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Symantec: Android and iOS more secure than PCs, iOS better

Symantec says Android slipping vs iOS on security

Symantec in a study Tuesday (below) gave Android and iOS an advantage over computers in security but gave Apple the edge. Both the Apple and Google mobile platforms are more secure than on many computers, especially Windows, since they prevent "drive-by"...

McAfee, Symantec exploring iPhone software

McAfee, Symantec on iPhone

Both McAfee and Symantec have confirmed work on iPhone-related software, according to Reuters. McAfee says it is specifically working on new security programs, described as part of a "comprehensive suite for the Apple family," including its usual Mac focus. Though the company...

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.0 supports Macs

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.0

Symantec on Thursday announced its pcAnywhere 12.0 remote control solution and the new Symantec pcAnywhere Access Server --both are now compatible with Mac OS X. Available now, the latest version of pcAnywhere marks its 20th anniversary in the marketplace; the software provides help desk support and...

Symantec protects against new worm

Symantec protects OS X

Symantec's Security Response Team has confirmed the second Mac OS X worm, noted earlier today by MacNN. Identified as a new "proof-of-concept" worm, OSX.Inqtana.A targets Mac OS X users; Symantec currently categorizes the new worm as a Level 1 threat (on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being most severe) and...

Symantec debuts Norton AntiVirus 10.0 for Macintosh

Symantec NAV 10 for Mac

Symantec today announced Norton AntiVirus 10.0 for Macintosh. Due later this month, it will include a new Global Threat Assessment dashboard to provide users with an overview of current virus threats as well as a new Contextual Menu support feature and custom SafeZones for improved...

Symantec debuts Antivirus Administration Console

Symantec enterprise tool

Symantec today announced plans for a Web-based console to centrally administer Macintosh clients licensed for Symantec's Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh 9.0. The Symantec administration console is designed to provide centralized antivirus management for OS X clients, ensuring up-to-date protection across...

Symantec offers more Panther updates

Symantec Panther updates

Symantec today announced Panther compatibility updates for Norton Internet Security 3.0 and Norton Personal Firewall 3.0, saying that "users of these products will be able to download the Panther compatibility updates at no cost via Symantec's LiveUpdate. With these additions, all Symantec Macintosh...

Symantec details forthcoming Panther updates

Symantec Panther updates

Symantec today confirmed to MacNN it would deliver Mac OS X 10.3 Panther compatibility updates for Norton AntiVirus 9.0 for Macintosh, Norton SystemWorks 3.0 for Macintosh and Norton Utilities 8.0 for Macintosh on Monday, Dec. 22 (after first telling MacNN earlier this month). Users will be able...

China increases domestic security suppliers, removes foreign software

Kaspersky, Symantec said to be excluded from procurement lists, could be due to security concerns

One of China's state-sponsored media channels is indicating that the government has removed all foreign-made software from its list of approved security software purchases. Newspaper The People's Daily posted on Twitter yesterday, indicating that Kaspersky and Symantec are now excluded from the country's...

Symantec recommends users tighten security on Macs

Symantec on Mac security

Apple's operating system has a reputation for being secure and free from malicious users causing headaches, but with Apple's popularity on the uprise, users should learn basic maintenance and security procedures for their favored operating system. Tech news site CIO recently...

Absolute, Symantec push combined bundle

Absolute & Symantec bundle

Absolute Software and Symantec are promoting a collaborative bundle, being sold at Apple's online and retail stores. After combining Absolute's Computrace LoJack with one of Symantec's Norton products -- including AntiVirus, Confidential or Personal Firewall -- buyers can mail...

Adobe, Symantec lobby the EU to restrict Vista

Adobe and Symantec Lobby

Already under pressure from the European Commission for alleged antitrust violations and its threatening a delay of its upcoming OS launch on the continent, Microsoft today encountered further opposition from American software developers lobbying EC officials, according to the...

Symantec on Mac OS X virus threats

Symantec on OS X viruses

Symantec has offered clarification between the terms "virus" and "worm" via a recent blog entry, stating that there are currently no known file-infecting viruses that can infect Mac OS X. Referencing the OSX.Leap. A security threat -- which was declared a virus by various media sources -- Symantec says...

