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Apple polls limited group of iPhone 4 owners

Leaves little room to criticize reception

Apple has reportedly sent out a customer satisfaction survey to a small portion of iPhone 4 owners. The form is mostly generic, addressing topics common of product surveys, such as overall satisfaction with the device and whether a person would recommend an iPhone to others....

Evidence backs Droid 2 running Android 2.2 from the start

Moto Droid 2 caught running Android 2.2 already

Beliefs that the Motorola Droid 2 would get Android 2.2 from the outset were supported today by a hands-on with the upcoming phone. A pre-release example tested by a reader at Droid-Life has the more recent OS and bears a "VZW" build that indicates it's customized for Verizon....

Droid X owners complaining of flickering, defective screens

Early Droid X phone suffer from bad screens

Several members of the HowardForums are reporting screen issues with their brand new Droid X smartphones. The screens are flickering, showing banding artifacts and suffering from dead pixels that hint an early batch of the handsets is affected. Best Buy employees are seeing...

DECE settles on UltraViolet media DRM, still lacks Apple

DECE gets closer to launch with name, new partners

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem edged closer to an actual launch today by settling on a new name for its copy protection scheme, UltraViolet (UV), and unveiling new partners. In addition roughly 60 major electronics, content and software firms, the Internet media...

UBS positive on Apple response to iPhone 4 reception issue

Analyst believes Jobs has answered critics, media

UBS has come out positive on AAPL stock following CEO Steve Jobs' response to the iPhone 4 reception issue. With Apple offering free cases and an option for a full refund, UBS analyst Maynard Um believes Apple has made a good effort to resolve the issue without a massive hit...

Apple replies to House privacy concerns

Reveals details of how GPS data is used

As was requested in June, Apple did indeed reply by July 12th to the House Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus' demand for an explanation of iTunes privacy policies, reports say. Apple recently revised end-user terms to give itself the right to track "real-time geographic location"...

HTC Droid Incredible to get Android 2.2 early in August

HTC Droid Incredible getting Android 2.2 soon

The HTC Droid Incredible may get the update to Android 2.2 as soon as the end of July or the start of August, HTC apparently wrote in an e-mail to a customer. The update will bring with it 802.11n Wi-Fi, 3G mobile hotspot support, 720p video recording and more. Users will also...

Analysts split on value of iPhone 4 measures

People 'simply don't care,' says one analyst

Analyst opinions are differing in the wake of a Friday announcement by Apple, in which the company agreed to hand out refunds or free cases to iPhone 4 owners affected by reception issues. Kaufman's Shaw Wu comments that Apple "did the right thing" by offering the cases, noting...

Verizon's V Cast Apps store hits BlackBerries

BlackBerry smartphones get access to V Cast Apps

Verizon announced on Monday that its V Cast Apps mobile store can now be accessed on some BlackBerry smartphones for the first time. The store lets users purchase apps from Verizon itself with billing on their normal phone bills. V Cast Apps so far works on the Bold 9650, Storm2,...

iHome puts out first iPad clock radio dock

iHome intros iPad dock radio with Bluetooth

iHome has introduced what is the first fully functional iPad dock with the iHome iA100ZE. It can also accommodate iPhones and iPods, and gets a Bluetooth connection in addition to an FM radio. The dock includes a free download of the iHome+Sleep app (currently not iPad-optimized,...

Apple, others sued for claiming expired, unrelated patents

iPhones, iPods cited as offending products

Apple, Sprint, Verizon and Samsung have been targeted in a new lawsuit, accusing the companies of false patent marketing, according to AppleInsider. The group called Americans for Fair Patent Use asserts that the companies are claiming expired patents, and/or attaching some...

Livescribe Echo pen gets stereo audio, tablet support

Livescribe Echo Smartpen adds PDF, tablet input

Livescribe today revamped its approach to its smartpens. The Echo is slimmer than its predecessors but significantly expands its functionality beyond note taking or even apps. A headphone jack and microphone now support stereo recording, and a micro USB connector will turn...

