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Analyst: Apple so far unaffected by PC price collapse

Apple holds ASPs

Apple has so far avoided the "permanent and structural" collapse of overall PC average selling prices and subsequent decline in revenue, according to TBR analyst Ezra Gottheil. The trend is explained by the ongoing economic recession and the gaining popularity of low-priced...

Elecom ASP-P200S iPod dock

Elecom ASP-P200S dock

Elecom's ASP-P200S iPod dock is a 2.1 sound system, with the subwoofer placed on a vertical hinge so the dock can be more easily carried. The remote tucks into a crevice for the same reason. Using a set of three adapters, the P200S supports all fourth- and fifth-gen iPods, including...

Analysts: Apple Watch likely a hit, but will take time to mature

Piper Jaffray's Munster forecasts 10M units in first year, ASP of $500

Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, while calling the Apple Watch "light years ahead of any other smartwatch on the market," nevertheless advised both clients and market watchers to expect "conservative" initial sales of the device in its first year. Like the iPod, which took three years to become...

Scientists develop antibacterial stainless steel

U of Birmingham scientists develop ASP steel

Scientists who concern themselves with materials from the University of Birmingham claim to have found a way to add silver particles to stainless steel in order to make it antibacterial, PhysOrg reported. The process is called Active Screen Plasma and may result in hardware...

Elecom unveils new iPod dock

Elecom ASP-P200S

Japanese manufacturer Elecom today announced the ASP-P200S, an iPod stereo dock with 2.1 channels. The P200S features a subwoofer, which can be rotated vertically over the docking port to make the product easier to store and carry. Three adapters are included to support all...

Report: HP leads PC shipments, Mac sales down

Gartner PC shipment report

Gartner Research on Wednesday released a report detailing PC shipments for the first quarter in the U.S. and abroad. HP took the lead in the domestic market, pushing Dell out of the top spot, while Mac sales showed a slight decline of 1.1 percent compared with the first quarter...

Analyst cuts iPod sales, sees buyers upgrading

Apple financials examined

Shaw Wu of the Kaufman Brothers has updated estimates of Apple's December quarter, Rating Apple stock a buy with a favorable risk-reward balance. Wu's estimates have seen little movement, with a more conservative approach on iPods, but assuming a higher average sales price...

Piper: AT&T iPhone costs suggest greater profit

Piper on AT&T iPhone costs

Earlier estimates for the ASP (average selling price) of the iPhone 3G were too low, write analysts with Piper Jaffray. Following the announcement of AT&T's new iPhone plans, under which people can buy unsubsidized iPhones for $599 and $699, Piper admits that its earlier prediction...

Mac sales to offset slow iPods in FYQ4

Mac sales to offset iPods

Research firm Merill Lynch today lowered its estimate for Apple's iPod sales for the September quarter while increasing its estimation of Macs sold, joining two other industry analyst firms which modified their views on Apple yesterday. "We are tweaking our Apple model to reflect slightly higher Mac...

aspWrite 1.0 Beta: HTML/ASP text editor

aspWrite 1.0 Beta: HTML/ASP text editor

Hiddenfield Software has released aspWrite 1.0 Beta, a text editor targeted at web developers working in Activer Server Pages (ASP), HTML and Javascript. Features include syntax coloring, auto-indent of lines, and pre-process files on open to remove LF characters and convert tabs to spaces.

MetroShop adds ASP enhancements

MetroShop adds ASP enhancements

Ecommercesoft will introduce MetroShop ASP during WWDC in San Jose, Calif., next week. MetroShop ASP enables ASPs to broaden the scope of their business services by providing their customers with the ability to create instant e-commerce Web sites. It is the latest in a series of scalable e-business...

IDC: iOS, Android control 96.3 percent of entire smartphone market

Samsung grabs lion's share of shipments, but Apple takes 90 percent of profits

Based on shipment data, analyst firm IDC has determined that Apple and Samsung have effectively gained full control of the smartphone market, splitting 96.3 percent of all smartphones shipped -- up nearly a full percentage point from the same period last year. All Android phones combined account for...

Apple's Q1 certified as best quarter for any company ever

Apple holds five of the top 10 best quarters ever reported

In addition to being the best quarter in the company's history, Apple's Q1 results also blew away quarterly revenue and profit figures for any company ever, according to credit rating analysts Standard & Poor's. Even more remarkably, CFO Luca Maestri noted repeatedly that fluctuations in major currencies...

