobile, desktop

08/06, 2:55pm

Users tuning in during primetime hours

ABC News has published new statistics showing that its Apple TV app is enjoying early popularity. During its first 30 days, the app is said to have registered about 50 percent more live video access than ABC's desktop and mobile services combined. Moreover, viewers are said to spend 65 percent more time per session on the Apple TV than on ABC's website.


Apple TV gets dedicated ABC News app [u]

06/24, 10:41am

Limited to watching clips, special feeds

(Updated with channels from PBS, AOl, Willow) Apple has silently updated the Apple TV with a new app channel, ABC News. It doesn't require authentication with a cable provider, but live content is limited to feeds already available on The bulk of the app is dedicated to clips, broken up into categories like Top Stories, and topics such as the 2014 World Cup or the ISIS takeover of Iraq.


Briefly: Netflix trials cheaper tier, ABC restricts online viewing

12/31, 6:31pm

Netflix trials single-stream, standard definition tier with some customers

Netflix is testing a possible new price plan for customers that do not require a HD stream. The new tier spotted by Adweek offers the user a single stream at standard definition for $6.99 per month, $1 cheaper than the normal two-stream standard and HD version typically offered by the service. Netflix has since confirmed its tests, advising "Not all people will see this option and it may not be something we ever offer generally."


Streamer Aereo remains contentious in pair of D11 interviews

05/29, 7:12pm

ABC president, Aereo CEO interviews show differing views

At the Wall Street Jourmal D11 conference, ABC Television president Anne Sweeney and online television streaming service Aereo CEO Barry Diller were interviewed separately, with vastly differing opinions on the recently expanded startup which has seen its share of lawsuits both instigated by and delivered unto it. The ABC president called Aereo "wrong," adding that she believes that "it is illegal, and it is opportunistic piracy" despite no court yet agreeing with her sentiment.


ABC to stream live TV broadcasts to mobile apps this week

05/13, 9:58am

Live Button rolls out to viewers in New York, Philadelphia first

Broadcaster ABC is said to be updating its iOS app to offer live streams of shows from local ABC stations later this week. New options for a "Live" button in the Watch ABC app for iPhone and iPad will mark it as the first major US broadcaster that provides live streams of its channels to app users, with the first markets to gain the service being New York and Philadelphia.


Hulu intros four new original shows

04/19, 7:45pm

Hulu steps up original video content

Hulu used its turn at upfronts for TV content to reveal that it was adding four original shows beyond those teased earlier in the year. The strategy would be headlined by The Awesomes, a superhero comedy show due in 2013 that would draw on Saturday Night Live actors Seth Meyers and Michael Shoemaker. A nearer-term committed show, the 2012 basketball series We Got Next, would have The Game's Hale Rothstein and Kenya Barris along with The Office's Danny Leiner.


Aereo countersues Fox, PBS to keep TV streaming alive

03/20, 4:10pm

Aereo expands countering lawsuits

Aereo on Tuesday grew its countersuits against TV networks to include several more networks. Fox, PBS, Univision, WPIX, and WNET were all targeted under a complaint that wanted the judge to rule that Aereo wasn't violating the networks' copyrights. It had already sued ABC, CBS, and NBCUniversal a week ago.


Aereo countersues TV networks to clear mobile TV service

03/12, 4:25pm

Aereo demands clearance to keep broadcasting

Aereo started off the week with a countersuit hoping to stop a broadcaster lawsuit targeting its fledgling mobile TV streaming service. The service wanted the court to declare that Aereo didn't violate the copyrights of ABC, CBS, and NBCUniversal, effectively negating the original complaint. None of the services had formally tried to stop the launch of Aereo, which goes live on Wednesday.


Hulu gets more original TV to reduce dependence on networks

01/15, 6:05pm

Hulu starts up own online-only TV series

Hulu followed in Netflix's footsteps Sunday by launching its first fictional, original TV series. Battleground covers a fictional political campaign in Wisconsin and is produced by JD Walsh, 500 Days of Summer's Marc Webb, and Hagai Shaham. It should be followed up by more documentaries, including a second season of Morgan Spurlock's A Day in the Life and Richard Linklater's new Up to Speed.