Symantec warns of new OS X trojan horse

Symantec warns of malware

Symantec on Friday issued an alert warning Mac OS X users of a new Trojan horse that looks to patch the recently described (and patched) Launchd vulnerability, which could provide root access on Macs running Mac OS X 10.4.6 or earlier. Security Focus adds that a successful attack may crash the application...

Symantec CEO recommends Macs

Symantec CEO: buy a Mac

Macs received a big endorsement today from the CEO of one the leading security companies. Symantec CEO John Thompson touted the security of the Mac platform, saying that the current dominance of Windows attracts more hackers and virus writers. "We think more people ought to buy them," Thompson said of...

Symantec NAV makes Macs less secure

Symantec NAV exploit found

After attempts earlier this year to encourage Mac users to consider possible security threats on a platform that has had no virus threats in several years, Symantec on Tuesday admitted that its own NAV anti-virus application makes Macs less secure and could allow a malicious user to remotely take control...

Symantec updates utilities for latest Macs, Panther

Symantec NUM, NSW updates

Symantec has announced that it is now offering updated versions of Norton Utilities and Norton SystemWorks for compatibility with the latest Macs. The company notes that currently shipping versions of Norton Utilities for Macintosh (NUM) 8.0 and Norton SystemWorks (NSW) for Macintosh 3.0 CDs will not...

Symantec details NUM 8.0.1 update bug

Symantec NUM 8.0.1 bug

Symantec has published a support document detailing a bug whereby no disks appear in Norton Disk Doctor, UnErase or Speed Disk window after updating to Norton Utilities 8.0.1. A simple seven-step procedure is outlined to correct the conflict.

Symantec confirms pursuit of split into two independent companies

Two publicly traded companies will emerge in areas of security, information management

Rumors of Symantec's possible company split look to be true, as the company announced today that a plan was voted on to break the company up. The company, which is known for its line of Norton security products, said that its board of directors unanimously approved a new plan that would create two publicly...

Symantec condenses security line-up into one suite, Norton Security

Software line drops nine different programs, new software launches September 23

Symantec announced earlier this week that it would be issuing a sweeping change to its line of antivirus software to offer consumers a single solution. Starting September 23, the company will begin offering Norton Security for around $80 per year. The change effectively ends releases of Norton Antivirus,...

Anti-virus 'is dead' says Symantec VP, company to change direction

Software makes 40 percent of revenue, future growth to come from initiative change

Symantec's Senior Vice President of Information Brian Dye says that anti-virus "is dead" in a recent article from the Wall Street Journal. The company plans to shift its outlook away from anti-virus software to take on the ever-evolving world of cyber attacks and malware. The intent will be to follow...

Symantec dumps CEO Steve Bennett amidst slow innovation, revenue

Move comes as company struggles to keep up with mobile landscape

The anti-virus software maker Symantec fired its CEO this week, adding to the list of troubles for the ailing firm, which has seen revenues decline as the PC market cools and more competitors enter the fray. The termination of Steve Bennett marks the most recent high-profile exit for Symantec, which...

Symantec reorganization speeds up, nearly 1,800 jobs lost

Laid off employees notified earlier this week

According to sources familiar with the matter, computing security firm Symantec is in the process of laying off as many as 1,700 employees, starting today. The cuts, announced in January, are part of new CEO Steve Bennett's plan to resuscitate the fallen finances of the company. The losses reflect about...

Microsoft, Symantec take down central Bamital botnet servers

Users of infected machines warned about malware

Microsoft and Symantec have shut down the Bamital botnet, after obtaining a court order to seize the network's controlling servers. The network, dedicated to redirecting users of computers infected with malware to incorrect search results and online advertisements, is estimated to have earned around...

Symantec acknowledges anti-virus bug crashes computers

Update for Endpoint Protection 12.1 crashes Windows XP

Computer security firm Symantec has acknowledged that a programming bug in a recent anti-virus software update can cause some Windows PCs to crash and become inoperable. As Reuters reports, Symantec has yet to reveal how many PCs are affected by the bug, but it appears limited to PCs running Microsoft's...


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