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Apple rumored experimenting with A5X iPhone, new iPod touch

04/09, 10:25am

Apple said testing A5X in old iPhone body

A new rumor Monday has shown that Apple might be examining the effect of the A5X chip in an iPhone. The 9to5 claim has a version of the new iPad's chip was reportedly sitting in the existing iPhone 4S body as a test mule. The design, codenamed N96, reportedly has the same 1GB of RAM, although no mentions were made of what might be different.


New iPad's A5X beats NVIDIA Tegra 3 in some key tests

03/19, 11:50am

New iPad outruns Tegra 3 in gaming and web

A fresh comparison has validated many of the suspicions that the new iPad's A5X may well be faster than NVIDIA's Tegra 3 processor in a large number of tests. Apple's slate, despite competing against a quad-core chip from a company considered an expert in graphics, was faster in visually-oriented tests conducted by Laptop. While a standard GLBenchmark test showed it about 13 percent faster, a texture fill rate test in the same suite showed it having almost five times the processing power in that area.


New iPad looks show iPhone 4's camera, huge graphics core

03/16, 6:40pm

Chipworks shows familiar parts in new iPad

The new iPad is borrowing familiar parts and suppliers to reach its goals, Chipworks and UBM TechInsights found separately in new examinations on Friday. Apple's back camera is using the OmniVision OV5650, the same five-megapixel CMOS sensor used in the iPhone 4. Any improvements in image quality come mostly from the lens elements, which come from the more recent iPhone 4S.


Early teardown of new iPad underway [U2]

03/15, 1:05pm

2012 iPad given initial teardown

(Update 2: more details) Following the new iPad's Australian launch, iFixit has been conducting a teardown of Apple's tablet. The early look so far validate rumors surrounding the design, proving that Samsung is the initial LCD supplier and that a different display connector sits inside that prevents simply swapping in an older screen. Even more so than before, the inside is dominated by the three-unit battery, with the mainboard just a fraction of the inside.


New iPad unboxed in Vietnam, shows 4G toggle and benchmarks

03/13, 7:40am

iPad 2012 gets shown off early

Well-known for its pre-release Apple access, Vietnam's Tinhte in a pair of posts has gotten early access to the third-generation iPad and answered some of its core questions. Apart from proving that the box will be very familiar, the site confirmed that the new iPad has an LTE toggle to save power. Most Android devices often won't allow this without a third-party app or hack.


New 4G iPad seen costing $310 to make, lowering margins

03/09, 7:45am

UBM sees Apple making less on new iPad

A UBM TechInsights preliminary breakdown of the new iPad's costs has suggested Apple is at least taking a slight price hit to build it. It believed that a 16GB, iPad 4G model cost about $310 in raw components. While it represented a 51 percent margin over the $629 price before many other factors came into play, it was significantly less than an equivalent 3G iPad 2's 56 percent margin when it was new in 2011.


Samsung cherry-picks in Galaxy Note 10.1 vs. new iPad

03/07, 7:20pm

Samsung struggles to make Note 10.1 vs iPad look

Samsung had an immediate reaction to the new iPad where it crafted a skewed comparison between Apple's new hardware and the Galaxy Note 10.1. The argument contends that Samsung's tablet is better primarily because it has native pen input, which would let it draw, edit photos, and write with a pressure-sensitive pen. "Popular" demand for aftermarket iPad pens at Amazon was portrayed as a sign users wanted the feature, Samsung said.


Next iPad tipped getting more RAM, separate LTE versions

03/06, 3:50pm

iPad HD may load up on RAM and fork LTE models

Another rumor surfacing less than a day before Apple's next-generation iPad event may have filled in some of the in-between details of the future iPad and the Apple TV. While recapping most of the common beliefs, such as the 2048x1536 display and sped-up A5X dual-core chip, The Verge understood there would be more RAM. How much wasn't mentioned, although 1GB is most likely given Apple's tendency to double RAM and the need to hold large art assets in memory.


Two tips: next iPad is called iPad HD

03/05, 7:20pm

Apple said to have settled on iPad HD

An uncommon instance of two dovetailing rumors may have divulged the final name of the next iPad. Both CNET and VentureBeat understood from sources that it would be called the iPad HD to emphasize the high-resolution 2048x1536 screen. While still going mostly on word, it came just after accessories had turned up making an association with the name.


Secondary evidence supports next iPad carrying LTE

03/05, 5:30pm

iPad 3 now seen more likely with LTE

Mounting rumors of the next iPad carrying LTE built steam Monday. A new claim from iMore, which accurately pegged the March 7 event date, maintained that LTE would be part of the launch event on Wednesday. Details were still left out of the loop, such as whether it would involve a unified LTE chipset for everyone or if there would need to be separate versions for AT&T, Verizon, and other carriers.


iPad 3's whole shell put together ahead of launch

03/04, 11:10am

iPad 3 externals assembled in hint of future

Various part leaks for the next iPad came full circle on Sunday after a project successfully melded several parts together. MIC Gadget was able to get the front, back, and glass of the future Apple tablet assembled to prove that they were part of a cohesive design. As already suspected, the new iPad's case was just slightly thicker than its predecessor, although a more gradually tapered back could make it feel thinner in the hand.


Apple seen working on both A5X and A6 chips

02/26, 5:25pm

Apple may have two iOS processors in development

Apple's A5X chip might still be joined by a full-fledged A6, based on an investigation of code. A deep dig by 9to5 into the iOS 5.1 beta code has shown both a more modest upgrade, the S5L8945X (possibly A5X), as well as a previously undiscovered S5L8950X. With the existing A5 known as the S5L8940X, it hints that Apple has been working on two chips at once for the first time.


iPad 3 mainboard shows with A5X chip name

02/19, 1:15pm

iPad 3's chip may be upgraded A5 instead

An apparent discovery Sunday has shown what's purported as the iPad 3's mainboard with an unexpected A5X, not A6, processor name. The WeiPhone details don't directly indicate what this would imply, but they imply more of an evolution than a major overhaul. A date code on top suggests it was made in 2011 week 46, or about November 14-20 and the timeframe when iPad 3 production may have started.



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