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OWC launches 1TB Data Doubler MBP optical drive replacemnt

New 9.5mm height disks allow 1TB expansion

OWC -- Other World Computing -- is adding a 1TB option to its Data Doubler series of MacBook and MacBook Pro expansion sets. Previously, 1TB 2.5-inch disks were 12.5mm in height, preventing them from being used in the Data Doubler bracket, which fits a second hard disk into...

Second drive bay for MBPs, PowerBooks

MCE OptiBay Hard Drive

MCE Technologies today announced it has started shipping its new OptiBay Hard Drive for the Apple's MacBook Pro and PowerBook G4. The MCE OptiBay optical bay hard drive adds a second internal hard drive to MacBook Pro or PowerBook G4 systems, taking the place of the laptop's...

OWC launches internal optical drive upgrades

OWC launches internal optical drive upgrades

Other World Computing (OWC) today introduced Mercury Ti and Mercury Cube slot-loading internal SuperDrive and Combo drives available for both TiPB G4 (15-inch) and Power Mac G4 Cube, respectively. The self-installable drives are compatible with iDVD (SuperDrive only), iTunes and Disc Burner. The OWC...

Analysis: Intel's Skylake-based Xeon mobile processor and Apple

MacNN evaluates the Skylake Xeon chip, and tries to predict the future

Intel quietly debuted mobile Xeon processors based on the Skylake platform yesterday, saying little more than the chip line will be bringing ECC memory to mobile, and that more information would be coming soon. The E3-1500M processors were detailed slightly more overnight in a pair of Lenovo ThinkPads...

Origin EON17-SLX notebook supports dual Nvidia GeForce GTX GPUs

Notebook offers dual GPUs, Haswell processors, five storage drive options

Origin PC has launched its new high-performance notebook aimed at enthusiasts and mobile gamers, one with support for dual Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards. The EON17-SLX desktop replacement is able to use the two cards in SLI for optimum mobile graphics performance, and works in tandem with a fourth-gen...

Gigabyte T1132 convertible tablet shows with 1.6GHz Core i5

Updates 3-in-1 with faster i5 processor & video

Gigabyte has released an updated version of its signature convertible tablet. The T1132 features a rotating docking station and swiveling display that enables it to serve act as a notebook, tablet, or desktop. Driving the device is an Intel 1.6GHz processor that keeps it up...

HP starts selling redesigned dm3

Updated HP dm3 ultraportable now shipping

HP's recently updated Pavilion dm3 is now being offered for sale. The 13.3-inch notebook is just one inch thick and weighs 4.15lbs, while offering a choice of ultra-low voltage 1.2GHz Pentium or 1.2GHz Core i3 processors. It comes in a more refined design built to vent heat...

Pioneer intros industry's first 12x Blu-ray disc writer

Pioneer intros fastest 12x Blu-ray burner

Pioneer on Wednesday announced the release of the industry's first 12x Blu-ray disc recorder, the BDR-205. The internal optical drive is capable of recording to blank single- and dual-layer Blu-ray media at the top speed, eclipsing the 8X ceiling of previous drives. The BDR-205...

HP outs dv2, dv3 as MacBook rivals

HP dv2 and dv3

HP's pre-CES launches today include two new Pavilion notebooks, one of which marks a first for the company's choice of processors. The 12-inch dv2 is one of the first systems to carry AMD's new Athlon Neo processor and uses a 1.6GHz version of the chip to provide ultraportable...

First Look: MacBook Air Migration Assistant

MacBook Air Migration

Following our MacBook Air teardown, delivery/unboxing, accessory photos, benchmarks, and first impressions, MacNN has investigated the specialized Migration Assistant that ships with the MacBook Air. To achieve ultimate mobility in its new MacBook Air, Apple was forced to...

MacBook Air: Initial impressions

MacBook Air: impressions

Following our MacBook Air teardown, delivery/unboxing, accessory photos and benchmarks, we have our first impressions of the MacBook Air: Having had the pleasure of using the new MacBook Air (MBA) for the past two days, I can say that Apple has accomplished an amazing feat...

MCE ships new OptiBay notebook hard drive

New OptiBay drive ships

MCE Technologies today began shipping a new version of its OptiBay Hard Drive designed specifically for Apple's 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro systems. The MCE OptiBay optical bay hard drive is a second internal hard drive for MacBook Pro, MacBook, and PowerBook G4 systems...