Comcast, Disney renew 10-year deal for TV, Internet video

01/04, 4:10pm

Comcast and Disney sign new 10-year TV, web deal

Cable provider Comcast has renewed its distribution deal with Disney, signing on for another 10 years. Programming from ABC, ESPN and 68 other channels or services is included in the deal, as is streaming to portable devices such as notebooks, iPhones and iPads through dedicated apps. Under the deal, Comcast will pay more money to Disney with each successive year as license fee schedules are introduced over time, which will more than likely translate to increased bills for Xfinity users.


Citi: 27% watch shows on Netflix, 8% watch iTunes

12/22, 12:05pm

Citi study shows Netflix stil in comfortable lead

A new Citi Investment Research study from analyst Mike Mahaney points to Netflix still increasing its share of Internet movie and TV viewing. Between May and December, Netflix's share of those watching movies on TV grew from 20 to 27 percent. Most of that came at the expense of Hulu, which was down from 19 percent to 15.


CBS: we turned down Apple streaming TV deal over ad split

11/03, 9:55pm

CBS says Apple planned stream TV with shared cash

CBS chief Les Moonves may have inadvertently confirmed Apple's negotiations for a streaming TV service during the company's fiscal results call. He claimed that CBS had turned down a deal for a service because it would have split ad revenues. The executive didn't give details of what the service would have involved.


ABC, Disney strike new video deals with Amazon, Netflix

10/31, 8:30am

ABC and Disney stay online with Amazon, Netflix

Disney and its ABC division on Monday recommitted themselves to Internet video Monday with separate deals for Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. Both deals give it access to all prior seasons of both active and recently ended shows as well as back catalog access. Amazon's deal gives it both access to on-demand Instant Video as well as unlimited access for Prime subscribers.


Starz breaks with Netflix, plans to pull content February 28

09/01, 5:40pm

Starz claims 'appropriate' pricing need

(Update: Netflix responds) Netflix took a large hit on Thursday after Starz said it had broken off talks to renew a content deal. Under current conditions, the TV channel provider would pull the movies and other pay TV content it licenses out to Netflix on February 28, 2012. Its statement tried to portray Netflix as cheapening its service and that it was purportedly doing its content a service by shopping for deals elsewhere.


Hulu Plus goes live in Japan

09/01, 1:35am

Hulu Plus now active in Japan

Hulu on cue has launched Hulu Plus for Japan. The country is the first outside of the US to get Hulu and gives it a very different business model. Plus is the only option in the country and costs the equivalent of $19 per month, almost twice as much as the $8 it does in the US.


Apple quietly drops 99-cent TV show rentals from iTunes [U]

08/26, 5:00pm

Apple sheds mention of TV show rentals

(Update: official explanations) Apple has dropped the 99-cent TV show rentals that it used to launch the second-generation Apple TV. Along with dropping the option from the store itself, the Apple TV product page no longer makes mention of the option. Rentals are now limited to movies, and TV shows are back to being purchase-only.


ABC likely to start authentication for 'free' online video

08/16, 2:50pm

ABC working on authenticating online video views

ABC will join Fox in requiring users to log in while viewing online TV content. This solidifies earlier rumors that the Disney-owned network will do this, sources said to AllThingsD. During an earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger indicated he back distributing his company's content over nontraditional outlets like Hulu and Netlfix as long as it doesn't disrupt the current relationship with cable companies.


Amazon, AT&T, Verizon also exploring buyout of Hulu

07/05, 5:25pm

Hulu talks to Amazon, ATT, Verizon, more

Hulu's shopping itself around also includes Amazon, AT&T, and Verizon, insiders revealed Tuesday. The companies are part of a "short list" that included Microsoft as its first stop last week and will include Yahoo and Google next. AllThingsD's sources didn't learn how Microsoft had reacted but also heard Hulu will bring up the idea to Facebook, Liberty Media, Netflix, and Samsung.


Leak: Hulu's content staying exclusive post-sale, CEO eager

06/27, 6:25pm

Hulu content to stay exclusive after sale, more

More details regarding the upcoming and expected sale of Hulu have been dug up by AllThingsD. Hulu's content partners, including known deals for Disney and Fox, have extended their licenses and these will stay in place after a sale of the video streaming company. Comcast/NBCUniversal will be forced to follow these partners, and the content from the three will be mainly exclusive to Hulu.