SolidRun commences pre-orders for CuBoxTV XBMC media center

Small 2-inch cubed CuBoxTV controllable by smartphone, keyboard and mouse

SolidRun has added another device to its CuBox range, one aimed for use as a streaming media set-top box. The CuBoxTV, measuring a compact 2-inches on each side and weighing 9.9 ounces, works as an XBMC streaming device straight out of the box with the use of a smartphone app, keyboard and mouse, infrared...

Briefly: Microsoft opens .Net stack server, Things 2.5 for iPad

Microsoft takes .Net open source and cross-platform, adds new development capabilities with Visual S

Microsoft has open-sourced the full server-side of its .Net stack, a platform for running and developing applications, prioritizing cross-platform expansion for running on Linux and Mac operating systems. Microsoft also released Visual Studio Community 2013, a new free edition of Visual Studio that features...

UBS raises AAPL target to $125, cites iPhone 6 Plus demand

Predicts overall 190 million units for iPhone 6 models, Plus to be a hit in China

Financial analyst Steve Milunovich from UBS has raised that firm's target price on Apple stock by $10, to $125, based on a survey showing strong demand for the iPhone 6 Plus in China and other countries. Polling some 4,000 respondents across the US, UK, Italy and mainland China, Milunovich found strong...

Apple now accounting for 86 percent of smartphone profits

Most makers not quite breaking even or losing money on device sales, analysts report

An analysis done by Michael Walkley of Canaccord Genuity has revealed that for the calendar third-quarter of the year, Apple took home 86 percent of all profits in the smartphone industry. He further found that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were, by far, the top-selling smartphones at all four major...

Analysts raising price targets for AAPL on sales strength, China debut

'Bendghazi' controversy not phasing sales, swift refutation by Apple credited

After falling four percent on Thursday, Apple's stock closed out the week by bouncing back and regaining more than half the drop as Wall Street reacted positively to the company's refutation of the "bending" controversy. Some new questions are being raised about the original video that started the kerfuffle,...

MS CEO names Phil Spencer head of Xbox, details Stephen Elop's role

Move latest in executive shuffles by new Microsoft CEO

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella continues to shuffle executives. In a memo to Microsoft employees today, Nadella has named Phil Spencer as the head of the Xbox division of Microsoft. Additionally, the CEO has promoted Scott Guthrie to executive vice president, and has detailed Nokia chief Stephen Elop's...

CIRP: iPad Air became most popular iPad over holidays

Mini models still popular, iPad 2 finally starting to fade

If holiday sales are any indication, this may be the final year customers can buy a brand new "iPad 2." That's the conclusion of a new study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), which found that the second-generation full-size iPad, originally introduced in early 2011, has faded to just...

Canaccord estimates 54M iPhones, 24.8M iPads in December quarter

iPhone 5s seen outselling 5c by 2 to 1

Apple may have sold 78 million or more iOS devices during the December quarter, according to estimates from Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley. He argues that sales of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air -- Apple's flagship products -- were "strong" during the holidays, and is projecting a split of 54...

Canaccord ups Apple target to $580 on iPhone 5s, fifth-gen iPad

Expects sales to skew towards more profitable full-size iPad

Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley has raised his price target for Apple stock from $560 to $580, based on expectations for the iPhone 5s, the fifth-generation iPad, and a China Mobile iPhone. "Our global handset sell-through survey work indicates a significantly higher sell-through mix of iPhone...

Study finds Android overtaking Apple's iPad in tablet segment

Android tablets overtake iOS in shipments

Tablets running Google's Android operating system have overtaken those running Apple's iOS in terms of shipped devices, according to new figures from ABI Research. ABI finds that, during the second quarter of 2013, Android-powered tablets also approached Apple's iPad in terms of total revenue per unit....

Apple: shortages on iMacs, iOS lines will continue

Company 'cannot meet demand' for iPad minis, iMacs

One surprising announcement coming out of today's conference call with financial analysts was Apple CEO Tim Cook's revelation that while iPhone 5 supply improved significantly from its initial launch and that sales of the unit were robust throughout the quarter -- contrary to some rumors -- the continuing...

Holiday MacBook sales drop 6 percent year-over-year

Windows notebooks see tougher hit

For a period between November 18th and December 22nd, MacBook sales came in 6 percent lower year-over-year, according to new NPD Group data. It's not clear why MacBook sales suffered, although there are several potential reasons. The major driver may be that Apple released only one updated MacBook...


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