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Court: Samsung has illicit access to Apple-Nokia licensing terms

Samsung allegedly used terms to gain upper hand in negotiations

Samsung executives obtained illicit access to the terms of licensing agreements between Apple and Nokia, and at least Apple is requesting sanctions, according to an Apple v. Samsung court order from Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal. The licensing terms were contained in a non-redacted document marked for...

Apple blasts DoJ's proposed settlement terms as 'draconian'

Claims terms would 'establish a vague new compliance regime'

Apple has lashed out at the Department of Justice's proposed terms for settling the case the latter brought over e-book price fixing. In court documents, Apple calls the terms a "draconian and punitive intrusion" into its business, with penalties "wildly out of proportion to any adjudicated wrongdoing...

Court sides with Apple vs. Samsung in lawsuit claim terms

Apple gets to set patent terms in suit vs Samsung

Apple scored an important win in its original US lawsuit versus Samsung on Wednesday after Judge Lucy Koh mostly sided with Apple's claim construction surrounding patents. Out of eight terms across seven patents, she sided with Apple on five definitions and Samsung for two, using...

Comcast-NBC deal may face net neutrality terms for 7 years

Comcast-NBC deal terms leak, push neutrality

A merged Comcast and NBC would have to live under net neutrality conditions for at least seven years, according to escaped details from the FCC's proposed terms. Regardless of what would happen with neutrality rules, it would be banned from blocking or throttling rival content...

Amazon App Store terms would let Amazon force DRM

Amazon App Store for Android terms leak out

Amazon's upcoming Android App Store will have terms that will let it alter apps against developers' wishes to add copy protection, a leak of the terms and conditions has shown. The tentative developer agreement for the store would give Amazon full rights to change an app to...

EFF exposes iPhone dev agreement, 'feudal' SDK terms

Terms muzzle developers, claims EFF

The license agreement for the iPhone Developer Program contains some draconian terms, says the Electonic Frontier Foundation. The group recently used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain a copy of the license from NASA, a government body which...

Apple manager helps lead HTML standardization group

Apple helps lead HTML spec

An Apple manager, Maciej Stachowiak, has been appointed co-chairman of the HTML standardization group, according to CNET News. The HTML Working Group, a division of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), had previously been chaired by Sam Ruby of IBM and Chris Wilson from Microsoft....

Taco HTML Edit 2.5 adds Component Library

Taco HTML Edit 2.5 ships

The latest release of Taco Software's HTML and PHP editor, Taco HTML Edit 2.5, features a new Component Library. The library is comprised of 20 customizable items, which can be inserted into an HTML document; widgets include slideshows, pie charts, scrollable tables, date and...

Adobe restrains terms of Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express terms

Adobe has reacted to criticism and revised the terms of service for Photoshop Express, its recently-launched web version of the popular photo-editing software. Under the the original terms, Adobe effectively claimed the rights to use images for whatever purposes it wanted,...

Apple loses appeal on 'App Store' trademark in Australia

Term is essentially ruled too generic due to popularity of concept

On Wednesday in Sydney, Australia, a court ruled against Apple in an appeal by the iPhone maker to overturn a previous ruling that denied the company a trademark on the term "app store," despite the fact that Apple had clearly invented the term back in 2008. The fundamental problem Apple has had in trying...

Hands On: Byword (OS X, iOS)

Markdown editor makes rich text writing, blog content, or HTML text easy

Byword ($12 for Mac, $6 for iOS, but currently on sale for $10 and $3, respectively) is a straightforward text editor designed specifically for writing either plain (or rich) text or in Markdown, a style specifically designed for blog writers (or anyone who needs to provide text content with HTML tags... acquired by parent company of, Tinder

Terms of purchase involves exit of founding brothers, the controversial question-and-answer site, has been acquired by the parent company of and Tinder. InterActiveCorp picked up the service for an undisclosed amount, though under one of the terms of the purchase, founding brothers Mark and Ilja Terebin have been forced to cash out and leave...

T-Mobile announces plan to throttle those abusing 'unlimited' data

P2P file-sharing, unofficial tethering both violations of the terms of plans

On the heels of Verizon's announcement that it will periodically throttle the LTE speeds of its most prodigious users during times of network congestion, a leak from T-Mobile has revealed a similar program -- but with a different approach. Rather than targeting a certain percentage of the heaviest users...