Nokia Siemens buys Motorola cell infrastructure for $1.2b

Nokia Siemens to buy Motorola network business

As part of its group split-off scheduled for next year, Motorola today announced it will sell its wireless networks infrastructure to Nokia Siemens. This will give Nokia access to backbone gear for GSM, CDMA, HSPA (WCDMA), WiMAX and LTE networks. Motorola will, however, retain...

iPad to reach nine more countries on Friday

iPad hits Austria, Hong Kong, Ireland, more

Apple today said it would expand the reach of the iPad to nine more countries on Friday, July 23. Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore will all get the device the same day. Both the Wi-Fi...

RIM: Apple is trying to draw us into a "self-made debacle"

RIM CEOs accuse Apple of deflecting attention

RIM late Friday shot back at Apple's claim that its phones suffer from antenna problems as well. Co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis said a demo of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 losing signal was just an attempt to draw RIM into Apple's "self-made debacle" and sidestepped the...

Tour inside Apple's wireless labs reveal elaborate tests

Apple gives tour to disprove test accusations

Apple after its iPhone 4 antenna talk gave a tour of the wireless signal testing labs mentioned at the event. The facility is large and uncharacteristically spartan but houses the 17 anechoic chambers Apple uses to test its wireless devices in controlled conditions. It also...

Consumer Reports still won't recommend iPhone 4

CR says free iPhone 4 cases don't go far enough

Consumer Reports has already shot down Apple's offer of free iPhone 4 cases to solve the phone's reception issues. The testing magazine still declined to give a recommendation as it didn't believe the program reached far enough. It was a "good first step" but wasn't universal...

Hulu Plus on iPad, PS3 limited by TV licenses

Hulu can't yet show all Plus shows beyond web

Hulu today acknowledged that Hulu Plus preview users on other devices can't get access to the entire video catalog. Owners on iPads, PS3 consoles and other non-traditional Hulu viewing hardware are finding that they currently only get a subset of all the video available on...

Jobs calls Bloomberg antenna article a "total crock"

CEO claims issue was fully realized after launch

As part of the Q&A session following Apple's iPhone 4 press conference, Steve Jobs disputed allegations in recent Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal reports suggesting he consciously ignored the antenna problem while the handset was still in the design process. The CEO called...

Apple to give free cases, refunds to fix iPhone 4

Refunds for existing Bumper case owners

In response to ongoing media attention about iPhone 4 reception problems, Apple CEO Steve Jobs today announced that the company is going to give out free cases to customers. The offer applies to anyone buying an iPhone through September 30th, and...

Real-time coverage of Apple's iPhone 4 antenna event [ended]

Apple talking iPhone 4 reception issues live

Apple held its promised press conference to discuss the iPhone 4. The company discussed the reception problems the phone has faced and offered a solution for those customers who do have problems. Visit our live coverage page for updates as we had...

Does Consumer Reports really matter to Apple’s bottom line?

Editorial on CR and iPhone 4 before the event

(Editorial) In the run-up to Apple's press conference, all the talk in the Apple world recently has revolved around Consumer Reports deciding that it couldn't recommend the iPhone 4 because of its alleged antenna flaw that is causing some consumers...

Sprint unlikely to place caps on WiMax data

Carrier still has abundant spectrum

Sprint is unlikely to place caps on WiMax data usage, according to vice president of 4G operations Todd Rowley. The executive, speaking at the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco, suggested Sprint wants to avoid causing the same kind of changes in subscriber behavior that...

Droid X sells out online, now ships July 23

Retail inventories unclear

Verizon appears to have already sold out of its online stock for the Droid X smartphone. Although early orders shipped on schedule, the company's website now lists the flagship device with a promised ship date of July 23.

PopBox media player ships ahead of schedule

Wireless version set to ship next week

Syabas has begun shipping its PopBox media hub slightly ahead of its revised schedule, as the Ethernet version is currently in-stock at retailers such as Customers will still have to wait until next week for the Wi-Fi variant, however.


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