Hulu near deal with Disney to renew shows, get more ads

06/24, 4:30pm

Hulu close to Disney deal following Fox

Tipsters said Friday that Hulu was wrapping up a deal to keep getting ABC and Disney shows. A pair of sources said a rough deal had already been set that would keep shows going in return for more than the 2.5 minutes of ads Hulu normally runs. The deal seen by AdAge could be completed within "weeks."


Hulu reportedly looking at sale after mystery offer

06/21, 6:00pm

Hulu rumored selling itself off

Two insiders said Tuesday night that Hulu was considering selling itself after having been given a buyout offer. The source hadn't been identified but, according to CNBC's Julia Boorstin, was "not Google." Hulu hadn't decided what to do about the offer other than exploring its possibilities.


Fanhattan launches iPad app uniting Hulu, iTunes, Netflix

06/01, 4:40pm

App simplifies searching to find content

Fanhattan has used the D9 conference to launch a new iPad app (free, App Store) that provides a consolidated view of movie and TV content from multiple media sources. Using the app, a viewer can browse or search for content by title, genre, or actor regardless of where it's located. Current media sources include Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes and ABC Player.


Vudu steps up heat on Apple with first TV shows

05/03, 5:25pm

Vudu adds TV shows for first time

Vudu chose Tuesday to throw itself into more direct competition with iTunes and Netflix by carrying TV shows. The deal gives it access to shows from ABC, AMC, Fox, HDNet, Palm, Showtime, Sony, Starz, and The CW, such as Weeds and The Walking Dead. As a paid service, its episodes will show a day after the air date rather than weeks or months like on Netflix.


CBS finally bends, brings some shows to Netflix

02/22, 4:00pm

CBS brings classic TV shows to Netflix

CBS today showed a rare willingness to bring its TV shows to a subscription Internet service today and gave Netflix some key content. Classic shows such as Cheers, Star Trek and Twin Peaks will now be viewable through a streaming plan, as will two newer shows, Flashpoint and Medium. The non-exclusive deal lasts for two years and has an option for a two-year renewal.


Hulu may use live TV, lose free ABC and Fox to iTunes

01/27, 1:45am

Hulu could move to bundles and toss free video

Hulu is considering a major shakeup of its business model that could move away from its free format and towards a paid service with live TV, insiders claimed early Thursday. While it wouldn't drop the current model, the service is pondering the option of mimicking cable services by offering live TV in package bundles as well as video on demand. The plan would still be under discussion, the WSJ heard.


Netflix scores access to ABC, Disney TV with 15-day gap

12/08, 10:10am

Netflix gets fuller ABC and Disney streaming TV

Netflix landed another major content deal today as it reached a new deal with Disney and ABC. In exchange for a minimum 15-day delay between a first TV appearance and the online version, Netflix will get a much deeper catalog that includes prior-season access to current shows like Grey's Anatomy and full seasons of past shows like Lost and Scrubs. Disney's TV content is expanding, and ABC Family is reaching the Internet for the first time.


Netflix may pay $100,000 per show to get current TV online

12/02, 2:50pm

Netflix hoping to get streaming of new TV episodes

Netflix has been pressing hard to get current TV shows on Watch Instantly, according to rumors surrounding negotiations. The company reportedly said it was willing to pay between $70,000 and $100,000 per episode if it meant getting access to a given season while still on the air. Most of the "friction" in the discussions, the New York Post's sources said, has been TV broadcast owners arguing that they have rights over current-season TV that even the show producers themselves would lack.


Google TV almost shut out after Comedy Central, MTV blocks

11/22, 2:25pm

Viacom blocks Google TV for Comedy Central, more

Google TV was dealt another major blow on Sunday after viewers discovered that Viacom had blocked the platform on its networks. Websites for Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and other networks now show that the "content is unavailable for your device" rather than loading the Flash video. The restriction was expected earlier given Viacom's failed lawsuit against YouTube but comes relatively late.


Fox starts blocking Google TV

11/10, 7:40pm

Fox website blocks Google TV browser

Google today faced another major setback as viewers discovered that Fox had joined SyFy and other majors in blocking Google TV. Anyone trying to watch Bones, The Simpsons and other shows on are given an error claiming the content is "not compatible with your device." Fox was thought to have been uncertain but now appeared to have settled on banning the platform's Chrome web browser.


