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Foxconn plans $390M stake acquisition of Taiwanese 4G phone network

Merger between Asia Pacific Telecom, Foxconn subsidiary expected in June

Foxconn is looking to acquire a large stake in Taiwan-based Asia Pacific Telecom, in order to have a greater influence on the country's 4G cellular phone services. The deal, said to be worth T$11.6 billion ($390 million), will be a precursor to a merger, where the telecoms company would join up with...

Apple partner Foxconn starts fund to invest in wearable tech

Foxconn putting $6.8 million into wearable tech

Foxconn - also known as Hon Hai, assembler of Apple's iPhones and iPads - is looking to capitalize on the anticipated boom in wearable tech by starting an investment fund to finance nascent companies working in the segment. Sources familiar with the project told Bloomberg this week that Syntrend...

Foxconn, Mozilla announce Firefox OS partnership, teases tablet

Foxconn manufacturing five devices for unnamed OEM

Foxconn has signed a deal with Mozilla to put the Firefox OS mobile operating system onto a number of mobile devices. The smartphones, to be manufactured by Foxconn on behalf of an unnamed OEM, are also accompanied by the companies showing off a prototype tablet, one that was hinted at in a report last...

Foxconn continuing to break Chinese labor laws, FLA finds

Foxconn staff still overworked

Apple's biggest supplier, Hon Hai -- better known as Foxconn -- is continuing to break Chinese labor laws, according to a newly-published audit by the Fair Labor Association. The latest evaluation was conducted in January, and did find that Foxconn is complying with 98.3 percent of the 360 points of...

Foxconn, media make conflicting claims about Shenzhen jumpers

Foxconn spokesperson denies any suicide attempts

There are conflicting accounts over attempted suicides at Foxconn's main manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. On Friday, initial reports indicated that two people had jumped off a building; several stories said that in all, three workers climbed to the top of building G14. One source suggests...

As Apple ponders US move, Foxconn does same

Foxconn seeks to expand North American operations

Even as Apple promises some US-assembled Macs, Foxconn, one of Apple's largest manufacturing partners, is reportedly looking to expand its North American operations in the near future. The Taipei-based manufacturer, which already has operations in California and Texas, cites growing customer demand for...

Riots at Foxconn iPhone 5 Taiyuan plant, 40 hospitalized

Foxconn iPhone 5 plant under lockdown

A mass riot of around 2,000 workers at Foxconn's Taiyun plant has resulted in at least 40 people being hospitalized, reports Reuters. The plant is said to be under lockdown with all operations ceased while Foxconn works with authorities to try and determine the cause of the riot. Athough Foxconn does...

Foxconn, Sharp mull $1B spend to help Apple production

Foxconn could buy Sharp TV plants in China, Mexico

Hon Hai and Sharp are considering making a $1 billion investment in the latter's LCD plant in Sakai, Japan to help production of displays for Apple devices, Reuters reports. C.C. Lin, an official for Hon Hai -- better known as Foxconn -- made the interest public earlier this week. Lin suggests that...

Apple, Foxconn to share costs on working conditions

Apple, Foxconn to improve factory working conditions

Apple and controversial Chinese manufacturing partner Foxconn are said to be sharing the costs on improving work conditions at its Chinese factories. According to Reuters, Foxconn boss Terry Gou has spoken out on the matter, although he did not place a dollar figure on the investment or exactly where...

Foxconn workers in Wuhan threaten to jump over wages

Foxconn central China plant sees protest

Foxconn saw a return to protests Friday after about 200 workers in the central China city of Wuhan threatened to jump off a roof in protest over working conditions. The details relayed to Reuters from the Information Centre for Human Rights framed the dispute as one over "workplace...

Foxconn HR manager pegs next-gen iPhone for October

Conflicts with story from Foxconn recruiter

The next-generation iPhone will ship in October, a report from South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper suggests. The paper has directly questioned the head of human resources at Foxconn's Taiyuan factory. "We just got the order. It [the iPhone launch] will be around October,"...

Marketplace reporter gets rare tour of Foxconn's iPad plants

Media outlet gets rare live look at Foxconn plants

American Public Media's Marketplace has posted early details of a rare guided tour of a Foxconn factory. The only such tour outside of an earlier ABC visit, the visit by Mike Daisey exposť reporter Rob Schmitz included "unfettered" access. In first-hand talks with staffers,...