OWC reduces SuperDrive upgrade prices for PowerBooks

PB SuperDrive upgrade

Other World Computing (OWC) has reduced the pricing on its internal SuperDrive upgrades for select PowerBook G4 models. OWC's MercuryPB SuperDrive internal optical drive upgrades offer up to 24x CD-R/RW and 8x DVD+/-R/RW burn speeds as well as support dual-layer DVDs. The MercuryPBG4 SuperDrive is compatible...

MCE offers 8X DL SuperDrive Upgrade for Mac mini

SuperDrive for Mac mini

MCE Technologies today announced its 8X Double Layer SuperDrive Upgrade Service for the Mac mini. In addition to recording to both DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW media at up to 8X speed, the MCE SuperDrive Upgrade for Mac mini can also record up to 8.5GB of information on a single side of DVD+R Double Layer media....

Apple posts Backup 2 beta for .Mac members

Apple posts Backup 2 beta for .Mac members

Apple has posted a public beta of Backup 2, its backup utility for .Mac members, offering the ability to select any folder on any hard drive as a destination for your backup, including external FireWire hard drives, network servers, or even an iPod. It also features the ability to schedule these backups,...

Concord debuts new digital cameras

Concord debuts new digital cameras

Concord Camera today debuted the company's first two digital cameras using Charge-Coupled Device ("CCD") technology. The Eye-Q 3340z, available now, features a 3 Megapixel (MP) CCD sensor and a 3x internal optical zoom system and 4x digital zoom, while the Eye-Q 4060AF, due later this month, offers a...

Mountain Lion files hint at upcoming iMac, Mac Pro revisions

Code names may hint at lack of optical drives

Some internal configuration files that reveal a list of Macs that support flash drive or USB booting in Mountain Lion may have inadvertently tipped Apple's hand on future iMac and Mac Pro configurations. A report by AppleInsider also indicates that the as-yet-unannounced models could be the first desktops...

Microsoft: Xbox One sales 'more than double' since dropping Kinect

Company says that sakes figures are up from May according to internal data

It seems that dropping the Kinect as a requirement for buying a new Xbox One is paying off for Microsoft. Posting on the Xbox Wire, an internal blog for Xbox news, Microsoft is boasting that sales of the new console have doubled since removing the sensor in June and reducing the price to $400. The increase...

Briefly: New Internal GigaNAS Adapter, Adata's 2.5-inch SSD

Addonics Technologies' Internal GigaNAS Adapter announced

Addonics Technologies has announced the release of its new Internal GigaNAS Adapter, intended for custom building one's own high-capacity network attached storage (NAS) system. Designed to mount into a PCI slot of a desktop computer, server or storage chassis (with a centronic 50-connector cutout), the...

HTC explores optical zooming for cameras in 2015 smartphones

Advances in phone optics expected by HTC within 12 to 18 months

HTC is looking towards adding optical zooming to its smartphones, the company's camera expert has revealed. Symon Whitehorn advised in an interview that the company expects to see "huge advances in phone optics" in relation to optical zooming within 12 to 18 months, and suggesting a smartphone could...

Sony reveals new optical disc archive system

Enclosed optical media aimed at archiving media

Sony has revealed a next-generation optical disc archive storage system aimed toward companies that require long-term protected data storage, particularly video. The corporation will also organize an Optical Disc Archive Advisory Group to promote the new format. Initial versions...

Intel vows optical Thunderbolt cables during 2012

Intel optical Thunderbolt cables coming

Intel spokesman Dave Salvator promised Monday that optical Thunderbolt cables would be coming in 2012. He didn't give a timetable to IDG or a price. Any cables would, however, work with Macs and any existing or imminent Thunderbolt implementations.

Lensbaby adds 80mm Edge 80 Optic for focus slices

Edge 80 optic allows for more creative control

Lensbaby has added a new 80mm Edge 80 Optic to its Optic Swap System. It will attach to the company's current SLR lenses including the Composer Pro, Composer, Muse, Scout, and Control Freak lens bodies, effectively turning them into tilt-shift lenses. It can take regular photos...

MIT optical diode could enable cheap light-speed chips

MIT diode uses existing hardware for optical CPUs

A recently published research paper from MIT in Nature Photonics could lead to a cheap, viable way to make light-based, optical processors. Nicknamed a "diode for light," it would stop the light with an isolator and process the information it holds directly in the same part....

AT&T Call International app has VoIP calls for iOS, Android

ATT Call International substitutes for roaming

AT&T indirectly acknowledged the high prices of international voice roaming by rolling out its own VoIP app. The 8x8-powered Call International gives voice calls on Wi-Fi more comparable to competing services like Skype, starting at four cents for easier-to-reach countries...


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