SyFy joins list of channels blocking Google TV

11/08, 9:00pm

SyFy latest to block Google TV browser

Viewers discovered this weekend that SyFy has begun blocking Google TV devices from its site. The NBC-owned channel began telling users that video is not "currently available on this device." It joins blocks by other major studios, including NBC itself as well as ABC and CBS. Hulu has blocked Google TV from its free access since before launch.


Google TV blocked by TV studios over piracy concerns

10/21, 8:05pm

Google TV set back by TV agency blocks

Google TV is being blocked by TV studios at least partly out of piracy fears, tips alleged on Thursday [sub. required]. Disney's ABC as well as CBS have all confirmed that they prevent the TV OS from watching their free Flash video sites. The WSJ understood from leaks that at least Disney and NBC had objected because it didn't think Google was doing enough to stop piracy.


Verizon, Disney bring deals for ESPN on tablets, 3D on FiOS

10/07, 6:25pm

Verizon gets ESPN deal for tablets and FiOS

Verizon and Disney today formalized a deal that will bring the ESPN sports channel's content to tablets as well as more to FiOS TV. The plan will give access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, Buzzer Beater and Goal Line both on computers and in a tablet-optimized format. The approach is limited to FiOS TV subscribers but will let them authenticate themselves for access when the service goes live in "coming months."


Ivi hit with lawsuit over unauthorized use of TV shows

09/28, 7:05pm

Broadcasters claim copyright infringement

Several broadcasters have filed a lawsuit against Ivi TV after the startup defied cease-and-desist demands to stop retransmitting broadcast TV signals via the Internet without permission. Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS have accused the small company of copyright infringement for its web-based streaming service, which provides access to over 20 channels for $5/month.


ABC, Nielsen iPad app offers first-ever live TV sync

09/16, 11:45am

ABC My Generation iPad app 1st to sync live TV

ABC today put out the first mobile app known to sync directly with a live TV show. My Generation for the iPad (free, App Store) changes in real time with the TV show of the name through audio watermarking technology from Nielsen. By listening to cues from the show with the iPad's built-in mic, the app can provide background knowledge, polls and trivia games as the show progresses, without spoiling the rest of the episode.


Apple TV switches to streaming, gains 99-cent HDTV rentals

09/01, 2:50pm

ABC, Fox, Netflix sign on as early partners

Apple today exposed a major overhaul of the Apple TV, long the company's neglected "hobby" product. The new set-top is roughly a quarter the size of the original, and all black. It includes HDMI, USB, Ethernet and optical audio connections, as well as 802.11n Wi-Fi. In terms of interface it continues to use a button-based remote, and the firmware resembles earlier versions. Inside, however, there is no longer any option of permanent storage.


ABC, Fox 'confirmed' for iTunes 99-cent TV rentals

08/31, 9:20pm

ABC and Fox lined up for iTunes TV rental pilot

Apple has managed to line up two major TV networks for its 99-cent iTunes TV rentals ahead of tomorrow's event, a late leak may have confirmed this evening. Previously undecided Fox as well as ABC have reportedly agreed to offer at least some of their shows. The WSJ sources warned that Fox might only offer rentals for a short time as a trial balloon and that it wouldn't include shows where rights aren't uniformly in its favor, like American Idol.


Disney seen closest to 99-cent iTunes TV rentals

08/24, 11:05pm

More details of 99c iTunes TV rentals emerge

Apple's ongoing discussions for 99-cent iTunes TV rentals were given support today by a pair of sources Tuesday evening. Anonymous contacts told the WSJ this evening that Disney was the closest to a deal and could agree to allowing some ABC shows soon. It's speculated that Apple chief Steve Jobs' position on Disney's board of directors would be a strong influence on the plan.


Google TV gets push back from studios

08/18, 4:35pm

Google TV not very welcome at TV providers

Google is getting significant resistance from TV networks for its Google TV strategy, insiders said Wednesday. It has reportedly talked with ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC about scraping video site data and TV-ready reformatting but has so far been turned down, the WSJ wrote. Studios are allegedly worried that the info, which would help mix TV and web results, could lure customers away from more profitable traditional TV or put pirated material ahead of legitimate content.


Hulu Plus to trial in just a few days with iPad support?