Foxconn recruiter says 2012 iPhone coming in June

Foxconn Taiyuan slips iPhone plans

A recruiter for Foxconn's growing Taiyuan plant may have inadvertently spoiled some of Appe's 2012 iPhone plans. When interviewing with TV-Tokyo [past 6-minute mark], the staffer said the plant was explicitly hiring 18,000 workers "for the fifth-generation phone." He expected...

Foxconn takes 46.5% stake in Sharp LCD plant in global deal

Foxconn and Sharp make manufacturing pact

Foxconn under its Hon Hai Group name and Sharp have together struck a deal that will primarily help Sharp improve its performance. Sharp will agree to use more third-party parts in its manufacturing in return for Foxconn taking a 46.5 percent stake in Sharp's Sakai, Japan LCD...

Foxconn plant in Taiyuan on strike, may make 2012 iPhone

Foxconn may shift new iPhone to northern China

Foxconn's northern plant in Taiyuan, in China's northern Shanxi province, may become both a key hub of new iPhone production as well as a flashpoint for working condition issues. The China Times claimed that the factory was facing a "huge" shortage of about 20,000 workers as...

Foxconn International turns to profit with more smartphones

Foxconn succeeds despite rising costs

Foxconn International reported a return to profit for 2011. Although relatively slight, its $72.8 million was a sharp reversal from a $218.3 loss the year before. Officials credited the turnaround to a broader shift towards smartphones among its broader customers, including...

Foxconn raises pay up to 25% to mitigate concerns

Foxconn institutes third recent pay raise

Foxconn on Friday significantly raised pay for its floor workers in China for the third time in about one and a half years. An entry-level factory worker in Foxconn's main facilities at Shenzhen would now get between 16 to 25 percent more pay per month depending on whether...

Foxconn workers end dispute in Xbox plant

Microsoft and Foxconn issue statements

Microsoft and Foxconn have announced that they have resolved the dispute with Foxconn employees, who threatened to suicide en masse. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft was quick to point out that the dispute was over "staffing assignments and transfer policies,...

Foxconn, NVIDIA team up on R&D facility in China

Foxconn, NVIDIA announce joint venture in China

Foxconn Electronics and NVIDIA have teamed up on a new research and development center in Tianjin City in northern China, Digitimes revealed on Friday. It will focus on smartphones and tablets along with cloud computing. Foxconn chairman Terry Guo and NVIDIA CEO Huang Jen-hsun...

Foxconn profit drops after tough economy, better-paid staff

Foxconn reports third-quarter loss of profit

Hon Hai Precision Industry, the parent company of Foxconn and the largest contract maker of electronics, has just posted its fourth consecutive drop in profits. Foxconn manufactures multiple electronics devices for companies like Apple, Amazon, Dell, HP, Sony, and numerous...

Foxconn may set up general touchscreen plant in Brazil

Foxconn may not focus solely on iPads in Brazil

Foxconn's Brazilian iPad manufacturing might also include a general touchscreen panel line. Inside rumors late Wednesday from Digitimes had it establishing a supply chain which, combined with the iPad plant, would crest a value of $12 billion. It might not necessarily be located...

Foxconn to replace some workers with a million robots

Foxconn plans 1m robots in three years

Foxconn will act on promises and replace some of its assembly line workers with robots, founder Terry Gou said at a company party Friday night. The company will move from 10,000 robots this year to 300,000 in 2012 and one million within three years. Many of these will be used...

Foxconn may make 80-85m iPhones a year, Amazon tablets

Foxconn plans include 85m iPhones and Amazon

Foxconn's production plans could see it producing significantly higher iPhone counts as well as Amazon tablets. Supply chain insiders claimed Thursday that Foxconn is expected to make 80 million to 85 million iPhones per year. The Digitimes figures didn't say whether this...

Foxconn Brazilian built iPad 2s to start in September

Foxconn to make iPads in Brazil this Sept.

The Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology has said that Foxconn will begin manufacturing the iPad 2 by September. According to the Minister, Apple had hoped to have iPad production begin in Brazil in late July. However, due to construction delays associated with the...

Foxconn's $12 billion expansion in Brazil comes with caveats

Foxconn's expansion plans not finalized

Following reports that Apple plans to


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