Independent labels face YouTube video removal in licensing spat

Refusal to agree on YouTube licensing terms induces removal threat

Independent record labels may see their music videos removed from YouTube, if they do not agree to new licensing terms relating to the video site's rumored music service. The videos could be removed "in a matter of days" if an agreement is not reached for the service, which is believed to start testing...

Google blocks Microsoft's YouTube app on Windows Phone

App violates terms of service

Google has blocked Microsoft's YouTube app on Windows Phone, continuing an ongoing advertising dispute between the two companies. In a statement issued to The Verge, the search giant has confirmed that it blocked the app from accessing YouTube content due to violations of the streaming video service's...

Google Glass ToS bans reselling or loaning eyewear, more

Google issues draconian Terms of Service for Google Glass Explorer edition

The Terms of Sale for the Google Glass Explorer edition has been found to forbid the reselling or loaning of the device, reports Wired. The much-hyped Google smart eyewear has been in hot demand since Google made the device available for purchase by developers following a competition to get early access...

Apple crushes Samsung in 2014 patent trial claim construction

Apple prevails in six constructions, loses one SEP term buildout

In pre-trial claim construction court filings for the 2014 Apple vs. Samsung trial, Apple has emerged victorious in all but one patent claim. Late Wednesday, Judge Lucy Koh of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California issued a claim construction order relating to seven...

USPTO nixes Apple trademark application for iPad mini

USPTO says Apple can't trademark 'merely discriptive' terms

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has rejected Apple's application for a trademark on the term "iPad mini," it was revealed recently. In a letter sent to Apple on January 24 -- but only recently made public -- the USPTO said that the addition of "mini" to "iPad" was not significantly distinct...

Apple, Amazon ordered to settle 'App Store' trademark suit

Negotiations begin on March 21 over use of the term

In an order filed earlier today, Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte -- presiding over hearings for the Apple versus Amazon "app store" suit -- has ordered the pair to try and hammer out an agreement before the case goes to trial. The two companies are now scheduled to meet on March 21 to come to a settlement....

Samsung pre-trial term definition backfires; favors Apple

'electronic document' definition draws from Apple's patent

Electronics manufacture Samsung has been dealt another setback in the work-up before its trial with Apple. Samsung requested a tight clarification on the term "electronic document" and the resulting definition construction ended up using several terms verbatim from Apple's "rubber banding" patent, potentially...

French publishers unite on iPad outlet, push Apple on change

French publishers refuse to bow to Apple terms

French publishers took a shot at challenging Apple's control over publishing terms on the iPad Wednesday with the launch of a new portal. Eight competitors, including L'Équipe and Le Figaro, are now using a common web hub,, to offer at first individual issues and...

Apple: Samsung making 'standard-setting abuses' with patents

Apple fights Samsung on patent terms in lawsuit

Apple in a response to Samsung's countersuit late Monday accused the Korean company of abusing its stance on patent licensing terms. The firm accused Samsung of "serial standard-setting abuses" by illegally getting monopoly status in fields where its patents are billed as essential...

DOJ OKs Google bid on Nortel patents, Apple still in talks

DOJ gives OK to Google patent terms

The US Department of Justice has approved Google's controversial bid on Nortel's patents, sources mentioned Tuesday evening. Officials had told the WSJ that the Android maker's patent ownership wouldn't raise competitive issues and accepted its terms, which would let it end...

IDC predicts Android at 44% by 2015, Windows past iPhone

IDC long-term forecast sees Android, WP7 past iOS

IDC in a long-term prediction Thursday expected Android to stay in front in market share over the next four years but also that Windows Phone would claim second place. Google would move from 38.9 percent to 43.8 percent by 2015. Nokia's deal with Microsoft, however, would...

DocProtect offers licensing on non-app files

Protects HTML, images, video, PDFs, more

Software developers rely on a variety of ways to protect against unauthorized copying and use of their programs, but non-application files also need licensing or anti-piracy protection in some cases. Excel Software's revised DocProtect version 2 offers unique passwords or online...


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