06/24, 10:50pm

Hulu subscription testing said imminent

More Hulu news has surfaced this evening as a leak now suggests the paid Hulu Plus service will start running in a matter of days. Anonymous contacts said a trial version of the subscription TV streaming is due to go live before the end of June. It would be invite-only at first, and negotiations with studios are believed to still be in later stages.


Hulu may add CBS, Time Warner with paid service

06/23, 3:30pm

Hulu could have four studios in subscription TV

Hulu is in talks with CBS and Time Warner to add their TV shows in time for the paid subscription service, a leak from within the negotiations may have given away today. While terms of the deal haven't been outlined in full, CBS would start supplying shows for the paid service by September, as the new TV season starts. Time Warner's staging wasn't outlined by the Bloomberg source.


Hulu for iPad, Xbox could be ready in two months

06/08, 9:25pm

Hulu paid subs for iPad could be ready soon

Hulu's rumored paid subscription service should be ready considerably sooner than thought, a pair of sources claimed Tuesday night. The TV streaming service should be ready within the "next month or two" and at some point should involve the iPad and Xbox 360. Rates weren't discussed, but the Reuters contacts echoed views that the free web-based service would still offer newer shows while the paid version would allow for older shows and other, unspecified content.


NBC, Time Warner refusing to move to HTML5?

05/27, 1:00pm

NBC and Time Warner hoping Flash bites Apple

A number of major studios that include NBC and Time Warner are deliberately rejecting HTML5 video in favor of Flash, rumors maintained today. TV networks have allegedly told Apple they have no plans to switch as the cost and results wouldn't be worthwhile. None of the involved companies has confirmed or denied the remarks.


Hulu Plus far from launch, but may be "revolutionary"

05/18, 10:00am

Hulu Plus won't make May 24 date

The Hulu Plus subscription service is in "no way" ready for its rumored May 24th trial date, a follow-up leak claimed today. While an updated schedule isn't available, the $10 plan is said to be still far too distant. The AllThingsD tipster didn't explain what was holding up the expanded service, although negotiations with ABC, Fox and NBC are possible candidates.


Hulu sides with Flash over HTML5, updates existing site

05/13, 3:25pm

Wei: Technology 'not ready yet'

Hulu -- the TV streaming service owned by ABC, NBC and Fox -- will not be switching to HTML5 anytime soon, according to the company's product VP, Eugene Wei. "We continue to monitor developments on HTML5, but as of now it doesnít yet meet all of our customers' needs," Wei writes in a blog post. "Our player doesnít just simply stream video, it must also secure the content, handle reporting for our advertisers, render the video using a high performance codec to ensure premium visual quality, communicate back with the server to determine how long to buffer and what bitrate to stream, and dozens of other things that arenít necessarily visible to the end user."


ABC updates iPad app with 3G streaming

05/04, 2:50pm

Rights issues vanished?

Confirming earlier reports, US network ABC has already released an updated version of ABC Player for the iPad. Users can now stream TV shows over cellular networks, eliminating a limitation discovered by buyers of the new 3G iPad models. It had been suggested that 3G was blocked because of rights concerns.


ABC near launching 3G-capable iPad app

05/03, 3:45pm

Update already submitted to Apple

ABC is reportedly ready to launch an updated version of its iPad app, according to the Business Insider. The app will allow users to stream videos across 3G networks, overcoming the Wi-Fi limitation of the current version. An ABC representative recently blamed the restriction on a "variety of business and technical considerations."


Some apps blocked, throttled on 3G iPad

04/30, 11:10pm

iPad app devs scale back 3G features

Certain iPad apps are dramatically scaling back or even blocking their video when on the 3G-ready iPad, new owners have been discovering today. The YouTube app significantly degrades the quality of video; ABC's TV viewer doesn't allow video at all unless it's on Wi-Fi. Only a few apps, such as Netflix, appear to work normally.


Hulu planning $10 subscription for back catalog access?

04/22, 9:30am

Hulu Plus may use library as incentive for subs

Hulu is about to test a paid subscription service that would count on accessing its back library to drive business, a rumor late Wednesday said. The Hulu Plus plan would give the five most recent episodes of any TV show for free but would charge $10 per month for access to older episodes. When it would start wasn't said by the LA Times sources, but a trial service would start May 24th.



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